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Build secure Agency portal for your Clients

Dedicated portals for agencies to handle their client requests, teams, billing and so much more.

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Client Onboarding

Move away from high touch onboarding to self serve & automated checkout onboarding model, so you can focus on scaling your agency work instead of doing the heavy lifting on your own. Use templates, and standard processes which can be duplicated for all your workflows so you can focus on work that matters the most for your agency.

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Manage Tasks & Client Requests

Have visibility over all your projects in real time. Manage your client requests in real time, and show case progress in a project manager-esque style. Bring all the teams together to collaborate projects in an easy manner. Get 360 degree view of your entire project and prevent project delays from happening.

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Store all your client related files & assets in ONE place. So that you don't have to link your drives and shareable links every time. You can just pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one place.

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Invoicing & Billing

Get all your payment related worries handled within the Client-workspace. Having a truly integrated experience will allow you to create a self serve checkout model where you can focus on the important bits of your business instead of chasing for payments, and getting your invoices cleared. Be it recurring billing or one time billing, we have all of that handled with native integrations using all top payment platforms and providers.

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Get all the stakeholders involved on the clients' side as well as your agency side as well. You can assign the permission levels to all the teammates on your side as well as the agency side.

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Branded Experience

Make the portal look as if it's your own product, and on your own website. Make it look as if it's a native experience to your website, by changing the branding, coloring and the design to suit your brands' styling.

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You can package up all your services and show it up to your customers, this way you move from chasing payments and sending them manual pricing invoices, and get everything done in an automated fashion. Connect with all popular payment platforms, and automate your invoicing and bill collection.

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Clientvenue is the most powerful Client Management platform that's being used by dozens of brands

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Billing & Invoicing

Raise invoices to all your clients internally from your dashboard & keep a copy for documentation sake as well.

Task Management

Manage all your tasks internally using an inbuilt client and task management workflow so you can avoid using extra project management tools for your clients.

Dedicated Client Portal

You can manage all your client related activities in a dedicated space right from onboarding to invoicing to even managing day to day activities.

Client Communication

Communicate with your clients through mentions or even live chats easily in one single place.

Easy Onboarding

Onboard all your clients and give them a great customer experience using a simple dedicated onboarding workflow that has been tested with 1000s of clients.

File Management

Manage all your files in one place using a file management and sharing feature so you can be rest assured about your shared items.


Powerup with the Integrations

ClientVenue integrates with "critical to business" applications on the internet.
Custom Webhooks
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120+ Happy Customers All Around the World

We have been using client venue for a while ever since these guys have started. I have been able to scale my agency using this tool easily, and have scaled to 5k MRR.
One of my biggest problem was managing multiple workflows with clients that clientvenue has been able to resolve for me. For me that alone is a life saver. Their team actively worked with us in getting us started on this.
Greg Digneo
I love the easy integration with stripe, and the features are working pretty well.
Tejas Chaurasia
A lot of times when we work with clients it’s sort of hard to manage and work with them because it is spread across different channels like email, slack, stripe and project management tool. With Clientvenue we’ve been able to assign the work in one place.
Atul Gupta
Regular updates, whitelableing and wonderful customer support. I started by using a free trial, I was sold on the moment I set it up on my website. If you’re someone who has a recurring service selling to customers, you should be using this software.
If you have questions or need new features ask them, they are very responsive.
It’s awesome how I have been able to build up onboarding and invoicing and client related communication in one place using Clientvenue, it’s really awesome that we’ve been able to cut on extra software spending for our business as well.
Alore Sales, Bengaluru
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