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Companies with higher failure rates use less of the available project management technologies.

And that's just sad. But you know what else?

Organizations that utilize excellent project functionalities were able to meet 77% of their goals. 

Fortunately, it's up to you to decide which side of the table to sit on.

However, suppose you want to improve your success by keeping track of your billing. In that case, you will need project management with invoicing.

This article will show you the best software that has invoicing features in their project management platform. 

But before we go into that, here's what you can expect to learn:

  1. What is a project management and billing software feature?
  2. Why you need project management with invoicing functionality 
  3. Benefits of using project management software with invoicing functionality 
  4. Factors to consider before choosing project management with invoicing functionality
  5. Top 7 best project management and billing software with invoicing functionality
  6. The best software project management with invoicing functionality

What is invoicing for project management tools?

professional invoices

Now imagine the time it will take to craft and continually repopulate an invoice for all your clients.

A strenuous task, right?

That's where project management software with invoicing functionality fits in.

A project management software with invoicing functionality automates this task and ensures a painless process. 

More on this later. 

Why do you need project management software with invoicing?

billing methods convert emails

You may be wondering why you need project management software with invoicing functionality.

Or it may be pretty apparent to you.

Regardless, let me clarify further.

Do I have your attention? If you have a fast-paced business, project management software with invoicing functionality is essential.

In short, every business with a digital footprint needs software with invoicing functionality. Here's why.

A project management software with invoicing will simplify any of the following:

  • Online payments verification
  • team collaboration
  • Client Collaboration
  • Creating project workflows

With automated invoicing, you can improve efficiency and accuracy by removing the need for manual reentry, unauthorized duplication, and other man-made mistakes.

You can survive without that. But here's the point.

Imagine an error in one of your manually generated invoice slips done many years ago. And it would be best if you correct it.

Unfortunately, you can't find it in your record book. 

This may sound trivial, but it's not.

This scenario may entail substantial financial losses. To make matters worse, you may lose your reputation.

Beyond that, consider it this way: You are not the seller but the client/buyer.

A project management app will help you keep track of expenditures in real-time. Simply put, it will allow you to control and account for your finances.

Project management software with invoicing helps to keep track of active employee hours. This feature is known as time tracking. 

It tracks billable and non-billable hours for employees and seamlessly generates required invoices.

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Benefits of using project management with invoicing functionality

accept online payments

Statistics show that the average cost of manually generating invoices is 30 USD per invoice.

On the other hand, automated invoice generation costs 3.50 USD per invoice. 

Think about that.

The benefits of using automated invoicing with project management software are too numerous. 

However, I have outlined some benefits of using project management software with automated functionality below:

  • Automates create invoices
  • Secures important documents
  • Improves efficiency and accuracy 
  • Provides a holistic view of your finances 
  • Monitors and tracks your financial commitments and due payments
  • Accepts online payments
  • Create project estimates
  • Streamlines payment processes by automating recurring payments 
  • Generates tax report 
  • Streamlines currency exchange process

Factors to consider before choosing project management with invoicing functionality

There is no magical formula for choosing the best project management software with invoicing functionality for your organization.

It all depends on your business size, needs, and budget.

Believe it or not, with all the project management and billing software in the market, this process can get very confusing.

On that note, I have listed some factors you should consider before paying for any project management application:

  • Efficient invoicing
  • Scalability
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Customer support and training
  • Adequate project management features
  • Company budget and objective
  • The efficient online payment process

1. Efficient invoicing 

accurate invoices

This function should be very straightforward.

If you prioritize a specific function, then it should be very exceptional.

This functionality works in two ways.

First, project management software with invoicing capability should have excellent time-tracking functionality. Let me explain. 

If you invest in project management and billing software for your organization, it should track billable and non-billable hours for employees and team members.

In other words, it should help you record hours when employees were active and create required invoices.

Secondly, project management software with invoicing functionality should help you keep track of your financial commitments and customer payments.

2. Scalability

hours worked

Scalability is a crucial factor.

Most businesses or organizations aim to grow and teach new milestones. Fortunately, growth comes with increased responsibility.

Therefore, if you intend to scale your business, consider purchasing software that can accommodate a growing number of employees, projects, and clients.

3. Customization

edit assignments

The customizability of any project management and billing software is very important.

You need to invest in software with features tailorable to your needs.

Customization is essential for building a unique brand style tailored to your organizational goals.

4. Integrations

project management

Third-party integrations are part and parcel of a streamlined project management experience.

You should check if the project management software can integrate with the tools you use to interact with your client.

Irrespective of its project invoicing capabilities, project management and billing software should integrate with other tools needed to carry out daily activities in your organization.

5. Customer support and training

team scheduler

Customer support and training are no-brainers.

Imagine you are stuck with a particular issue that makes you unable to use your project management and billing software and can't contact customer care.

It is not fun; I can assure you.

So before investing in any invoicing management software, ensure that training and support are available and active.

Most importantly, ascertain the daily hours, time zone, and days of the week you can contact their customer support team. 

6. User-friendly interface

No one wants to buy software and take a one-year training program to master it. 

That's absurd!

To avoid this scenario, ask your employees and clients if they are comfortable with the user interface.

An ideal user interface should be intuitive and self-explanatory.

7. Adequate invoicing management software features

track time spent

Hang on a minute. You don't want to buy an app with just invoicing capabilities. If so, then this article is not for you.

However, if you want to buy a project management billing app with invoicing, ensure the app has most of the features listed below:

  • Kanban Board
  • Client Portal
  • Resource Management
  • Visualization
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Percent-Complete Tracking
  • Bar Chart
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Billable Items Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budget Management
  • Third-party API integration
  • Portfolio Management
  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Version Control
  • Online Time Tracking
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Gantt charts
  • Announcements
  • Expense tracking
  • Custom domain SSL
  • CSV import
  • Employee Database
  • Attendance Management
  • Discussions / Forums
  • Display Ad Management
  • Business Process Automation

8. Company budget and objectives

flexible billing options

Company budget and goals are vital factors.

Your organizational goals and objectives determine the software you buy.

For instance, if your company needs simple software to automate basic invoicing tasks, buying expensive software with complex features is wasteful.

The trick is to choose the software that helps you achieve your goals, track your investment, and is within your budget.

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Top seven best project management software with invoicing 

  1. ClientVenue
  2. Everhour
  3. Harvest
  4. Heeros
  5. Zoho Invoice
  6. FinancialForce.com
  7. Hubstaff

1. ClientVenue

project management with invoicing

ClientVenue is the best project management with invoicing capabilities. Marketing agencies, creative teams, and freelancers use ClientVenue to create and manage projects, develop reports, generate invoices, and store data.

ClientVenue offers you complete customizability. It allows you to tailor the services dashboard to suit your needs and view project progress.

This functionality allows you to display all your product and services to potential clients without ado.

Additionally, with ClientVenue, you only pay for services used. That's to say. You don't have to pay for extra features you don't use.

Key features

  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Client Portal
  • Recurring invoices
  • Billable Items Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budget Management
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Online time tracking
  • Third-party integrations
  • Resource management 


  • Pricing is fair and practical.
  • Efficient invoicing
  • Downtime is a rare occurrence
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Efficient Task and project tracking
  • Track and analyze time spent on tasks.


There are little to no drawbacks to using ClientVenue invoicing management software. Sincerely, I have found no issues with ClientVenue.


ClientVenue offers two affordable tiers of pricing plans. The annual plans come with a two-month free package and a 14-day risk-free trial session for all pricing plans.

Small team/ Professional plan

Monthly payment: 15$

Annual payment: 15$

Pricing model: Per user

Enterprise plan

Monthly payment: 25$

Annual payment: 35$

Pricing model: Per user

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2. Everhour

project managers

Everhour is a collaboration and time-tracking invoicing management software for client and employee invoicing and budgeting.

It allows you to track task time in your project management billing app. Everhour integrates with project management software such as:

  • Asana
  • ClickUp
  • Monday.com
  • BaseCamp
  • Jira
  • Notion

Key Features

  • Attendance Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Bar Chart
  • Time tracking
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Billable Items Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Budget Management
  • CRM
  • Client Portal


  • Easy-to-use browser plugins
  • Excellent time-tracking ability
  • Allows you to choose a billing method.
  • Auto invoicing and recurring payments


  • Not user friendly
  • Software loading takes time
  • Crashes occasionally


EverHour has three tiers of pricing plans for both annual and monthly subscriptions.

Free plan

Monthly payment: Free

Annual payment: Free

Pricing model: per user— 5 users

Lite plan

Monthly payment: $5

Annual payment: $6

Pricing model: per 2 users

Team plan

Monthly payment: $8.50

Annual payment: $10

Pricing model: per 5 users

3. Harvest

built in chat software

Harvest is an excellent client billing software with invoicing capabilities.

It allows you to monitor the productivity of team members and expenditures and generate client invoices.

Additionally, Harvest allows you to integrate with other existing invoicing management software. This feature helps you track activities on other applications.

Key features

  • API integration 
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Reporting/Project Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Time & Expense Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Task Progress Tracking
  • Recurring invoices


  • Amazing customer support
  • It is scalable
  • It integrates with payment gateways 


  • It doesn't have batch assign functionality 
  • It lacks flexibility
  • Lack of sales tax integration


Harvest offers two pricing plans:

Free plans (30-day free trial)

Monthly payment: $0

Annual cost: $0 per month 

Pricing model: Flat rate

Professional Plan

Monthly payment: $12

Annual payment: $10.80 per month 

Pricing model: Flat rate

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4. Heeros

invoicing tools

Heeros, formerly known as Taimer, is an app that combines project management software with invoicing and other core business functionalities.

The software provides users with features such as recurring invoices, billing, workflow management, customizable CRM, and real-time tracking.

This project management software is efficient for fast-paced businesses that require efficient ways to track projects, generate invoices and compile detailed reports for improved planning.

Key Features 

  • Task management
  • Gantt charts
  • Easy invoicing
  • Project and resource scheduling
  • Time tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • File management third-party Integrations
  • File sharing


  • Easy Usability 
  • Reliable customer support
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Effective Communication channels 


  • un-intuitive user interface 
  • steep learning curve
  • Lacks Advanced budgeting features


Heeros offers two separate pricing plans for small businesses and enterprises:

For Small Businesses 

Free plan 

Monthly payment: $0Oh

Annual cost: $0 per month 

Pricing model: Flat rate— one user

Growth Plan

Monthly payment: $19

Annual payment: $9 per month 

Pricing model: per user (maximum three users)

Business Plan

Monthly payment: $29

Annual payment: $19 per month 

Pricing model: per user (optimal ten users)

For Enterprises 

Enterprise Plan

Monthly payment: $48

Annual payment: $39 per month 

Pricing model: per user (minimum five users).

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5. Zoho Invoice

zoho invoice

Zoho Invoice is 100% is one of the best invoice management system for small and medium-scale businesses.

It is part of the popular Zoho suite. This client billing software combines invoicing and accounting solutions in a single package. 

Additionally, you can accept invoices, set up recurring invoices for recurring services, manage your budgets and set up recurring payments on this platform.

Key Features 

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Data Import/Export
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Customizable Reports
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Real-Time Reporting


  • It is entirely free—you have to pay for payment gateways
  • International invoicing
  • Good customer support
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Limited features
  • Poor customizability
  • Poor scalability
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Maximum of 1000 invoices per year


Zoho invoice available for free

6. FinancialForce

access flexible billing options

FinancialForce is a cloud-based accounting software with a particular focus on resource management.

It integrates with salesforce CRM for invoicing and other project management billing functionalities such as:

  • Project budgeting
  • project time tracking
  • customized invoices.

In simple terms, FinancialForce offers modern businesses the opportunity to generate invoices directly from their CRM in just a few clicks. This function helps to ensure consistent information across all platforms.

Key Features

  1. Billing & Invoicing
  2. Budgeting/Forecasting
  3. Cash Flow Management
  4. Configurable Workflow
  5. Currency Management
  6. Customizable Branding
  7. Customizable Invoices
  8. Customizable Reports
  9. Data Visualization
  10. Financial Reporting


  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Efficient invoicing process


  • Poor customer care support
  • Steep learning curve
  • Slow loading time


Contact the company to get their pricing plans.

7. Hubstaff

combine project management software

Hubstaff is one of the best invoice management system that combines employee productivity functions, project management, and invoicing functionality. 

It is a good fit for small, medium, and large-scale businesses that want to improve employee efficiency and optimize organizational growth. 

Key Features

  • Accounting Integration
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Billable Items Tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Automatic Time Capture
  • Expense Tracking
  • Invoice Management
  • File sharing


  • Easy to use
  • Reliable customer service
  • Simple and clean user interface 


  • Occasional system crashes
  • Poor customizability
  • Poor scalability


Hubstaff offers three separate pricing plans:

  • Time
  • Desk
  • Field 

Desk Free Plan 

Monthly payment: $0

Annual cost: $0 per month 

Pricing model: per user (one user)

Desk Starter Plan

Monthly payment: $7

Annual payment: $5.83 per month 

Pricing model: per user (2 users)

Desk Pro Plan

Monthly payment: $10

Annual payment: $8.33 per month 

Pricing model: per user (2 users)

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Which of this software is the best for project management with invoicing?

simplify project management

You may wonder which project management tools with invoicing functionality are the best.

It's obvious once you think about it.

ClientVenue is the best project management with invoicing capability. Why do I say this?

ClientVenue is a complete combination of an invoicing app with a client billing software on the same platform.

This project management billing software allows you to track the productivity of team members, calculate project expenses and generate professional-looking invoices.

And, if that's not enough, ClientVenue has a client portal that allows your clients to access their invoices or track the progress of their projects.

Trust me. You won't regret using the ClientVenue software.

Why ClientVenue is the perfect project management software for invoicing? 

all in one solution

ClientVenue is your best bet regarding project management billing software with invoicing functionality.

Admittedly, it is only appropriate to show why.  

Here are some of the benefits of using ClientVenue:

  • Send invoice reminders
  • Set up single or recurring invoice
  • Create service or project-oriented invoice
  • Accepts online payment
  • Create manual invoice
  • Edit invoices
  • Download Invoice PDF
  • Scalability
  • Integration

1. Sends invoice reminders

send invoices

With tons of distractions in contemporary society, humans are wont to forget. And what better way to remind your clients of outstanding payments than pre-planned reminders?

ClientVenue software allows you to send invoice reminders reminding clients of outstanding payments.

2. Set up single or recurring invoice

customizable templates

Generating single invoices for one-off services is a great functionality. However, repeatedly creating similar invoices for the same clients and tasks is an efficient approach.

ClientVenue software allows you to set up recurring invoices for recurring services and payments.

3. Create service or project-oriented invoice

multiple projects

ClientVenue allows you to create project-wise and service-wise invoices for every service you render. Similarly, you can also create new invoices for clients with ongoing projects. 

Confusing, huh?

Here's a significant distinction: Projects usually involve more than one service.

In this context, a significant difference between creating project-oriented invoices and service-oriented invoices is that project-oriented invoices allow you to set up recurring invoices for one project

4. Accepts online payment

third party apps

ClientVenue allows you to access online payments via third-party integrations like Stripe online processor. 

Stripe is an online platform that allows you to process debit and credit transactions online and offline with minimum fuss.

In case you are not conversant with online payment procedures. Don't worry, I'll explain.

To run a successful online transaction, you need two tools:

  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processor

The payment gateway captures sensitive card info from the customer's card and transfers it to the online processor, which processes the transaction.

This process allows money transfers from customers' bank to your bank.

Fortunately, Stripe functions as both a payment gateway and a payment processor

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5. Create manual invoice

create schedules

Automatically generating invoices is an efficient and time-saving functionality. However, there are times when you may need to create manual invoices for specific purposes.

ClientVenue provides this feature to allow you to generate manual invoices when necessary.

6. Edit invoices

manage expenses

ClientVenue understands that there are times when you may need to edit your invoices to suit a particular tone. 

On that note, the ClientVenue software provides a feature that allows you to edit every invoice in your invoice list.

7. Download invoices in PDF

unpaid invoices

The ClientVenue software allows you to download pdf copies of your invoices. This feature helps you to keep backup copies of your invoices. After downloading bulk invoices, you can merge these PDF files using an online pdf combiner and make a single file.

8. Scalability

professional documents

It is true: we all start small.

Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Co weren't always technology giants. Once upon a time, they were startups.

So, ClientVenue isn't expecting you to start big. Neither do we expect you to remain small.

The ClientVenue software expands along with you. It accommodates an increase in your projects, clients, or employees.

9. Integrations

third party apps

The sky is large enough for every bird. 

Similarly, ClientVenue integrates with almost every third-party application in the productivity market.


same tool

ClientVenue offers the most important project management billing software at fair and inexpensive prices, and their pricing policies are pretty clear and straightforward.

Both plans provide a 14-day trial period, and if you choose to pay for them annually, you receive an additional two months free.

You can go right away to choose the best plan for you at ClientVenue Subscription Plans.


The importance of using project management with invoicing capabilities cannot be overemphasized as a business.

Competitors are searching for ways to speed up their business processes while maintaining efficiency and quality. The inability to do so spells immediate failure.

Luckily, there is a solution for us available in this article.

ClientVenue is the best project management with invoicing capabilities which is highly recommended for creative agencies, marketing agencies, digital agencies, and advertising agencies.

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