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This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how white label content writing works, whether you're an agency with a client list full of white labels searching for content for their websites or a freelancer hoping to make the most out of your time creating articles on a variety of topics.

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White Label Content Writing:

White Label content writing is when a company pays a writer to produce content for their website, blog, podcast or social media without them having to create it themselves.

If you are looking for help in creating content for your website, you will find that writing for another site can be very tiring and time-consuming .

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Imagine writing for multiple different websites at one time. It can be very difficult to keep on top of things, which is why you need a white label content writer to help you in this.

White label content writing services are a perfect choice for anyone that is looking to create quality articles and blog posts, without having to worry about promoting their own website.

A white label content writer will write your articles in a way that you want them to be written. You can choose the tone of your content, and they can create the articles accordingly.

You don’t have to worry about hiring a full-time content writer and delegating your work to them .

A white label content writer will write your articles from scratch, and you can benefit from their expertise by simply handing them an article to create.

Working with a white label content writer is a cost-effective and efficient way to create quality articles without the hassle of trying to find qualified writers yourself.

Benefits of white label content writing:

White label content writing is a form of content marketing in which an individual has created content to be sold under the branding or logo of another.

The most important benefit for an individual who wants to start a white label content writing business is that there are no barriers to entry.

Additionally, this type of work can be done from anywhere at any time and doesn't require getting into a full-scale business like website building or blog publishing.

The best part about white label content writing is that there are no copyright issues which can come up. A white label content writer can also create content for other businesses.

This means the writer can work for multiple companies and create anything from website content to blog posts.

This is a great way to build up your writing portfolio without worrying about copyright or having to build a website.

There are basically two types of white label content writing companies: agencies and in-house companies .

Basically, an agency is a company that hires writers to produce content for their clients. An in-house company is the same thing but it's run by the company’s own people.

Cons of white label content writing:

There is something to be said about the fact that white label content writing can make your work go under the radar.

It can give you the freedom to create content for a company or business that may not be able to afford its own team of writers.

  • This can come with a con though - it can be hard to find someone who will pay for content that doesn't seem like anything special.
  • The one tricky part of this is that white label content writing can be a bit harder to find than other types of content, which makes it more likely that the content you write will be of good quality.
  • White Label Content Writing is a great choice if you have no idea what type of content product your writing will be for.
  • You can write whatever you want, whenever you want. All you have to do is make sure that it fits with the tone of the company. This can bring up a few challenges though.

Financial aspect of white label content writing:

  • White label content writing is a popular option for businesses looking to increase the quantity and quality of their content.
  • This type of writing is when the writer's name, brand, and contact information are omitted from their work while they are still paid for it.
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  • The financial aspect of white label content writing is that if you're not earning as much from it, you're likely going through a lot more time.
  • Now, there's a range of possible fees you'll pay depending on the length and complexity of your white label content.
  • The simple answer is that you'll pay a fee between two to five times what you would normally charge.
  • Due to the complexity of creating, distributing and tracking content that doesn't have your name attached to it, white label content is actually more expensive.
  • But it's worth it. If you can't afford to be an expert in every field and need help writing white label content, you'll find this service very useful.
  • And even if you are an expert in your own field, it's still possible to make money from white label writing by describing and linking to other people's published content.

How does White label content writing work:

1) The writer will assist with creating the content:

Though the white label content writer will work on your behalf by writing articles, it's a collaborative process.

You may want to ship them screenshots of previous blog posts that are working, style guides, instructions for images or headlines, and so on, but you'll also be sharing ideas and collaborating with your writer over Skype, phone calls, emails, and discussions to assure they get what you're hoping for.

2) Once ready the writer will sign a proper agreement.

The writer will sign an agreement before the project begins. Generally, the agreement will state what the writer's responsibilities are, and how much is to be paid for the project.

For a white label content writing service, it is important to have a contract in place because it ensures that there is no confusion about who is responsible for any intellectual property developed during a project.

If the project is a white label service, there may be a need for the writer to assign their work to the client as part of the agreement.

For an agency-owned project, the client is not required to assign their work to the agency.

3) The writer will then custom produce the content:

The writer will then analyze your buyer persona and do an in-depth research on the topic.

This part of the project involves developing content ideas, creating headlines, and researching what already exists online (including competitors' sites) to make sure that you won't be duplicating their work.

If a writer has the experience and knowledge for your buyer persona, it may be possible to create content that is completely unique.

However, it would be very rare to have a writer without experience in your buyer persona who can simply create original content tailored for you.

This also means that if the blogger does not understand how related topics will fit into your product / service's sweet spot (and buying intent) then this influencer blogging assignment could end with failure immediately because what they are writing about may just not make sense.

4) The terms and conditions of payment are signed by both parties accordingly:

The terms and conditions of payment are signed by both parties accordingly. This states that if the client does not want to pay for the product, they will not be charged and their content will not be published.

Once this is agreed upon, the writer has no obligation to produce any work unless they have been contacted.

Conclusion :

There are talented writers out there who would love to write this type of content and they're searching for a client with whom they can get an influencer blog assignment.

It is beneficial that you understand the process behind this so you won't be surprised or have unrealistic expectations once your writer / blogger receives their first draft.

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