How to Handle Business Depression: 25 Ways to Heal

Business depression is an ongoing sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and feelings of hopelessness that can seriously impact your health. Not everyone who suffers from business depression has clinical depression, but the symptoms are very similar.

How to Handle Business Depression: 25 Ways to Heal

Starting a business is a difficult endeavor. There will be ups and downs, but with hard work and perseverance, you can achieve great success. That's what most people think, at least.

However recent studies show that some founders are struggling with mental health issues more than the general population.

A study found that business owners were twice as likely to suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts as those who don't own businesses.

What is business depression?

Business depression is an ongoing sadness, loss of interest in daily activities, and feelings of hopelessness that can seriously impact your health.

Not everyone who suffers from business depression has clinical depression, but the symptoms are very similar. You can clean up your business on a regular basis to make it more productive.

The causes for this type of disorder vary greatly depending on the individual's personal history as well as their current situation including work overload, family issues, financial pressure, and even the weather.

Who is affected by these?

While anyone can suffer from this type of depression, it is most common in startup founders and other people who work for themselves.

People that run their own business tend to be more at risk because they often feel isolated and the likelihood of debt increases significantly when self-employment becomes a full-time job.

Even successful business owners with their stores can feel like they are struggling when the economy is down or they are facing more competition than ever before.

Self-employed people tend to be at greater risk of suffering from depression due to the financial stress and anxiety that comes with being responsible for everything including payroll, taxes, benefits, rent or mortgage payments, and health care expenses.

What are some symptoms?

The following are some of the most common symptoms associated with business depression:

  • Lacking energy, being fatigued all the time.
  • Feeling sad or hopeless for more than two weeks straight.
  • Changes in appetite and weight loss/gain are possible as well.
  • You may also feel irritable, angry, anxious, or have difficulty concentrating at work.

Other symptoms may point to business depression if you experience them for more than two weeks. These include thoughts of death or suicide, trouble sleeping at night, and difficulty in waking up during the morning hours.

Reasons for business depression may vary, but the symptoms are generally the same.

How to manage business depression?

1. Talk it Out

If you feel like your business depression is getting out of hand, you should talk with someone about what you're experiencing.

Studies show that people who seek professional help for their business depression often see great improvements in their overall health and happiness within six months.

Many therapists can work through your business depression and get back on the right track. You could also consider speaking with a loved one or close friend about what's happening.

There may be support in unexpected places, so don't give up just because one avenue isn't working for you.

Willpower alone won't cure business depression. Get the help you need and talk to someone about what's going on in your life so that you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

2. Accept your flaws

No one is perfect, and chances are you might not be able to overcome your business depression by yourself.

Accepting your flaws can make the process of getting help much easier because it takes away some of the pressure that comes with trying to fix everything on your own.

Be sure you're taking time for yourself as well during this difficult time in your life. Even if you're feeling down, try to take time each day for yourself and do something that makes you feel good again.

Having a hobby or going out with friends can help recharge your batteries so that when the time comes to work on your business depression, you have more energy than ever before!

3. Unplug from business

While it's important to take care of your mental health, you can't neglect your business. You don't need to completely unplug from technology during this difficult time, but try not checking emails after hours or only working on weekends so that you have more free time than ever before.

By taking a step back and giving yourself some space, you'll be able to re-evaluate all of your business decisions and move forward with more motivation than ever before.

This doesn't mean that you should neglect your business, but by giving yourself a chance to recharge both mentally and physically, you can get back on the right track again!

  • Log off from social media for at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Limit checking emails after hours and only work on the weekends if possible to give yourself a break from your business for once!

Taking care of yourself is important, but try not to neglect your business either by working too much without taking time to recharge both mentally and physically as well!

4. Join a Community

Joining a community or even just giving yourself time to connect with friends and family is often helpful in dealing with business depression.

Many people find that reaching out for support from others can be beneficial during this difficult time as well, so don't forget about the power of your loved ones!

Spending some quality time focused on social activities like going to a movie with friends or even just going for a walk in the park can be beneficial as well!

If your business depression is getting worse, try reaching out and joining some communities. Social activities like spending time with family and friends are also great ways of recharging both mentally and physically during this difficult time!

5. Give Yourself Time

It may take time before you start seeing the improvements in your overall health and happiness when dealing with business depression.

Keep in mind that it will not happen overnight, so be patient and don't expect too much from yourself all at once. Beating this type of disorder is almost always a long-term process, but things can get better if you take the right steps.

Don't expect immediate results when dealing with business depression. It's a long-term process that takes time, so be patient and keep working towards your goals every day!

It may take some time before you start feeling better again, but it will happen if you don't give up on yourself!

6. Remember that Business never defines you

It's ok if your business doesn't succeed or fail because you are still a great person even without it. Business depression can be difficult because your business is tied to your identity, but remember that it doesn't define you!

Don't forget that even if your business fails, you are still a great person without it! Remember that your mental health is the most important thing when dealing with business depression.

You are the most important asset to your business, so keep taking care of yourself and remember that it's ok if things don't always go as planned!

7. Break down your work into smaller tasks

Breaking up your work tasks into specific deadlines with a set amount of hours to dedicate towards them is also an important step in dealing with business depression.

It's important not to be too hard on yourself, so be reasonable with what you are candle!

For example, you can wake up at the same time every day and give yourself a set amount of hours that you'll work each week. Having specific deadlines to meet will help keep your mind focused on other things besides business depression!

It's also important to be realistic with what you are candle when dealing with this type of disorder.

Being too hard on yourself will only lead to stress and anxiety, so try breaking down your work into smaller goals that you can accomplish each day!

8. Give Yourself Breaks

We all know that you need to take breaks when it comes to dealing with business depression, but sometimes we don't realize how important they are until after the fact.

If your health is at risk because of stress and anxiety-related issues, then even taking a fifteen-minute break can help get on track again.

It's also really important that you take care of yourself during this time because it can help with your overall mental and physical wellbeing as well.

9. Seek Professional Support

Seeking professional support is often necessary for those who are struggling with business depression, but that doesn't mean you should neglect taking time to recharge every day!

Try to set a reminder on your phone or write down some ideas about different types of activities you could try out to help yourself feel a little better each day.

Many people have found success in turning to their friends and family for support during this difficult time as well because they know exactly what you're going through!

Don't be afraid to seek professional support if your business depression is getting worse, but don't forget about the power of the people close to you as well! Set reminders on your phone or write down a list of some things that could help you feel better each day.

Reach out to friends and family for support if needed too because they can be just as helpful in getting through this difficult time! Being optimistic is great, but don't forget to be patient too.

10. Share Your Story

By sharing what you are going through, you can help others who are struggling with similar issues and learn about new ways to cope too.

We all need a little support from time to time, so be sure to reach out for it! Don't ever forget that the people close to you always have your best interest at heart and they want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Don't forget that sharing what you are going through can benefit others too. It lifts the weight off your shoulders to know that you're not alone in this, and it helps others learn more about what they can do to help as well!

11. Find Inspiration in Others

One great way to get through business depression is by finding inspiration in others. Even just learning about other people's stories can help you want to keep trying when things get tough.

Knowing that you are not the only one who has gone through what you have can be extremely comforting because it gives you a sense of hope for the future.

12. Create a Plan

Creating a plan is one of the best ways to get through business depression because it gives you something to look forward to each day. It also allows you to see how far you've already come!

Start by creating your own personal and unique plan and then think about ways that you can make it fun or rewarding if needed.

Don't forget that having fun with this is extremely important too because it will make the process go by a lot faster!

13. Get Moving

No matter what your fitness level is, getting moving can be one of the best ways to improve your mental wellness during the business depression. Even if it's just for ten minutes, go outside or try to get to the gym.

You must stay positive during this difficult time because it can help with your overall physical health, and it can also increase your energy levels too! Start by working out for just ten minutes a day if needed and then work your way up from there.

14. Find a Hobby

Having a hobby is an important part of staying healthy during difficult times like these because it allows you to take your mind off stress and focus on something else.

Don't be afraid to try out new things or celebrate the little wins with your favorite hobbies too! No matter what you choose, make sure that it's something that makes you happy and proud.

15. Practice Good Self-Care

It's easy to get caught up in what you have going on at work, but make sure to take the time out of your day to practice good self-care too! Maybe take a bubble bath or drink some herbal tea. It doesn't matter what you do as long as it helps you relax.

When your business depression is really bad, it can be easy to neglect yourself and forget about good self-care, but it's you must practice every day because it will make a difference!

16. Practice Mindfulness

Many people appreciate mindfulness practices during the business depression because they are proven to lower stress levels and boost overall mind-body wellness.

You don't have to buy anything fancy to try out mindfulness, you can simply take some time before or after work to practice it. Before going to bed, each night is also a great way to maintain your mind-body wellness too.

17. Learn Something New

When your business depression is bad, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to keep learning. Keep challenging your mind and try out a new hobby or take a class at a local community college.

Even if it's just reading a children's book, learning something new is an easy way to stay active, creative, and emotionally balanced during these tough times. Don't ever forget that all the little steps you take will make a huge difference.

18.  Do Something Nice for Someone Else

It can be difficult to make time for others during business depression, but one great way to get through it is by doing something nice or small for someone else.

Maybe you could send a thank-you card, bring in some baked goods to share with your co-workers, or even just give someone a smile when they're having a bad day.

Try to find ways that will fit the other person because then you'll feel good too! When you do something kind for another person, it immediately helps reduce stress and boosts happiness levels which are two things everyone needs when they're struggling.

19. Eat Right

When your business depression hits hard, it can be tempting to reach out for unhealthy foods like junk food, but make sure to eat right when you can.

Start by making a healthy breakfast and eating it every morning before work or during your lunch break instead of skipping it. It's a great way to start the day off right without even thinking about it!

20. Engage in Stress-Reducing Activities

Sometimes the best way that you can care for yourself during business depression is through stress-reducing activities that reduce blood pressure and boost overall wellness. Start by going on a nice walk or call up an old friend for coffee.

Just be extra careful not to get caught up in one particular activity because then you'll never get out of your rut!

At this point, everyone has their idea of what makes them happy and what works well for them. Find yours and don't forget about it no matter how bad your business depression gets because it's the only way that you'll ever feel better again.

21. Practice Meditation or Yoga

You can also try meditation or yoga during these difficult times to harness inner peace and reduce stress, especially when things start feeling out of control at work.

Both activities are proven to lower stress levels and increase overall wellness in a short period make sure to prioritize both when you need them most! And if sitting still is too hard, maybe go for gentle walks instead because it will still be beneficial!

22. Lean on Your Friends and Family For Support

When anxiety hits like a ton of bricks, usually the best thing to do is reach out for support. Remember that it's okay to ask for help because no one expects you to deal with business depression on your own, especially not when you have so much pressure from work already!

Try calling someone close to you or even just send a text that says I'm struggling right now, can I call you? Make sure not to be stubborn though because it won't help anyone in the long run!

23. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature during business depression is an easy way to start feeling better again simply because being outside makes everyone feel happier.

Even if you don't consider yourself a nature lover, there are many quiet places where people go when they're feeling overwhelmed to find calmness and serenity.

Even if you just sit there without really doing much else, it will still be better than being at the office during the business depression because that can make everything feel worse!

24. Practice Yoga or Pilates

Yoga and pilates are great ways to get your body moving again so why not try both? Even if you hate yoga, pilates is a great alternative since it doesn't require strength training which taking breaks from anyway.

Use this time to focus on deep breathing which reduces stress levels after only five minutes of practice!

And remember that everyone hates themselves when they're anxious about work no matter how hard they pretend otherwise because I know I sure do! So don't be afraid to ask for help or reach out to someone because it's not a sign of weakness, but one of strength!

25.  Take a Vacation to Get Away

Lastly, remember that it's okay to take a break! You can do whatever you want during the business depression and no one will fault you for taking a vacation.

It might even be easier than working depending on how bad things get so why not try? Or plan a mini-getaway with friends or family if that's more up your alley.


Finding business success is one of the most rewarding feelings, but it can also be incredibly difficult. You might not always be able to predict what's around the corner, but you mustn't let this get in your way.

Instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong, try thinking about how much more difficult it would be if you weren't trying to do something amazing with your life.

Don't ever forget that you are doing this because it's what makes you happy, and nothing else should matter as long as that is the case!

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