" It's awesome how I have been able to build up onboarding and invoicing and client related reporting in one place using Clientvenue, it's really awesome that we've been able to cut on extra software spending for our business as well. "

Alore Sales, bengaluru
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About us

We are a team of driven individuals who are on a mission to help Agencies across the world in growing their businesses by effectively managing their teams & clients on our platform.

We help Agencies manage their Clients at Scale

Our goal has been to try to build a solution that helps agencies in scaling their business in an end to end fashion.

Right from getting the clients inside their system using onboarding to finding out the profitability on per client basis.

We're agency owners hence we know what the entire lifecycle of working with clients, and that has been really the foundation of building Clientvenue.

Clientvenue is an end to end solution for agency businesses that are looking to automate their agency using pre defined templates and processes for their clients.

You can customise the platform to make it look like your own, and focus on building your agency, and move away from clunky generic software or patched up google sheets to a platform which is specifically built for agencies.

I really hope you’ll love me and the platform.

Yours Truly

~ Kirti Prakash
Our Mission

We'll help you to getting People level, Project level and Service level profitability for your agency.

Our tool is meant for you to scale your internally agency operations so you can get more revenue, stop internal revenue leakages and bring more automation in the process.

Kirti Prakash
founder of clientvenue
Meet the Makers

Our Amazing Team

Join us to co-create the most amazing platform!

Kirti Prakash

Co-Founder: Sales & Marketing
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Raman Parashar

Co-Founder: Product & Technology
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