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Workamajig Pricing: Is It Worth The Money

Workamajig is a creative management platform that combines project, agency, client, sales, and resource management functionality into a single dashboard. This article aimes to figure out whether Workamajig pricing is worth it.

Workamajig Pricing: Is It Worth The Money

Next in this pricing series we have Workamajig.

Workamajig, formerly known as Creative Manager Pro, is a web-based project management software for creative agencies, design businesses, in-house creative departments, and public relations organisations.

Creative Manager, Inc., based in Anthem, Arizona, develops and markets the programme.

Workamajig is a creative management platform that combines project, agency, client, sales, and resource management functionality into a single dashboard.

It's designed to help creative agencies and in-house creative teams manage numerous aspects of their businesses.

It competes with Wrike, Basecamp, and Workfront, to name a few. It also competes tangentially with accounting software like QuickBooks and customer relationship management software like ClientVenue.

Features Overview

Workamajig is a software package that combines ERP with agency management. Users are shown multiple dashboards based on their defined responsibilities in the software. A list of allocated jobs and to-do lists is visible to creative resources.

Gantt charts, job breakdown structures, and reporting tools are among the project management tools that project managers see.

Project managers can utilise templates to design projects and allocate responsibilities to various people. They can collect data on the project's progress and generate reports automatically using existing templates.

Users can share files and start discussions about projects and assignments. They can keep track of how much time they spend on each activity, create status reports, exchange draughts with clients, and get feedback.

More features include:

  • Workamajig combines your creative project work and agency financials into a single platform.
  • Project management software in its entirety
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Tasks, schedules, budgets, and other details
  • Traffic management and resourcing
  • Timesheets and shared calendars
  • Revisions and digital proofing
  • A complete understanding of the business
  • Financial transparency in real time
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Accounting package in its entirety
  • Look for lucrative clientele and projects.
  • Reporting and custom dashboards


Workamajig is a strong, integrated platform that replaces your mishmash of tools that don't speak to one other.

  1. Sales CRM
    With their CRM marketing platform, designed exclusively for creative businesses, you can capture new opportunities, schedule follow-up, and produce jobs instantaneously.
  2. Project Management
    With sophisticated marketing project management tools, you can create, estimate, schedule, and deliver better-organized projects faster.
  3. Resourcing and Traffic
    You can schedule, plan, and assign work across teams, departments, and offices using their marketing resource management application.
  4. Time Tracking
    With integrated time monitoring and task management, you can keep projects profitable and on pace.
  5. Finance and Accounting
    Improve margins with their marketing agency accounting software feature, which includes superior reporting, accurate invoicing, and detailed spending tracking.


Except for the Enterprise plan, Workamajig has this really unique pricing where they give all the features across plans at a constant price.

Instead of using features as the differentiator between tiers, Workamajig uses teammates which frankly, is a genius move.

It removes the sacrificial element that is usually seen in this space where customers have to reach a compromise between the price they will pay and the features they will get.

  1. 5-9 members


Everything in one place

Project management: From first contact to sign off

Resourcing & scheduling: Maximize team productivity

Finance & accounting: Tie projects to profitability

Time tracking: Improve utilization & forecasting

Sales CRM: Turn leads into clients

Invoicing & expenses: Integrated, accurate billing

One month free: For annual payments

Unlimited support: Via email, phone & chat

Training & onboarding: Included for all users

Unlimited free logins: For clients & vendors

2. 10-19 members
Same features in
all plans

3. 20-49 members

4. 50-99 members

5. Enterprise Plan (100-1000+ members)

You get the following features with a single subscription:

  • Enterprise tools
    All in one place: pr
    oject management, resourcing, time tracking, finance & accounting, sales CRM, and more.
  • The size of a business
    Thousands of users all around the world? There are too many active projects to keep track of? Workamajig was created with you in mind.
  • Resources for businesses
    See and assign resources throughout the whole organisation, regardless of department, office, or location.
  • Reporting in the workplace
    Financial reports that provide information on each project, client, and location. Do you want to use multiple currencies? Is your business VAT compliant? It's no problem.


Workamajig according to me has the best pricing model in this space today. With its team-centric pricing categories it offers all its features across plans.

It has features and compatibility across all team plans and the addition of business analytics in the Enterprise plan make it worth looking at.

Hope this articled helped you.

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