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Do you know what a marketing agency does? Marketing agencies, also called marketing firms or marketing companies, help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.

In this blog post we will go over what a marketing agency does in detail!

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Marketing Agencies:

Marketing agencies assist businesses in developing and executing marketing campaigns to achieve their strategic objectives.

Many Marketing Agencies are generalists that work with many different kinds of industries while others focus on specific areas like technology or healthcare.

A familiar example is, for instance, what does a medical office accomplish? They frequently outsource responsibilities to marketing companies.

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When companies first start out, what does a startup do is often done in-house by employees or outsourced to other small businesses.

However as the company grows and has more income what does an ecommerce business do they might hire what are called 'in house' marketers who work for them part time or full time depending on their needs.

Many Marketing Agencies have teams of professionals that focus on specific areas like search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads, content strategy/creation, email marketing campaigns etc...

What does a marketing agency do:

1) Develop Marketing Strategies:

This can include helping them create a plan, developing campaigns, and recommending tactics.

Marketing Strategy Business concept Marketing Strategy Business concept. The meeting at the white office table marketing strategies stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Many agencies have experts in various areas so they can provide a well-rounded approach for their clients.

2) Manage Marketing Campaigns:

They can provide strategy, planning, implementation of tactics etc... This ensures everything from start to finish is being coordinated properly so there aren't any gaps or problems during the process.

In addition agencies may hire freelancers what does an online business owner need help with on what are called 'on demand' basis depending on what clients needs are at certain times throughout the year.

So they don't have to keep large teams working all year long if their workload fluctuates regularly.

3) Marketing plan:

This includes creating the strategy, planning out what needs to happen for it to be successful, implementation of tactics etc...

Most Marketing Agencies don't just work on the digital side but they will often have expert teams that handle many different areas.

4) Media Buying:

This can be things like TV, radio, print etc... as well as digital media like social media ads, Google AdWords, etc...

They have the knowledge and expertise to help businesses get the most out of their advertising budget.

In addition, they can often negotiate better rates than what businesses would be able to on their own.

5) Creative Services:

A lot of what does a marketing agency do also offer creative services to their clients.

This can include things like graphic design, video production, website design etc...

Many agencies have in-house teams that handle these tasks so they can be sure the work is high quality and meets their standards.

It's often more cost effective for businesses to outsource these services than to hire someone full time in-house.

6) Content Marketing:

They can help businesses create blog posts, social media posts etc... and manage their online presence as well as what is the difference between offline and online versions of traditional media that they use.

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This allows them to come up with creative ways for clients to reach their target audience what is an example of direct digital advertising .

It also helps companies get more visibility on search engines which brings in new leads/customers!

7) Â Email Marketing:

Marketing agency has experts in email marketing. They know the regulations and standards for email delivery, what constitutes spamming and how to avoid it, as well as other similar matters.

As a result, they can assist businesses get a higher return on their investment by utilizing this sort of indirect digital advertising.

Whether you want to send out automated campaigns or one-off blasts there's no need to hire someone full time when these services are available through what does a marketing agency do.

Types of Marketing Agencies:

  • Digital Marketing Agency:

Digital media agencies specialize in what is an example of direct digital advertising .

Business people character vector design. Digital Agencies concept.  digital marketing agencies stock illustrations

They can provide strategies, planning, implementation etc... for online efforts like SEO (search engine optimization), social media ads/management, PPC (pay per click) campaigns and website development.

  • Integrated Marketing Agency:

Integrated provide a more holistic approach to marketing.

They can help with traditional efforts like TV, radio and print ads as well as digital media.

This type of what is an example of indirect digital advertising often has teams that specialize in different areas so they can provide a comprehensive solution for their clients.

  • Advertising Agency:

Advertising  help businesses create and place ads.

They often have relationships with different media outlets so they can get the best deals for their clients.

Advertsing, report, analysis, view icon Advertsing, report, analysis, view icon vector file advertsing stock illustrations

This type of what does a marketing agency do typically doesn't offer the other services like creative, content or email marketing.

So if you're looking for those services it's best to find an agency that specializes in them.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing agency  have experts to handle things like social media ads, Facebook page management etc...

Rather than hiring someone full time you can rely on them for this type of what is an example of indirect digital advertising .

They can help businesses create campaigns that will reach their target audience as well as track results.

In addition, they know how to use different platforms so your business doesn't just get "lost in the crowd".

  • Market Research :

Market research agency help businesses what does a marketing agency do in industries like healthcare, technology and more.

They can provide what is an example of indirect digital advertising , focus groups, surveys etc... to their clients so they know what the market wants/needs!

This information helps them determine how best to reach customers and which products or services they should invest in.

  • Public Relations (PR):

Public relations agencies can help businesses what does a marketing agency do with their image.

They often have relationships with different media outlets and know how to get the best coverage for their clients.

In addition, they can help businesses create press releases, contact reporters etc... to generate positive publicity.

So if you're looking for an agency that can help improve your image or get you in the news, PR is the way to go!


There's a lot that what does a marketing agency do and it can be tailored to fit the needs of your business.

Whether you need help with digital media, traditional advertising or just want someone to manage your social media accounts, there's an agency out there that can what is an example of direct digital advertising for you!

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