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Client document portals are becoming more popular these days. They allow companies to share the important documents with their clients and offers several notable features which is a huge benefit for business owners.

This post will discuss 15 reasons why your company should be using Client Document Portal software today!

1. Robust Document Management Features

The Client Document Portal is build with professional services to offer  robust document management features. The portal provides a central location for your team to store, share and manage documents.

The alerts will tell you about the uploads and downloads of  documents. You can also easily search for documents from your portal, which makes it even easier to find the files you need.

One of the best features is that this document management system integrates seamlessly with leading accounting and business applications such as Netsuite, Sage 50c, Xero, QuickBooks, Bill.com and Zoho Books to extend our client portal features to the apps you love.

It also features an easy-to-use interface with simple navigation that all users can understand quickly without any training required.

2. Reduces the hours of manual labor

Organising the files and documents can be a difficult task, but with the help of client portal solutions you will have more time to work on other projects.

The Client Portal solution manages all your files and documents so that they are available wherever whenever you need them.

All your important information is stored in one place which reduces the manual labor required to complete tasks such as organizing the files.

Client document portal software can be installed on-premise and used through a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

The on-premise version of the software is installed in your computer’s hard drive, while the hosted version is similar to other cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive where you can access files online.

3. Easy Sharing with Clients

One of the best feature about online document portals is that you can easily send files over via email or other virtual channels. When using an HTML client portal, you can even embed multimedia assets directly into the webpage.

Customer service is also improved when using the Client Portal software because  you can allow your clients to download documents anytime, anywhere they are available, which makes it easier for them to get access to what they need.

They may have questions on how something works or want more information about a specific tax form so being able to share these files with them helps to get you more business.

4. Integrated with Office 365 and Google Drive

The Client Portal is built to integrate seamlessly into your existing cloud storage solution. With this, you can store files in the cloud or on-premise while still providing a great user experience for clients.

You can also integrate the Client Portal software with your existing email solution, which is a common feature that many users like to take advantage of.

With this powerful document portal system, you'll be able to offer  custom branding options and user access controls so only certain people in your organization have permission to log into it or upload documents.

This means you can give your employees access to the client portal while limiting what they are able to do.

5. Accessibility

The portal provides a central location for your files, but it also offers great content management features. You can publish documents in various formats to ensure that clients have the right view of their materials while on-the-go or at home.

Caseware files are the most important documents used by your team so it's crucial that they always be available when needed.

You can easily access all of these application files directly from the Client Portal software because this document management app allows users to securely upload, download and manage files.

6. Sophisticated Security Features

The Client Portal software has enhanced security because it allows  users in your company to protect their content with a password or fingerprint scan before they can upload files into the system.

This means that only authorized employees will be able to access the content. The client document portal understands that it's important to keep your clients' data secure.

Client document portal provides advanced security features like built-in multi-factor authentication, encryption and extensive audit trails for all actions taken on the portal.

7. Enhanced Collaboration

The portal allows you to share documents with multiple users, which is great for teams. You can also take advantage of the public link sharing features so that clients have access too.

This creates a collaborative environment among your team and clients! The Collaborative tools increases  productivity because you can easily share files and folders with your team.

You can also create notifications to ensure that employees always know the latest updates made by other users so nothing gets missed.

8. Find Document Data with Tags

Tags are a great way to manage your documents! You can set custom tags for each folder so that it's easy find the files you need. Searching through large document repositories has never been easier thanks to the advanced search features.

The portal allows you to easily search by file name, tag or other custom fields. Otherwise, you can use the advanced search to find documents based on various criteria like keywords, folder or even when they were created.

9. Connects with Existing Workflows and Systems of Record

The Client Portal is easy to integrate into your existing workflows and systems of record like Microsoft Dynamics GP, Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks Online.

This allows you to improve user adoption by keeping everyone on the same platform while still getting the benefits of the portal.

Powerful integration helps you to do  your job better because  you can connect the Client Portal software to your existing applications and systems. This ensures that files are easily accessible at all times, which is great for teams!

10. Built-in Client Communication Tools

The first time you upload a document, portal provides an email notification to your clients letting them know that they have new documents waiting for review.

Communication with the clients is prominent for any company. The portal allows for document sharing, but it also provides the ability to publish blog posts. This is a great way of communicating with your clients!

11. Works in both directions

The portal allows for both uploading and downloading. For example, you can send your client an email with a link to the document that they need or upload documents into their account so they have access at all times!

The Client Document Portal is about more than just sending files back and forth- it works in two directions. You can easily upload documents into the system, but your clients can also upload files as well.

This is a great way to provide them with access at all times!

12. Customize the display

The look and feel of the Client Portal is completely customizable with a number of themes, colors and fonts from which to choose. This makes it easy for you to establish a unique brand experience that matches your company's image!

Customization is important in any business setup! The portals software offers numerous customization options so that you can personalize the look and feel of your portal. This is perfect for any business!

13. Mobile App Support

The Client Portal comes with a mobile app so that your clients can easily access their files from anywhere! The app allows users to view, share and download documents as well as create new folders.

Everything is in your hand with the mobile app! Clients can easily access their files from anywhere because there is a mobile version of this portal. This ensures that your clients are always in the loop with what's going on at your company.

14. Powerful Search Tools to Find Content Quickly

Search tools are built into the portal so that you can easily find files when it matters most. The portal makes is easy by only showing results from documents that you actually own.

Apart from document titles, the client can also search the files through content. This makes it easy to find files by searching for keywords.

The search results are also limited only to the ones that you actually own, which prevents other clients from accessing them.

15. Track and Report on Document Usage to Improve Efficiency

The portal provides a central location for team files, while also tracking who downloads your documents the most.

This information can be used to determine which assets are being shared with clients or not! If you have any questions about our document management solution please do not hesitate to contact us.

The portal updates itself from time to time for providing the needs of the client. For example, it allows you to track who downloads your documents and how often they are used to make sure that employees know which files are needed more than others.

The Client Document Portal offers many usages for your business! With all its impeccable features, the Client Document Portal can make document management easier! You can try it out for your business and pave the way for your promising growth.

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