10 Free Client Portal Softwares That You Must Try!

Client Portal Softwares are a great way to provide your users with the ability to upload and download files. To help you find the perfect Client Portal Software for your needs, we've compiled all available options!

10 Free Client Portal Softwares That You Must Try!

In this share, I will identify and review ten of the top Client Portal Software that offer a free version. As with most free products, there are limitations, generally in the form of features, time-based restrictions, or plain old paywalls outright.

To assist you in finding the best Client Portal Software for your needs, I went over each one thoroughly and used them to obtain a first opinion of how they work and what their pros and downsides are.

I also attempted to obtain authentic reviews in order to determine what the majority of customers of a product think of it and what "difficulties" you may encounter.

Client Portals

Client Portal Software is an excellent solution to enable your users to upload and download files.

This program can be accessed via a web browser or a mobile app on mobile devices. It allows for two-way file sharing, allowing you to examine them in real time and even make modifications if necessary.

1. Client Collaborations

  • You can deliver tailored and specialized information to your clients and partners that they may find beneficial.
  • This may be a shipping company informing consumers of truck or aeroplane departure timings so that they can place purchases accordingly.

2. Accessibility

  • Clients can easily access vital information such as FAQs, troubleshooting hints, company and product details, and much more through portals. All of this information is correct and up to date using well-managed portals.

3. Customized content

  • Consider a bank telling you about a unique type of loan designed specifically for you—this is made possible by Client Portal Software!
  • Based on the information provided by the user, banks can deliver customized communications via email or SMS. A bank, for example, may be able to inform you about online banking if your account is set up with this functionality.

4. Customer Service

  • The professional customer service experience has been enhanced. Client portal software empowers clients to handle issues on their own, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • This is also advantageous to the service provider because it lowers labour expenses and allows them to devote more time to other aspects of the business.

5. Increased productivity

  • Key documents such as contracts, estimates, and project plans can be easily accessed by internal personnel and clients alike with Client Portal Softwares.

Here is a list of free client portal softwares you should definitely know about if you are new to this space.

1. Accelo

  • Accelo includes a built-in business service. It is an all-in-one professional business management service. Working with all of the prospects and securing payments is simple. It enables you to run your complete business from the cloud.
  • Discover the most simplified, integrated, and powerful service automation software that allows you to seamlessly connect all moving aspects of a business.
  • It is accessible for Mac and Windows computers and offers web access from anywhere using an internet browser.
  • It is the most comprehensive Service Operations Automation solution on the market.
  • It is high-performance software that allows you to manage and automate all of your business processes. Users can also communicate with clients via a secure portal without leaving their present Windows or Mac screen.

Features include:

  • Platform that is inexpensive
  • Improves productivity
  • Continuous Operations
  • Communication Collaboration
  • Processing of Integrated Data

2. ClustDoc

Clustdoc is a straightforward yet effective process automation and client onboarding application. From a secure branded site, request and handle anyone's information, payments, and esignatures. A custom branded portal, workflows, eSignature, task manager, file requests & approvals, online forms, CC payments, and a free client management mobile app are among the key features.

Best For: Small business owners and teams in the following industries: banking and finance, accounting, marketing, mortgage and real estate, education, and legal services.

The native form and digital signature tool are fantastic. Clust greatly simplifies customer onboarding and document management.

It was ideal for onboarding clients as well as receiving applications when I attempted to hire someone. The founder is very responsive, and the assistance is excellent.

So far, everything is going well, and it is only getting better. There are frequent updates that make it even better.

Clust provides a high level of flexibility for most industries and applications, as well as the ability to automate repetitive project or workflow operations.

Cons: Some of the features seem antiquated or lags . There are a few apparent ones missing.

It was a little difficult to learn how to use at first, but you grow used to it.

It is inconvenient to shift fields around while creating a form.

More granular customization is required; some of the forms are difficult to complete owing to a lack of field selections.

3. Shaparency

It is a self-service, secure, low-cost, and no-contract board management tool for small to medium-sized businesses.


Every part of the Shaparency platform is critical to keeping your organisation organised. Allowing this to be the standard for maintaining all documents in one area is a terrific tool for someone starting out with a non-profit organisation.

You can't ask for more when it comes to arranging meetings, taking minutes, running a working task board, and being able to e-sign documents without any problems.


Because of my own particular unique subscription, the onboarding process took some determination, but aside from that, I have been completely delighted with the software.

Shaparency is best suited for small to medium-sized organisations such as nonprofits, corporate secretary businesses, startups, and government agencies.

Overview of Shaparency Pricing

Shaparency price begins at $30.00 per month as a flat cost. There is a free version available to get you started with the software.

4. Moxtra

Moxtra provides a digital conduit for clients to contact your organisation at any time and from any location. It's a safe collaboration tool that allows you to communicate with customers and collaborate on assignments in real time.

You can be more productive and efficient than ever before with Moxtra. It enables you to retain and increase consumers, manage your scattered organisation, and save business expenditures.

Your branded one-stop customer portal can be powered by Moxtra's customer collaboration platform. It is a standalone online and mobile app as well as an extension of your existing website or web or mobile app.


Built-in safety

Extremely scalable

Multiple authentication methods are supported.

APIs and integrations are extremely powerful.

Online Forms, Surveys, and Analytics Software

5. Onehub

Onehub is a secure solution to store your files and share them with teams and clients. Begin with free limitless file storage, user permissions, security features, and more!

Onehub is a comprehensive file sharing solution that enables you to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and create a smooth experience for all users.

To improve your file sharing, it provides a suite of business solutions such as virtual data rooms, client portals, Google Docs integration, and bespoke agreements. Make changes to your workstation to provide content sharing a more professional, polished appearance and feel.

Allows you to upload several files at the same time.

Encryption at the bank level.

Each and every activity is tracked.

It personalises your brand.

Simple accessibility.

6. MangoApps

MangoApps is a client experience platform that integrates intranet, training, teamwork, and content management into a single dashboard and workplace.

It is a simple and infinitely adjustable strategy that fits into the way your organisation already operates. Clients may access all of their corporate information, as well as communication and collaboration capabilities, through a configurable widget-based dashboard that serves as a single source of truth.

Many businesses rely on antiquated intranet and communication platforms, and they waste time and information in the email inbox.

MangoApps allows you to create a client portal that they can visit at any time and from any location.

It provides the greatest customer support for IT organisations, as well as effective services to assist you improve your business performance. Begin right away!

It has the following features:

Management of Leaders

Workflow Automation

Analytical Advances

Email Marketing with a Purpose

7. ReadyPortal

What exactly is ReadyPortal?

It is a client portal platform that is cloud-based and provides custom web portals to automate document management and streamline organizational procedures.

Ideal for: It is intended for companies in the government, non-profit and trade associations, finance, healthcare, and legal sectors. The platform provides web portal solutions for creating, managing, and distributing content.

Product Features of ReadyPortal: Collaboration

Content Administration

Document Administration

File Sharing Lookup

Overview of ReadyPortal Pricing

ReadyPortal pricing begins at $5.00 per month as a flat charge. There is also a free version with fewer bells and whistles. ReadyPortal does not provide a free trial period.

8. MyDocSafe

MyDocSafe is a safe client portal with a fantastic dashboard. This client portal facilitates quick, safe, and simple client onboarding. It is an all-in-one solution for professional service firms to manage their clients, papers, and tasks.

MyDocSafe is intended for client onboarding using an automated workflow to reduce the time required by humans in this process.


Dashboard for Client Onboarding

Secure Document Uploading and Sharing

Internal Teamwork with Team Members and Clients

System for File Sharing and Reviewing

9. Hub Intranet

Hub Intranet is a great intranet solution for creating a nice employee experience. It is a collaborative solution used to increase engagement by prominent businesses such as Nikon, Ralph Lauren, and Legal & General.

Hub Intranet provides all of the capabilities you need in a single intranet platform, including easy-to-use rich media communications, instant messaging, document sharing, and cloud storage.

It enables your company's teams to connect more efficiently across platforms while remaining safe thanks to role-based access and configurable branding.


  • User Accounts for Free
  • Colors and branding can be customised.
  • Upload Limitless Files
  • Internal Collaboration Software
  • Features of Project Management

10. GetBusy

GetBusy is a Client Portal Software that is hosted in the cloud. It aids in the management of your client and partner relationships.

All in one spot, manage client requests, track progress, save documents, and share files. GetBusy also assists you in keeping track of work assigned to your team members.


File Sharing and Storage Management in Client Portal Software

Client and Team Project Collaboration

Features for Task and Issue Tracking

Dashboard for Real-Time Reporting

In this article, we discussed free client portals and their benefits to businesses.

These tools aid in the development of relationships with your clients by making them feel unique, while also freeing up your time for other critical tasks.

These softwares are incredibly beneficial for beginners and will aid you enormously, but after a while, you will notice that the lack of certain functions is hampering your job.

Why Should You Go For a Paid Specialist?

With a premium client portal software, you don't have to worry about missing out on any features. Using something paid for ensures quality and the greatest possible experience for both you and your client!

There are numerous such portals, such as Asana, HelloBonsai, ManyRequests, and so on, but I'd like to discuss my clear favorite among these...... ClientVenue.

ClientVenue is one of the most sophisticated and user-friendly Client Management Platforms on the market today, and it has been utilized by a huge number of organisations to fully productize their services.

It has an edge over other offerings since it distinguishes itself by:

1.Creates the easiest onboarding experience for your client

From here itself it starts becoming obvious why ClientVenue is one paid service you must not miss!

ClientVenue's integrated client automated onboarding process will help you focus more on how your organization scales rather than getting stuck doing routine work which ended up saving a lot of my time.

2. Easy to view Services section

The services are presented in the same order as they appear on the dashboard, with the payment system for each one. Your services are organised chronologically by default, but you can adjust this to your liking.

You may rapidly produce preview links for your consumers with the touch of a button. The client only needs to click on the link to see how far you've progressed with the job.

3. Integrates with the best known tools available on the web

Integrates with the most well-known web resources ClientVenue does an excellent job of selecting the best tools to connect your organisation, ensuring clarity in communication and smooth integration to ensure both you and your client are on the same page at all times.

Simply sign up for any programme (for example, Slack) and it will connect to your ClientVenue workplace.

All you have to do is supply ClientVenue with your unique reference code, registered website, or access licence data, and it will take care of the rest.

Furthermore, this is not an exhaustive list, as ClientVenue is constantly adding new and valuable connections, such as Hubspot and LiveChat, to mention a few.

I'll just go through these integrations and how they can help you sell your productized service:

Slack: Link your Slack account to ClientVenue to ensure you never miss an update on your projects.

Stripe: ClientVenue is a Stripe Connect Partner and manages all payments, invoices, products (services), and so on on behalf of the user. As a Stripe partner, they will not charge any fees or commissions, and all Stripe payments will be subject to no additional expenses beyond those charged by Stripe.

Intercom: They offer a comprehensive customer communications platform that includes bots, apps, product tours, and other features that can be leveraged to create exceptional consumer interactions.

Crisp: Like Intercom, the Crisp shared inbox captures all of your chats. From Live Chat to Email to Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and SMS... work seamlessly within one inbox to provide the best customer support possible.

LiveChat: Contact your consumers, connect with them on LiveChat, and gather important information in real-time to boost sales and please customers. It offers a 14-day free trial, automated choices, and omnichannel messaging.

HubSpot's CRM platform contains all of the tools and integrations you'll ever require for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

Tawk.to: Track and chat with website visitors, reply to support tickets, and build a help centre to empower customers to help themselves. What's the best part, you ask? All of this is completely free!

The Facebook Pixel: It's basically a piece of website code that allows you to measure, optimise, and create audiences for all of your advertising campaigns! It is one of the most effective techniques to learn about your target demographic and increase clicks.

Webhook: Connect your gateway to other platforms by using Webhook.

4. Personalized Workspaces

Customized workspaces allow you to neatly organise all of your tasks in one place without having to keep multiple tabs open at the same time. The clean user interface, as well as the simple design, minimise the need for extensive records.

You can effortlessly incorporate both services offered outside the client and services given within the client, as well as a record of archived and finished projects.

You will be able to see all of your projects, which are automatically subdivided into the following categories:

Internal: For usage within your company.

External: To be completed for a customer

Archived: Projects that you have saved.

Projects that have been completed

While creating a project, you can also add coworkers and update all of these information as needed.

5. Minimalistic and to the point dashboard

  • ClientVenue's dashboard is simple and provides clear information on the most essential factors influencing your success.
  • It is the greatest approach to know where you are on one screen with clear visibility of your number of clients, number of services, and revenue.
  • It also contains a reminder if any required chores are due soon, so you don't miss any critical deadlines!

6. Client Handling Portal

  • Your screen will show all of your clients, the number of services you offer, contact information for reps, payment status, and so forth.
  • You will be able to make changes to all of the client information as needed. You will even be able to view all of your requests individually under one banner!

7. Teams and Teammates

You can grant your teammates three different levels of access;

Viewer: Can only see the project Editor: Can make changes as needed

Manager: Has complete access to the project and can supervise all members.

This allows you to identify bottlenecks and ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page.

Projects can be freely given to peers, and ClientVenue guarantees you have all the tools you need to manage your team as efficiently as possible.

With a single button press, you can also activate or deactivate a teammate's current state.

8. Billing and Invoices

ClientVenue features a section dedicated to automating your invoicing and billing using all commonly accepted payment methods such as Stripe and PayPal. All you have to do after you put it up is check your revenue on a regular basis to see how much it has increased!

You can assign numerous services to a client and automatically determine if they are paid for or past due.

You have complete control over each client on the Invoices tab and can access the following:

You can either charge the customer's payment method on file automatically or send an invoice to the customer to pay manually.

You can choose a payment deadline (for example: within 15 days 30 days, 6 months etc. from when the invoice is sent).

This area includes a separate section for delayed payments so that you never miss a client who is unwilling to pay!

You can additionally personalise your invoices by entering up to 5 additional bank and tax data. It is here that you will reap the benefits of ClientVenue's interface with Stripe, allowing you to conduct payments directly from the source.

9. Share your project board with your client

  • To ensure transparency and to communicate your progress to your client in real time, you can share your board using ClientVenue's new functionality.
  • As indicated in the image below, you may select which task details to share, and all you have to do is check boxes and give the public link.

After getting access through the public link and putting in the required pass code your client will see this:

10. Restrict Project Mode

It's a new toggle button that ensures communication clarity and prevents the wrong management from receiving incorrect data. It's a minor convenience for which I'm glad.

You can experiment with the settings in this mode without worrying about who gets what.

11. Branding

ClientVenue allows you to bind a custom domain to your portal. Simply enter their domain in the field and then use the values in the DNS panel.

This means that this capability allows you to rebrand an existing email software platform. This allows you to brand the software platform with your company's name.


It should be clear by now why you should always use specialised agency client portal software, but there are always free options to get you started selling your productized services. I hope this essay has helped you get closer to attaining your goals.

Personally, I would start with the free options and then go on to a paid service because they have more bells and whistles as well as excellent service and client support.

ClientVenue appears to be the ideal solution to your problems because it offers some extremely reasonable plans to begin selling your productized service as well as extensive upscaling plans that allow you to stay in one ecosystem for all of your demands, both present and future.

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