Tave Reviews

Táve helps photographers organize, optimize, and ultimately automate complete workflows. Cut out busy work and save hours previously spent on repetitive, manual tasks.

Tave Reviews

What is Tave Studio Manager?

Táve helps photographers organize, optimize, and ultimately automate complete workflows. Cut out busy work and save hours previously spent on repetitive, manual tasks. Manages photography businesses with client information, bookings, lead tracking, work, and task management.

It is an organizational platform designed to be the hub of your photography business providing you with the resources you need to create better systems immediately and empower your business for years to come. You can look into tave alternatives for a better understanding of its features.

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Tave Studio Manager Features

1. TEMPLATES- Save time each time you create an invoice, contract, or booking by utilizing our TEMPLATE functions.

2. CLIENT INTEGRATION- Maintain complete client information in your account for quick retrieval on outgoing emails, quotes, and invoices. No more hunting down contacts' email addresses to stay in touch with your clients.

3. PRICING OPTIONS- With Tave, you have the flexibility to manage your prices in one of two ways:

  • Manually create different price lists for each client group.
  • Create a single list and allow clients to self-select their package by selecting the appropriate price level (Suggested Retail Price).

4. BULK EDIT- Utilize the Bulk Edit feature to make changes to many items at a time. Great for updating contact information, pricing options, and more!

5. CLIENT WISH LISTS & CONTESTS- Our Client Wish Lists allow you to easily see what your clients are interested in as well as organize custom contests to give away your work.

6. CLIENT AREA- Each client has access to their secure area wherein they can view and modify their contact information, bookings, and invoice history.

7. INVOICE & CONTRACT GENERATOR- Save time and money by using the most comprehensive and customizable invoice and contract generator on the market.

8. BULK INVOICE & CONTRACT GENERATOR- Utilize this feature to send out a single quote or invoice to a group of people at once.

9. TAVE CLIENT REPORT- Access comprehensive reports designed specifically for photographers that provide insight into your business including detailed invoicing and contract history, detailed booking information, and more.

10. BOOKING MANAGEMENT- Track your client bookings for multiple photographers at the same time and create custom booking types.

11. CALENDAR MANAGEMENT- View all of your bookings on a single monthly calendar including days booked, services rendered, number of images delivered, and more!

12. CREATION DATE- View items on a timeline to see when they were created, modified, and deleted.

13. PHOTO DELIVERY STATUS & TIMELINE- Track the status of your images as they go from capture to delivery with a detailed calendar view or image count.

14. CLIENT PORTAL- When your clients book online, you can create custom "Welcome" pages for them with information specific to their upcoming session.

15. CREDIT CARDS & PAYMENT- Process secure credit card transactions with multiple payment gateways including Authorize.net, PayPal Pro, and Stripe.

16. PRICING MANAGEMENT- Create different pricing lists depending on the industry you are working in.

17. INCOME TRACKING- The Income Tracking feature allows you to track the top twenty sources of income for your business including sales, images purchased, and discounted items purchased.

18. BILLING OPTIONS- With Tave's billing options you can choose to either invoice clients manually or automatically send invoicing software as well as create recurring billing invoices.

19. INCOME REPORT- View your business finances in one place with integrated reports covering income, expenses, and profit/loss statements.

20. REVENUE SHARING- Share revenue with team members on a per session basis, a weekly or monthly basis.

21. TEAM MEMBERS- Manage your team member's contact information, invoice settings, payment preferences, and more.

22. REVIEWS MANAGEMENT- View and respond to reviews from your clients in the Tave Client Portal.

23. FACEBOOK PORTAL- Promote your business with a customized Facebook Welcome page for all newly booked sessions!

24. GRAPHIC LIBRARY & DOWNLOAD FEATURE- Instantly download all images from sessions, access the graphic library to download select images, and create detailed reports.

25. PRIVACY & SECURITY- Tave is HIPAA compliant and uses bank-level security to safeguard your information.

Reasons to have a Tave account:

  • Save time and money by eliminating the need to create custom emails, invoices, and contracts.
  • Get organized with a single, comprehensive view of your entire business from a variety of customizable reports.
  • Access all client information in one place including notes, wish lists, and more!
  • Increase revenue by adding new services and products to your menu.
  • Access detailed analytics for each of your clients to see what they like or don't like!
  • Allow clients to book themselves with the Tave Client Portal (online booking).
  • Offer in-client ordering in just a few clicks using our integrated in-app photo editing software with mobile phone support!
  • Save time and money by automatically including your logo, color scheme, and more on all of your invoices.

Tave Pricing Plans:



  • 1:1 Account Setup & Training
  • Access to All Tave Features
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 2 Users
  • 1 Brand
  • Unlimited Everything Else



  • 1:1 Account Setup & Training
  • Access to All Tave Features
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 6 Users
  • 4 Brands
  • Unlimited Everything Else



  • 1:1 Account Setup & Training
  • Access to All Tave Features
  • Phone and Email Support
  • 10 Users
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Unlimited Everything Else

How to choose the right Tave plan

What type of business are you running?

There are different features included in the Basic, Boutique, and Studio plans. Do you need all the extra bells and whistles they offer? Will this expense bring your company to the next level? Or does it just seem like an expensive luxury that would be nice to have?

What is your average lead count?

As per the Tave website, "the more leads you have, the bigger plan you need". Are you getting 100 or more new leads each month? Then it would be in your best interest to upgrade. If not, do not worry so much about this number.

How many people are on your team?

The Studio plan is the only one that includes multiple people on it. If you are a single freelancer, then the Basic or Boutique plans will be sufficient for you.

Tave has integrations with more than 24 platforms that allow you to manage your workflow easier and better. You can then track all the different aspects of your business even when you are on the go.

What do your customers receive whenever they pay using Tave?

Do customers need to sign contracts with an electronic signature (Boutique and Studio only)? Do they need to receive contracts via email (Boutique and Studio only)? Do you need to easily send invoices (Studio only)? Which plan offers the exact services your clients will benefit from using Tave?

How much technical knowledge do you have?

Are you a person who likes to keep things simple and easy, or would you rather deal with a more advanced system?

The Tave website has a great comparison chart for each of the plans. Please check it out to better understand what they offer.

As a business owner, you want to be able to see your entire internet presence in one place magically show up when someone searches for you online. Perhaps the number one thing they are looking for is whether or not they can trust you or not.

The Tave Resume website profiles showcase everything that makes you stand out from the crowd. Tave has created an amazing add-on service add-on to help you save time so you can focus more of your efforts elsewhere!

Tave's client portal allows your clients to book their appointments with their desired services and products, track them in real-time and pay the greatest time-savers out there!  Tave's beautiful, customizable reports will help you run your business like a well-oiled machine.

Before you know it, you'll be able to take on more clients, offer new services and products and increase your revenue because you're using all the tools available to succeed at owning your tedious administrative work to Tave. We take care of all the paperwork, so you can focus on what matters—your clients!

Overview of Tave Benefits

1. Collecting leads is crucial for business. Táve’s included forms work on any website and allow you to generate quality leads each month.

2. Quotes, questionnaires, contracts, and invoices, all in one spot. Give your clients a single link that they can use, so they’re always in the know.

3. Never let a client slip through the cracks again. Our automation keeps your business moving and makes sure you stay on task.

4. Keep your business (and your clients) protected with built-in contracts. Create contract templates that you can re-use over and over again.

5. Take advantage of pricing psychology and send quotes with multiple packages and optional add-ons to ensure your clients are getting exactly what they need.

6. No working for “exposure” here. Collect payment for services, retainers, and more with invoices.

7. Install full workflows, created by industry professionals, with the click of a button. Once installed, you can leave it as is or customize it to your brand.

8. There is an adage of "What gets measured gets improved" and we kept that in mind when building reports. Intelligently monitor leads, conversion rates, product sales, and so much more.

9. Solid client relationships are built on a foundation of trust and understanding. Our questionnaires allow you to collect important information that can be used in contracts and emails.

Pros and Cons of Tave


  • The prompts for managing our client timelines are awesome.
  • It is a very helpful tool for an established photographer who needs to keep a detailed schedule and keep their business organized and optimized.
  • It was very useful and lovely in how it made businesses seem more professional.
  • Great for photographers running a single-person business with a great mobile app.
  • Installation of the tools involved is easy and just requires you to follow simple instructions.


  • Half-witted implementation of features.
  • Abuse of community to provide support because the company refuses to properly organize themselves by their alleged user base.
  • Has some major bonuses, and then some disappointing problems.
  • There is no 24hrs tech support/customer service.
  • Tave is not useful for businesses with multiple people working on the project.
  • The app is very nice and easy to use, but I feel like it's more of a "professional" scheduling tool.
  • Might be too confusing or cumbersome for someone who doesn't have experience with other similar types of software.

What I like about Tave is that it allows you to easily make your invoices look professional, without needing much technical knowledge or expertise in design.

The tools are very easy to use and it does not require many advanced user skills. It's also relatively inexpensive compared to other similar software, allowing any business owner to benefit from the many features Tave offers.

How to work on Tave?

1. Create a schedule for your tasks easily.

2. Change the layouts of views or task lists to make it easier for you to work with them on any device.

3. See how much money you have made by assigning prices and services from any date and time in Tave Cloud.

4. Manage projects with multiple people at once, in a very simple way.

5. Use mobile devices to keep track of your time spent working on projects, without having to be near a computer all the time.

6. Improve your business by asking your clients for reviews and feedbacks.

7. Attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or Skydrive to admired Tave Develop.

How to select the right software?

Different programs meet the needs of people in different business areas, so it is important to know what features each option presents.

The best way to find out if a program fits your requirements is by checking up on their list of benefits and looking for something you might be missing in your current system.

1. Workflows

With Tave, there is an extensive list of pre-installed workflows that make setting up your business easy. You can also easily turn them on or off to meet your company's needs.

2. Invoices

Creating invoices in Tave is very straightforward and you will be able to customize their appearance until it fits your branding the other hand, with software like CoSchedule you can easily create and design multiple types of invoices.

3. Templates

Tave has a wide range of already-made templates that you can use to quickly create professional-looking invoices in no time.

CoSchedule also has predesigned templates the contrary, there is a small variety of options to choose from and you do not get the chance to create your own.

4. Invoice messages

When sending invoices in Tave, you will be able to personalize their messages with your logo or provide some minor details about who it is coming from.

In CoSchedule, they have their own set of pre-written messages that you can use without having to go back and change them after creating an invoice for someone else.

5. Mobile apps

With Tave's mobile app on your phone, you will be able to quickly check through your tasks while at a movie theater, while shopping, or even while traveling.

On the other hand, CoSchedule has the other hand, CoSchedule has mobile apps available and they can be used to upload files whenever you need them.

6. Tasks & notes

With Tave's task lists you can see your progress on any device and change the design of it until it fits your needs exactly. On the other hand, CoSchedule offers a calendar view instead of detailed task lists which might not be as useful for some business owners.

7. Files & documents

With Tave Cloud, there is no limit to how many files or folders you can upload and store in their servers while using their service.

The sheer amount of space will never become a problem with them and it will always be accessible from all your devices.

8. Price average

Tave Cloud offers the same services as CoSchedule but it is more affordable and suitable for small business owners.

In conclusion, if you are looking for software with many features to choose from and lots of space to manage workflows easily, Tave Cloud might be the right choice for your business.

9. Automations

On the other hand, CoSchedule has many types of interesting automation features that are very useful for managing your workflow.

10. Management of projects

With Tave Cloud, you can manage multiple aspects of a project at once without having to switch between different apps. Each task will have its progress bar so you can look at what is being done and when things will be completed by.

11. Invoice tracking

Tave Cloud provides detailed reports on invoices automatically through the software, which helps with tracking payment history.

With CoSchedule, there is no reporting feature or invoice management included in their service.

12. Detailed feedbacks

When working with clients, it is crucial to get feedback on the other hand, CoSchedule fails to have a feature of providing detailed feedback from customers due to offering a different type of service from Tave Cloud.

In Tave Cloud, you can easily group tasks and get a good overall view of what needs to be done. On the other hand, CoSchedule has no project management feature included in their services.

13. Keep records

Tave Cloud can keep all your financial records for you and they can be accessed whenever you need them. It includes many useful features that will help you manage costs and organize every aspect of your daily job.

With Tave Cloud's features and options, you can fully customize their services and they will fit your needs perfectly.

Customer support available in the software is very useful due to them being able to set up everything for you when signing up.

14. Compatibility

Compatibility with third-party apps, on the other hand, CoSchedule can easily integrate with commonly used software such as Slack, Dropbox, and more which makes it easier to collaborate between employees at workplaces.

In conclusion, if you are looking for software that offers excellent workflow management tools, gives detailed reports on finances, and has compatibility the other hand, if you are looking to use a third-party service for creating plans and managing client feedbacks, CoSchedule is the right choice for your business.

15. Task Management

Tave Cloud has good task management features that will help any business owner to easily manage their work and keep track of what is being done.

They also offer a full set of reports on finances and access to all the files you need at any time. On the other hand, CoSchedule offers an easier way to plan projects and with!

Once you've gone through several options and found the one that seems most suitable, it is a good idea to ask for a free trial version to see how all aspects of this product work.

The right program will allow you to manage your business more effectively and give potential clients a better impression of your professional services. Additional tools can mean a lot when they are applied properly, that is why it is important to find out which one fits your business best.


Tave Cloud is a great choice for businesses that want to manage projects easily, have plenty of customizable options and detailed reports on finances.

With CoSchedule, you will be able to plan multiple aspects of your business at once and keep track of client feedbacks it's a nice bonus feature but not as vital as the other features mentioned above.

It is important to compare the options available to find out which one offers the best quality for your business needs. If you're running a small business, Tave Cloud will probably be a better choice.

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