" It's awesome how I have been able to build up onboarding and invoicing and client related reporting in one place using Clientvenue, it's really awesome that we've been able to cut on extra software spending for our business as well. "

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Dubsado client portal is straightforward workflow software that helps small firms automate key processes. They have a great customer service team that is always ready to help you with anything you need!

Dubsado's client portal is a simple-to-use resource for accomplishing tasks. It's also wonderful that Dubsado not only takes note of consumer comments but introduces new features based on their requests!

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about the Dubsado client portal and how it helps your agency. I have also included an alternative to Dubsado that you can use to get more done and focus more on expanding your business.

What is client portal?

Client portal is a secure online space where clients can log in and access their account information, project documents, invoices, and more. This type of software is often used by businesses to streamline communication and collaboration with clients.

Client portals can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business and usually include features such as a client directory, project management tools, online payments, and file sharing. Many businesses find that using a client portal helps to improve client satisfaction and retention rates.

Why do you need a client portal?

A client portal is a great way to keep your clients updated on the status of their projects. It also allows you to keep track of communication and project files in one place. Client portals software makes it easy to give your clients a custom login, so they can access only the data you want them to see.

There are many benefits of using client portal software. With a client portal, you can:

  • Keep your clients updated on the status of their project
  • Communicate with your clients in one place
  • Share project files with your clients
  • Give your clients a custom login
  • Keep track of your projects tab

What is Dubsado client portal?

Dubsado is a client portal software that helps businesses manage and automate client relationships. It is a cloud-based solution that offers various features to help businesses streamline their workflows and improve their client communication.

How Dubsado can be used as a client portal

If you're looking for an approach to keep your clients organized and informed, then Dubsado may be the perfect solution for you. Dubsado is a cloud-based client portal software that makes it simple for you to keep track of your projects, invoices, and documents. 

Plus, Dubsado offers a variety of features that can be personalized to fit your specific needs.

Here's a quick overview of how Dubsado can be used as a client portal:

  • Project management: You can easily keep track of your projects and deadlines with Dubsado's project management features.
  • Invoicing: With Dubsado, you can create and send invoices directly to your clients.
  • Document storage: Dubsado offers a secure place to store and share documents with your clients.
  • Communication: Dubsado makes it easy to communicate with your clients through the built-in messenger.

If you're looking for an approach to streamline your client communication and organization, then Dubsado is worth considering.


Some of the key features include invoicing and reporting, automations, scheduling, forms and templates, and client portals.

With Dubsado, businesses can manage their client relationships more effectively and efficiently. The software provides a central place for businesses to track client information, communications, and payments. 

This makes it easy for businesses to stay organized and keep on top of their client relationships.

Invoicing & Reporting

Dubsado offers powerful invoicing and reporting features that make it easy to manage your finances. You can quickly pay invoices and review contracts and proposals.


With a Dubsado account, you can automate repetitive tasks, saving you time and hassle. This can save businesses a lot of time and hassle and help them to concentrate on other areas of their business.


Dubsado's scheduling features let you effortlessly schedule appointments and events. It has an emails tab that shows all the emails you have emailed your client. 

This can help businesses keep track of their appointments, deadlines, and tasks. businesses can also use the scheduling feature to book appointments with clients.

Forms & Templates

Dubsado offers various form and template options, making it easy to create custom forms and templates. 

This can help businesses to save time on creating forms and templates from scratch. Dubsado also offers a wide range of pre-made templates that businesses can use for their operations.

Client Portals

Dubsado client portals let you easily share files and information with your clients. This is a secure area where businesses can share files and documents with their clients. Client portals can also communicate with clients and track their progress.

When the client logs in, they'll be taken to the homepage. This is where they'll be able to see any unfinished business on their end

Once you log in, it shows you any incomplete forms that need to be filled out and any open invoices that need to be paid. You can effect different changes in the portal settings.

You can view and edit their contact information by clicking Profile and the “baby gear icon.”

Dubsado Pros

  • Easy to use: Dubsado is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll be able to figure out how to use Dubsado with ease.
  • Affordable: Dubsado is one of the more affordable client portal software options on the market.
  • Lots of features: Dubsado has many features that can be really helpful for businesses, such as automatic invoicing, online payments, and project management.

Dubsado Cons

  • Lack of customization: One downside of Dubsado is that there is a limited amount of customization you can do. 
  • Not as popular: Dubsado is less popular than other client portal software options. This can make it challenging to find support or resources if you run into problems.


Starter plan

$20 /month

  • Which includes
  • Unlimited projects & clients
  • Invoicing & payment plans
  • Form & email templates

Premier plan


  • Everything in the Starter plan, plus:
  • Scheduling
  • Public proposals
  • Automated workflows
  • Multiple leads captures at once
  • Zapier integration

Dubsado client portal alternative worth using


ClientVenue is a client portal software that all agencies can use. It enables users to manage client projects, build client portals, collaborate with their team, and keep track of project progress.

As a business owner, you always want to give your clients the best possible experience. That's why choosing the right client portal software is so important. ClientVenue is the best client portal software for a number of reasons.

  • First, ClientVenue is very user-friendly. Your clients can log in quickly and access the information they need. There's no learning curve, and they'll be able to get started immediately.
  • Second, ClientVenue is very customizable. You can tailor the portal to fit your specific business needs. This means that your clients will only see the information that's relevant to them.
  • Third, ClientVenue is always updating and improving. The team is constantly releasing new features and improvements. This means that your clients will always have the latest and most incredible experience.
  • Finally, ClientVenue offers excellent customer support. If you have any queries or problems, the team is always there to help.

Choosing ClientVenue as your client portal software is the best choice for your agency. Give your clients the best possible experience with the most user-friendly, customizable, and constantly improving software.

ClientVenue Features

When it comes to client portal software, ClientVenue is one of the tops on the market. With its many features, it is no wonder many businesses use it.

Here are a few of the features that make ClientVenue stand out:

Task boards

To stay organized, create task boards for you and your team. You can also share boards with your clients to work toward common objectives.

Client Service Portal

This feature allows businesses to provide their clients with a self-service portal. This portal can be used to view account information, submit support requests, and track the status of those requests. Also, any pdf or any external links can be added.

Email Branding

This feature allows businesses to brand their emails with their own logo and domain name. This helps businesses build their brand and create a professional image.

Website White Label Branding

This feature allows businesses to brand their website with their own logo and domain name. This helps businesses build their brand and create a professional image.

Time Tracking

This is a great feature for tracking how much time you and your team spend on a project. This can be helpful in billing clients and managing your time more efficiently.

Customized Dashboard

ClientVenue allows you to customize your dashboard to fit your specific needs. This is helpful if you want to be able to view all of your projects in one place and track your progress.

Client Onboarding

This feature lets you efficiently onboard new clients and gets them started with your project. This can preserve you a lot of time and make the process of starting a new project much simpler, and can be a great welcome message to your client.

Daily Standups

 This is a great feature for team communication. It allows you to have a daily standup with your team to discuss the progress of your project and any issues that need to be addressed.


This feature allows you to generate reports to track progress and see how your team performs. This can help manage your project and ensure that it is on track.


ClientVenue integrates with many other software, making it convenient to use. This can be helpful if you use multiple software for your project management.

Portal specific logo

One of the best features is the ability to change the logo. This allows you to customize the look and feel of the application to match your company's branding or your personal preference.

Approval and comment

Approvals and comments feature are extremely helpful in keeping track of progress and be certain that everyone is on the same page.


The accessible services feature is also handy. This allows you to connect ClientVenue with other applications, such as Google Calendar or Slack. This makes it easy to keep track of all your tasks and projects in a single place.

List, Calender and board view

Finally, the list, calendar, and board views are all great ways to view your tasks and projects. You can choose the view that works best for you and your team. This flexibility makes ClientVenue an excellent choice for managing your projects and tasks.

ClientVenue Pros

  • ClientVenue is very user-friendly and straightforward, even for those who are not tech-savvy.
  • ClientVenue offers many features to help you handle multiple projects and customization options, so you can tailor it to fit your specific needs.
  • ClientVenue has a free plan that allows you to try the software before committing to a paid plan.
  • ClientVenue integrates with many other software and tools, making your life a lot easier.

ClientVenue Cons

  • ClientVenue can be a bit overwhelming initially because there are so many features and options.


advanced project management
  • The monthly cost of the Professional Plan is $15.
  • The Enterprise Plan costs $25 per month.

Both choices have a 14-day free trial period.

If you sign up for a full year, you will receive two more months for free.

How ClientVenue helps multiple teams inside the organisation as a client portal?

There are various types of teams that ClientVenue supports as a client portal. These teams include creative teams, finance teams, marketing teams, HR teams, advertising teams, design teams, and SEO teams. 

Each type of team has different needs, and ClientVenue can support them effectively.

  • For creative teams, ClientVenue provides an easy way to organize and track tasks. This makes it easy for team members to stay on top of their work and collaborate effectively. 
  • Finance team can use ClientVenue to track expenses and budget. This ensures that the team stays on track and can control its spending.
  • Marketing team can use ClientVenue to create and track campaigns. This helps the team measure their campaigns' performance and make necessary adjustments. 
  • HR team can use ClientVenue to keep track of employee performance and compliance. This helps the team identify potential issues and address them quickly.
  • Advertising teams can use ClientVenue to track leads and conversions. This helps the team measure their campaigns' effectiveness and optimize them for better results. 
  • Design teams can use ClientVenue to create and track design projects. This helps the team to stay on top of their work and meet deadlines.
  • SEO teams can use ClientVenue to track their rankings and progress. This helps the team to measure their success and identify areas that need improvement. 

ClientVenue is an effective tool for supporting various teams. It is user-friendly and has a wide range of features that can be customized to meet the needs of any team.


Do you manage clients? If so, you know how important it is to have good client portal software. ClientVenue is the best client portal software for a number of reasons.

  • ClientVenue is highly user-friendly. Your clients can log in and use the portal with no problem.
  • ClientVenue is very versatile. You can use it for various tasks such as managing projects, collaborating on documents, and tracking time.
  • ClientVenue is affordable. You can get started with a free plan and upgrade as your needs grow.
  • ClientVenue integrates with a number of other software programs, making it even more powerful.
  • Finally, ClientVenue has excellent customer support. If you have any problems, they will quickly help you.

If you are looking for the best client portal software, ClientVenue is the clear choice.

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