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As a project manager, you need a task management tool that's reliable and flexible. Workamajig offers just that, enabling you to track tasks, manage projects, and improve team collaboration. This way, you can save time and focus on delivering great client projects.

Workamajig and ClientVenue will be discussed in this blog. Workamajig is software that helps you manage projects and has many features. On the other hand, ClientVenue has some similarities and differences to Workamajig. 

Both tools will be explained and compared so you can decide whether Workamajig pricing or ClientVenue pricing is better fitted for your team or agency.

What is Workamajig?

Workamajig is a project management software for creative teams, such as advertising agencies, design firms, and in-house creative departments. 

Workamajig is a web-based customizable software that helps in-house creative teams plan their projects proactively and efficiently by showing real-life utilization, including meetings, vacations, company holidays, and job commitments. 

It allows users to view workloads in the most effective way for them, by office, department, role, service, or person.

Features of Workamajig

1. Project Management

With Workamajig, you no longer need to juggle multiple tools to manage your projects. It centralizes all the essential project management tools in one platform. 

This includes task management, conversations, calendars, budgets, timelines, and notifications, so you can have everything you need in one place.

2. Resource Management

Workamajig makes resource planning easy with ready-made templates that you can customize. These templates contain all the resources required for each type of project so that you can easily plan for the present and the future.

3. Task Management

Workamajig offers a dashboard that gives creative due dates, updates, and schedule conflicts. You can also access time-tracking and task-management tools to manage complex tasks, and track time, files, and conversations in one place.

4. Finance & Accounting

Workamajig's accounting software is a central hub for all your financial needs. You can improve your agency's financial performance with key reports at your fingertips.

5. Sales CRM software

Workamajig's marketing CRM captures business opportunities and generates projects. You can track leads, conversations, and potential revenue. You can turn opportunities into actual projects with access to leading and lagging KPIs.

Workamajig: Pricing

Workamajig pricing plans are three; In-house, Agency, and Enterprise.

In-house plan: This plan costs $41 per user per month for a team of 10 or more. It is designed for teams and includes project intake, project management, task management, resourcing and scheduling, digital proofing, invoicing and chargebacks, and customizable dashboards.

Agency: This plan also costs $41 per user per month for a team of 10 or more. It is geared towards agencies and includes project management, time tracking and task management, agency specific training, resourcing and scheduling, digital proofing, payables and receivables, sales CRM, and revenue forecasting and reporting.

Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is custom-priced and intended to meet enterprises' needs. It is designed to scale effortlessly up to 100 to 10,000+ users, includes global financial reporting, enterprise-wide resourcing, and customized training plans, and is compliant, secure, and IT friendly.

Benefits of using Workamajig

1. Efficient project management: Workamajig offers features that allow users to create projects quickly and easily, which saves time and effort. It also helps keep the team engaged and productive, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. 

2. Empowered creatives: Workamajig provides creative agencies with the tools they need to do their best work, allowing them to focus on creativity rather than administrative tasks. 

3. Cost savings: By avoiding expensive onboarding costs, Workamajig helps businesses save money in the long run. 

4. Improved collaboration: Workamajig promotes collaboration among team members, which can lead to better results and more successful projects. 

5. Continuous improvement: Workamajig helps teams improve their processes and workflows, leading to better efficiency and effectiveness over time. 

6. Learning and growth: With Workamajig, teams have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and make improvements for the future. This culture of learning and growth can lead to a more skilled and successful team. 

Why you might need an alternative to Workamajig

Are you looking for a project management software alternative to Workamajig? There are many reasons why you might need one. Whether you need better performance, more features, or increased scalability, an alternative to Workamajig can help you get the job done.

One of the primary reasons you might need an alternative to Workamajig is if it doesn’t offer the features and functionalities you need. 

If you need advanced reporting, comprehensive resource management, or the ability to integrate with other business systems, Workamajig may not be the right solution for you.

Performance is another major consideration when evaluating project management software. If you’re finding that Workamajig is slow to respond or struggling with large datasets, it may be time to consider an alternative.

Scalability is also important for businesses that are growing. If your team is rapidly expanding, you’ll need a project management software solution that can grow with you. An alternative to Workamajig can provide the extra features and capabilities you need to support future growth.

Choosing an alternative to Workamajig can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right research and the right support team, you can find an alternative that perfectly meets your needs.

An Alternative to Workamajig: ClientVenue

ClientVenue is a great tool for teams working on projects. It helps you be more organized and productive. With ClientVenue, you can easily manage tasks, track progress, share files, and assign resources. 

ClientVenue has many useful features, like timelines, reporting, scheduling, and timesheets. The best part is that it's easy to use, so everyone on the team can stay involved and keep track of everything happening.

ClientVenue: Features

1. Client Onboarding

With ClientVenue, you can create custom workflows to onboard new clients quickly and efficiently. This ensures all client requirements are met and the project is completed correctly.

2. Scheduling

ClientVenue makes assigning tasks, setting due dates, and tracking progress easy. Its drag-and-drop scheduling capabilities help users plan shifts, manage resources, and optimize workflow efficiently.

3. Billing and Invoicing

ClientVenue organizes invoices, payment plans, and billing statements in one place, making it easier to track payments, review billing history, and close out projects quickly.

4. Resource Management

With ClientVenue, you can view project resources in one place, including tools, materials, personnel, contractors, and vendors. This helps maintain a project timeline and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

5. Reporting

ClientVenue offers powerful reporting capabilities, enabling you to generate custom reports on project progress and performance. This helps ensure that projects are completed efficiently.

6. Project Management

ClientVenue allows you to plan and execute projects from start to finish. Its real-time progress tracking helps you keep track of every project stage.

7. Daily Standups

Daily standups enable teams to sync quickly and stay on top of their work. With this feature, you can quickly review what was done yesterday, make sure everyone is aligned, and plan for the rest of the day.

8. Client Portal

The Client Portal feature helps keep communication between clients and teams organized and secure. You can easily view updates, submit support tickets, and receive replies to your requests.


ClientVenue has two pricing plans with a full featured free trial.

Professional Plan

This plan costs $25 per user per month. It includes unlimited projects, a 10 GB storage drive, timesheets and resource management, client invoicing and payments, a branded white-label portal, people performance reports, integrations, and priority support.

Enterprise Plan 

The Enterprise plan costs $40 per user per month. It includes everything in the Professional plan, client accounts, a 100 GB storage drive, a dedicated services selling page, a dedicated accounts manager, custom development, 1-on-1 custom onboarding and coaching, and daily standups.

Benefits of using ClientVenue

1. Streamlined communication: ClientVenue, helps teams connect in one place and communicate easily. This makes it easy to discuss ideas, ask questions, keep everyone on the same page as tasks, leave comments, mention team members, and more.

2. Increased productivity: ClientVenue offers a range of helpful features that can make managing tasks, tracking progress, and accessing project information easier. These features include task templates, automation, and interactive task-board views.

3. Time management: ClientVenue is a tool that can assist you with managing your time better. You can track your time on tasks and set reminders to ensure you stay on track and complete your assignments efficiently.

4. Easy collaboration: With ClientVenue, teamwork is effortless even when team members work remotely. You can allocate tasks, establish deadlines, and share projects to ensure everyone is in sync.

5. Dashboard views: ClientVenue offers different ways for you to see your projects. You can view them on a calendar, as a task board, or in a list. Additionally, you can personalize your dashboard by adding various widgets and visual aids to better understand your project information.

Why choose ClientVenue over Workamajig?

ClientVenue is a great option for managing your projects easily. It's a project management software that is easy to use and has many features to help streamline your business processes. Many companies choose ClientVenue instead of Workamajig for their project management needs.

One of the notable features of ClientVenue is the ability to create customized workflows for efficiently onboarding new clients. This ensures all client needs are met and the project is completed accurately.

ClientVenue is flexible, making it stand out from other project management software. You can customize it to match your company's needs, no matter how big or small your business is. It's a great way to manage your projects more efficiently and take your business to the next level.

ClientVenue also offers a more flexible pricing plan than Workamajig pricing plans. This is a major advantage of ClientVenue over Workamajig.


If you're looking for a project management tool to keep your team connected, organized, and productive, look no further than ClientVenue. It's not just any software - it's a powerful tool that stands out from other options.

What makes ClientVenue so great? It has all the necessary tools to stay on schedule and keep your projects running smoothly. With an integrated project calendar, task management, reporting, and more, you can be confident that your team has everything they need to stay on top of their tasks and get things done.

The best part is that ClientVenue is flexible and customizable, so you can tailor it to meet the unique demands of your business. No matter what size your company is, ClientVenue can help you manage your projects more efficiently and effectively, taking your business to the next level.

Try out ClientVenue now and get more out of your business.

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