Top 5 CRM For Web Designers to Manage Your Work More Efficiently

Web designing means designing websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. CRM for Web designers can help you to maintain good relationships with customers.

Top 5 CRM For Web Designers to Manage Your Work More Efficiently

You may not believe that you need customer relationship management software if you are a web designer. Many businesses of all sizes do not.
However, every business, from small startups to large corporations with thousands of employees, requires some form of CRM.

A good CRM will assist your company in keeping track of its clients and potential clients, allowing it to grow without fear of losing them!
In this post, we'll define a CRM for web designers, why it matters to you, and how to choose the best one for your company.

What exactly is web design?
Web design is the creation of websites that are displayed on the internet. Rather than software development, it usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development.
Web design used to be focused on designing websites for desktop browsers; however, design for mobile and tablet browsers has become increasingly important since the mid-2010s.
A web designer is someone who creates websites. A web designer is someone who works on the look, layout, and, in some cases, content of a website.
Layout refers to how information is structured and categorised, while appearance refers to the colours, font, and images used.

What exactly is CRM for Web Designers?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it refers to keeping track of your clients and potential clients so your company can grow without fear of losing them.
CRM for Web Designers is a subset of CRM software designed specifically for web designers. It can assist you in managing your sales pipeline, keeping track of contacts, and maintaining positive customer relationships. It is also a great way to organize and streamline your sales tasks.

What is the purpose of a CRM for Web Designers?
You may not believe you require a CRM, but it can assist you in a variety of ways:
It will ensure that all contact information is stored centrally so that it cannot be lost.
It can assist you in tracking your sales pipeline so you know how much work is currently in progress, which tasks are due to be completed by when, and who is working on them.
You will have complete control over the business data relating to customer relationships, including the ability to track emails sent by different people, who read what, and when.

How do Web Designers Begin Using a CRM?
We all know that the best way to learn something is to try it out for yourself, so make sure you sign up for and test CRM software before deciding which one is best for your company.

If you're not quite ready, check out our CRM reviews to see which ones are worth a shot.
1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a complete CRM solution that can manage contacts, tasks, and sales pipelines. It supports numerous third-party integrations, including Salesforce, Google Apps, and Zapier.
It can assist you with many different aspects of your business and has an excellent mobile app for use on the go. It is the most effective CRM for web designers.
Zoho CRM is free for up to five users, but premium plans are available if you require additional features such as unlimited storage or support from a dedicated account manager.

Because Zoho CRM is free, anyone in need of a customizable, no-frills CRM tool can download it today and begin using it in minutes!
A premium version can be purchased if you want additional features such as unlimited storage or support from a dedicated account manager.
You can hire a web designer or developer to help you keep track of contacts in your web design business for growth purposes if you don't have time to learn a CRM website design.

Task Administration
Zoho CRM is well-known for its outstanding task management system. It can be used to assign tasks to yourself or other members of your team.
When a task is finished, mark it as completed and keep track of what's left to do so you don't forget anything important.
Management of the Sales Pipeline
Zoho CRM has an excellent tool for tracking your sales pipeline. It's very easy to use, and it shows you how much work is currently in progress, which tasks are due to be completed by when, who's working on them, and how much money has been earned so far.
Management of Leaders
You can also keep track of leads and prospects with Zoho CRM. The lead management tool organizes them according to their importance to your business and assists you in deciding which ones should be passed on to sales so they can begin working on closing deals.
Management Contact
The contact management tool is excellent for tracking prospects, clients, vendors, and suppliers. You can make notes about each contact to remember who they are and how you interacted with them in the past.
Integration of Google Apps
Zoho CRM has a plethora of integrations that will save you time when managing your web design business. You can automatically sync contacts with their records in Zoho CRM by using Google Apps.

2. Pipedriving

Pipedrive is a simple CRM that web designers can use to manage tasks and sales pipelines. The user interface is an excellent selling point because it is both simple and powerful.
Pipedrive is free to use, but if you want more features like unlimited storage or support from their team, you should upgrade to the premium version.

Pipedrive is simple to use and has an excellent user interface, making it ideal for web designers who don't have a lot of time to learn new things but still need something powerful that can be used on a desktop or mobile app.

We recommend Pipedrive to those looking for an easy-to-use CRM with task management and sales pipeline features.
Effective Integration
Pipedrive integrates with all of the most popular applications, including Dropbox, Evernote, and Slack. It also integrates with various payment processors such as Stripe and PayPal.
Pipedrive's powerful email system allows you to understand how leads interact with your emails so that you can market to them more effectively in the future.
Task Administration
Pipedrive is an excellent tool for managing tasks and ensuring that they are completed. It's simple to use, but it includes all of the tools you'll need to make it work, such as assigning milestones and due dates.

You can also leave comments for each task so you know exactly what needs to be done and who is in charge of finishing it.
Management of the Sales Pipeline
Pipedrive is excellent for managing your sales pipeline, regardless of how many stages it contains. You can organise the deals by stage to see if they're still active, who's working on them, and how much money has been earned so far.

Management Contact
Pipedrive makes it simple to keep track of leads by allowing you to add notes and reminders for each contact. It's an excellent tool for tracking prospects, clients, vendors, and suppliers. It is ideal for web designers who need to manage their clients.

3. Hubspot.

Hubspot is a comprehensive platform that web designers can use to manage their contacts and sales pipeline.
The software is all-inclusive, providing marketing automation tools such as email campaigns, landing pages, and contact forms, eliminating the need for additional business solutions. It is the web designer's CRM.
Inbound marketing with blogging, social media marketing, SEO, and content management tools are all available through Hubspot.
It can be used to track how users interact with your website in order to determine which pages are the most popular and thus improve sales conversions.

Hubspot is an excellent CRM platform that includes a variety of useful features such as blogging and social media marketing.
Hubspot is a comprehensive platform that includes several useful features such as blogging and social media marketing, as well as the ability to track how visitors interact with your website.
If sales conversions are low on specific pages, you'll know where to improve to increase sales.
Integration of Social Media
Hubspot has a Facebook tab that allows you to capture leads whenever someone likes or comments on your page.
You can also add Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn tabs to manage all of your social media marketing from a single location.
Calendar for SEO
Hubspot integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to easily see how your website is performing in terms of SEO.
The software also includes an SEO calendar, which allows you to plan blog posts or other content that will be strategically placed to improve your search engine ranking.
Marketing Automation Software
Hubspot, in contrast to other CRM platforms, provides marketing automation tools such as landing pages, lead scoring, lead nurturing, email marketing, and email drip campaigns.
Management of Leaders
Hubspot makes it simple to manage your leads by displaying a lead score based on how important they are.
You can send automated emails to people who aren't quite ready to buy yet to keep them updated on information that may be of interest to them later on.

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is an accounting and invoicing software that is cloud-based and ideal for web designers. It makes billing simple and painless because all you have to do is enter the information and it automatically generates invoices that can even be sent directly via email if necessary.
FreshBooks' time tracking feature is fantastic for keeping track of your time and expenses for invoices. It is the most effective CRM for designers.

FreshBooks is free for 30 days, after which you can choose from three different plans based on your needs.
FreshBooks is our recommendation for cloud-based accounting software that makes billing simple and painless.
It also has features like time tracking to help you keep track of your company's finances. You can sign up for it for free and upgrade when you're ready.

Time Management
It can be difficult to keep track of how much time you spend on each project, but FreshBooks makes it simple by displaying the total amount for all of your time entries.
You can also see how many billable hours you have per day or month, which is very useful for invoicing.
Invoice Administration
FreshBooks makes it simple to generate and send invoices. It's as simple as entering the necessary information and emailing or printing your invoice and dropping it off.

You can also use FreshBooks Invoice templates to easily customise your invoice if necessary, saving time so you can focus on design.
Invoicing is as simple as entering the necessary information and emailing or printing your invoice and dropping it off.
You can also use FreshBooks Invoice templates to easily customise your invoice if necessary, saving you time so you can focus on design.
FreshBooks also offers free bank and credit card reconciliation, which can be useful when it comes time to file taxes. You can easily keep track of your business finances by adding transactions such as invoices, bills, donations, and so on.


Proposify is a comprehensive business proposal software that assists small businesses in obtaining contracts by creating attractive, professional proposals.
The tool includes contract management, file uploads, project management tools like Gantt charts, and more to help you create great-looking and effective proposals for web design clients.
Proposify's best feature is their flexible pricing, which ranges from a single user to an unlimited number of users.
We recommend Proposify if you want proposal software that helps small businesses create beautiful, professional proposals for web design clients and manage contracts easily.
It includes features such as file uploads and Gantt charts to help you quickly create visually appealing projects.
Proposify has powerful integrations that will help you complete your proposals faster. To make things even easier, install the Hubspot, Pipedrive, or FreshBooks apps.
It's also very cost-effective, with pricing plans ranging from a single user to an unlimited number of users depending on your company's requirements.
Management of Proposals
Proposify's best feature is its proposal creation feature. Using their drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly create beautiful, professional proposals that include all of the necessary components to complete your project.
You can also upload files, assign tasks to teammates or clients, schedule tasks for later, and do other things.
You can also use Proposify's flexible pricing plan to easily purchase a single user account up to an unlimited number of users based on your business's requirements.

Contract Administration
Proposify makes it simple to manage contracts, whether they are sent electronically or printed. It is also possible to track when they are opened, which is useful for sales teams.
Signers can also have their signatures electronically captured by being sent a link that must be filled out in order to finalise the contract.
Gantt charts are built into Proposify and show you when tasks are due or completed. You can also add milestones to get a sense of how many projects you have and how they are progressing.

File Administration
Proposify allows you to upload files such as images, screenshots, videos, and more from any device.
You can also integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box to make things even easier. File management and storage are also extremely simple to use.
You can also view a graphical report of how successful your proposals were based on whether or not they were converted into contracts.

You can get a clear overview of your proposal process by viewing additional data such as the time proposed, clients involved, and more.
Effective plugins
Proposify’s Hubspot app lets you install the plugin to easily follow up with leads. When someone fills out your form, it creates a contact and syncs it with Hubspot for more effective customer data tracking.
The Pipedrive app can also be used to add contacts and view your pipeline in real time. The FreshBooks app connects to FreshBooks to add information like invoices, expenses, and income.
This is useful for accounting purposes or when filing taxes at the end of the year to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

What distinguishes your CRM?
It's important to remember that most good software provides the majority of the features you require, so the question isn't which solution has the most features, but which solution best fits your business.
With that in mind, let's take a look at a few more factors that may help you decide which CRM software is best for you.
If you're a freelancer who prefers to manage prospects and leads on your own, you'll need CRM for Solopreneurs software.
However, if you are constantly following up with clients after they have engaged with your company in some way, a CRM would be a great way to keep all of that information in one place.
So, regardless of your business requirements, you should look for CRM software designed for solopreneurs. You won't have to waste time learning how to use it or searching for important information in multiple places.

What is the best CRM for Web Designers?
There are numerous options available, and selecting one can be difficult. Our advice is to consider three factors:
Pricing - how much does it cost, what is included, and what are the additional charges?
Company reputation - how long have they been in business, who is behind the product, and do you believe they will provide good service? To put it another way, can you rely on their customer service?
User reviews will provide insight into actual user experiences. To get a balanced perspective, read both positive and negative reviews.

One thing to remember is that nothing is perfect. Whatever CRM you choose, there will always be some negative feedback about it on forums and in customer reviews.
The important thing here is to look at the most common complaints and determine whether or not they are something you can live with.
There are numerous CRM solutions available, but the best one will be determined by your specific needs and requirements.
You must consider how much you want or can afford to spend, what features are essential for your business, and whether it is simple to use even if you have no prior experience.

What are the most important CRM features for web designers?
There are numerous factors to consider before purchasing or selecting any software product. Here are our top four things to keep an eye out for:
Tracking contacts is essential so it needs to be simple and efficient.
It should be simple to manage your sales tasks so that you don't waste time creating unnecessary reports and other documents.
You must have complete control over what data is stored, how it is classified, and who has access to what information.
Not every CRM is mobile-friendly. If your job requires you to travel frequently, look for a solution that allows you to update and access your data from any device, anywhere.

Integration with other services such as Google Apps, Gmail, and Outlook is also possible with the best CRMs. This way, you can avoid switching between different applications and programmes, saving you time.
A modern CRM solution should also be social. You should be able to easily share and communicate with your contacts through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Finally, the software should be compatible with other tools you use, such as email clients or accounting software.

Seeking assistance is a sign of strength, and there are numerous CRM solutions available to assist you in managing your business.
However, if you're looking for a specific product, such as accounting software or proposal software, it can be difficult to find.
Before making a decision, the best advice is to consider pricing, company reputation, and user reviews. Choose your CRM today, and you'll be well on your way to a more organised and efficient business.

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