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Adobe Workfront has offered solutions to most project management problems for years. Yet, project managers face high Workfront pricing and may opt for an alternative.

Don't get me wrong Adobe Workfront is a great project management platform. Apart from the high pricing model, you get a system built for enterprise teams. Hence, you can collaborate, connect and simplify your workflows.

But, you need to consider other features when choosing a project management tool. Every platform is different. But, depending on your needs, you must pick one that offers you value for money and the best solutions.

In this blog, I will explain Workfront and its features. I will also include other affordable tools you can use to manage your clients' projects.

Adobe Workfront Project Management System


Adobe Workfront is an enterprise project management tool that allows you to manage the whole job lifecycle in one location.

The Workfront platform allows you to oversee workflows, resources, and team members. Many of Workfront's core features revolve around analytics, insights, and monitoring. This guarantees that the creative projects you produce are successful.

Adobe Workfront offers tools for

  • creating tasks
  • adding comments
  • assigning action items
  • customizing templates.

Adobe Workfront Key Features

  • Work automation

Connect your mission-critical systems and apps. Then use Workfront simple tools to create unique workflows that seamlessly sync data across them. There is no coding needed.

  • Workflow management

Workfront links and simplifies your whole workflow, allowing you to deliver projects more effectively.

  • Goal alignment

Integrate strategy, objectives, and work by demonstrating how each project contributes to corporate goals. You can also measure daily progress to achieve quantifiable business results

  • Reporting dashboards

You get access to reports and dashboards to keep everyone updated in real-time

  • Agile work management

Implement agile task management right within Workfront's user-friendly dashboards to improve collaboration, predictability, and results delivery.

  • Enterprise security

Workfront project management software has the industry's most advanced security and privacy measures. You can rest certain that your data customers' data is secure.

What Is Workfront Good For?

  • App integration
  • Great customer service
  • Practical task and project management
  • Supports different permission levels

Why You Need a Adobe Workfront Alternative

  • Most expensive project management tool
  • Difficult to navigate for new users
  • No inbuilt chat app
  • Creating a mock account to test your software is difficult
  • Difficult automation features

Adobe Workfront-pricing Overview

Adobe Workfront has several plans you can use to manage your client’s projects. Each plan has its features depending on your business goals.

  • Pro lets you drive results for the entire department
  • Business connects various departments
  • Enterprise helps you attain better results across your business 

But, Adobe Workfront plans are not indicated on the website. You might have to request a quotation for the plans.

One can say that the prices are not indicated because all businesses have varying needs. Hence, you can’t fully meet these needs with a one-size-fits-all price template.

The lack of clarity on the Workfront price could change one's mind. But, after some research, I discovered that the starting price is $30 per month

But, note this price is for some users. Large enterprises can cost more than this, depending on the needs. Hence, you should request a quote.

5 Best Project Management Software

Adobe Workfront is not suitable for a small business with few middle managers. Moreover, Workfront-pricing is expensive if you're searching for a project management system to automate your workflow.

Here are 5 project management platforms that may be better suited to your needs.

  1. Asana
  2. Zoho
  3. Monday.com
  4. Basecamp
  5. ClientVenue

1. Asana


Asana is a collaborative and adaptable software platform. Teams can manage their tasks, workflow, and projects. Asana also offers other features that are not in Workfront like:

  • Portfolios
  • Workload
  • My tasks

Asana continues to be a favorite among productivity lovers due to its flexibility and desire to bring out new features. Asana is also suited for small businesses since it offers a free plan for a team of 15 people, unlike Workfront.

With Asana, you can keep track of every task related to the job you do for your clients. You can use workflows to link the appropriate people to the correct data at the right time. This allows your team to focus on meeting your client's objectives.

Asana Features

  • Gantt chart with timelines
  • Task view in a list, timeline view, or Kanban
  • Integrates with other apps
  • Simple commenting system
  • Over 50 work project templates programs

Pros of Using Asana

  • The free version is excellent for beginners
  • Real-time task editing
  • Real-time collaboration and chat feature
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Easy-to-use tools
  • Great speed

Cons of Using Asana

  • Limited privacy and sharing permissions
  • Lack of great tools for creative work

Asana Pricing

Adobe Workfront might not offer you a free package, but with Asana, you get a basic free package. The other packages include

  • $10.99 per month premium package
  • $ 24.99 per month business
  • Custom-priced enterprise package

2. Zoho Projects


Zoho projects is currently one of the best project management software. With Zoho projects, you can manage all your projects at a moderate cost. This makes it ideal for small and developing enterprises on a tight budget. 

Unlike Adobe Workfront, Zoho projects is easy to use and set up. You also get real time editing and video conferencing when using Zoho projects. 

You can monitor your tasks from anywhere using the Zoho Project management app. The mobile applications for Android and iOS make it simple to manage remote work and ad hoc schedules. 

Zoho Features

  • Sales Force automation
  • Email marketing and insights
  • Real-time reports
  • Lead, deal, and contact management tools
  • Integrates with other apps
  • Sales funnel builder
  • Sales forecasting and analytic dashboards

Pros of Using Zoho

  • Simple interface
  • Customization
  • Workflow automation is easy
  • Easy in-app communication

Cons of Using Zoho

  • No 24/7 customer service on some plans
  • No premade templates

Zoho Pricing

The Zoho pricing model might be on the higher side like Workfront. Yet, you may get better solutions than those in Workfront.

  • Free individual plan
  • $49 per month on Basic 
  • $99 per month on Standard
  • $249 per month on Professional 
  • Custom pricing on Enterprise

3. Monday.com


Monday.com is a Workfront alternative that allows users to create and manage tasks in real time. It makes it easier for teams to manage their projects with this collaboration software. Moreover, Monday.com is suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises.  

Teams use it to organize and track their work. Everyone on a team lists the tasks. Every team member needs to complete and update them with status reports. Team members can also add other types of information. 

Hence, every team member can view all active jobs and their progress. This makes it simple to transfer tasks from one member to the other. You can also step in quickly if a team member is unavailable. Furthermore, Monday.com features a modern and appealing User interface that is simple to use.

Monday.com Features

  • Create your own IF/THEN automation rules.
  • Visual boards may help you manage your projects and departments.
  • Keep track of project progress, timelines, and budgets.
  • Create personalized sales funnels
  • Create a primary database to organize contacts.
  • Accurate sales analytics
  • Activity tracking and lead scoring

Monday.com Pros

  • The free plan includes unlimited boards and documents.
  • Intuitive and straightforward to use, particularly for first-time users
  • Teams interact effectively.
  • It includes several templates.
  • Automation within the app

Monday.com Cons

  • Confusing pricing plans
  • Limited free trial

Monday.com Pricing

Unlike Workfront, Asana offers a free package with its pricing. Other plans include:

  • The basic plan is $8
  • The standard plan is $10
  • The Pro plan is $16

4. Basecamp


Basecamp allows you to manage projects and interact with other members. You can use it to keep track of all tasks, deadlines, files, and notifications. This keeps you on track with everything going on with your work.

Most people argue that Basecamp is a project management tool, but I beg to differ. I classify it as a collaboration tool. Why? Because Basecamp lacks Gantt charts. It functions more as a virtual hub for teams and companies. 

Hence, Basecamp is better for remote work than Workfront. Remote teams can also keep track of files, projects, deadlines, updates, and particular projects. It promotes good communication in all channels and departments, hence increasing productivity.

Basecamp Features

  • To-do lists containing tasks and subtasks
  • Built-in commenting system.
  • Central location for document and file sharing
  • Automatic standup check-in questions
  • Task reporting

Basecamp Pros

  • Real-time cooperation is possible.
  • Workflow automation
  • Backlog management
  • Suitable for managing various projects and big teams

Basecamp Cons

  • No task priority.
  • No custom statuses.
  • No time tracking support.
  • Inadequate resource allocation features
  • No client portal for outside teams

Basecamp Pricing

Basecamp is $11 per month, which is more affordable than Workfront.

5. ClientVenue


I admit that ClientVenue is my go-to platform for managing client requests and projects. Moreover, you get a secure agency portal to manage your team, reports, projects, timesheets, and clients.

Unlike Workfront, setting up ClientVenue is the easiest part. Once you sign in to your account, you are directed to follow easy steps to add all your data. You can easily add clients, teams, client portals, services, invoices, and projects.

Moreover, Adobe Workfront is built for enterprises. Hence, it is not suitable for small businesses with no middle management. But with ClientVenue small businesses can manage projects by giving your team or clients access rights to manage projects. 

Onboarding users with Workfront is hard. But with ClientVenue you can transition from manual onboarding to a fast and easy self-service and automated onboarding. Hence, you can concentrate on growing your agency rather than performing the hard lifting yourself. 

Furthermore, both Workfront and ClientVenue offer the best user interface. Yet, ClientVenue offers a more user friendly user interface. You get to farmiliarise yourself with the interface fast. You can also navigate through different sections with ease.

ClientVenue Features

  • Secure client portal
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Task management
  • Onboarding
  • Client communication

ClientVenue Pros

  • Manage tasks and client requests in one platform
  • Easy client onboarding
  • Automated invoicing and billing
  • Branded experience
  • Manage teams
  • Manage files


I have not found any cons with ClientVenue

ClientVenue Pricing

The pricing plans include the $12 business and $20 enterprise plans. Both Workfront and ClientVenue offer great features with their value. But I feel ClientVenue gives you great features with value for money.

Why ClientVenue is The Best Workfront Alternative

If you are a project manager looking for the best solutions and value for money, I recommend you use ClientVenue. Workfront offers great enterprise work solutions. But for only $12, you get the best control over your client requests and projects with ClientVenue.

Moreover, you can invite your client to manage their project requests from their dashboard for complete transparency. Both agency and client users can collaborate in real-time. This saves you time and money to hire a dedicated administrator.

And the most incredible part? Similar to Workfront, you may relax knowing that all of your project information is completely protected with ClientVenue.

Furthermore, one of the key features of project management software is tailoring integrations. ClientVenue integrates your account with several apps like Slack, Zapier, and Custom Webhooks. Hence, you can easily manage all your projects from one point. 



Let’s not forget the personalized experience you get with ClientVenue. You can make the portal appear similar to your product. You can even host it on your website. Adjust the branding, colors, and design to match the style of your business.

ClientView allows you bundle all of your services and present them to your clients. This way, you can stop chasing payments and issuing handwritten priced bills and do this automatically. That is why clients like The MeatStick and ZAAP Tv trust ClientVenue.

Moreover, you also get to manage client requests in real-time and current progress easily. You can also grant clients access to manage their projects. And the best part is you get a 360-degree perspective of the project and avoid project delays.

Set up your ClientVenue account today!

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