Best Client Portal that suits your Business

Best Client Portal that suits your Business

At Best Client Portal, we have a lot of information for you to read through. Whether you're an executive who is looking to increase communication with your team or a new employee trying to get up-to-speed on the company's policies and procedures, this website has everything that you need.

We hope that the Best Client Portal will help make your life easier!

#1 CPASiteSolutions

Client portals are a great tool for every client to have one-on-one time with their CPAs. These portals can be formatted in ways that work best for each individual company and will help the entire business run more efficiently.

Here we offer custom-designed client portal options so you get exactly what you need from your accountants while still being able to stay up to date on any changes or new information they may release about your company, clients, etc.

Client portals are a great tool for every client to have one-on-one time with their CPAs. These portals can be formatted in ways that work best for each individual company and will help the entire business run more efficiently.

Features of CPASiteSolutions

CPASiteSolutions is a website development company that specializes in affordable web design and marketing. We have been developing websites for over 12 years now, so we know what it takes to create an effective site within your budget. Some of the features our sites include are:

  • Unlimited pages included per month with all plans except Basic.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Content Management System, so all you have to do is add the content and publish it when your site goes live!
  • SEO-friendly URLs that are short in length for higher search engine rankings.

#2 ClientWhys

ClientWhys is the ultimate software solution for small businesses. We are revolutionizing how companies do business with their clients by providing them with a digital platform that allows them to connect all aspects of their company into one place, accessible through any mobile device or computer!

Our Best Client Portal can be tailored specifically based on your needs and preferences.

Features of ClientWhys

ClientWhys offers clients different options for online training, live classroom training, and phone coaching. The products are all customized to fit your company's needs so you get exactly what works best for your business.

You can choose between on-demand or scheduled courses, making it easy to offer advanced learning opportunities without investing in infrastructure just like magic!

It’s not just features though but benefits as well because ClientWhys makes sure every single encounter goes smoothly, reducing customer service costs significantly while building loyalty at the same time.

As always we love hearing from our users about their experiences using this great tool.

#3 BuildYourFirm

BuildYourFirm is the best client portal that can help you to manage your clients from one place. You can create multiple profiles and connect with the right people as per their requirements easily.

The idea behind this tool is to give agents, brokers and companies an all-in-one platform for managing their business via automated lead generation & follow-up tools or through manual outreach tactics.

Features of BuildYourFirm

  • Lead management this feature allows users to send a personalized email message directly from within the CRM system using any workflow rules they have created in advance (i.e., "if contact has not been contacted by today then").
  • Users will also be able to export leads into spreadsheets which are uploaded to the CRM.
  • Connect with clients this feature allows companies to connect directly from their own Facebook page and post updates that will appear in a user's newsfeed on a regular basis.
  • If users want to schedule posts then they can do so by going through the BuildYourFirm dashboard or using third-party apps like Hootsuite, BufferApp, etc.
  • Users also have the ability to block certain countries during specific times of day if necessary (i.e., for nighttime hours).
  • Lead scoring in order to keep track of leads who are interested but not yet ready client profiles include an automated lead scoring system that rates leads based upon data entered into the profile forms as well as expressed via email notifications received over time.
  • This allows companies to prioritize leads by their level of interest while also keeping track of which contacts are most ready for sales follow-up.
  • Users will be able to set reminders and notifications directly in the dashboard, making it easy for agents or brokers to keep an eye on clients' progress without having to spend hours logging into multiple systems just to update contact information or check email messages sent back and forth over time.
  • The company directory module provides users with a comprehensive listing of all client profiles that have been created within BuildYourFirm so far, sorted alphabetically according to user's needs (i.e., grouped together by agency name).
  • Additionally, the platform is built using APIs allowing users to add their own data to the system in order to keep the information updated and accurate.
  • Users have the ability to track commissions, expenses, and revenue from one single location without having to switch between multiple systems or software applications during a workday.
  • This feature allows agents and brokers who are involved with companies across several different industries (i.e., insurance, real estate, etc.) all within a single platform interface which can be accessed anywhere via web portal on desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

#4 Encyro

Encyro is an online business software that allows your company to track its progress. It's an all-inclusive client portal platform that boosts productivity and saves time by allowing you to access any information needed at anytime, anywhere.

Features of Encyro

Encyro is a secure cloud for your medical records. It allows users to access their personal health information from any device with an Internet connection, including computers and tablets running on Android or iOS operating systems.

Data can be shared between patients, family members, and doctors quickly and easily without the need to download files or transfer data via email servers.

Encyro allows you to create a personal profile with your medical history, prescriptions, and allergies. Your doctor can add information about the care they provide together with their contact details.

You can also add other family members such as children or partners, who will be able to access this data if necessary. This is particularly helpful in case of an emergency.

#5 SmartVault

The SmartVault client portal is designed with your business process in mind. Our secure online storage of documents and files makes it easy for you to access the information that matters most, whether you’re on or off-site. Managing documents has never been more efficient than with our best client portal solution.

Features of SmartVault

  • Pricing options are available upon request
  • This software is designed specifically for small businesses that need a dedicated cloud storage solution that can grow with their company.
  • With 100GB of online storage included in your subscription, there's no need to worry about running out of space when it comes time to share documents with clients.
  • Only the people assigned by you have access so security is not an issue.
  • Easily store various file types including Microsoft Office Documents, PDFs, Audio/Video Files, Photos & more.

#6 OneHub

OneHub is a leading provider of end-to-end collaboration tools for businesses. OneHub's all-inclusive best client portal service offers enterprise clients the opportunity to manage their accounts easily and effectively while building stronger relationships with their customers, partners, investors - anyone they choose.

One Hub makes it easy to get your team onboarded on our platform quickly. Once you’ve been added as an administrator or member of a company account, users can be invited through email or from inside each user’s existing Onehub dashboards by clicking Invite User in the top right corner next to Help & Support.

Users will receive invitations simultaneously via email and will see these invites appear alongside any pending requests that come into their Onehub dashboards as well as on their ‘Dashboard Notifications’ tab.

Features of  OneHub

  • OneDrive allows users to store and share documents in the cloud, while Dropbox offers a similar service for businesses.
  • Box also provides file-sharing services that optionally let companies control how their data can be used by employees outside of work hours.
  • Google Drive enables users to create and store documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in the cloud.
  • The OneHub messenger lets users chat with other people who also have the app installed on their devices. This is a good way to collaborate or communicate quickly while working together on shared files.
  • The file-sharing system allows users to define different permissions for each of their files; this ensures that only those people with the right permissions can access them.
  • OneHub simplifies sharing as it gives users a single platform to manage files and communicate online; it also offers offline support for popular file types, such as images and videos.
  • It is an intuitive app that lets you share all your data in one place without sacrificing security or control over how this information is used.
  • OneHub can be accessed on any device that has a web browser, including smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS operating systems.
  • It also works well for PC users as it provides access to files through the online interface of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage system.
  • Users who want to use the app without an internet connection will need to download the OneHub app on their Android devices.
  • OneHub is available for free through Google Play and can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • There are also several plans to choose from, depending on how much storage space you need or what number of people will be using this system; each plan has additional features that make it more cost-effective.
  • OneHub is a great choice for people who work in multiple locations or share information with partners, contractors, and employees.


This is a good resource for those who want to build their own client portal. You can find all the necessary information here and it will be an amazing help in the development process! So, don't hesitate if you need such features as project management software, task management apps, or content publishing platforms you can find them all in the list of Best Client Portal.

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