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Top 9 Agency Project Management Tools For Enhanced Professional Environment

In this post we'll discuss some of the best agency project management tool available in the market.

Top 9 Agency Project Management Tools For Enhanced Professional Environment

In today's agency environment, project management tools are a must-have to collaborate with clients and team members.

Project management tools allow agency teams to plan and manage projects, schedule resources, track tasks, and deliver projects on time and budget.

In this post we'll discuss some of the best agency project management tool available in the market.

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What are agency project management tools and what difference do they make?

Agency Project management tools are essential for agencies because they help ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.

The use of agency project management tools can make a big difference in the way an agency operates. When used correctly, these tools can help agencies improve

A project management software allows teams in an organization to plan and manage tasks, schedule personnel (team members or external freelancers), track progress, forecast expenses, and deliver projects on time.

By managing projects with agency specific tools, teams can ensure that tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Agency project management tool also allows for better communication between team members and clients.

What Should You Examine When Choosing an Agency Project Management Tool?

When looking for an agency specific project management tool, there are a few factors you should examine:

  • The needs of your agency. What type of projects do you typically work on? What features would be most helpful in managing those projects?
  • The size of your agency. How many people will be using the tool? Is it best suited for a smaller agency or large agency?
  • The client management process. How do you currently manage client projects and deliverables with your team members and/or freelancers like VA's (virtual assistants)?
  • Organization: The feature that all agency project management tools should have is organization; particularly in the tasks and file-sharing modules.

The agency project management tool that's right for you will depend on the size of your agency, the type of projects you work on, and how you currently manage client projects.

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But, no matter which agency project management tool you choose, make sure it has strong organization features. That way you can be productive and stay on top of agency projects and client deliverables.

Gone are the days when agency managers were forced to try and manage their teams with a bunch of post-it notes, emails, random calendars, and file folders.

Top 9 Agency Project Management Tools :

1) Trello:

Trello is famous for displaying project activities on a cardboard-like dashboard that's ideal for managing small and quick everyday tasks.

What's Unique:

  • To-do list app allows users to organize agency projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.
  • It helps you stay organized by allowing you to create cards for each task, with due dates and checklists. You can then move these cards around on a board to represent the progress of the task.
  • The number one reason why agencies love Trello so much is its flexibility - users are able to create agency-specific boards and cards, which helps the team stay on top of agency projects.
  • Trello is a free software, but there are paid tiers for businesses and enterprises.

2) Scoro:

Scoro is agency project management software that's specifically designed for agencies.

How to Improve Your Project Management With Scoro | Scoro

What Unique:

  • It has a wide range of agency-specific features aimed at helping them manage projects, track time and expenses, and create invoices.
  • Task management: Assign tasks to team members, set deadlines and track progress.
  • Billing and invoicing: Create and send professional invoices in minutes, get paid faster with online payments, and track expenses.
  • Reporting: Generate detailed agency reports on time tracking, project expenses, and billable hours.
  • Scoro provides an end to end solution for managing agency tasks by integrating with Google apps like Gmail and Google Drive.
  • Plans from $22 user/month for complete agency management

3)  Breeze:

Breeze is agency project management tool with a clean interface that makes it easy to keep track of agency projects.

What's Unique:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface helps you in managing agency tasks without any complexity.
  • It allows users to create multiple tags for each task and then filter them by tag color when viewing the dashboard or board lists
  • It offers a unique and simple way of managing agency projects by allowing you to create "boards" which contain individual tasks (cards).
  • Boards can be shared with clients and team members, who can then comment and provide feedback on tracking.
  • Time Tracking and Project Management
  • Project accessibility for individuals

4) LiquidPlanner:

What's Unique:

  • Allows users to easily collaborate with their team members, clients, and other relevant stakeholders. -
  • It helps agency teams prioritize tasks from multiple projects at once based on different criteria like time or budget constraints. Also offers a "buffer" feature to protect agency teams from potential delays.
  • It has a well-developed reporting system that helps managers track the progress of their team and individual members over time.
  • LiquidPlanner is not free, but offers a variety of subscription plans for businesses of all sizes.
  • Create a calendar for future events to be held, then set up recurring projects.
  • Keep track of information and update development status using these sheets as needed.
  • Create communication boards for each project as needed by displaying relevant added notes and comments.
  • Professional plan (up to 300 projects) $39 user/month; Professional Plus (includes dashboards and up to 50 voluntary installs) $59 user/month

5) BrightPod:

What's Unique:

  • Focuses specifically on time tracking and invoicing for agency teams.
  • Helps agency managers keep track of team progress, budget, and billable hours with detailed reports.
  • Has a "team" feature that allows users to share boards and tasks with relevant team members.
  • Brightpod is not free, but offers agency managers a 14-day trial period to try the software before making any decisions.
  • Bars indicating the progress of a project
  • Color indicators that are vibrant and distinct
  • Tasks that recur on a regular basis
  • Common project processes
  • Drag and drop items from a content calendar onto the hosting page.
  • Labeling of high-priority activities

6) N Task:

The 60 Best Project Management Software in 2020 - nTask

What's Unique:

  • N task is a light weight and easy to use agency project management tool that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • It lets users create tasks, subtasks, set priorities, due dates and attach files.
  • The best part about Ntask is its simplicity and the ability to access it from anywhere. It's also free and can be used on multiple devices.
  • Ntask is not suitable for agency managers as it doesn't offer any project management features like time tracking, invoicing etc., but helps individual team members manage their work better without the hassles of complicated software's.
  • It allows you to easily view your tasks and subtasks in a list or board view and due dates are color coded.
  • You can also use it to manage your personal tasks.
  • Tasks can be created, assigned, organized, prioritized, and shared quickly and simply across Blinks or other PPC tools.
  • Through a simple but comprehensive user interface, manage and track project progress. CHARTING: Manage Gantt Charts & Timelines.

7) Zoho Projects:

What's Unique:

  • Gantt charts to keep track of the project's progress.
  • A cardboard-like grid is used to keep track of all tasks.
  • Collaboration, team intranet, and shared calendar are some of the features included.
  • Document and file management are also provided.
  • Allows agency users to easily manage agency projects and track time, expenses, and budgets.
  • Users can create separate boards for different project details like tasks lists, schedules etc., which helps them stay on top of all activities at any given point of time.
  • Solid reporting features that help agency managers better allocate resources for agency projects.
  • Zoho is not free, agency users need to purchase Zoho Projects on an annual basis depending upon the number of clients they serve and team members' working hours per week.
  • Organize tasks into separate boards for different project details like task lists, schedules etc., which helps manage all activities at any given point of time

8) FunctionPoint:

Favourite FP Project Management Software Features | Function Point

What's Unique:

  • Helps agency managers track time, budget and progress with detailed reports.
  • Agency users can create invoices and estimates on the go.
  • Very comprehensive document management system that helps keep all project-related files in one place.
  • The user interface is not as modern as some of the other software's on this list, but it is very user-friendly and agency managers will be able to find their way around without any trouble.
  • Establish CRM and client portal capabilities.
  • Prepare proposals with pre-defined templates.

9) Hub Planner:

What's Unique:

  • Hub Planner was designed specifically for agency project management and offers a wide range of features that are beneficial to agency teams.
  • It includes a Gantt chart feature to help users track the progress of their projects, as well as time tracking and invoicing capabilities.
  • Agency managers can create agency-wide hourly billing rates that are then used to automatically create agency invoices.
  • Hub Planner is one of the most comprehensive agency project management tool available today, and includes features like agency-wide rate card creation and automated invoice generation for added convenience.
  • Agency managers can easily monitor all agency projects in real time using bright color coding for different project details.
  • On a grid view, you may find booking tools, time recording and time sheets, holidays and sick days tracking.
  • The basic plan costs $7 per user every month, while the Premium option is $18.


Agency project management tools are essential for enhancing agency productivity. In this post, we have discussed some of the best agency project management tool available in the market.

Each of these software's offer a wide range of features that are beneficial to agency teams and can help them manage their projects more effectively.

While not all software's on this list may be suitable for every agency, we believe that each agency will find at least one tool on this list that meets their needs.

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