" It's awesome how I have been able to build up onboarding and invoicing and client related reporting in one place using Clientvenue, it's really awesome that we've been able to cut on extra software spending for our business as well. "

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Workamajig has offered some of the best project management solutions for years. Yet, agencies and other businesses face high Workamajig pricing. Hence they may opt for an alternative.

Don't get me wrong, Workamajig is a great project management software. Apart from the high-priced model, you get a full-featured platform. Hence, you can collaborate, connect and simplify your workflows.

Project managers require a task management tool that is adaptable and dependable. You can track tasks, manage projects, and improve team collaboration. This saves you a lot of time, giving you more time to work on great projects for your clients.

Different project management software solutions are available for your project management issues. Hence, it is critical to assess your company's needs. Then select solutions that will provide the most value.

In this blog, I will explain Workamajig and its features. I have also included my go-to tool, ClientVenue, and its features. I will show similarities and differences. You will get to know if the Workamajig pricing is worth it.

Let’s dive in!

Workamajig Project Management System


Workamajig has everything you need to excel in the evolving creative industry. It offers you the best solutions to your project management problems. In-house teams and creative agencies use it for:

  • Resource management
  • Collaboration
  • Digital proofing
  • Finance and billing,
  • CRM, and other features

Workamajig has a responsive web design platform. The platform works on any device. This enables collaboration among clients and team members. Hence, you get a great customer success team for all your clients.

Moreover, Workamajig helps account managers in preparing for clients. It provides templates for generating accurate estimates and creative briefs from past projects. The templates are then routed to clients for feedback and approval.

Workamajig is more than an ERP system. It's also a collection of

  • innovative industry best practices
  • consultants who can assist you in increasing operational efficiency
  • customized training plans

Furthermore, you can create schedules with multiple deadlines. You can also keep track of all open items and project communications in one place. The budget tracking and insights features ensure that targets are met. The feature sends you message alerts of issues early in the process.

Workamajig Features

  • Project Management

You can forget about having to chase tasks in one tool while reading client messages in another. This project management software centralizes everything. You get access to

  • tasks
  • conversations
  • calendars
  • budgets
  • timelines
  • notifications.

All of these are under one platform.

  • Resource Management

Workamajig gives you a head start with ready templates. You can even create your template. The templates contain the resources required for each type of project. Hence, you can improve resource planning by knowing what is required now or in the future.

  • Task Management

Workamajig gives you access to time-tracking and task-management tools. Workamojig's dashboard informs creatives on due dates, updates, and schedule conflicts. Hence you can manage complex tasks, track time, files and conversations in one place.


  • Finance & Accounting

Workamajig's accounting software serves as a central hub. You can improve your agency's financial performance with key reports at your fingertips.

  • Sales CRM software

Workamajig marketing CRM captures business opportunities and generates projects. You get to track leads, conversations, and potential revenue. You also get to see leading and lagging KPIs. Hence, you can turn opportunities into actual projects.

  • Business Intelligence

Get the best marketing tools to connect every part of your agency. You can do this by creating clear actionable reports. Workamajig provides you with the visibility you need. You get to recognize their best clients and projects with the highest margins.

  • IT & Security

Workamajig can be integrated into your agency thanks to our LDAP and SAML support. Workamajig's data is programmed to interact via comprehensive API endpoints.

Workamajig Pros

  • Driving new project opportunities
  • Delivering meaningful insights inreal-timee
  • Ability to create custom and interdependent forms
  • Project sales forecasts
  • Works well for small businesses.
  • Project income forecast
  • Integrations are highly efficient and make work extremely convenient
  • Project home pages can be customized

Workamajig Cons

  • Workamajig cost is high.
  • Project updates can be time-consuming.
  • Tracking task progress is hard without intuitive features
  • Workamajig is built with Flash; a defunct technology for many years
  • Unintuitive task management platform



I have to say that ClientVenue has offered me the best solutions to project management. It has given me the best solutions at an affordable rate in one platform. From onboarding, to finalizing payments this is the best tool.

ClientVenue is the best client management portal. It allows you to track client projects and requests in an automated system. You also get an easy-to-use interface to view all your projects.

Moreover, ClientVenue aims to create the best solutions for its users. This includes agencies and freelancers. You get to manage all your clients from start to finish with ClientVenue. Hence, you can focus on growing your agency.

Client venue is the best solution for you if you want to provide productized services to your clients. You'll be able to give it your look and feel and scale your business services without worrying about software.

ClientVenue Features

  • Project management

ClientVenue offers a great project management dashboard. You get to see your projects and task. This is great for helping manage complex tasks. In the tasks section, you get an overview of your

  • Tasks
  • Assignee
  • Task status (open, rejected, pending, resolved)
  • Priority level (blue-medium, yellow-high, red-urgent).

In the projects section you get an overview of your projects. 

  • Internal and external projects
  • Active status
  • Total tasks, pending, completion % rate
  • Tracked hours and budgeted hours

Hence, you will be up to date with all of your client’s projects.

  • Reports

In this section you get access to people's performances and standups. In the people performance you get to see

  • name and role of assignee
  • total tasks and total completed tasks
  • time tracked
  • all activities in the project e.g development, design, engineering, SEO

In the standups you get to see individual standups for 7, 14, 30,60 and 90 days. You can also download the CSV.

  • Payment

In this section, you get an overview of your invoices and services. You can see all your invoices, drafts, pending, paid, and overviews in the invoice section. You also get to see individual clients invoices with items, status, amount, and issued date

You also get an overview of all the services offered to clients. This includes the service dates, amount, no of offerings, checkout link action and whether to show them in catalogue. Cancellations of services are also included here.

  • Onboarding

ClientVenue gives you an easy client onboarding process. You can use the self-serve and automated onboarding model. This gives you time to focus on growing your agency.


  • Client

You get a secure portal that gives you an overview of the client's contacts, companies, requests, and inactive contacts. You even get to see the payment status. And the best part is, you can easily add in a new client and company.

In the requests you can see the title of the request, assignee, priority level, raised by, and raised date. Hence, you can easily follow up on client requests.

  • Teams

In this section, you get to see active teammates and those under approval. You get an overview of the name, roles, assigned projects, and active status of your teammates. The Under Approval section gives you an overview of the name, permission and registration date of the team member.

  • Timesheets

The timesheet section gives you an overview of the weekly timesheet. This allows you to see the user, total time worked in that week and time worked for a day. You can even see the booked and free hours under the resource management section.

  • Settings

In this section you get access to your branding, profile, integrations, security, plans, and resource management. In security, you can update your passwords and get your API key. You also get an overview of your support, payment, marketing and other integration.

Let's not forget that you get a domain whitelabel set up and an email whitelabel under branding.

  • Invite clients to manage their requests

Once the setup is complete, you'll control access rights and assign your team to projects. You also get to monitor your entire team working on one platform. Then, using a dedicated, secure client site, you may invite clients to collaborate with your team.

  • File sharing

Keep all of your client-related files and assets in ONE location. So you don't have to link your shareable links and drives constantly. Simply pull your resources from your committed drive and attach them in one location.

  • Branded experience

Make the portal appear like your product, and place it on your website. Make it appear to be a similar experience to your website by adjusting the coloring, branding, and design to match your brand's style.


ClientVenue Pros

  • Branded experience
  • Manage files
  • Fast and easy onboarding
  • Manage complex tasks and client requests in one platform
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Fairly customizable features
  • Very user friendly interface

ClientVenue Cons

I have not found any problems using ClientVenue

How are They Similar

There are a few areas where Workmajig and ClientVenue are similar. Here are some of the similarities

  • They both offer a client portal to manage client requests and projects
  • They both are ideal for small agencies, mid-sized agencies and large agencies
  • They both are Cloud, Saas and Web-based
  • They both maintain project flow
  • They both have file management, automated billing and invoicing and automated onboarding

Where they are different

  1. Businesses served

ClientVenue Businesses Served

Clientvenue is used by any businesses that sell productized services. Businesses with recurring services that they sell to their clients can also this tool . The majority of ClientVenue's clients are in

  • Digital agencies
  • Marketing firms
  • Advertising agencies
  • Brand management agencies
  • Design services
  • Tech services
  • Outbound B2B sales
  • Digital photography, and other industries.

Workamajig Business Served

Customers of the software include both small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Workamajig also serves various industries including:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Marketing Firms
  • Digital Agencies
  • Brand management agency
  • In-House Creative Teams
  1. Ease of user Friendly Interface

Workamajig User Interface

Workamajig is the right tool if you're searching for a system that can help you address accounting issues that aren't appropriate for marketing agency structures. It is a little time-consuming, but it has simplified our billing dates, reporting, and budgeting tracking.

It's great that project management integrates with estimating and finances, but the user interface has a fairly steep learning curve.

ClientVenue User Interface

ClientVenue is suitable for project management because it is easy to use. Once you are set up you can access client projects, billing, teams, onboarding and file management. You can switch through different sections easily

You also get to monitor your entire team working on one platform. Then, using a dedicated, secure client site, you may invite clients to collaborate with your team.

  1. Integrations

ClientVenue Integrations

Tailoring integrations is a key feature of most project management software. ClientVenue provides this feature. You can connect your account to various apps, including Zapier, Slack and Custom Webhooks.

As a result, you can efficiently handle all your projects from a single location.


Workamajig Integrations

Workamajig offers various integrations you can use to enhance the experience with your system. Some integrations include Plaid, Slack, SSO, Jira, ACH files, Webhooks, and HubSpot.


  1. Pricing Models

Workamajig-pricing Details

Workamajig does not offer a free trial for its users. There are three plans included on the vendor website; in-house, agency and enterprise.

  • 5-9 members: $50 per user monthly
  • 10-19 members: $41 per user monthly
  • 20-49 members: $39 per user monthly
  • 50-99 members: $37 per user monthly
  • Enterprise (100-10000) users


ClientVenue Pricing Details

ClientVenue offers simple, honest, and affordable pricing. There is a 14-day free trial with every plan and you get 2 months free if you subscribe to annual billing. There are two plans included in the ClientVenue pricing model;

  • Business $15 per month
  • Enterprise $25 per month


Is The Workamajig -pricing Worth It?

You are already aware of my response to this question.

Workamajig’s starting price is not as affordable for startups and small businesses. You can get a better deal than this when looking at other market software.

Medium-sized enterprises can afford this but it is still costly. Considering these enterprises might only need 3 or 4 solutions from the tool, it is expensive.

The price is much more reasonable for large enterprises. Large businesses constantly need a custom solution to achieve their marketing objectives. Hence, this tool fits them perfectly.

Most businesses want one solution that is easier to use and less expensive to buy. This way you can solve your problems without breaking the bank.

Why ClientVenue is My Best Choice

I recommend ClientVenue if you are a project manager looking for the best solutions and value for money. ClientVenue, gives you the most control over your client requests and projects for only $15 in one central location.

Furthermore, you can invite your client to manage their project requests from their dashboard. This promotes complete transparency between you and your client. Real-time collaboration is never impossible with this portal.

And the most amazing part? ClientVenue, relieves you of any security worries. You get to rest knowing that all your clients' data is secure.

Not to mention the personalized service you get. You can customize the portal to look like your product. You can even host it on your website. You only need to change the branding, colors, and design to reflect your company's personality.


Moreover, ClientView enables you to bundle and present your services to your clients. This way, you can automate the billing process. You don't have to chase down payments and issue handwritten priced bills.

That is why ClientVenue has clients like The MeatStick and ZAAP Tv.


ClientVenue takes a lot of project management tasks off your hands. This leaves you with enough time to focus on growing your business. That is why this platform is my go-to project management tool. I get a 360 view of all my clients, teams, invoices and services.

Set up your client portal with ClientVenue today!

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