Top White-Label Project Management Software Suites To Try Out

Project management is no longer a straightforward process. A serious business manager will not only assign duties verbally and keep track of their progress in their heads.

Top White-Label Project Management Software Suites To Try Out

What is project management software (PMS/PM software)?

Project management is no longer a straightforward process. A serious business manager will not only assign duties verbally and keep track of their progress in their heads. Managing a project is a difficult task that entails ensuring that everyone works together in the most effective way possible to achieve the goal while staying within budget.

It automates tedious and time-consuming procedures and makes it easier to create and achieve targets. It assists project managers (PMs) in overseeing every step of each operation and ensuring that everyone is aware of their duties. In today's competitive industry, when one detail may make or break you, PM tools are absolutely necessary.

Why go white-label?

White label products are created by one firm and then renamed and utilized by another, with the possibility of being resold to a third. White label software is frequently extremely customizable and can be hosted on your own website. You can customize it with your company's logo, colors, and other details. Some white label providers even allow you to tweak their platform beyond appearances. The software will look like you developed it even though you only revamped it.

Top White-Label Project Management Software Suites To Try Out

White label project management software can provide a wide array of benefits to an online business but it can be difficult to find the right one. Selecting the right software suite comes down to the features and capabilities your organization needs to succeed.

Whether you are looking for a highly customizable platform that can be changed to suit your team's needs, or you want a quick all-in-one solution, there are options out there.

1.  VivifyScrum

When it comes to white label project management software, VivifyScrum is another fantastic alternative. If your company employs the scrum framework, this platform really shines.

VivifyScrum integrates with your company's processes using a specially designed "scrum board" and various other scrum-friendly features.

Scrum Board

Ideal for Scrum framework users who organize their work into iterations - Sprints. Set a Sprint goal and prioritize tasks that will help you achieve the goal. Multiple active sprints enabled for different teams collaborating on one board.

Kanban Board

Customize your kanban board and development stages (columns) to fit the way you work perfectly. Set the Work in progress limit to match the team’s capacity and help your team focus on what’s important. Identify bottlenecks and come up with best ways to address them.

In-app Team Management

VivifyScrum’s in-app Team Management feature is a super easy way to get all important info on team members and their availability. Keep track of their engagements across projects, time-off requests and other significant events. Always know who is swamped and who could lend a hand on another project.

Time Management

Add the new Time Tracker to your VivifyScrum, fire it up and get all the info on exactly how much time you and your team spend on your tasks. VivifyScrum Time Tracker will automatically keep worklogs for your tasks for later use - creating reports and invoices directly from the Worklogs page.

VivifyScrum EDU

Access the Scrum training with your VivifyScrum account. VivifyScrum EDU is your online go-to place testing your existing Scrum knowledge and expanding it further. The course guides you through the Scrum framework by providing lessons, examples of best practice and key takeaways.

2. ManyRequests

ManyRequests isn’t just a project management tool but rather a complete suite of tools made for service providers to help customers serve themselves.

The platform comes with a variety of features that can make your job considerably easier.

As part of its white-label capabilities, the software allows you to customize your URL, use your own logo, and choose your own theme. These make it a great option for personalization, but what else does it offer?

Task Management

ManyRequests offers a solution to managing and organizing client tasks (called ‘requests’). You can create and customize tasks, assign them to personnel, add due dates, and keep files and information with the task as it moves statuses.

Client Communication

ManyRequests also incorporates a “discussion” area that allows you to communicate with your customers and team on specific requests. This is great to keep tabs on projects as it integrates into your tasks, file sharing, and information collection so you can keep everything in one place.

Billing and Invoicing

Billing is an essential part of any business and ManyRequests provides built-in functionality to help manage and create invoices and payments for your customers, with out-of-the-box Stripe and PayPal integrations.


While ManyRequests provides a wide array of functionalities, there are a lot of other programs that you can use to enhance its capabilities. ManyRequests provides integration with many services such as, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and other marketing-related tools.

3. SuiteDash

SuiteDash markets itself as the “all-in-one” business suite software, so it provides quite a lot of functionality beyond what you’d typically expect from a project management software.

This includes things such as an integrated CRM and email marketing. While this adds a lot of functionality to the platform, we are just going to focus on the project management side of things.

Project Templates

SuiteDash allows you to create templates that can be applied to new projects as they come in. These templates can save a ton of time by automatically generating steps and tasks for projects. This is an excellent tool if you consistently see the same type of projects, allowing you to quickly set up and apply an established process.

Trigger/Action Automation

SuiteDash really focuses on automation and one of the most helpful tools is the ability to set up triggers and automated actions.

Events such as project completion can trigger an action like sending an email or adding a new team member to the project. This can really help automate your workflow and save tons of time on administration.

Overall Automation

Beyond the trigger/action automation, there are several other functions that help SuiteDash standout from the crowd. Email notifications can be set up for just about anything on the platform… Templates can be assigned automatically, and projects can be auto-generated during the onboarding process.

Singular Login

You only need one login credential to access all of SuiteDash. This is a great way to alleviate having to remember multiple passwords and usernames and provides a single source for all of your company needs.

4. Clinked

Clinked is another software that focuses on client interfacing and communication. The platform doesn’t provide as many features and functions as the first 2 options, but it does provide great features that allow you to communicate and collaborate with customers.


Clinked provides a customizable dedicated page for projects and/or clients.

This allows you to collaborate in real-time, share important documents and files, and even track the activity associated with the client or project. This is a great way to keep your client in the loop while also having a single location for all of the information you need.


With a heavy focus on communication and customer relations, Clinked provides integrated group chat functionality that can be used with a mobile app.


Clinked also provides a simple and fluid system that makes collaboration easy. Whether you are coordinating with another team member, file sharing with a client, or requesting approvals, Clinked provides smooth functionality.

Branded Mobile App

The white-label capabilities don’t stop at a custom URL, you can actually set up and customize Clinked’s mobile app as well. This can add a tremendous amount of credibility and professionalism to your brand when your clients see a custom mobile app designed for them.

5. FreedCamp

FreedCamp offers its base features for free. However, the white-label capability is only provided under the Enterprise price plan. Freedcamp provides a good all-around white label project management software that incorporates a little bit of everything.

Custom Widgets

FreedCamp allows users to build and implement their own widgets to show any type of information from the platform. This can provide excellent use when monitoring multiple projects, tracking time, and more.

File Edits

While most project management software allows file sharing, Freedcamp takes it one step further by allowing you to edit the files within its platform. This removes having to download the file, edit it on your computer, and then reupload it.


Freedcamp has a built-in library that your organization can utilize to save important documentation and files. This creates a one-stop-shop for any relevant information you might need for ongoing projects or customers. It can also serve as an excellent place to store company policies, processes, and more.

3rd Party Integration

FreedCamp integrates with a number of 3rd party options including Zapier, Google Drive, Google Calendar, OneDrive, DropBox, and more. This can provide a lot of flexibility to your organization as you can be sure the platform plays nicely with your existing software services.

6. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab focuses on providing a smooth and easy-to-use interface. The layout itself resembles more of a social media type layout by offering feeds and activity updates. The platform doesn’t have too many features, however, the simplicity really helps with usability and understanding the software easily.

Multiple Layouts

Organize your tasks and projects with Kanban boards, task lists, or calendar layouts. ActiveCollab provides several different structures you can use so you can see your projects in the perfect view.

Communication and Feedback

ActiveCollab adds a social media feel to the platform by providing an activity center where you can monitor all of the changes and tasks completed on your projects. It also provides comment features that allow easy feedback and communication with other team members in a unified workflow.

Multi-Device Integration

Whether you use iOS, Android, or desktops to complete your work, ActiveCollab has you covered with well-developed software. You can easily choose between using your computer and phone while retaining the same functionality and access to all of your projects.

Trackable Billing Hours and Invoicing

ActiveCollab makes it easy to send invoices and track your time spent on your projects all in one place. Simply track your time throughout the project and once it’s complete you can send the invoice to your client without any additional work.

7. ProofHub

ProofHub is all about organizing and structuring information for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The platform is designed around the idea that projects and tasks are best completed when the information is organized and structured.

ProofHub uses discussion boards, process visualization, and a clean interface to ensure all of your information is displayed in an easy-to-understand way.

Discussion Boards

Discussion boards eliminate the need for long email chains by providing a quick and easy place to post and comment. Boards can be created for a wide variety of reasons and act as a central point for communication and collaboration between team members and clients.

Plan Visualisation

ProofHub utilizes Gantt and Kanban Boards to make it easier to structure and visualize projects. These are great organizational tools that provide a simple way to create a step-by-step process to ensure project success.

Robust Calendar

ProofHub provides excellent calendar functions that allow you to track all your due dates. Features such as recurring events, reminders, and different calendar views can really help with staying on top of your workload.

ProofHub also integrates with a number of popular apps so you can have all of your information in one place.

Request Forms

Request forms allow you to easily organize support queries and request tickets even from outside of the platform. Bring these requests directly into ProofHub and structure them accordingly with ease.

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