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Working on projects together is one method to improve client connections. Use client portal software to demonstrate your success to them rather than describing it.

Even though client portals are more secure than email, many companies worry about the security of their data when it is stored on the cloud.

These companies choose to host software on-site and have a private cloud for their sensitive data.

Some client portal software for agencies offers the ability to approve documents and handle bills and billing.

A secure location is provided via the client portal for data sharing. The team collaboration tools in this program are available.

In this article, I will recommend the Best Client Portal Software for Agencies, which offers a client portal that you can customize according to your needs.

Before that, let's go through some basic questions like What is Client portal software, why you need it, and check out the Best Client Portal Software that suits you.

What is Client Portal Software?

client portal software

A website or web application called a client portal gives companies a secure location to store and distribute sensitive data with their clients.

With the aid of this software, businesses can offer their customers a safe digital gateway into the company's network.

Client portal software is an excellent tool for clients who frequently monitor their performance or progress.

Why do you need Client Portal Software for Agencies?

client portal software

The client portal eliminates the need for clients to contact the business for every little task. As they don't have to take the call or participate in a live conversation, this puts less of a burden on the business.

You and your clients can access crucial project data using client portal software. Using client dashboards, you can provide clients with personalized views that only display pertinent information.

With this software, you can automate most client communications and decrease on-demand requests.

Top 7 Best Client Portal Software for Agencies

1. ClientVenue


ClientVenue is the Best Client Portal Software that allows users to manage client projects, establish client portals, interact with their team, and keep tabs on project progress.

A client portal, file sharing, client communication, projects, invoicing, and many other features are included. One of ClientVenue's key advantages is how adaptable and well-suited it is for small and large organizations.

ClientVenue is one of the essential client management websites that allows you to manage customer requests and projects from any location.

You can quickly establish and manage projects with ClientVenue, create client portals, collaborate with your team, and monitor project progress.


  • Key features include file sharing, task management, client requests, client onboarding, resource management, and storage space.
  • It provides webpage customization, brand customization, creative services, Domain Whitelabel, and customized logos and theme colors.
  • New features include an attendance calendar, client dashboards, agency services, daily standups, employee performance reports, and app integrations.
  • Client-Workspace provides a particular password-protected portal.


  • Project templates are not always included in software solutions, but in this case, you can design your creative projects and tweak them to meet your needs.
  • Clients, teams, reports, resources, customers, and marketing firms can easily be managed using ClientVenue.
  • You won't need to spend a fortune to get started because ClientVenue is reasonably priced.
  • To deliver your projects on time and within your projected budget, ClientVenue makes it simple to keep organized and on track.


  • Even though I've been using it for a while, I haven't encountered any problems or negative feedback.


Professional Plan costs only $15 per month.

Enterprise Plan costs only $25 per month.

2. Monday.com

project management software

Monday.com doesn't provide as many sophisticated tools for project accounting and invoicing as other systems. It can handle hours, deadlines, and invoices.

The finest project management tool for agencies is Monday.com, which has functionalities including resource management, portfolio management, and project management solution.

The internal creative teams can organize tasks, plan resources, manage clients, and track progress.


  • Customer portal software, white labeling, invoices, files, and client requests.
  • Automated reminders, multiple projects, resource planning, and workflow management.
  • Multi-page forms, collaboration tools, creative deliverables, and proper system.


  • Creative agencies can use this project management tool for existing clients and internal teams.
  • You don't need Microsoft office or a branded client portal if you use Monday.com as your custom client portal.
  • Marketing teams can quickly collect the client experience from users and customers to set a goal for the company.


  • It does not allow users to utilize its services without signup.
  • The software floods your inbox with a lot of unsolicited emails.
  • Unable to readily track project goals.


  • The Basic Plan costs $8 per month.
  • Standard Plan costs $10 per month
  • Professional Plan costs $16 per month

3. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is a client portal software for agencies that allows users to streamline activities related to workflow optimization, subscription management, feedback gathering, file storage, and other areas.

Communications between the SuiteDash online application are secured using 256-bit SSL, making them unreadable to outsiders.

Every pricing plan offered by SuiteDash includes unlimited staff/team, clients, and projects instead of charging depending on the number of users.


  • Assign tasks, billing, project management, time tracking, and resource planning.
  • Recurring invoices, sharing files, customizable client portal, and custom fields.
  • Role-based permissions, one login page, store important documents, and custom domain.


  • It is possible to set up complex workflows.
  • You can manage your business while traveling thanks to its mobile app.
  • The white label feature in this SuiteDash client portal immediately won over our clients.


  • The UI/UX can occasionally seem old and busy.
  • The learning curve for the software can be quite steep.
  • In particular, if your business is just getting started, the vast number of features may be overwhelming.


  • The starting price is very affordable $19 per month.
  • The 14-day trial period for SuiteDash allows you to enjoy all of its features.

4. ManyRequests


ManyRequests is a client portal application that aids are existing and expanding companies in streamlining their company procedures.

This covers data gathering, document management, and client onboarding, among other things. It is a user-friendly cloud-based program that can be used from any device.

It provides all the tools required to manage your freelance business, including tasks, forms and automation, contracts, client CRM, and invoicing.


  • Client portal, checkout forms, client requests, intake forms, and hidden fees.
  • Storage access, create tasks, manage the business platform and add-ons.
  • Time tracking, Kanban boards, team collaboration, and sharing files.


  • You can easily set billable hours to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • ManyRequests provides a free trial to use before making a purchase.
  • To perfectly meet your process, custom features are accessible to users.


  • If you're working on one project, ManyRequests may seem a little expensive.
  • The software is intended for enterprises, so it can be overkill if you only work on one project.


  • The Basic Plan costs $99 per month when billed annually.
  • Pro Plan costs $249 per month when billed annually.

5. Nifty


Nifty is a customized project management tool that allows users to manage Milestones, tasks, documents, a calendar, and even direct messaging.

Clients, objectives, communications, and teams can all be managed in one location with the help of Nifty. It is a customizable client portal and a remote collaboration center.

The dashboard from Nifty can be entirely customized to meet any workflow and aid in prioritizing insights while cutting down on search time.


  • Customer portal software, shared files, intake forms, shared inbox, and client access.
  • Users designed portal software.
  • Clients can assign tasks to the marketing team within one platform.


  • Marketing agencies can create a new platform and access the login page for creating content in the project information.
  • This client portal offers new features like billing, document commenting, versioning, and sharing files.
  • Using a drag-and-drop interface, team members may upload and share files.


  • It will cost you more money if you rely too much on Zapier or Integromat as your business grows.
  • My calendar's user interface is terrible because filters can alter it from all of my existing tasks.


  • The Starter Plan costs $39 per month for a team of ten members.
  • Pro Plan costs $79 per month for a team of twenty members.
  • The Business Plan costs $124 monthly for a team of fifty members.
  • Enterprise Plan costs $399 per month for unlimited team members.

6. Asana

best project management tool

Asana is an agency project management tool that helps users to track individual activities, sprint planning, integration with other technologies, and effective launch outcomes.

Distribute the same task among several clients to reduce duplication of effort, increase team productivity, and improve cross-functional cooperation.


  • Organize your work in a way that makes it straightforward to access any assignment, communication, project, portfolio, and objective.
  • Share project portfolios with stakeholders to provide real-time visibility into initiatives' status, priority, and advancement.
  • Track the progress of initiatives with project portfolios to obtain a clear picture of how you're doing about your objectives.


  • Using automation, streamline procedures between teams, ensure that your team doesn't miss critical stages, and deliver value more quickly.
  • Real-time work reporting allows for the quick reporting of project progress.
  • With Asana's mobile app, you can monitor work and keep current while on the road.


  • The worst part is that some resources are fee-based, which prevents users who cannot pay from using the platform.
  • The inability to copy work to another project on mobile devices is highly annoying.


  • Premium Plan costs $10.99 per month for a person.
  • The Business Plan costs $24.99 per month for a person with additional features.
  • You need to contact Asana for Enterprise pricing information.

7. Plutio

Plutio is the best client portal software for users to manage and collaborate on projects with client experience, assign tasks, share files, and create projects.

Using file sharing, chat, threaded comments, and proofing tools, users may communicate with their teams and clients on every established project.


  • Client portal, Automation, project timetables, CRM, and file sharing.
  • File sharing, task dependencies, resource management, and internal design teams.


  • The time-tracking function of this project management application can be used to manage tasks.
  • With the use of cutting-edge project management software, projects in the creative sector may plan projects.


  • I had issues when making a new list but could not find any online information.
  • Too complicated and with a clumsy user interface for a single individual to use all the capabilities.


  • The Solo Plan for a single user is $19 per monthly invoice.
  • The Studio Plan costs $39 per month.
  • The Agency Plan costs $99 per month.

Which Project Management Tool is Best to Manage Client Projects

Based on my experience using project management tools, I highly recommend ClientVenue as the Best Client Portal Software that enables customers to build task lists, establish and manage team calendars, and monitor project progress.

ClientVenue's significant degree of adaptability allows its customers to customize the client platform to meet their requirements.

ClientVenue is a branded client portal software that allows users to brand their company by changing the logo and customizing theme colors.

It is an all-in-one solution for agencies to create a robust platform for their customers and support the clients with the best user interface.

Why ClientVenue is Number #1 Client Portal Software

creative project management software

ClientVenue, the name itself defines that it is developed as a client portal software that allows clients to monitor the client experience regularly on the client dashboard.

Additionally, ClientVenue provides robust reporting tools that let you track the development of your project. This is crucial if you want to keep your clients informed about the progress of their projects.

You need to go through the key features in ClientVenue that are specially created for clients to scale your business to the next level.

1. Client Onboarding

client work

ClientVenue's client onboarding is simple; everything is automated when you complete a few basic steps.

There are built-in templates and standards to simplify the process and reproduce the same operations for every client project.

2. Client Requests

client work

The option to manage tasks and client requests is available here, allowing every project manager and client to view the status of their projects at any time.

3. Client Projects


You can manage client projects from the client's menu which can be customized based on priority and client requests.

4. Client Dashboard


If you see the Dashboard here, it has access to all projects, tasks, reports, schedules, goals, standups, and timesheets. This is my favorite place where I can have a 360 view of every project.

5. Performance Reports

Performance Reports will have the accurate calculation of team performance on every project individually. You can estimate the analysis of individual using this feature.

6. Resource Management

Every project manager requires a resource management feature that helps to analyze the availability of the team member at any given time. I think you can make use of this feature wisely.

How you can start with ClientVenue Free Trial

ClientVenue is an all-in-one solution for managing agencies to handle client requests, users, customers, teams, billing, and different tools. You can follow these simple steps to get started with ClientVenue right away.

1. Signup Page

Visit our official website ClientVenue, provide your required details, and complete the signup process with a Free Trial.

2. Create Projects

digital marketing software

In this project management tool, you can create projects, assign tasks, add clients, and communicate with internal teams and external clients on same platform.

3. Pricing

advanced project management

Professional Plan costs $15 per month.

Enterprise Plan costs $25 per month.

Both choices have a 14-day free trial period.

You receive two more months for free if you choose the yearly subscription.


I heartily endorse ClientVenue if you're a project manager looking for the greatest client portal software for agencies. ClientVenue gives you the most control over client requests and projects for just $15 per month.

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