19 WordPress Collaboration Plugin Tools Just For You!

Many people use WordPress but rarely does someone utilize the entire features that the platform offers! Here I have listed 19 WordPress plugins which will make collaboration seamless.

19 WordPress Collaboration Plugin Tools Just For You!

When I ask you to consider collaboration tools, the first things that probably come to mind are email, Google Docs, Zoom, and Skype.

And, while I agree that these are useful communication tools, they don't offer the same level of collaboration that a WordPress plugin does.

There are numerous WordPress collaboration tools that can be used to create a collaborative workspace. These tools will help your employees communicate more effectively, saving them time and increasing productivity.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

WordPress is one of the internet's most popular blogging platforms. It is by far the most well-known and is at the pinnacle of the industry. A WordPress plugin is essentially a module that adds new functionality (features) to the WordPress website.

A plugin is typically a widget, an application, or something similar. Plugins can be installed directly from the WordPress directory, and there are numerous resource links on the internet where anyone can obtain their desired plugin.

1. BuddyPress Doc

BuddyPress Docs adds collaborative workspaces to your BuddyPress community. Think of these Docs as a BuddyPress version of Google Docs, with wiki, document editing, and a shared dropbox to make integration even easier.

Docs with varying levels of privacy that are linked to user groups

Uploading documents that are completely private is supported.

Doc Taxonomy Tags

Lists of documents that can be fully sorted and filtered

TinyMCE for front-end document editing

Overwrite protection for a single editor, as well as idle detection and autosave.

Access to the entire revision history The site administrator has access to the dashboard and manages Docs.

2. PublishPress Revisions

With PublishPress Revisions, you have complete control over updating published content. Users can make changes.

You can choose to approve or reject them. Your users can edit posts with the standard WordPress editor, but their changes will not be published automatically. Instead, the changes are saved as a revision, which can then be approved, rejected, or scheduled.

The WordPress interface, including Gutenberg and the Classic Editor, is supported by PublishPress Revisions.

The free version of PublishPress Revisions supports the WordPress core. ACF, Yoast SEO, and PODS are all supported by PublishPress Revisions Pro.


Submit changes for approval.

Posts will be updated as time goes on.

Changes to content should be managed and moderated. Contrast the current and previous versions.

Email notifications of revisions

Moderation of frontend changes.

3. Peter's post notes

Peter's Post Notes is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add notes to posts or pages as you edit them. The note will appear in your editing area, and recipients will receive an email notification when they view the post/page.

The Peter's Collaboration Emails add-on enhances collaboration by allowing you to send emails to collaborators when you post or edit a note in Peter's Post Notes.

Adds a panel to the sidebar for adding and editing posts.

You can add a note in the edit view that will be displayed alongside the post.

The dashboard shows a summary of the most recent notes added. General and private note system.

4. Peter's Collaboration Emails

This add-on makes it simple to send email updates to your collaborators when you edit a note in Peter's Collaboration Emails. The note can be used to start a new thread or to update an existing one.

When posts are pending, approved, or scheduled, and their statuses are changed from "pending" to "draught," this plugin sends automatic emails to the appropriate users.


When a note is updated, users are notified via email.

Private notes can be added or updated for collaborators.

Notify me when new posts or updates are made in an existing thread.

New notification types include scheduled publication, group approval, and changes from pending to drought status, among others.

Possibility of posting/updating edit screen with notes box at the top of the page.

5. TaskBreaker

TaskBreaker is a project management plugin for WordPress. As a BuddyPress add-on, this project management plugin was created.

It enables you to assign multiple users to a task, which promotes teamwork and client collaboration.


Each project has a separate progress bar.

The ability to delegate tasks to multiple users. The ability to embed a BuddyPress Group in a project.

In smart task sorting, priority and deadline are used.

6. WordPress GitHub Sync

A WordPress GitHub Sync plugin for synchronizing your content with a GitHub repository (or Jekyll site) Have you ever wished you could collaboratively author content for your WordPress site (or expose change history publicly and accept pull requests from your readers)?

Want to try out Jekyll but wish you could use WordPress's best-of-breed web editing interface instead of Atom?

WordPress GitHub Sync is a WordPress plugin that makes it simple to deploy or update a website from/to GitHub and/or any Git-compatible web hosting service.


Content publishers can use GitHub to version their content, revealing to readers "who made what change when."

Allows non-technical writers to create and edit a Jekyll site using the best-in-class editing interface provided by WordPress.

To deploy or update your website, use any Git service (GitHub included)

It is possible to import images from a GitHub repository.

7. Reference

Reference Source Reference is a WordPress Knowledge Base plugin that helps you manage your Knowledge Base articles quickly. Make and organize your articles based on their topics.

The 'Breadcrumb' feature gives your users a secondary navigation menu that allows them to quickly scan through your documentation and view more content.

Using the 'WordPress Menu System,' this plugin makes it simple to create a 'Table of Contents' for your knowledge base.


Create, manage, and organize Knowledge Base articles in the WordPress Breadcrumbs Navigation Menu to help users scan documentation quickly.

A table of contents shortcode that allows you to add post types as topics for each article.

Drag-and-drop support when creating a table of contents with a predefined number of levels.

8. Note Press

Note Press is a straightforward note-taking system for the WordPress Admin panel. Note Press can be used to create to-do lists, leave instructions for clients, collect code snippets, and collaborate with other users.

You can even give your Authors, Contributors, and Editors access to Note Press. Note Press, unlike other note plugins, keeps things extremely simple by utilizing features that all WordPress users are familiar with.

Observe Press

Note Press is a straightforward note-taking system for the WordPress Admin panel. Note Press can be used to create to-do lists, leave instructions for clients, collect code snippets, and collaborate with other users.

You can even give your Authors, Contributors, and Editors access to Note Press. Note Press, unlike other note plugins, keeps things extremely simple by utilizing features that all WordPress users are familiar with.

To see a list of all notes, go to the Admin Menu and click the Note Press button. Alternatively, you can view Sticky Notes in any color by going to the dashboard. You can even send an email update or save a list of posts when you edit a note in Peter's Post Notes plugin.


The WordPress Admin Dashboard is where Sticky Notes are created.

Choose the color of the newly created note.

Users can only see notes sent to them through the use of a sticky note.

You can add or update private notes for collaborators using the Note Press Plugin.

Scheduled publication, group approval, and changes from pending back-end revisions are among the new notification types.

You can quickly add a new post to your site using the Quick Post by MyBlog U Pro plugin from within the WordPress Admin Dashboard, allowing you to type in text and publish it directly on your website all from one screen.

9. Participate

Participate allows you to collaborate on WordPress content in real time. Co-write and co-edit content in real time, and watch as the other person's text appears on the screen.

It is powered by Etherpad Lite, an open source online editor that allows for real-time collaborative editing.

10. Rock the Slackbot

The WordPress plugin Rock the Slackbot sends website notifications to Slack. It's ideal for developers, designers, and content publishers who want to work together efficiently and clearly.

Rock The Slackbot is designed specifically for small teams looking for more efficient ways to communicate and collaborate with their clients/customers or coworkers within the organization without clogging up inboxes, which can be very distracting. It is meant to supplement the way you currently work.


Slackbot should be used to send notifications (Slack)

Create Custom Channels with Your Team for Topics Related to Each Article You Write.

Manages your websites and stays up to date on changes.

11. Task Manager

Task Manager is a plugin that lets you manage your tasks and keep track of all your projects. It's ideal for team collaboration, personal action planning, or simply keeping track of what you do every day.

Task Manager will help you manage your time by creating organised lists. As a result, teamwork is facilitated by following up on completed tasks and making extra time for yourself.

Organize your work and provide your customers with the ability to track the progress of their projects via a community platform.


Manage your tasks with ease.

Task, Project, and Client Collaboration and Communication Management Tool

Organize Your Workflow in WordPress Dashboard Using Task Lists

Integrates with Slack to send task updates to a specified group.

12. HootBoard:

HootBoard is a bulletin board platform used by businesses. Typically found in residential or commercial areas, as well as university departments.

Any organization, including schools, non-profits, and workplaces, can use HootBoard to share internal announcements, events, classifieds, jobs, and other information.

Members can start conversations and get recommendations from their peers.


Leadership Tool for Organizational Communication and Collaboration

Distribute Announcements, Events, Classifieds, and Job Postings to Other Board Members

Include a polling feature that allows members to vote on discussion topics to enable community feedback.

Skins can be personalized.

13. WP Roles and Capabilities

WP Roles and Capabilities make it simple for site members to take on different roles on your website. It simplifies the configuration of user capabilities, role definitions, role management screens, roles-based templates/themes/short codes, and so on.

This WordPress plugin adds new features to the existing user meta mechanism. Roles and capabilities save roles and capabilities in the existing WordPress meta table but remove its constraints.


You can improve user management security and flexibility on your site by using Role and Capabilities. Plugin

Role Definitions: Assign different custom titles to site members (based on User Roles)

Capability Definitions: Allow Site Members Access to Specific Site Sections Based on Their Custom Capabilities

Use the pre-built role access restrictions or create your own.

14. Social Chat

Social Chat is a WordPress plugin that allows you to use PubNub technology to create live chats. There is no need to sign up or register.

It's a useful plugin for adding live chat functionality to your WordPress site without the need for user registration. You can interact with the real person behind the website in this way, adding value to it.


Create Live Chat on Your Website Without Signing Up or Registering Connects to PubNub's Global Data Stream Network for Real-Time Communication This site is powered by the PubNub Data Stream Network.

15. The Drag and Drop Builder (DDB)

The drag and drop builder (DDB) is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create unique and engaging posts. The plugin works with almost any theme.

DDB is an incredible one-of-a-kind tool that allows you to create stunning pages and posts without touching a single line of code. It's a straightforward WordPress Page Builder Plugin suitable for users of all skill levels.

You can use the Drag & Drop Builder Page Creator Plugin to create any type of post you want.

WordPress Page Maker Plugin with no technical or design knowledge required.

You can create stunning pages and posts without touching a single line of code.

Using Custom Post Types, Design Your Own Layout WP Admin Microblog

WP Admin Microblog integrates a unique microblog into your WordPress backend. The plugin can send email to other users, convert URLs to links, and support tagging and some BBCodes.

You can also read, respond to, modify, and delete communications directly from your dashboard with WP Admin Microblog. As a result, WP Admin Microblog is ideal for facilitating communication and collaboration among blog teams, in addition to serving as a sketchpad.

The best part is that this plugin is completely open source and free to use!

16. WP Admin Microblog

WP Admin Microblog adds a distinctive microblog to your WordPress backend. The plugin converts URLs to links, supports tagging and some BBCodes, and can send email to other users.

WP Admin Microblog also allows you to read, respond to, modify, and delete communications directly from your dashboard. As a result, WP Admin Microblog is ideal for facilitating communication and collaboration among blog teams, as well as serving as a sketchpad.

The best part is that this plugin is open source and completely free to use!

17. Multicollab

The Multi Collab - Google Docs-Style Editorial Commenting Plugin simplifies the sharing of editorial feedback.

The WordPress Gutenberg editor allows you to add, edit, reply, and assign comments, giving you the same functionality as Google Docs.

This plugin enhances the collaborative and meaningful aspects of the publishing process.


Include Team Members in Comments Include Team Members in Comments Assign comments to a specific member of the team.

Respond to the comments of others

Remarks on Resolution (mark as done)

Use the Activity Center to manage all comment activities.

You can Reply, Resolve, Edit, and Delete a comment or thread from the activity centre.

The activity center comments are threaded.

You can "hide" comments to focus on publishing.

When a WordPress user is removed, his or her comments can be assigned to another WordPress user.

Copy and share the link — Make a link to a specific comment and share it with the rest of the team.

18. Ipushpull (Live Updates from Excel)

The Ipushpull WordPress plugin allows you to seamlessly and automatically update your desktop Excel spreadsheets into your WordPress pages. This ensures that everyone has up-to-date information and makes working with clients a breeze.

  • Data from Excel is pushed
  • With our Excel add-in, you can push data and formats from your existing spreadsheets with the click of a button. There are no file uploads required.
  • Publish your Excel charts to WordPress automatically as well.

Updates in real time

Your web pages will be automatically updated as data in your spreadsheet changes. Only share the most recent information with your co-workers.

There are also live charts!

Features Include:

In your WordPress pages, show the most recent data from your desktop spreadsheets.

To update the data, you do not need to save the source spreadsheet.

Your content is automatically updated; the reader does not need to refresh their browser to see the most recent update.

You select the range of displayed cells.

You choose the frequency of updates - every few seconds, every hour, or every day.

Data can be made available to the public or password protected.

19. Collaboration
Collaboration This plugin adds a "Collaborate" menu item to the admin bar, which when clicked launches a TogetherJS instance.

There are several options for configuring the TogetherJS options to your liking.

It is open source and free to use for all of your needs.

Benefits of WordPress Plugin Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration tools can help you save time and increase productivity. Allowing multiple users to edit a document at the same time or chat with each other via a messaging system simplifies project management.

These plugins transform a standard WordPress site into a collaborative workspace that non-techies can use. Here are some of the advantages of using WordPress plugins for collaboration.

Reduce the need to constantly communicate with team members who are working on a project remotely to increase productivity.

Reduce the frustration associated with sending emails back and forth or attempting to reach each team member via voice or video chat.

Allow employees to see what needs to be done and jump in where they can provide the most assistance, making it easier to delegate tasks.

Allow team members with varying levels of experience to communicate and share ideas without having to ask a manager or IT professional for assistance every time they have a question about how something works.

Increase security and protect sensitive information by storing it all in one location where multiple people can access it via various means.

Collaborative tools are useful not only for businesses that rely on remote workers or want to encourage teamwork, but also for departments within an organization that frequently need to collaborate.

Marketing and sales, for example, can communicate about projects, whereas customer service can provide more information about clients.

Adding collaboration plugins to your WordPress site is a great way to improve the overall working environment for everyone who uses it.


As you can see, there are some fantastic tools available to help you bring your community together and create a knowledge base on your WordPress site.

These plugins will aid in collaboration, communication, and making it easier for members to post updates directly from the WordPress Dashboard.

It allows members of the group to manage changes from pending back-end revisions to published. Make use of the tools listed and work efficiently and without difficulty.

When used correctly, these tools are invaluable and will assist you in reaching the exponential heights you have envisioned.

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