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Project management software for marketing agencies helps creative teams produce their best work faster. Most creative projects are carried out by either an internal team or a team from an outside firm.

Therefore, selecting the appropriate project management tool is a crucial responsibility if you want your creative projects to be successful.

Using collaboration tools will be an excellent method to bring the team and the client together, encourage discussion of innovative materials, and produce results more quickly.

Before going to the main topic, I will answer some basic questions essential for everyone to know before choosing a project management software for marketing agencies.

  1. What is a marketing agency?
  2. What is marketing project management software?
  3. Why do you need a project management tool?
  4. How to choose the best project management software?

What is a marketing agency?

marketing teams

A marketing agency is a company that offers services for marketing-related metrics like client communication, managing projects, pricing, product, and sales.

Your responsibilities as a marketing agent include the following:

  • Helping to create sales materials
  • Locating the greatest media matches for your customers
  • Negotiating advertising contracts on their behalf.

They help businesses with the steps of planning, designing, and carrying out their marketing operations. If you are willing to start a marketing agency, you will appreciate our article on How to start a Marketing Agency.

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What is marketing project management software?

managing marketing projects

Marketing Project Management Software is a tool that includes features like project planning, resource planning, resource allocation, marketing campaigns, and tracking the delivery of marketing projects.

It assists the marketing teams with campaign planning, task management, baseline management, workload management, time tracking, and team collaboration.

Why do you need a project management tool?

managing marketing tasks

The process of project planning requires a lot of time since you must map out all the crucial tasks.

Using a project management application, you may quickly create a task hierarchy for effective and efficient completion.

It assists the marketing department with campaign planning, task management, baseline management, workload management, time tracking, and team collaboration.

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How to choose the best project management software?

marketing project management software

Before selecting a project management software for marketing, there are some essential points to remember. I have mentioned here the top features required by marketing project management software.

  • Identify your challenges and constraints.
  • Build your project management team.
  • Create a list of features required for the team.
  • Research the best project management tools.
  • Purchase suitable project management software.
  • Get feedback from your team and finalize it.

Best Marketing Project Management Tools

1. Monday.com

project management software

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software that allows users to manage marketing projects, including resource and project management modules with great collaboration tools.

You can use Monday.com to track hours, deadlines, and bills, even if it doesn't offer the same comprehensive capabilities for project accounting and invoicing as other solutions.


  • It offers Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Checklists, Calendars, and Sharable Boards.
  • You can create projects, tasks, sub-tasks, portfolios, marketing campaigns, groups, timelines, and chat rooms.
  • Slack, Jira, GitLab, and Google Drive integration are a few examples of third-party programs.


  • Process template is used for creative professionals to complete projects on time.
  • Monday is the right agency management software that provides automated tasks and resource planning.
  • It provides an excellent project reporting dashboard that can gather data from multiple boards.


  • Difficult to track time against each task and cost for a particular client.

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2. Wrike

traditional project management

Wrike is a project management software for marketing agencies that combines a straightforward user interface and experience with sufficient depth for power users. It allows users to track and coordinate projects.

It provides customizable briefings and request forms, visible and configurable workload management, and reporting and analytics tools so that team members can provide input.


  • It offers Surveys, Feedback, Alerts, Notifications, Chats, Staff calendars, and more.
  • Timesheets, dashboards, calendars, reports, and the activity stream can all be accessed from the main screen.
  • The underlying projects and tasks are connected to Wrike Calendars.
  • The most recent plans and timetables are always reflected on the front page of Wrike Calendars.


  • The application has a rich set of functions and is built solidly.
  • The user can configure the app the way they like to work.


  • Wrike's task management system needs to have proper prioritization for tasks.
  • It is not straightforward to change the task's status in Wrike.

3. Celoxis

creative project management

Celoxis is the best marketing project management software that allows the marketing teams to check project progress, deal with complex projects, and produce the best project management features.

Major review sites have ranked Celoxis at the top of their best marketing project management software list for over ten years.

It can solve complex project management issues with our meticulous engineering, beautiful client interface, and unparalleled simplicity.


  • You can assemble all project requests from different sources in one location.
  • Create dynamic project plans that instantly adapt to altering real-world circumstances.
  • Solve issues with projects, tasks, and milestones without leaving your dashboard.


  • This project management tool includes time tracking, budgeting, and resource management.
  • I find everyone friendly, and the online support chat is incredibly beneficial.
  • Celoxis is also available in on-premise mode.


  • Comprehending alerts or user mistakes can be challenging because of their complicated reasoning.

4. Workamajig

project management system

Workamajig is one of the best marketing project management software for marketing agencies with comprehensive features, including project management, business intelligence, resource management, and sales CRM.

Consider your project's tasks as Gantt charts and task lists. Create a project quickly by using pre-made marketing strategy templates.

This  marketing resource management software includes business intelligence tools and a sales CRM to support the expansion of your agency.

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  • Task management is designed to assign tasks to individual team members.
  • You can manage projects from any location using its online services.
  • We can manage marketing projects, including team collaboration and time-tracking features.


  • This marketing resource management software has automated project workflow.
  • Marketing agencies use these project templates for client reports.
  • Project managers can initiate marketing campaigns and track progress on the dashboard.


  • The product needs more focus and strives to be everything to everyone.
  • The collaboration features could be more comfortable and precise.
  • Project updates can take a while, and time-tracking mistakes have caused scheduling mistakes.

5. Asana

best project management tool

Business organizations may manage, collaborate, communicate, and organize tasks and projects with Asana, a cloud-based task management tool.

This marketing project software can handle numerous tasks at once and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

To increase team productivity and prevent burnout, you can evaluate the workload and bandwidth of the team and rebalance the task.

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  • Asana has hundreds of app integrations, including those with Microsoft Teams, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc.
  • Using real-time work reporting, you can update teams and stakeholders on the status of a project in a matter of minutes.
  • You can easily keep track of the status of your projects and obtain a clear picture of how you're doing about your objectives.
  • Key features include Kanban boards, Gantt charts, track projects, file sharing, and time tracking.


  • Dependencies and custom labels/tags are two beneficial capability upgrades included in the premium version.
  • Although Asana is very user-friendly, it also provides more sophisticated tools when you need them.
  • Especially when working with a team, Asana is fantastic for project management with clear project timelines.


  • Even basic features are limited due to paid version, which is not fair.
  • Sometimes, tickets raised by the team members get lost in workload management.
  • Tasks and sub-tasks have to be copied to other projects manually.

6. Teamwork

project management solutions

Teamwork is one of the best marketing management software for marketing agencies that lets you divide leads and prospects into separate pipelines, giving you more prominent visibility and control over your sales process.

A platform for project management designed exclusively for client work is called Teamwork. It provides users with a platform that enables them to understand profitability, remove client confusion, and produce work on time and within budget.


  • Utilize the calendar to quickly overview the significant future milestones, events, and tasks.
  • Give each project an owner to add an extra level of accountability and transparency.
  • You may specify which users can see and access specific projects using sophisticated privacy settings.


  • Amazingly, you can now include users from several businesses to work on a project.
  • The user interface is robust while still being clear and straightforward.
  • The technology is so user-friendly that training new employees on it is quick and straightforward.
  • It works well with the time-tracking software. That is how they charge their customers.


  • You need to upgrade to the paid version to access the unlimited tasks feature.
  • Billing takes more time when a task is sent to the invoice section.
  • Two-factor authentication system needs to be appropriately maintained.

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7. ClickUp

project management tool

ClickUp is one of the best best marketing resource management software and collaboration solution appropriate for companies of all sizes and sectors.

With ClickUp's unique Hierarchy, you can design the ideal structure that grows with your needs. Using project management that adapts to the demands of your team, you can plan, monitor, and oversee any task using Kanban boards.

With increasing flexibility and power at each level, ClickUp enables you to manage everything from small teams to large corporations.


  • You can tag people or groups, assign action items, and link tasks to collaborate more effectively.
  • With targets for work completions, numbers, monetary values, and more, you can stay on track to reach your objectives.
  • With more than 20 real-time views that adjust to your needs, take on work from any angle.
  • Import your task list templates from other tools immediately and effortlessly.


  • To keep everything in one place, sync your team's calendars, chat services, cloud storage, and more.
  • With hundreds of Automations, get rid of the busy work and concentrate on what matters.
  • In software, ClickUp offers the best-rated customer service, available around-the-clock, including on holidays.


  • Too complicated for a single person's needs, occasionally irrational, and a lousy android app is a cherry on top.
  • Sometimes, we need help attempting to create a new list but need help locating online information about the situation.

8. Kintone

marketing project management software

Kintone apps are tailored for various purposes like event management, project management, CRM, partner databases, expenditure reports, shared to-do lists, and product feedback.

Teams can also discuss projects directly in the app and project-based threads thanks to Kintone's built-in communication tools.

Everything your team needs for the project is organized in specific "spaces," including task-tracking tools and searchable conversation logs.

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  • To enable real-time visualization, integrate your data into rich text or other services.
  • You can define your Business processes in collaboration with internal and external partners.
  • Even on your mobile device, you can receive notifications of approval requests.


  • You can customize the app based on your precise needs.
  • Getting reports fast gives me accurate reports, reliable information, and the confidence I need to make presentations.
  • The Kintone product's simplicity of use and ability to learn quickly enough to create a functional application pleased me.


  • I've tried setting up groups and access has been allowed and restricted in places where it wasn't meant.
  • I need some functions for the vision I have for our database.

9. Basecamp

marketing project management tool

Basecamp is effective because it provides everyone in every function with the most specific location to store, work on, discuss, choose, and deliver the various components of each project.

This marketing project software has several marketing-focused project capabilities that can help you divide your projects into manageable tasks and automate regular check-ins. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

Instead of being dispersed over numerous platforms, everything is intuitively arranged in one single location where everyone can collaborate.

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  • Many other applications, notably Chrometa, have integrations with Basecamp.
  • Users can export projects or components from Basecamp and archive previous projects.
  • You can interact and plan activities with your coworkers and clients using Basecamp.


  • Users can use Basecamp on the go thanks to native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Spanish, French, Italian, German, Finnish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, and Russian translations of Basecamp are available.
  • Keep internal projects between you and your coworkers and share projects with clients.


  • It can occasionally become complicated, and files need to be recovered.
  • This new website's launch and method of monitoring our progress were botched.
  • Basecamp email notifications are annoying because they will only work when required.

10. Trello

creative project management

Trello may be the ideal answer for marketing teams that operate in one- to four-week sprints to managing agile marketing initiatives.

To handle project tasks, Trello offers full Kanban boards. Kanban boards are straightforward but effective marketing process solutions.

You can move Task cards between columns by dragging and dropping them. When something on a task card changes, execute if-then-else automation.


  • The essential functions of Trello are similar to how sticky notes are arranged on a wall.
  • Create your own Trello plugins and extensions using the open API.
  • Trello adjusts its size automatically to fit the screen you are using.
  • Key features include Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Time tracking, marketing project requests, and project templates.


  • For mobile use, Trello has apps for both the iPhone and Android.
  • Once you log in and join a team, you can immediately see the status of the team's projects.
  • To express yourself and change the status of cards and boards, use Trello stickers.


  • Initially, they announced unlimited projects, but there is a limitation for the free version and paid tool.

11. Paymo

digital marketing software

Paymo is a fully-featured project management software for marketing where you can manage projects, keep tabs on employee time, send invoices to clients, receive payments online, and calculate profitability.

It is a work and project management tool for marketing, design, and advertising agencies, architecture firms, universities, law offices, and consulting organizations.


  • It enables users to keep track of their spending, send clients bills, and receive payments online.
  • Using task comments, you may communicate with your team in real-time.
  • Project managers can track leave days and evaluate staff performance every week.
  • Internal marketing teams manage workflows using the customizable workflows feature.


  • Creative teams can use google calendar to assign recurring tasks to the marketing team.
  • Both CRM and project management techniques are combined in Paymo.
  • We can track budgets and payments, and the interaction with Slack is excellent.


  • This project management tool does not directly track the expense of each job.
  • The task management feature only works when assigned to multiple marketing projects.
  • The filters occasionally have too many or not enough options, which can be confusing.

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12. ClientVenue

powerful project management tool

ClientVenue is a marketing project software that automates service booking, project requests, collaborative work, and payment processing through a single interface.

ClientVenue improves the client experience, increases client engagement, and frees up your time to work on other projects, making it the ideal solution for marketing agencies.


  • Agencies can manage their client requests, marketing workflows, projects, teams, and billing through one of the best marketing resource management software.
  • Switch to a self-serve and automated checkout onboarding approach from the high-touch onboarding process.
  • Gain a 360-degree perspective of your entire project to avoid delays.


  • Use templates and repeatable standard processes for all workflows to concentrate on the tasks most important to your agency.
  • Using team chat rooms, you can quickly bring all the teams together to work on projects.
  • Change the logo, color scheme, and design to reflect the aesthetic of your brands to make it appear a natural experience on your website.


  • I have not found any cons with this platform.

Why ClientVenue ranked #1 among all project management tools

Client Venue - Client management portal for agencies.

ClientVenue is the best marketing project management software that offers a vast collection of features like schedule projects, resource management, task lists, time-tracking, team collaboration, marketing tasks, and more.

This marketing project software helps marketing professionals, creative agencies, and external clients to add efficiency and productivity to their marketing processes. Let me describe all the features and services provided by ClientVenue so you can see why it is ranked first on the list.

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1. ClientVenue Features

Client Onboarding: The process of onboarding a new client is as simple as making a coffee. You can use templates and automated processes to minimize manual work to create workflows, projects, and tasks.

project management features

Manage Tasks & Client Requests: You can manage tasks and client requests in one place using Client project dashboards. You can concentrate on expanding your business while inviting people to take care of their requirements.

best marketing project management

Storage: By organizing your client-related assets and papers, you can reduce the use of disks and shared links. Take your materials from the allocated drive and put them in a single location.

planning projects

Create Projects: If you are a project manager, you can build projects, add team members, and give them responsibilities.

Each team member has access to the ability to verify the status of each project and keep track of its progress.

digital marketing software

Daily Standups: You can schedule daily standup meetings for team project discussions. You can also receive a weekly standup summary.

This function facilitates close communication between the project manager and the team members and enhances Teamwork.

creative agencies scale

2. ClientVenue Integrations

project management tools

Over ClientVenue, you can connect your account to additional tools like Slack, Zapier, and Stripe. You can handle every project as a result from a single location.

This facility adds more productivity for the marketing teams to track campaign progress. You can integrate these messaging and payment apps within the software, just like zapier.

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3. ClientVenue Services

best marketing project management

You can promote your services and make them available to customers for subscription plan purchases using this service platform.

marketing pm software

For marketing companies, digital agencies, and creative agencies, there are numerous services available, including Kubernetes Deployment, Web Development, Consulting, SEO Services, and Content Marketing.

Invoicing & Billing:

track project progress

ClientVenue has established connections with all effective payment systems and providers to manage invoices and invoice clients and team members.

In this method, you can package your services and market them to clients using ClientVenue Invoicing & Billing feature, where the billing process can be automated.

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advanced project management

Both plans come with a 14-day free trial, and if you choose their annual subscription plan, you also get two months for free.

Yes, you got it right. Without further delay, click the link below and start using your Free Trial version without any payment.

Offer closes soon: Start a Free Trial.


Any marketing agency can use ClientVenue to organize projects, teams, and clients inside its organization. Additionally, ClientVenue provides a wide range of exclusive features for only $15 per month.

You may not find these features in any of the tools, but I assure you that you will be okay with choosing this as your agency management tool.

So, take the chance to grab this marketing project management software before the offer ends.

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