7 Best Project Management Software with Client Portal

Project management software with a client portal is an essential part of any agency. It allows you to communicate and manage your clients' expectations much more easily, without having to rely on back-and-forth emails or project update meetings.

7 Best Project Management Software with Client Portal

Any agency must have project management software with a client portal. Without having to rely on back-and-forth emails or project update meetings, it makes it much easier for you to communicate with and manage your clients' expectations.
A client portal's best feature is its direct file sharing and file request functionality, which helps you save time and money.

Most portals have a messaging feature that you can use to send invoices and get client feedback or questions.
This article will examine the top 7 project management tools with client portals available right now.

  1. monday.com
    The client management portal at Monday.com combines Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and a straightforward CRM to facilitate teamwork.
    Once a client has been invited, they can @mentioned team members, provide feedback, and approve tasks to move a project on to the following stage.
    Boards, reminders, and due date notifications are some of the most recognizable features from Monday.com that have been combined into the portal's shareable workspace.
    Your client can see how a project is progressing by viewing project roadmaps that you can share or by creating straightforward Kanban boards and pipelines.
    As projects can be divided into separate tasks with notes and links attached, clients can access these to provide feedback or ask questions (if you let them do so)!

    The benefit of sharing project information in this way is that your client is always kept informed. Due dates for tasks and milestones are visible to them, setting expectations for when work will be finished.
    Monday.com integrates with almost all of the apps that an agency might use, including Asana, Zendesk, and Slack.
    In order to transition between platforms smoothly, you can also import tasks directly into your projects from Trello or Workamajig. This saves time when exporting and importing files.

2. Celoxis
The most benefits for being a great project management tool with client portals go to Celoxis.
One of our favourite features from Celoxis since they introduced it last year is their single-login feature, which can be integrated into your own website to eliminate the need to send out login links each time the portal is updated.
You can easily grant access to your clients so they can log in and view reports that have been shared with them, participate in online discussions, share files, and even take part in business workflows like bug tracking, change requests, and issue management.

You can choose which tasks or projects are shown on your homepage in Celoxis, which makes the portal incredibly customizable. In this way, you can give your clients updates on pertinent information that matters to them.
Additionally, you can combine the CRM and project management features of Celoxis in the portal, which makes it easier to keep track of how projects are developing and provides access to your client for updates on the work that has already been done.
Nearly every app we could think of, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, and many others, is integrated with Celoxis.

3. Wrike
Wrike includes a client portal that enables collaboration with external stakeholders in addition to the basic project management tools you would require to manage your projects.
Instead of exchanging back-and-forth emails regarding file versions or edit access permissions, you can upload files and share them directly with clients.
Due to its ability to keep track of changes made to each file, the Wrike portal is among the best project management tools with client portals.
By doing so, you can quickly determine whether a vendor has shared information that needs to be updated or approve particular tasks before they are carried out.
Similar to Monday.com, Wrike's messaging feature allows you to send invoices, communicate with clients, and receive feedback without having to track down their email addresses.

To keep them informed of the progress being made on the project, Wrike also has a feature that enables your clients to manage their own tasks and deadlines.
In order to ensure that your clients only see projects that are pertinent to them, you can choose which projects are featured on the homepage of the Wrike portal. For project managers to interact with clients and enhance communication, it has a straightforward user interface.
Wrike integrates with sales lead tools, customer management software, employee capacity monitoring software, and onboarding templates.
The benefit of sharing project information in this way is that your client is always kept informed. Due dates for tasks and milestones are visible to them, setting expectations for when work will be finished.

4. OneDesk
An integrated customer service portal for OneDesk is available for managing support tickets and knowledge base articles.
By including deadlines in milestones, providing updates on your progress, or even setting up call reminders so you never again forget an appointment with a client, you can easily manage their expectations.
Because it's so simple to use, the OneDesk client portal is among the best project management programmes with client portals.
Instead of switching between various platforms or apps to complete each task, you can send messages, attach files, and track support tickets all in one place.
Additionally, OneDesk integrates with the majority of the programmes you use regularly, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Zapier.

The best thing about their customer portal is how simple it is to keep clients informed without having to send them numerous emails or contact forms at various points throughout a project.
To keep everyone informed of the status of the project at any given time, you can track work in progress and leave comments.
Additionally, each milestone has a completion date so that deadlines won't lapse and your clients will always know what to anticipate from you in terms of timing.

5. EasyProjects
With the help of the client portal in the project management tool EasyProjects, you can give your clients real-time access to the status of their projects.
Any tasks, deadlines, or milestones can be updated on both sides of the platform so that everyone is always aware of their current status.

Additionally, their customer portal feature makes it simple for you and your clients to exchange information about the work that needs to be done or even to offer feedback on what they liked and didn't like about the project experience.
The EasyProjects client portal's best feature is that it doubles as a time tracking tool, allowing you to monitor how much time you are spending on each task when working with your clients.

As a result of being able to easily track what has been completed and how much time was spent on each task, their customer portal also makes it simpler to invoice your clients at the conclusion of a project.
With all of this knowledge, you can communicate with your team and keep track of the work that needs to be done without using multiple platforms. It's simple because everything is in one location.

6. Freshdesk
The entire process of managing and interacting with your clients is streamlined by Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer service tool with a client portal.
Instead of finding each person's email address and manually updating them, you can update new tasks, milestones, and deadlines from within this platform.
Additionally, it makes it simple for customers to report issues or ask questions, allowing you to focus on more important tasks rather than taking support hotline calls.

The best thing about Freshdesk's customer portal feature is that you can open new tickets directly from the software, eliminating the need to circulate emails among team members.
You can also add metadata to articles using Freshdesk's customer portal, increasing the likelihood that they'll appear in search engine results. Once the article is published, Freshdesk monitors it to determine its performance and whether readers are engaging with it.

Your client can open a ticket if they still don't find the solution they're looking for. If they do, each ticket is maintained in a database so that clients can check its status and receive an alert if you take any action.
Additionally, you have the choice to set up a canned response, which will enable you to send out automated emails in response to frequently asked questions while also saving you time.
Because it's simple to use and still has all the features necessary to keep your clients satisfied throughout the course of a project, this customer portal is ideal for project management software.

7. Accelo
Accelo is a project management tool with a client portal that enables mobile communication between you and your clients.
With the help of their customer portal feature, you and your clients can easily keep track of milestones, tasks, or even deadlines without needing to exchange emails or lookup each other's phone numbers.
As a result, you can keep track of everything that was billed to your client and any payments they made, it also has useful features to link with billing and invoicing.

The customer portal makes it simple for your clients to contact you if they need to because they can submit requests under each milestone, eliminating any confusion about who needs what and when.
All of your client's information, including past-due payments, tax data, and upcoming jobs, can be kept in the portal.
The documents tab in the portal also enables you to add any files for your client so they can view them and provide feedback if you need it. You can send quotes and invoices from inside the dashboard.

Customers are empowered by the self-serve articles and training modules in the knowledge base provided by these project management tools.
Repetitive tasks are eliminated as customers have better access to resources that help them resolve tickets.

As you can see, each of these project management tools has an added bonus and a customer portal feature.
Although each one operates differently and has advantages and disadvantages of their own, this is what makes them great at keeping clients satisfied and making your life as a freelancer or business owner easier.

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