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What would you like to be? When deciding what to do with their lives, many individuals ask themselves this question. If "successful" is the answer, you should prioritise community over competition.

Numerous individuals spend their time attempting to earn money, but fail to improve their professional relationships once they achieve success. This is a grave error.
In this post, we will discuss eleven steps that will improve your quality of life and generate more happiness for your organization!

What is the Community Over Competition concept?
Community over competition implies that you prioritize the welfare of the people over the commercialization of the goods and services you provide. It is a term used by many business owners and professionals, as it emphasis that they are not only interested in making money for themselves, but also in enhancing the lives of their customers.

Community over competition does not require you to give away all of your products and services for free or start a nonprofit organisation. It means that if someone is uncomfortable with the price they are paying, an alternative solution should be offered.

When it comes down to it, community trumps competition because it focuses on building relationships rather than maximizing profits. Managing your work relationships will contribute significantly to your success.
How will Community Over Competition benefit my company?
Community over competition can provide numerous benefits to your business. First, it can help you build a solid customer base that is likely to purchase from you repeatedly; they will become loyal customers!

It also involves collaborating with other businesses on mutually beneficial projects or initiatives. If you are a writer and your client is an interior designer, for instance, they may ask you to write their next blog post. This means that both of you will receive increased exposure!
You must ensure that, when collaborating with other businesses or individuals, competition does not hinder their understanding of each individual's role within the organization.

If you and your client/partner do not clearly define each role, it can lead to discord among team members, as they will each believe that their job is the most crucial!
In order for our community over competition movement to be successful, we must be willing to share knowledge with one another; this includes being transparent about your strengths, weaknesses, and goals.
It is essential that you communicate to your team what success looks like for them and that you set attainable goals!

This will help motivate employees or coworkers within the organisation, which can lead to an increase in productivity. Keep in mind, however, that everyone's definition of "success" may vary!
If you follow these eleven simple steps, we guarantee that your business will be able to boost its productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

  1. Transmission
    This is an essential aspect of any relationship, both in and out of the workplace! Speak with as many individuals as possible.
    This includes not only discussing work, but also family and pets. It will not only make them feel more appreciated, but it will also help you avoid misunderstandings that could lead to workplace frustrations.

2. Â Be yourself
Whether this involves wearing a humorous T-shirt or removing your glasses while working on a significant project, just be yourself!
Consequently, you will not feel the need to put on a false persona around your coworkers, and you will also enjoy your work more.

3. Â Be truthful We recognise that this is easier said than done, as it requires putting yourself out there despite what others may say hurting or upsetting you.
But for community over competition to work, you must be able to look in the mirror and acknowledge that your company or business has made mistakes.

4. Â Practice gratitude This may appear to be a simple step, but it is crucial! When you are grateful for the things around you, they take on greater significance, which can contribute to your happiness.
Therefore, the next time someone compliments you, don't dismiss it! Express gratitude and express your appreciation for their kind words.

5. Â Commemorate achievements
This is closely related to gratitude but is often overlooked when we are stressed or busy running around like headless chickens.
The most important thing to remember is that all parties involved should be able to celebrate their successes together.

6. Smile
Why not smile more often? We all know that smiling can improve your mood and make you feel happier. This is a great tip for you and those around you, as they will want to maintain the positive energy!

7. Practice mindfulness
This is another simple step that can have a significant impact on your work and personal life. Take five minutes the next time you eat lunch at your desk to put away all electronic devices and focus on the food in front of you.

8. Take breaks
This may seem like an obvious step, but many people overlook it! If you are working long hours without taking any breaks, your productivity and mood will begin to decline.
Try setting a timer for 15 minutes every hour and using this time to go outside or make tea.
Exercise We are all aware of the importance of exercise, but do we actually engage in it? This is a crucial step for increasing your job satisfaction, so get up and go for a walk.
This will help you clear your mind and generate new ideas that could be beneficial to the company!

9. Spend time with your family
This is one of our favourite steps because it allows us more time to spend together. The importance of family should not be forgotten.
Try organising a family day this weekend where everyone can spend quality time together doing something they enjoy.

10. Rely on the procedure
This is the last step, and it is closely related to practising mindfulness. But what exactly does "trust the process" mean? This implies that you should trust yourself to do your best work without comparing yourself to others or worrying about their opinions of you; instead, you should concentrate on how far you have come!
Why must you prioritise the community?
Money is essential, but it should not be the only concern. It's a competitive world out there, and we must learn to work together rather than compete with others.
When people collaborate to build a community, they generate more creative, productive, and innovative ideas. It is also important to discuss your ideas with coworkers in the same situation as you!

11. Instead of giving up when you feel like it, why not pat yourself on the back for what you've already accomplished?
If everyone stopped caring about what others are doing, there would be no competition, resulting in happier employees.
Integrity is essential when constructing a community. Once you have established trust with your employees, not only will they want to work for you, but they will also recommend you to others. Be genuine and trustworthy, and your employees will notice this immediately.

When you assist others, they begin to assist themselves! If we each focused on our own work without regard for what others are doing, we could accomplish so much more than if we were constantly in competition with one another.
This is applicable not only in the workplace but also in everyday life with family and friends. Keep in mind that competition is about winning, which is not always a good thing!

Do your best work and encourage those around you to do the same, which will help everyone become more productive in their daily tasks.
This is why it is essential to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine. When we practise mindfulness, we experience less stress, and as a result, the "noise" in our minds subsides, allowing us to concentrate on what truly matters and what we wish to accomplish.
We are interdependent and require a community without judgement. Let's all collaborate to make this happen!

As you can see, it is not always necessary to beat the competition; sometimes we must work together instead. Community, not competition, is what will grow your business and make you and your employees happier in your jobs.
This also applies to family life! Think of the community as a team in which everyone is dependent on one another, and you will be more productive and happier!

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