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A retainer agreement is a binding contract that allows a firm to get paid for work before it is completed.

It’s similar to an hourly contract in that it provides you with a fixed rate of pay for pre-specified work.

But the real difference between the two is that a retainer agreement establishes upfront costs and payment terms, as opposed to establishing hourly rates of pay for work that may not be completed until later.

This blog post will extensively go about retainer agreement and retainer benefits in general :

Retainer :

A retainer is a contractual amount paid by the client to the firm for services that have not started.

It is another way of securing revenue for work required at an earlier stage in preparation or marketing, which will be received either as a one-off payment (a project supplement) or over time via payments on completion of specified milestones.

A retainer agreement allows projects to start when they are ready and eliminates any uncertainty about how much money you are going to collect after starting your project.

In a retainer agreement, the client pays for enough work or tasks that have been completed so far and the amount needs to be calibrated with time before you begin working.

List of Retainer Benefits:

1) It clarifies client’s expectations and makes sure that what is being delivered actually satisfies expectations of both parties:

When you agree to work on a project and then enter into an agreement, what is being delivered in the contract will show up later.

Sometimes generating momentum with client expectations can be challenging but working out language of your retainer gives clarity without running around for new contracts or performing unwanted functions that do not need to happen.

This way, you will know what to expect from the beginning. If at the end of a contract you find that certain deliverables were not done, it will be easy for you to point that out at the beginning.

2) Establishes a payment schedule until which work will be completed:

This can be useful to clarify how payment will look as you go along. Instead of seeing a single invoice from the very beginning, with your retainer agreement all new invoices are generated after tangible completion of deliverables and then paid at intervals until an agreed upon finish date arrives.

As a small business owner, you have time constraints which are different from that of larger companies.

If an invoice arrives when your cash is tight or there are urgent liabilities to pay off, it can be difficult for you as the project manager to manage your cash flows and make sure tasks stay in line with deadlines and expectations.

This way of tracking payments also prevents open ended revenue commitments that are not achievable:

Underneath all deliverables and tasks, there is a payment schedule which can be seen with the client agreement.

3) Retainers are always paid out incrementally :

Another perk of maintaining an agreement with the client is that you can always exceed this retainer amount by making additional payments based on the perceptions and results. You will know what to expect at any time.

In doing so, a client will have much more scope and opportunity to supplement the project with other outstanding features. What other skills they have and what value you can bring them.

The main purpose is to neither start their projects without the client agreeing (unprepared) or looking for compensation from a contract that has come close to completion.

This way, your client gets the most out of their project and will not only apply one agreed fee for them but get a second chance to be part of it.

This way, your client can be confident that the contract is solid and has significant value to them.

4) Retainers Are Predictable:

A retainer agreement with an agency also adds a level of comfort, especially if the agency possesses a track record of working in your industry.

When you work with someone who knows your brand, you can not only create better content but also spare time.

The other bonus of working with a known name is that you can also market them more effectively, lessening your own work load. This way, there are negative costs and a positive return on investment.

5) Abundance of Resources:

In addition to the cost-saving aspect of working a retainer contract with an agency, it also offers more avenues for creativity and innovative business models.

This will give your clients a level playing field as they are supplied with enough resources which ensures that they receive quality work while adjusting their expectation accordingly.

A term or agreement can be amended based on feedback from your clients so that you both benefit through having become partners in out media endeavors.

An agency can help you in the marketing, sales and brand management of your business which will give them full access to all your systems along with a more key accounts.

Because they are provided with two options, they can either equally split the benefits or work on just one project at a time, as any other agency would be before signing retainer agreement form, i.e., sending out quotes from many potential companies that may meet your price range.

6) Create Lasting Relationships:

Retainers are advantageous to businesses because they will get access to continuous top-tier services.

Aside from that, agencies can help you with everything for which a normal contact might not be as useful or detailed in documenting; thus creating endearing relationships among the parties involved and establishing long lasting business partnerships.

Apart from the long-term partnership, agencies can also help in building a marketplace for you through showing off your skills and abilities to prospective clients.

This way you’ll have a better chance at finding more customers and conversely, agencies will also find ways to justify their rates.

7) Work Is Prioritised :

Agencies which follow the Retainer agreement benefit because they are able to create more dedicated relationships and deliver products on time, thus leaving no deficiencies in your relationship.

Thus making them very efficient in settling client’s needs while assuring a direct feedback to clients through responsiveness, high quality links and marketing of their brand/ business as well.

Therefore companies that set out for this form of agreements will manage all things that pertain with branding and marketing while satisfying their clients.

Agency will also bring in a higher level of accountability, thus helping client manage and gain confidence with the commitment they set throughout.


There you go . A retainer agreement is similar to an hourly contract, but the client pays in advance and the firm will only be paid if the work is completed.

The benefit of this type of agreement is that it prevents clients from firing their lawyers and hiring new ones.

This blog post has gone over various retainer benefits which hopefully would have clarified your existing thought constraints

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