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Many marketing agencies try to create marketing agency structures that work for them.

Unfortunately, not all marketing agency structures are created equal and it can be difficult to know which type is best for your business.

In this blog post we'll go over some of the marketing agency structure basics and how to build a marketing agency structure that will grow with your company!

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Marketing Agency:

A marketing agency is a company that specializes in marketing and promotion.

While marketing agencies may offer different services, some of the most common include social media marketing , content marketing, PR outreach , email marketing , or search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to those services, there are other activities performed by marketing agencies including lead generation and digital marketing.

The marketing agency structure will largely depend on the services that you offer.

Marketing Agency Structure:

Marketing agency structures are the marketing team's organizational structure , or how they're grouped and managed within an organization.

Each marketing agency, whether it's a SaaS marketing agency or a traditional one, has their own marketing agency structure that works best for them.

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It's up to you whether you want to go with a sole marketing agency structure or if you prefer having several.

The difference between the two is that one offers more services than the other. However, it's vital to think about what your firm provides and how your marketing agency may change as your business expands.

List of considerations while developing a marketing agency structure:

Now that we've gone over the basics of a marketing agency, it's important to know what goes into creating a successful one!

In order for your marketing efforts to succeed, you need a well thought out and organized marketing agency structure in place.

The seven aspects below are critical when building your company's foundation:

1) What marketing services do you offer?

Having a marketing agency structure that's built specifically for your marketing services will help streamline the process and make it simpler to organize things.

For example, if you only provide social media marketing then it might be best to have a team dedicated solely toward managing client profiles or accounts .

If you're providing several marketing services , however, this may not work as well since each department would need their own team for each service.

In addition to having specific teams within an organization focused on certain tasks, they could also overlap with one another depending on what needs doing at any given time.

2) What is your marketing agency's size?

Your marketing agency's size will also play a role in determining its marketing agency structure.

A smaller marketing firm may only require a few employees to run all the operations, while a larger marketing agency might need dozens of people working simultaneously across different teams .

The number of team members you have - and their skillsets - will help dictate what type of marketing agency structure you should use.

If you're just starting out, it's best to keep things as simple as possible so that you're not overwhelmed with too many tasks and can focus on growing your business. As your company expands, however, you can always add more complex structures into the mix.

It's important to remember that a marketing agency structure isn't permanent and can be changed at any time to better fit your needs.

3) How do clients pay for marketing services?

In addition to deciding who does what, your marketing agency structure will also depend on how you bill and receive payment from customers.

If you're providing a wide range of marketing services then it's best to have one team that manages all the processes including billing , project management, communications with leads/clients , etc.

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This way everything is streamlined and everyone stays in the know regarding client expectations .

On the other hand, if there are certain aspects of running a marketing firm that aren't as important such as sales or contracts , this doesn't mean they should be forgotten about!

4) How does your marketing agency structure affect the reporting process?

In order to determine whether or not a marketing agency structure is right for you, it's vital that you go over how each one affects things like budgeting and reporting.

Some marketing teams may want a flat organizational chart in which everyone works collaboratively on projects while others prefer a more structured approach with designated tasks .

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It all comes down to what type of marketing services are offered , who needs access to what kind of information when , etc.

Having complete visibility into client activity can help your marketing team stay ahead of problems before they arise - however if too much unnecessary data gets collected then this could create additional work load.

As such, having an effective reporting system in place will be crucial to making sure everything runs smoothly.

5) How will marketing team members work together?

Regardless of what marketing services you offer, the way in which your marketing agency structure is set up should reflect how each member works.

For example, if a certain employee prefers to have more autonomy and control over their tasks then it might be best for them to work on projects alone rather than having to collaborate with others .

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On the other hand, some marketing teams may prefer more collaborative environments where everyone has input on different tasks .

The most important thing here is making sure that each individual feels comfortable when working - after all , this plays into the success of every project.

Communication between team members can help keep things moving forward while avoiding any potential roadblocks along the way.

6) How will marketing team members be trained?

Depending on the type of marketing services offered, it's important to make sure that every member is properly equipped with the skills they need before getting started.

A marketing agency structure can go a long way in helping employees gain new knowledge and brush up on their existing abilities .

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By organizing everyone into different teams , your marketing firm can also ensure that no one gets left behind when trying out something brand new or learning about new industry trends .

Additionally, having designated training sessions for certain marketing tasks could help give managers an idea as to how successful these efforts are.

If you're offering digital marketing services then you might want to have separate social media VA's who work together under a project manager.

On the other hand, if you're providing more traditional marketing services such as PR or advertising then this setup might be a little different.

7) How will marketing agency structure affect onboarding?

Depending on the marketing services you offer, it's important to make sure that every member of your marketing team is properly trained before actually starting.

Some companies may prefer a more collaborative approach whereas others might be better off with one person taking point and overseeing everything .

Regardless of what marketing services are provided , having an efficient training program in place can help get everyone up and running as soon as possible while avoiding any potential problems along the way.

Benefits of Marketing Agency Structure:

Let's have a look at some of the benefits of Marketing agency structure:

1) Helps marketing team stay organized

When it comes to marketing, having a solid organizational structure is key to keeping things running smoothly.

By setting up your marketing agency in a specific way, you can help ensure that everyone knows their role and what's expected of them.

This type of setup can also make it easier for new employees to get up to speed .

2) Easier for marketing managers to track progress

As marketing services can vary from one job to another, it's important that you're able to keep an eye on each project as it progresses.

Having a marketing agency structure in place can allow marketing teams to stay up-to-date with everything that's involved without getting overwhelmed or distracted by unnecessary details .

3) Helps marketing team learn new skills

No matter how good you are at your job, there's always something new to learn in the marketing world.

By organizing marketing employees into different teams and giving them specific tasks to work on, a marketing agency structure can help everyone gain knowledge and experience in various areas of marketing.

4) Helps marketing team work together

Marketing is a collaborative effort.

A marketing agency structure can allow marketing teams to help each other out and share their knowledge in order to get the best results possible for every project they're involved in, thus improving overall productivity.

Agency Structure:

1) Matrix Structure:

Marketing agencies can use marketing team matrix structure to set up marketing teams with members from different departments.

  • This kind of marketing agency structure allows each department member to have their own tasks and projects, but also work together on the same project .
  • This is especially helpful if there are multiple clients involved in one single marketing activity or campaign.
  • It's important that every employee is aware of all aspects of a particular job so they know what steps need to be followed.
  • Having cross-departmental communication between employees can help make sure nothing falls through the cracks while still allowing for individual input , thus improving overall productivity.

2) Functional Structure:

With a functional marketing agency structure, employees are divided into teams based on their skills and abilities.

This type of marketing team structure is often used by companies who offer a wide range of marketing services .

It's important to have different members with different skill sets working together so that each project can be completed successfully.

Functional structures also help new marketing employees get up to speed quickly as they will have access to more experienced team members who can help teach them the ropes.


No matter what marketing agency structure you decide to go with, it's important that everyone is on the same page and knows their role.

By setting up your marketing team in a specific way, you can help ensure that everyone stays organized, productive and up-to-date on all the latest marketing trends.

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