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Best 8 White Label Project Management Software to try out

White-label project management software can provide a wide array of benefits to an online business. However, it can be difficult to find the right one!

Best 8 White Label Project Management Software to try out

White label project management software can provide a wide array of benefits to an online business.

It allows for more efficient and effective team collaboration, provides a centralized location for all company information, and is built with features that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

However, it can be difficult to find the right one! Selecting the right software suite comes down to what features and capabilities your organization needs in order to succeed.

With so many options out there, it may seem like you'll never find one that suits your needs completely. But don't fret - we've compiled a list of 8 great white-label project management options that will have something for everyone!

What is White Label Project Management Software?

White label project management software is a one-of-a-kind product that is manufactured for use by other companies.

More often than not, the best white label software provides features with all of the necessary tools to help with business growth.

The benefit of using white label project management software lies in the customization available to the end-user.

There is no limit to the number of ways you can rebrand the product and make it your own from logo and color schemes, all the way down to what information is visible on each dashboard.

Best 8 White Label Project Management Software to Try Out:

1. ManyRequests

ManyRequests is a project management suite that helps service providers provide the best possible experience for their customers.

It comes with all of the features you need to make your job easier, including white-label capabilities so that you can easily customize and personalize it to suit your needs.

The software offers a wide range of benefits across team collaboration, organization, and features.


  • Task Management

ManyRequests offers a solution to managing and organizing client tasks (called ‘requests’).

You can create and customize tasks, assign them to personnel, add due dates, and keep files and information with the task as it moves statuses. You can even set reminders for yourself to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Not only does ManyRequests allow you to manage tasks, but it also features a task board that is available in real-time - making it easy to see where each project stands.

  • Communication

ManyRequests also incorporates a “discussion” area that allows you to communicate with your customers and team on specific requests.

This is great to keep tabs on projects as it integrates into your tasks, file sharing, and information collection so you can keep everything in one place.

  • Security

Customers are able to sign up for your service using their own accounts, so you never have to worry about collecting sensitive information.

This makes it easy for your customers to track the status of their requests while also allowing them to communicate with your team if necessary.

  • Billing and Invoicing

Billing is an essential part of any business and ManyRequests provides built-in functionality to help manage and create invoices and payments for your customers, with out-of-the-box Stripe and PayPal integrations.

Invoicing is easy and can be customized to match your branding, making it look more professional.

  • Integration

While ManyRequests provides a wide array of functionalities, there are a lot of other programs that you can use to enhance its capabilities.

ManyRequests provides integration with many services such as Tawk.to, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and other marketing-related tools.

2. VivifyScrum

VivifyScrum is another good option when it comes to white label project management software. This platform really stands out if your business uses the scrum framework.

With a specially designed “scrum board” and several other scrum-friendly aspects, VivifyScrum works in conjunction with your company's processes.

The software comes with all of the features you need for project management, including a wide range of templates and tools.


  • Scrum Board

VivifyScrum's scrum board is what really sets it apart from other options in this list. The software works hand-in-hand with Scrum methodology so that your team can easily plan and track projects with the help of Scrum boards.

The software comes with four default templates (including Scrum, Kanban, Agile UX, and more), each of which can be customized to your liking.

  • Gantt Charts

Aside from scrum boards, VivifyScrum also offers Gantt charts for project management. This is helpful when you need to get an idea of how long a project should take or what milestones need to be met.

Gantt charts are made up of both "dependencies" and "tasks." Dependencies refer to other tasks that must be completed before this task can begin, while tasks are exactly as they sound.

  • Team Management

VivifyScrum has a team management tool that is designed to work alongside its scrum board and make managing your people's workloads easier than ever before.

The software allows you to see who on your team is overbooked, so it can be better managed in the future.

  • Reporting

VivifyScrum offers a reporting feature that is designed to help you stay on top of your team's progress and productivity levels, as well as showcase success stories for how the software helped with certain projects or initiatives.

Reporting can be customized by date range or include specific reports such as task status reports, project-based reports, and so on.

  • Time Management

VivifyScrum has an integrated time tracking function that allows you to see how much time your team has spent on specific tasks. Worklogs will be automatically tracked and then can be reviewed in reports or even sent directly with an invoice.

If you're a fan of Scrum then you can put VivifyScrum EDU to work for you and your company. VivifyScrum provides this as a free resource to its customers so that they can better understand the Scrum process.

This is where task management, team management, reporting, and time management come in handy!

3. Clinked

Clinked is another software that focuses on client interfacing and communication. The platform doesn't provide as many features and functions as the first two options, but it does provide great features that allow you to communicate with customers.

With Clinked, you can create a dashboard so that your team or clients will be better informed. This dashboard shows up-to-date information and stats on projects and company metrics.

You can customize the dashboard to fit your needs. It's possible to add widgets such as “revenue” or “growth.”

It also allows you to create a feed that highlights the most important team members, messages from approved customers, and other crucial info.


  • Workspace

Clinked's workspace provides a place for you to work with clients, share important documents and files, as well as track the activity associated with the client.

You can also take advantage of Clinked's team management functionality that will allow you to see who is overbooked so your team can be more efficient in the future!

  • Customer Communication

The Clinked interface is designed for quick and easy communication with customers. You can use the chat function to keep in touch, quickly answer questions, or send messages.

The platform also has a desktop app that allows you to access your projects on any mobile device - this is great when you're out and about without Wi-Fi or the internet.

  • Collaboration

Clinked also provides a simple and fluid system that makes collaboration easy. Whether you are coordinating with another team member, file sharing with a client, or requesting approvals, Clinked provides smooth functionality.

Clinked offers a reporting tool that is designed to give you an understanding of how your team is performing. This will help you make well-informed decisions about how to improve or grow your company!

4. ProofHub

ProofHub is all about organizing and structuring information for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The platform is designed around the idea that projects and tasks are best completed when the information is organized and structured.

ProofHub was built to offer you a suite of tools, templates, integrations, automation features, reporting options everything you need to plan, implement and execute projects effortlessly.

ProofHub uses discussion boards, process visualization, and a clean interface to ensure all of your information is displayed in an easy-to-understand way. It also integrates with Google Docs and Box to make files and information easy to access.


  • Discussion Boards

Discussion boards eliminate the need for long email chains by providing a quick and easy place to post and comment.

Boards can be created for a wide variety of reasons and act as a central point for communication between team members, clients, or anyone else who might have an interest in the project.

  • Visualization

ProofHub utilizes Gantt and Kanban Boards to make it easier to structure and visualize projects. These are great organizational tools that provide a simple way to create a step-by-step process for project success.

Even better, you can link your boards to the board(s) of your client(s). This will ensure everyone is on the same page and able to participate.

  • Robust Calendar

ProofHub provides excellent calendar functions that allow you to track all your due dates. Features such as recurring events, reminders, and different calendar views can really help with staying on top of your workload.

  • Integrations

ProofHub integrates with Basecamp, Slack, Box, Google Drive, and Outlook. This allows for easy communication and access to your files, no matter where you are or what device you're using.

ProofHub also offers integration with Zendesk, Jira Cloud Plans & Projects, Todoist Premium, Teamwork Projects, FreshBooks, Trello, and G Suite.

  • Request Forms

Request forms allow you to easily organize support queries and request tickets even from outside of the platform. Bring these requests directly into ProofHub and structure them accordingly with ease.

  • Collaboration

ProofHub provides a simple and fluid system that makes collaboration easy. Whether you are coordinating with another team member, file sharing with a client, or requesting approvals, Clinked provides smooth functionality.

ProofHub also offers an extensive API that is designed to offer easy access for developers and technology experts. This empowers users to create, purchase or integrate additional features as they see fit.

5. SuiteDash

SuiteDash markets itself as the “all-in-one” business suite software, so it provides quite a lot of functionality beyond what you'd typically expect from a project management software. This includes things such as an integrated CRM and email marketing.

SuiteDash was built with the idea of providing you with all of the tools you need to manage your business without having to go anywhere else. This is an excellent option for companies who are looking for a more comprehensive white-label platform.

SuiteDash offers features such as task management, time tracking, document sharing, lead capture, contact management, email marketing, and much more.

While this adds a lot of functionality to the platform, we are just going to focus on the project management side of things.


  • Time Tracking

The platform provides time tracking features that allow you to easily monitor the amount of time your team spends on each task.

This is especially helpful for billing purposes or if you are looking to get an understanding of where project bottlenecks are occurring.

  • Project Templates

SuiteDash allows you to create templates that can be applied to new projects as they come in. These templates can save a ton of time by automatically generating steps and tasks for projects.

This is an excellent tool if you consistently see the same type of projects, allowing you to quickly set up and apply an established process.

  • Trigger Action

Events such as project completion can trigger an action like sending an email or adding a new team member to the project. This can really help automate your workflow and save tons of time on administration.

Trigger action features are somewhat standard in the project management space, but SuiteDash does it better than most.

  • Singular Login

You only need one login credential to access all of SuiteDash. This is a great way to alleviate having to remember multiple passwords and usernames and provides a single source for all of your company's needs.

6. FreedCamp

Freedcamp offers its base features for free. However, the white-label capability is only provided under the Enterprise price plan.

Freedcamp provides a good all-around white label project management software that incorporates a little bit of everything.

Freedcamp provides great task management features that allow you to easily structure and monitor your projects. Integration is provided with Google Calendar for easy project scheduling and organization.

Beyond typical task and time tracking functionality, FreedCamp includes a variety of productivity tools that allow you to stay on top of all your projects. This includes features like a calendar, timer, and more.


  • Customer Widgets

FreedCamp allows users to build and implement their own widgets to show any type of information from the platform. This can provide excellent use when monitoring multiple projects and tracking time.

There is also a customer chat widget that can help you collaborate with your team and clients. This will automatically assign tasks when other dependent tasks are completed.

  • Wiki

FreedCamp has a built-in library that your organization can utilize to save important documentation and files.

This creates a one-stop shop for any relevant information you might need for ongoing projects or customers. It can also serve as an excellent place to store company policies, processes, and more.

  • Integration

FreedCamp integrates with a number of third-party options including Zapier, Google Drive, Google Calendar, OneDrive, DropBox, and more.

This can provide a lot of flexibility to your organization as you can be sure the platform plays nicely with your existing software services.

While it may seem like all of these things would be best left up to the project manager or the team to take care of, it's often a good idea to have software in place that handles these tasks.

This way, you are not bogged down by documentation or trying to figure out where something should go. You can rely on software to make the best decision based on your input.

  • Unlimited storage space

Freedcamp provides a good all-around white label project management software that incorporates a little bit of everything.

Freedcamp is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, as it offers a free option and plenty of useful features. It can be customized to your needs with its extensive integrations, although there isn't unlimited storage space.

Freedcamp can be used as a free white label project management software for small to medium-sized businesses, and it offers plenty of features with paid options.

While there isn't unlimited storage space provided, you do get a lot of customizable features that allow the platform to grow with you.

That way you can focus on other important aspects of your business and you won't have as much stress handling all the technicalities of project management software.

7. Project Hub

Project Hub is one of the most popular white label project management software platforms.

The platform is scalable and can be used for a variety of different business types. You can easily manage projects big and small, including options like managing your clients, invoices, tasks, milestones, time tracking, and more.

Project Hub comes with an excellent training guide to get you started right away. Project Hub provides an excellent number of features for project management, including time management tools like invoicing capabilities and task lists.

Beyond that, it also has some powerful collaboration tools with built-in chat options, customer profiles, calendar integrations, Google Drive integration, email marketing tools, and more.


  • Project & Task Management

Project Hub helps you easily manage ongoing projects by providing task list options. You can create, assign, and prioritize tasks on your own or use your team members to get started right away. You can also attach files like documents and spreadsheets for easy reference.

  • Status Updates

With Project Hub, you can keep your team members and clients up to date on what's going on with your projects.

Status updates provide an easy way for the project manager, the client, or both to keep track of milestones and timely reminders.

  • Time Tracking

Project Hub includes a time tracking feature that integrates with invoicing tools. You can accurately monitor where time is being spent so you can be sure to have accurate cost information available for each project.

  • Customer Management

Project Hub allows users to easily manage customer profiles so it's easy to keep track of who is working with your team on what projects.

You can also create multiple user roles that include specific permissions that are relevant to their role or function within your organization.

  • Invoicing

Project Hub includes an invoicing tool that allows you to easily track and invoice time spent on projects.

You can also sync the information with your accounting software so you have all of the relevant information in one place.

  • Security & Privacy

Project Hub is hosted directly on your server, which means it has a customizable security system that can be tailored to fit your specific team's needs.

You can set permissions at the user level, so your users have access to just what they need information-wise.

8. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is the winner in the white label project management software category.

Anyone involved in project management knows that there are a lot of moving parts and it can be easy to miss something or for tasks to take longer than planned.

That's where ActiveCollab comes in: it makes sure you're always on top of everything. With this platform, you and your team will be able to accomplish all the tasks needed for project management.

ActiveCollab is an outstanding tool, especially because it's not just for project managers; users of all kinds can make use of its excellent features.

If you're looking to work with white label software, ActiveCollab could definitely be your best choice.


  • Schedule tasks

ActiveCollab includes a wealth of features to help you easily organize and keep track of your project.

With the option to create as many projects as you need, ActiveCollab manages all aspects of your project for you. And it does so really well.

  • Time Tracking

One major part of managing any project is keeping an eye on how much time it's taking.

ActiveCollab includes a time tracking feature that allows you to keep track of tasks right down to the minute so you can be sure no work is ever unaccounted for.

  • Invoicing

ActiveCollab is great for collaboration, but it's also fantastic when it comes to invoicing.

The platform includes a built-in tool that makes it easy to invoice time spent on projects. It even integrates with a number of major accounting software providers.

  • Customer Management

ActiveCollab includes a customer management feature that allows users to keep track of who is involved in the project and what their roles are.

There's no need to spend hours updating information; everything is kept neat and organized for you under one platform.


White Label Software is a trusted project management software that offers a range of features to help your team manage projects.

The platform is great for those who want something that's easy to use and not too complicated. And it even includes mobile apps so you can access your information from anywhere at any time.

It's a great choice for anyone looking to improve their workflow or streamline their business processes. With features like time tracking, invoicing, chat, and customer management, you can have an extensive array of tools at your service. Make use of this white-label software to improve your workflow.

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