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The world today continually engages in online activities, including studying, earning, and entertaining in addition to shopping. In light of this situation, offline marketing is no longer effective. Making relationships is the foundation of marketing, and in today's world internet is the ideal setting for doing so.

Every business today whether big or small requires additional help from digital marketing agencies to boost its growth and reach. Ever since the digital revolution, digital marketing agencies have witnessed enormous growth in their businesses. Global digital advertising spending is estimated to reach 876 US billion dollars by 2026 from around 521 US billion dollars in 2021. This shows that the world will be relying more on digital marketing agencies in the coming times.

To stay on top, digital marketing agencies require a full-fledged workforce, which keeps the client's requirements and needs to be updated and completed within the given period.

If your digital marketing agency is reeling behind and not getting clients, then it is time for you to check on the job roles which you must fill in to smoothly run your digital marketing agency.

Let us guide you with the job roles you must have in your digital marketing agency.

16 Job Roles You Must Fill in Your Digital Marketing Agency

  1. Digital Account Manager
  2. Account Strategist
  3. Digital Content Manager
  4. Content Coordinator
  5. Graphic Designer
  6. Developer
  7. Creative Director
  8. Digital Marketing Specialist
  9. Digital Marketing Manager
  10. Project manager
  11. Project Coordinator
  12. Social Media Manager
  13. Copywriter
  14. Director of Business Operations
  15. Sales Manager

Read on..

Digital Account Manager

Digital account managers use digital marketing techniques to maximize a client's online exposure. When you hire these managers for your clients, their primary aim becomes developing digital campaigns, keeping an eye on clients' social media accounts, and assessing the effectiveness of marketing plans. Building trusting relationships with clients and assisting them in achieving their objectives for digital marketing are their main priorities.

Account Strategist

Account Strategists are the primary drivers for planning and assessment of the client's account. This role involves developing revenue strategies, establishing smooth and engaging customer experiences, and using analytical reasoning to resolve issues. The goal of this position is to discover pain points and formulate a plan that will eradicate those complaints while boosting income through the ceiling.

This goal is regardless of whether the client is just beginning their digital marketing journey or has a full set of projects under the company belt. In this position, promoting the interests of the clients goes a long way, and building lasting client connections sets the tone for all of the actions that are taken.

PPC Specialist

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising might be an interesting starting point if you are searching for an area to investigate in digital marketing.

Click here for PPC tests that will help you will help you evaluate candidates’ ability to make sound advertising decisions and generate maximum revenue. It is a demanding profession that is also in high demand since executing a PPC campaign necessitates a certain skill set.

A PPC Specialist takes care of PPC marketing and advertising programs, including SEO, design, planning, execution, and ad success monitoring.

Digital Content Manager

The task of developing and overseeing all of the online content for a firm's site or social media platforms falls to digital content managers. They collaborate with writers, artists, coders, and other stakeholders to produce engaging material that compels viewers to act.

They are in charge of ensuring the long-term integrity of this content. If new data is available, it may be updated, out-of-date information may be removed, or it may be made sure that all information is presented accurately and consistently across all platforms.

Content Coordinator

A content coordinator’s role is to manage the digital content and assist in posting a company’s web content. As a content coordinator, your role may include managing and supporting content and offering advice to various teams engaging in digital content sharing.

They supervise the reliability and fine details of the visual elements when creating products for a particular target or market. They interact with experts who design specialized advertising material for a variety of marketing networks.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create a unified visual identity for businesses to boost their digital marketing campaigns. In addition to developing logos, they produce a recognizable and consistent visual identity for upcoming design tasks, advertisements, and marketing materials. Graphic designers are crucial in creating a brand symbol for business because an intended audience will understand it from its online presence.


Developers are in charge of developing web pages, handling troubleshooting issues, and implementing upgrades for eCommerce, SEO, and visual, sections to encourage the best user experience. They must be familiar with the various platforms and online development tools. They can also specialize in some particular types of websites, to provide even more comprehensive administration and carry out the clients' often complex projects.

Creative Director

A creative director oversees the creative division in digital marketing firms. They are responsible for creating brand standards, designing company commercials, overseeing brand promotions, and updating briefings.

In your role as a creative director, you will collaborate with the graphic design teams to produce relevant content that lives up to client requirements. You should have a high level of creativity, dedication, and verbal and writing communication proficiency.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Creating and managing online marketing initiatives is the responsibility of a digital marketing specialist. They must employ several strategies to produce campaign material before delivering it to the proper platform or device so that their selected target audience may view it.

Their responsibility is to create and manage tasks and staff members, which includes assigning duties, evaluating team members' performance, closely monitoring finances and schedules, and creating and refining ideas.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is in charge of creating and executing plans to advertise the goods of a business or brand for any digital marketing agency. To effectively reach their customers, they handle a variety of channels, including social media, Google Adwords, web content, and email campaigns.

A good digital marketing manager must be competent enough to generate content, upload it to websites and other social networks, optimize photos, and understand how digital marketing influences a company's goals.

Project manager

Typically, the whole firm's digital marketing strategy is created, implemented, and managed by digital project managers. As a digital project manager, it is your responsibility to plan and oversee the production of all digital material, including websites, blogs, webcasts, animations, videos, and news stories.

You must be able to plan and carry out digital media activities following organizational objectives. You should be abreast of the most recent developments in digital media technology as a project manager.

Project Coordinator

A project coordinator oversees the coordination of numerous teams engaged in a firm's digital marketing operations. Their duties include developing marketing tactics and principles, coming up with business plans and ideas, conducting research to find new prospects and client demands, and staying current with fashion.

In addition to project planning and social media marketing, a digital marketing project coordinator must coordinate meetings, communicate with other parties, execute support duties, and adhere to business laws and rules.

Social Media Manager

To boost brand recognition, enhance marketing initiatives, and boost sales, social media managers are hired. They are in charge of developing, administering, managing, and monitoring the firm's social media campaign.

They should supervise and control social media material, evaluate each campaign's effectiveness, and keep up with the hottest social media features and developments. They should have multitasking skills and should be able to understand the web traffic metrics.


Copywriters are a vital part of digital marketing for your firm. They guide the content and data to be posted by giving their reviews and often making them presentable according to the client's needs.

A skilled copywriter can write original content that ranks higher on search engines. It is their responsibility to make a product marketable by making it a persistently appealing thing in consumers' eyes and providing them with ongoing encouragement to choose the product.

Director of Business Operations

The Director of Business Operations serves as the digital marketing agency's fundamental foundation. The goals of this function include agency cohesion, internal policy, and organizational operations.

To enable the agency to expand, the director of business operations makes sure that workload allocation and the right personnel strategies are implemented. This person takes immediate action to protect clients from any agency hiccups. The job role also makes sure that the client is properly invoiced and that payments are handled properly.

Sales Manager

A sales manager helps a digital marketing agency to sell its services and develops competitive advantages in the digital market. They are responsible for keeping sales expenses manageable and surpassing the market's digital sales financial goal.

In addition to supervising the sales team, the sales manager is accountable for producing creative sales plans, managing pricing schemes, and achieving marketing and sales human resource goals. By collaborating with clients and comprehending their needs, they also foster strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Wrapping up

Every digital marketing company nowadays is attempting to manage its organization efficiently. Every digital marketing agency is getting an increasing number of clients, thus these businesses must fill vacant positions and continue to grow their workforce to operate more efficiently.

Author - Tuba Sarosh

Tuba Sarosh is a result-driven SEO content writer and editor, who helps businesses turn their readers into clients. She writes about trends, tips, how-tos, and other cool stuff that helps businesses serve their customers better. When not writing, she’s either reading a good book or experimenting with recipes.

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