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Project Management Software helps such creative agencies ensure convenient workflows and communicate effectively.

It would be best if you have a creative agency project management software to boost your confidence and productivity, resulting in the project outcome.

Before going to the Best Project Management Tools for Creative Agencies list, let us know What Project Management Software is and How to choose the Best Project Management Software.

What is a Creative Agency?

project management software

A company that employs creative methods to assist clients in achieving their objectives is known as a creative agency. 

A creative agency uses social media, print, market research, product development, branding, ads, campaign creation, lobbying, and public affairs to support the brand's designs and strategy.

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What is a Project Management Tool?

creative project management

It is software used for collaboration and communication among project stakeholders. It helps in project planning, scheduling, tracking progress, and more. 

For instance, managers and senior employees of a company can use it to assign tasks and set deadlines to ensure the timely completion of projects. Calendars, Status Alerts, and Performance Updates on the platform help them track efficiency and productivity. 

Imagine seeking status updates from every single member of a team of 15. What about group communication and sharing ideas, notes, and files? Project Management Software makes all of this extremely simple for creative agencies. It saves a company a lot of time as well.

Advantages of Project Management Software

  • Map project plans
  • Setting deadlines
  • Sharing documents and reports
  • Time-management 
  • Communication

What to look for in Project Management Software?

creative project management software

It is essential to align the needs of your team with the project management tools. A one-size-fits-all approach could be more effective in achieving one's business goals.

  • Ease-of-use: A creative team must be trained to use complex technology. It is best to stick with tools that are easy to learn.
  • Workflows: Choose software with automated workflows. This will help your team plan, track and submit work on time.
  • Flexibility: Often, creative teams need to follow standard project management methodologies. Your software must be adaptable to suit your team's needs.
  • Pricing: Only buy expensive software with a few complex tools. You may only use a few of them!

8 Project Management Tools for Creative Agencies

1. ClientVenue

creative agency project management software

ClientVenue is the best creative agency project management software that allows you to manage client requests and execute client campaigns.

It also includes an online management system. Clients can view invoices, request products, and services, submit feedback, and more.


  • Templates and standard processes to simplify workflows
  • Manage client requests in real-time
  • Storage features 
  • Simplified invoicing and billing features
  • Add custom colors and designs to match your brand aesthetic.


  • This creative agency project management software has the best user interface with budget management software.
  • You can easily create projects with project timelines using this creative agency project management software.
  • You can design and customize your project templates with this software.


  • There are no such drawbacks found with this project management tool.


Enjoy any of their plans for free for 14 days and cancel anytime based on your preference.

The following are the two most Subscription Plans offered by ClientVenue.

  • Professional Plan: $15/month
  • Enterprise plan: $25/month.


This creative agency project management tool effectively improves client experience using client portal solutions. Further, it will help enhance your agency's engagement with them. Thus, you can reduce the heavy workload to focus more on growing your business.

2. Asana

best project management tools

Asana is the best project management software for creative agency which is helpful if you're looking to automate collaboration and communication tasks, making it easy to track and discuss readings in real time.


  • Organize your projects into lists or kanban boards
  • Assign, manage, and add comments to tasks
  • Give feedback on pdfs or images by using the "proofing" feature
  • Limit access to a project or create a private team for sensitive work
  • Gantt Timeline to view schedules and project deadlines.


  • This project management tool allows agency teams to develop creative workflows.
  • Kanban boards and Gantt charts are in-built key features.
  • The time-tracking feature helps to assist creative teams in the file-sharing process.


  • This is the best online project management for creative agency, but it should improve key features for productive business development.


Asana offers three main plans. You can access the Basic Plan free of charge and accommodate up to 15 teammates. The other two paid plans are as follows.

  • Premium plan: $10.99/month 
  • Business plan: $24.99/month


This is the best creative agency project management software which can simplify teamwork in a large organization. For example, you must manage a portfolio of projects with many collaborators.

3. Trello

creative project management software

Trello is the best creative agency project management software with a unique board and card system to manage projects. It is well known for its ability to enable the visualization of a project. It has vital features for creative teams, like calendars, timelines, checklists, maps, and more.


  • Create lists and mark task status to ease scheduling
  • Boards represent projects, and cards represent tasks within them
  • Built-in automation system to run commands and set rules
  • Creative project manager software
  • Attach files and documents to cards
  • Deadline alerts and notifications


  • By using this online project management for creative agency, you can create tasks and share files that can happen within projects.
  • This project management tool can enable teams to develop time-tracking features for enhanced creative work.
  • It can create unlimited projects for creative teams within the project management tools.


  • Resource management should be upgraded for creative professionals.


Trello provides three major plans to address the needs of different users. There's a free plan under which you can accommodate up to 10 boards per workspace.

  • Standard: $5/month
  • Premium: $10/month
  • Enterprise: $17.50/month


This is the best project management software for creative agency that offers features suitable for individuals and large organizations. The key is to choose an adequate and sufficient plan for your needs.

4. Monday

creative project management software

Monday.com is the best creative project management platform that allows organizations to customize tools to meet objectives. This may include improving efficiency and productivity and enabling smooth workflows.


  • Kanban software to personalize tasks
  • Tools to create custom dashboards and track projects
  • Status updates, due date alerts, time tracking, and more
  • Real-time data and insights
  • Task management and milestone tracking
  • Creative project manager software


  • Marketing teams can increase team productivity by using this online project management for creative agency.
  • It can create unlimited projects and schedule tasks within this creative agency project management tool.
  • Each project progress can be monitored using the project tracking feature.


  • This project management creative agency lacks team collaboration compared to other tools in terms of creative project manager software.


Monday is quite affordable compared to other platforms that start at $20. It includes five different plans to cater to various groups.

  • Free Plan for individuals looking to track their work
  • Basic Plan at $8 per month
  • Standard Plan at $10 per month
  • Professional Plan at $16 per month
  • Enterprise-grade features (contact Monday for pricing details)


This is the best creative agency project management software if you prefer a colorful and attractive user interface. It contains innovative and advanced project management features. We recommend you take up the 14-day free trial to decide which Plan best suits your needs.

5. Wrike

creative project management

Wrike is the best project management software for creative agency that is more suited for small businesses and groups. You can customize and manage your boards without much hassle. Gantt charts and critical path analysis can also help you identify problems in your work.


  • A unique 'Three-pane view' for task management
  • Create forms and assign them to users
  • Charts and infographics about project status and team performance
  • Pre-made templates 
  • Two-factor authentication to ensure online safety.
  • Creative project manager software


  • This project management tool helps creative teams to track resource management along with project management solutions.
  • Project managers can take project management tips to enhance business dealings.
  • You can get the time tracking feature among all the best project management tools.


  • This project management creative agency requires other tools to increase the standards as a creative project manager software.


A free plan is available for teams that are just getting started. Paid plans start at $9.80, which is a good deal considering the versatility and unique features. Here's a list to give you a better understanding.

  • Professional: $9.80/month
  • Business: $28.80/ month
  • Enterprise (contact Wrike for pricing details)


Wrike is the best creative agency project management software which shows detailed project awareness. You can access timesheet reports and necessary analytics about your project. Wrike will help in upholding the quality and timeliness of your work.

6. Basecamp

creative project management software

Basecamp is the best creative agency project management tool which includes to-do lists, which are unique compared to other systems that provide task management capabilities. Creative agencies are very accustomed to using this team collaboration tool.

Collaborate with your team members through comments and assign due dates to each item on the list.


  • Simple one-page dashboard for projects
  • To-do lists, time tracking, and resource planning.
  • Well-organized space to share documents and file
  • Project schedule with deadlines and milestones
  • "The Lineup" can give you a bird-eye-view of your projects.


  • This project management platform represents project progress on the dashboard.
  • Gantt charts and Kanban boards are used to analyze agency management.
  • Agency teams can assign tasks to digital project managers using this project management solution.
  • The digital project manager can assign tasks to agency teams using this project management solution.


  • This project management creative agency has unpleasant email notifications.
  • Project templates could be better for creating creative requests.


Basecamp has a simple pricing structure. Individuals can access it free of charge. A team plan costs $99 without any limit on how many members can use it. The platform also provides various offers on their plans.


This is the best creative agency project management tool which is highly recommended to creative teams. It fits the requirements of small businesses.

Basic features like a message board and file storage are enough if you don't have complex task management requirements.

7. FunctionFox

project management tools

FunctionFox is the best project management software for creative agency available in three versions- Classic, Premier, and In-house. The features range from time and expense tracking to task scheduling and Communication. Further, In-house teams can create online request forms and various other features.


  • Interactive Gantt charts and project schedules
  • Internal communication boards
  • Comprehensive reports and key data analytics
  • Shared group and project calendars 
  • CEO Desktop with an overview of project statuses.


  • Client feedback is collected using this project management in creative agency.
  • Software solutions like this impact digital project manager careers in creative project management.
  • This project management in creative agency includes resource management, task management, agency project management, and team collaboration.


  • You can only create or complete projects with the project manager's access in this project management creative agency.


This online project management for creative agency has a reasonable price with various plans to cater to your needs.

  • This project management in creative agency has a free plan which can accommodate up to 3 users and two active projects.
  • FunctionFox Classic: $5/month
  • FunctionFox Premier: $10/month
  • FunctionFox In-House: $20/month.


This is the best creative agency project management tool which is customizable and contains something for everyone.

If you're an individual looking to manage projects, the free Plan might work great for you, while there is also the option to purchase a plan with additional features best suited for your business.

8. Workamajig

project management tools

Workamajig is a creative project management software for large-scale functioning. It enables the management of project tasks and freelancers through project schedules. Automated timesheets also help in tracking the time spent on each project.


  • Pre-made templates to create schedules and decide budgets for projects
  • Personnel management, file sharing, time tracking.
  • Tools for resource and traffic management
  • Simple features for billing and generating invoices
  • Integration with Google and Outlook to manage email and calendars.


  • The creative team uses this online project management for creative agency to track time and manage resource management.
  • Everyone on the creative team will have file-sharing access within the project.
  • This project management in creative agency has ability to check 360-degree view of each project.


  • In this project management creative agency, the creative projects do not have a comment option section to receive client feedback.


This project management in creative agency has no free plan, but you can access the one-month free on their paid plans. There are three plans they offer.

  • In-house at $41 per month
  • Agency at $41 per month
  • The Enterprise plan involves custom features.


This is the best project management software for creative agency that suits large companies and even global enterprises. Small businesses may find the features too complex. Also, some of their features may serve a few purposes to small enterprises.

Why ClientVenue Stands Out Number #1

The finest project management software, in my opinion, is one that focuses on affordability and efficacy for both people and enterprises. Therefore, I suggest you try ClientVenue, which has many useful functionalities and the best user interface.

creative project management software

ClientVenue offers all-in-one management solutions at a price much lower than other platforms. It also helps you effectively communicate with your team members, clients, and relevant stakeholders.

Check out the best features offered by ClientVenue, which help creative agencies to improve productivity and efficiency.

1. Client Onboarding

project planning

ClientVenue makes it simple to integrate new team members swiftly. With the help of the workflow feature, you can quickly set up an onboarding process that your client will become accustomed to.

2. Project Management

project management tools

With this, you can track the development of a project your team is working on in real-time and make any necessary adjustments. You can keep on course and prevent surprises by doing this.

3. Approvals and Comments

creating tasks

The features for approvals and comments are quite useful to give access to specific fields for external and internal team members. You can also use commenting features to send suggestions and messages privately to individual teams.

4. People Performance Reports

kanban boards

You can use this functionality to create reports to monitor progress and evaluate your team's performance. Doing this allows you to manage your project and make sure it is moving forward.

5. Invoices

invoice management

Invoice creation and transmission are simple with ClientVenue. PayPal and Stripe are integrated. You can use this function to monitor our clients' payments and ensure we are getting paid on schedule.

6. Timesheets

time tracking

In the " Timesheet section," you can see a weekly timesheet summary. You can then access the user's data and their daily and weekly work time totals.

7. Daily Standups

team collaborate

The Daily Standups feature of ClientVenue is a fantastic tool for managing your team's progress. You can make sure that your team is making progress and that everyone is on the same page with its daily check-ins.

8. Time Tracking

manage tasks

This function is excellent for keeping track of the time you and your team put into a project. With the aid of this feature, it is possible to view the contributions made by each team member and the amount of time spent on various tasks.

9. Team Progress

in house creative teams

You shouldn't be afraid if you have a huge team and are unsure who is working on which team. You may view each team member's status, duties, contact information, and allocated tasks using ClientVenue.

10. Resource Management

manage resources

Resource Management is an amazing feature offered by ClientVenue which allows the teams to check individual capacity on a particular week. It displays the working hours and days assigned to an individual team member.

11. List view, Calendar view, and Board view

track progress

This digital marketing project management solution for small businesses has a list view, calendar view, board view, and reporting function.

With ClientVenue's excellent project management tool, you can keep track of each project's development at any time and see a 360-degree view of it.

12. Sharing project board to clients

multiple projects

To ensure transparency and provide a real-time status update to your customer, you can share your board using ClientVenue's new capabilities.

How is ClientVenue the best option for Creative Agencies?

1. Company Branding

custom workflows

The portal can be modified to match your company's style and color scheme. Onboarding templates should be made to improve user experience.

2. Webpage Customizing

key features

The ClientVenue Preview tool can evaluate the modifications after choosing the signup page layout and relevant brand theme colors.

3. Domain Whitelabel Setup

marketing team

You can use a white labeling feature to replace the portal's branding with your companies to draw customers compared to all other creative agency project management systems.

4. Email Whitelabel Setup

key features

Among all creative agency project management systems, this unique email white labeling feature enables marketing teams to carry out email campaigns for clients and customers.

5. Personalize Theme Colors

built in creative features

Once the website is up and running, ClientVenue allows users to select the colors that best represent their company. You can modify the page any time and save your changes to prevent them from being published online.

6. Storage Space

easy to use interface

Data privacy is an essential feature in this storage facility, where customers can set up access passcodes for sensitive files.

With your membership plan, you will receive a free 100GB of storage space, and no other external clients can access your files and data in this ClientVenue Software.

7. Client Portal

multiple client projects

Businesses can offer a self-service gateway to their customers thanks to this functionality. Viewing account details, submitting support requests, and keeping track of their progress are all possible with ClientVenue.

8. Services

client projects

Using this marketing and creative project management system, you can provide your clients access to the client portal. You can list your company's services so they can get in touch with your marketing team for any particular service.

9. App Integrations

planning projects

Custom integration is a significant feature of any marketing and creative project management system. Using ClientVenue, you can link several applications to your account, including Custom Webhooks, Slack, Zapier, and much more.

10. Pricing

basic plan

The most effective and creative agency project management systems are provided by ClientVenue at fair and accessible prices and have very open and transparent pricing policies.

This is the best choice where ClientVenue is providing 14 Days Free Trial on both professional and enterprise plans. If you start with any of the two plans, then you can get additional two months for free.


Although you may not find these features in any of the tools, you will be happy with your decision to use this one as your creative agency project management software for your agency project management.

I recommend you immediately try the Free Trial and Grab the Best Deals at ClientVenue.

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