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A business management tool is suggested software used to streamline and automate various processes within a company for business functions such as project management, accounting, human resources, and customer relationship management.

You can tackle your project management issues using several project management tools. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate the various unprecedented management and inventory management requirements of your business and select the best warehouse management solutions.

Many different cloud business suite and management tools are available, each one integrated solution with its features, fixed cost model, and capabilities. I'll be comparing agiled vs SuiteDash in the following content. You can compare Agiled vs SuiteDash with its features, pricing, pros, cons, and reviews.

Before comparing, let’s understand both tools with basic information, and then we can compare them in detail. You can also find the best alternative to agiled vs SuiteDash at the end of this article, which suits all your requirements.

Agiled vs SuiteDash: Overview

What is Agiled?

unified platform

Agiled is an all-in-one, business management software platform designed to help you manage employees, projects, and tasks, track your time, create professional contracts, and incorporate comprehensive customer relationship management.

You can manage your leads, clients, and tickets with the customer's success help of the comprehensive CRM system offered by Agiled. Install a client portal core business system so you may work on projects with your clients directly involved too.

Agiled is a platform for managing work and company that enables users to manage their entire business from a single location.

Together with Zapier Integration, Integromate Integration, API, and Custom Webhooks, Agiled has several native Integrations. It provides Contracts and Professional Proposals, CRM, HRM, project Financials Management, and Projects and Task Management.

What is SuiteDash?

netsuite user interface

SuiteDash is a fully integrated cloud-based platform that is more than simply client portal software and dedicated solutions that can meet all small- to medium-sized organizations' software requirements.

Regrettably, many business owners have lost their patience with software due to spending excessive time and money attempting to learn numerous systems and then getting those different systems to cooperate.

SuiteDash is a comprehensive, business management software that facilitates teamwork and enhances client communication. A client information portal, subscription administration, feedback gathering, continuous data backup, and file storage are just a few of the services offered by this package.

Agiled vs SuiteDash: Features Comparison

Features of Agiled CRM

1. Customized Dashboard

rich customization

Agiled offers a personalized dashboard feature where you can monitor all your projects, client requests, tasks, performance, invoice details, hourly count, and team attendance.

2. Project Management

project management capabilities

Project management is simple using Agiled. Use project templates to create projects, invite clients and team members, share documents, and complete tasks on schedule.

3. Manage Tasks

task scheduling

With Agiled, creating and tracking tasks is simple. Give your team tasks and monitor their progress. Use a task calendar and a tasks kanban board to stay organized and on schedule.

4. Invoices

online invoicing

You can send estimates, receive and manage payments through online invoicing, create expert invoices, add credit notes, and keep tabs on your spending. Also, you can control customer subscriptions and send recurring invoices.

5. Teams

workflow automation

Agiled makes it simple to manage your personnel and everything associated with them. One location to manage their events, vacations, and attendance. Via the employee portal, your staff members may also log time, amend tasks, and offer customer support.

6. Time Tracking

real time analytics

With a straightforward time-tracker and timesheet, you can keep track of your productivity and billable hours. You can also view each team member's time records for non-billable hours billing a given period.

Features of SuiteDash

1. Customized Dashboard

custom domain

Each customer will view their information, files, and status. Use pre-made Dashboard layouts and Info Pages to get going faster. Insert any embeddable widget into the client portal, including iFrames, YouTube, and Vimeo movies.

2. Project Management

more projects

Using SuiteDash's card-based approach, you can visualize the status and development of individual projects and identify any possible issues. You may also optimize your workflow using one of the most well-liked project management strategies.

3. Manage Tasks

task scheduling

SuiteDash features Structured Template Tasks/Phases in the order that you would like to have them worked on and accomplished. The Tasks/Phases are generated and assigned to the new project in the precise order you specify when building the Template.

4. Invoices

customizable invoices

SuiteDash offers a full-featured Subscription Payment & Membership Site solution that offers effective subscription management options for you and the Client and a complete solution for issuing invoices and taking payments directly in the Portal.

5. Teams

consultant partner

SuiteDash enables you to create and customize a variety of acquisition and onboarding funnels intended to convert leads into satisfied clients and customers.

6. Time Tracking

reporting timesheet management vacation

Using SuiteDash, you can always have what you need at your fingertips, and nothing is ever more than a few clicks away. It is simple to keep track of the time spent on a project or task and include that time as a line item on an invoice.

Agiled vs SuiteDash: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Agiled CRM


  • The support staff is also excellent, and the platform is improving steadily, which offers me a lot of hope for the future.
  • White labeling, an intuitive UI that keeps improving, and excellent customer service make it easy to use. And it's comprehensive.
  • Setting up was simple. I had one problem quickly fixed once I emailed support—this was extremely amazing.
  • The client login portal is the key feature and is white labeled, looks great and functions as an effective work tool for me. I think that having a built-in Dark mode is amazing.


  • If you are a one-person team, you may not understand the meaning of timesheets, payroll, and employee vacation tracking.
  • Doing this will tackle a significant problem that every start-up or freelancer faces: creating proposals.
  • There is a slight shortage of translation, templates, and aesthetics, but I believe it will all be in place soon.

Pros and Cons of SuiteDash


  • Excellent features for team collaboration: SuiteDash provides a range of tools for teamwork, including file sharing and team communications.
  • Branding flexibility: Just like Agiled, SuiteDash gives users the option to alter the aesthetic of their workspace to better reflect their brand.
  • Customer management tools: Tools for managing all aspects of a customer's information are included in SuiteDash, including files, tasks, and notes.
  • Excellent reporting capabilities: SuiteDash has options for extensive reporting that benefit companies needing analytics.


  • Learning curve: SuiteDash has a steeper learning curve than other solutions because of its extensive feature set.
  • Restricted integrations: Unlike Agiled, SuiteDash offers fewer third-party service integrations, which could be problematic for some customers.

Agiled vs SuiteDash Pricing Details:

Agiled Pricing

  • You and your team can choose the best plan that makes the most sense.
  • Basic: Free of cost for users who sign up as individuals.
  • Pro: It costs $7.99 per user for one month on an annual subscription.
  • Premium: It costs $11.99 per user for one month on an annual subscription.

SuiteDash Pricing

  • Basic: $49/month. Includes 2 users, 2GB of storage, and access to all features.
  • Professional: $99/month. Includes 5 users, 5GB of storage, and access to all features.
  • Team: $199/month. Includes 10 users, 10GB of storage, and access to all features.
  • Business: Custom pricing based on individual business needs. Includes unlimited users, storage, and access to all features.

Agiled vs SuiteDash: Their Top Benefits

Benefits of Agiled

1. Better Customer Engagement: Agile CRM helps businesses to engage with their customers better by providing a single view of customer data across all channels. This helps personalize interactions, respond to customer queries quickly, and improve customer satisfaction.

2. Increased Efficiency: Agile CRM automates many manual processes, such as lead management, sales tracking, and email marketing. This helps businesses to save time and improve efficiency, allowing them to have other resources and focus on more important tasks.

3. Improved Sales Performance: Agile CRM provides tools for tracking and analyzing sales performance, helping businesses identify improvement areas and optimize their sales process. This in business intelligence can increase sales, revenue, and profitability.

4. Better Collaboration: Agile CRM provides a centralized platform for teams to collaborate, share data, and work together more efficiently. This helps to break down silos and improve communication, for better productivity and leading to better outcomes.

5. More Insights: Agile CRM provides real-time customer behavior, preferences, and needs insights. This vital data allows businesses to make informed decisions on the demand models and adjust their strategy accordingly.

6. Cost-effective: Agile CRM can be a cost-effective solution for businesses, especially in low-margin environments. low-margin environment, compared to traditional CRM solutions. With Agile CRM, businesses only pay for the features they need, which can help to reduce costs.

Benefits of SuiteDash

Project Management: SuiteDash provides various order management tools to help businesses manage tasks, timelines, and deadlines. This order management offers dedicated solutions and collaboration tools that allow businesses to stay organized and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

CRM: SuiteDash also includes key CRM features that allow businesses to manage customer relationships more effectively. It provides a centralized platform for tracking leads, managing contacts, and monitoring customer interactions.

Time Tracking: SuiteDash includes time tracking tools that help businesses to monitor employee time spent on different tasks. This can help businesses to identify areas where productivity can be improved and optimize their workflow accordingly.

Invoicing: SuiteDash provides invoicing features that allow businesses to generate professional-looking, customizable invoices more quickly and easily. It also provides tracking tools that help businesses monitor payment statuses and ensure they are paid on time.

Customization: SuiteDash allows businesses to customize the platform to suit their business needs well. This includes custom branding, user permissions, and integrations with other tools.

Security: SuiteDash takes security seriously and provides various security features to protect vital business data further. This enterprise-grade security includes two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and daily backups.

ClientVenue: Best Alternative Platform for Agiled and SuiteDash

Small businesses frequently struggle with the challenging chore of managing customers and billing. However, there is an easy fix in the form of ClientVenue, a cloud-based project management application offering a single cloud suite and a full array of features to simplify these duties.

Overview of ClientVenue:

ClientVenue is a cloud-based project management application created especially for small businesses and provides a variety of capabilities to streamline client management, invoices, scheduling, and payments across business sizes.

The robust automation tools inventory management and integration capabilities of ClientVenue make managing clients and projects simpler, freeing up organizations to concentrate on more important activities. The project management solution at ClientVenue automates time-consuming, repetitive procedures to save vital business time.

ClientVenue Top Features:

1. Customized Dashboard

ClientVenue has a customized dashboard where clients can view the project status, monitor project updates, and check the team’s performance on individual projects. You can add new widgets like projects, tasks, timesheets, standups, client requests, etc.

2. Client Projects

ClientVenue provides a unique client portal for all the client projects where internal teams and external clients can check the completed and ongoing projects. It is helpful for an agency to create and manage invoices for multiple applications and individual client projects from various clients in one place.

3. Manage Tasks

You can manage tasks by reviewing the project updates regularly through board view, list view, and project reports. ClientVenue’s task management feature allows the users to set timers for each task and change the task status based on project updates.

4. Invoice Management

ClientVenue makes it easy for all kinds of billings, payments, receipts, and invoices and sends recurring emails to team members with a few clicks. It can also be automated by setting up recurring invoices and monthly payments.

5. Teams

ClientVenue has a separate Teams section where you can add new team members to the project management software, assign tasks, projects, roles, and responsibilities, and add personal details individually.

6. Time Tracking

You can use the time tracking feature in ClientVenue to measure the time taken by each task to complete by a team member and calculate the performance of the employees individually. It also helps in organizing resources and project planning for upcoming projects.

7. App Integrations

ClientVenue easily connects with popular third-party services and apps like Google Drive and Slack. As a result, users can automate tasks and organize their workflow using ClientVenue.

8. Daily Standups

Daily Standups help different teams in an organization host a meeting to discuss project details and updates regularly. This feature is highly recommended for all-sized companies to increase team productivity and efficiency.

9. Comments and Approvals

You can use the Comments feature to make new business models get project updates from the team members, provide instructions, and assigned comments and suggestions to the team. Approval is a special feature that helps you to decide who can have which kind of permissions to the project viewing and editing access.

10. Resource Management

Resource management allows you to calculate the hourly rate of individual team members, which can help you assign resources as required for the new projects. You can get the team member's performance based on these hourly counts.

ClientVenue Pricing

Both plans come with a fully-featured 14-day free trial and an additional two months free with the annual subscription plan.

Professional Plan

  • Unlimited Client Accounts
  • All Integrations
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Collaborative team storage of 100 GB
  • White Label Portal
  • Priority Support

Enterprise Plan

  • Custom Integrations
  • Collaborative team storage of 250 GB
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Why choose ClientVenue over Agiled and SuiteDash?

There are various well-liked solutions for project management software on the market. The most popular platforms are Agiled and SuiteDash, but ClientVenue differentiates in several ways.

ClientVenue provides task management flexibility. You can assign assignments to people on complex projects or organizations, then divide them into smaller jobs.

This makes it much easier to keep automated workflows organized and on schedule. Dependencies can also be used to connect jobs, which can help your team work more effectively.

And finally, compared to Agiled and SuiteDash, ClientVenue is incredibly inexpensive. Although both services have a wide range of capabilities, ClientVenue offers many of the same features for significantly less. Also, you can use its free plan to begin going right away.

Generally, the greatest option for project management is ClientVenue. It works well for any team thanks to its adaptability, variety of features, and cost. ClientVenue is ideal for managing your projects because of its user-friendly design and strong collaboration tools.


To conclude the article with some good points, I can say that Integration with well-known services like Slack, Google Drive, and Zapier, which enables users to optimize workflows and boost productivity, is one distinctive feature of ClientVenue.

The software's capabilities are increased through these interconnections, which increases its value for project and operations management. Project managers can use this information to make wise decisions and guarantee that projects are finished on schedule.

The extensive analytics and reporting tools provided by the demand model used by ClientVenue are an additional benefit. Using these tools, users may track a project's progress and update stakeholders on its status.

Overall, ClientVenue is a great option if you're searching for a strong and flexible project management solution. Thanks to its customizable features, integrations, and reporting tools, it is a complete and integrated solution for managing projects of any size.

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