How Much Does Studio Ninja Cost (And is it Worth it)?

Studio Ninja is a business management software designed specifically for professional photographers and studios, helping them manage the business side of things.

How Much Does Studio Ninja Cost (And is it Worth it)?

Studio Ninja is a business management software designed specifically for professional photographers and studios, helping them manage the business side of things such as booking appointments, managing schedules, contacting clients, communicating with their staff and suppliers, facilitating and following up on payments.

The platform automates mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing users from the burden of spending too much time and attention on less productive details so they can focus on providing exceptional photography service, grow their client base, and drive their business to success.

From tracking projects and clients to keeping up with contracts to getting paid on time, Studio Ninja is a reliable solution for photography business owners.

How Much Does Studio Ninja Cost?

Studio Ninja Pricing Plans:

1. PRO (Annual)


  • 1 Company
  • 3 Contact forms
  • Unlimited everything else!

2. PRO (Monthly)


  • 1 Company
  • 3 Contact forms
  • Unlimited everything else!

3. MASTER (Annual)


  • 3 Companies
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Unlimited everything else!

4. MASTER (Monthly)


  • 3 Companies
  • Unlimited contact forms
  • Unlimited everything else!

Overview of Studio Ninja Features

1. Lead Management

Studio Ninja enables you to manage client data from intake through follow-up, including contact forms, the calendar, and notes.

With Studio Ninja you have a record of every meeting and phone call with your client so you can provide exceptional service that meets their needs on future occasions. Getting more leads is important for businesses to thrive in the competitive era.

You also keep them engaged throughout the year by sending personalized messages to update them on new work or show off your latest projects.

2. Calendar Management

Studio Ninja gives you a central place to manage and schedule all aspects of your business, whether it's managing availability with staff, booking workshops for clients, organizing social media posts, or finding the perfect gift for the client who has everything.

You can set up different calendars for each company you manage, each with its schedule of business hours.

You can also view the activities of any employee across all company calendars to make sure you don't double book anyone or keep them late.

3. Mobile Apps

Studio Ninja is available on iOS and Android, so you can answer your phone without ever leaving Studio Ninja.

You can also access Studio Ninja through Safari or Chrome to upload files right from your computer, keep track of your budget on the go, and much more.

Studio Ninja is a great tool for photographers, videographers, artists, or any other creative business that relies on connecting with clients to get work done.

Its design makes it easy to create custom products and services, generate quotes and contracts, process payments, see key financial reports about your company's performance, and much more.

4. Quotes and Contracts

Studio Ninja lets you generate invoices, quotes, and contracts in a snap! You can create custom pricing for different products and services based on your studio's needs.

Your clients can easily access their records so there are no mix-ups or missed deadlines when it comes to payments. Plus, Studio Ninja takes care of all the tedious accounting, so you can focus on growing your business.

5. Payments and Analytics

Studio Ninja provides all the tools you need to process payments for your services and products with ease.

It includes a built-in payment processing system that works with major providers like PayPal and Square as well as offline options like cash or check.

Using Studio Ninja's reporting features, you can learn more about your business and find new ways to grow by seeing how much revenue each job brought in. You can also use data from past sales to estimate future earnings or set sales goals for yourself.

6. Integrations

Studio Ninja integrates with over 20 apps, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, and Slack.

With Studio Ninja, you can connect your favorite apps and use them within the software to break down silos and save time on repetitive tasks.

For example, you can create a Zapier integration that automatically adds Dropbox files into Studio Ninja as records for clients.

Or if you want to keep track of all your documents in one place, you can create a Google Drive integration that automatically copies files into the software as records for clients.

7. Customization of Workflow

Studio Ninja lets you automate your workflow by setting up automated emails like welcome letters and post-shoot check-ins to make it easier to follow up with clients. It also lets you set up automated tasks for your staff.

For example, a photographer can create a task for their assistant to upload images from a session and mark it as complete when the job is done using customizable notifications.

Studio Ninja provides real-time monitoring so managers can always see what everyone is working on at any given time.

8. Jobs Tracking

Your customers can book multiple appointments at once, on the web or mobile, and you'll know how much time you have on each job.

You can then schedule your workflow around that time, manage invoices and streamline collections in Studio Ninja.

By job tracking, Studio Ninja also helps you keep track of which jobs have been completed so you can provide a prompt and accurate invoicing process.

Overview of Studio Ninja Benefits

1. Simple and Easy Setup

Studio Ninja doesn’t require additional hardware as well as software expertise to set it up. The interface is intuitive and navigation is a breeze.

You can easily find your way around the platform, get to the tools you want to use, and access information without getting lost or confused.

Creating custom workflows, managing your bookings, automating your processes, and tailoring your payment plans are all simple and won’t rack your brain.

2. 360-Degree Business View

With Studio Ninja, you are on top of your photography business. The software automates your schedules based on your appointments and event plans.

Customer inquiries are automatically converted into leads, with all necessary client information captured to help you engage them with convincing promotions and offers.

Leads inquiries can be transformed into invoices and your clients are automatically notified on upcoming photoshoots or meetings. You will never miss an opportunity and your clients will appreciate your dedication to your craft.

3. Streamlined Payments

Whatever your payment arrangements are, Studio Ninja can be configured so you can provide easy payment options for your clients. Integrations with PayPal and Stripe allow your customers to pay online.

They also have the option to pay via credit cards. Automatic payment reminders ensure that your clients are informed of their obligations and they can settle their payments directly from your email.

4. Customized Products, Services, and Pricing

Customers will appreciate the freedom of choosing custom products, services, and pricing that best suits their needs. You can group your offerings into different packages to allow price setting for each item or service you offer.

You can also configure payment plans with Studio Ninja’s easy-to-use options like payment plans and flexible installments. Once set up, you can easily add new products and services based on customers’ feedback.

5. Automate Contracts to Match Your Needs

Studio Ninja lets you design customizable legal forms that will be automatically generated once your clients fill out the required information. The software lets you configure different contract items so they match what you offer.

You can also configure payment plans and price items to structure the contract and pricing process as you please. There is no need for an expensive lawyer or legal expert when Studio Ninja lets you create your customized contracts!

6. Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Studio Ninja's dashboard is designed with convenience in mind. On it, you can track your business’ financial goals, quickly access customizable reports and invoices, manage upcoming events or photoshoots, communicate with customers, and see your company's overall performance.

The dashboard is where you can easily track your business' financial goals, access customizable reports & invoices, manage upcoming events or photoshoots, communicate with customers and see overall performance.

7. Integrated Social Media Integration

Studio Ninja gives you the advantage to keep in touch with clients via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter so you can stay connected and up-to-date about their needs.

Studio Ninja also offers a mobile app so you can have access to your platform on the go. It is very intuitive and you can easily use it to manage your bookings, follow-up on sales leads, update your social media accounts or make posts for your customers.

8. Customizable Platform

Studio Ninja is developed with customization in mind so you can tailor it as per your business’ unique requirements. It has a simple interface with drag-and-drop features that make it easy to set up your workflow.

Moreover, Studio Ninja's expert developers are constantly updating the software with new features like payment plans and flexible installments, contract items, payment gateways, customizable products and services, automated SMS reminders for clients about upcoming photo shoots or events.

9. Powerful Scheduling Functions

Studio Ninja allows you to schedule automated email reminders for your past or future clients. You can also manage all of your appointments and events by setting them up on your calendar instantly.

Notifications about upcoming events automatically appear on Studio Ninja’s dashboard so you will never miss a meeting again!

10. Time-Saving Analytics

Studio Ninja streamlines how you manage your business with easy-to-use analytics that will help you estimate future income and fees, manage finances more effectively by tracking expenses, income projections, and cost price monitoring.

You can also instantly see where you are lagging behind other salespeople or photographers if you want to improve on certain aspects of your performance.

11. Customizable Invoices

Studio Ninja lets you send professional invoices with complete company branding so your clients will appreciate the convenience of managing their payments easily.

All you have to do is add the information on the invoice and Studio Ninja's automatic billing system will charge the client accordingly.

Studio Ninja's customer management platform allows a wide range of communication formats like email, phone call reminders, and SMS messaging.

This ensures your clients will never miss an appointment or event reminder because you can reach them anytime, anywhere!

Technical details

Devices Supported

  • Android

Android devices are mainly built with touchscreen functionality in mind. Because of this, they are optimized for mobile devices and apps which make them easy to use.

It is no surprise that Android devices have become one of the most popular mobile operating systems today. With a wide range of choices and quality, it is no wonder why some people choose to stick with this OS for their phones and tablets.

  • iOS

iPhone/iPad is developed with ease-of-use features that are especially effective when it comes to Web-based applications because their web-compliant browsers automatically adjust the website's design according to the device it is being viewed on.

  • Web-based

Web-based applications are compatible with all web browsers that support HTML5 technology because they do not require additional download or installation.

All you need to do is use your mouse to navigate the interface and interact with the application's features immediately without any restrictions!


  • Cloud Hosted

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Monthly Payment

Monthly Payment involves a fixed monthly fee for a set amount of services. The service provider may also need to pay a percentage of the revenue they generate from selling the product or service to their partners.

Monthly Pricing can be seen as a measure of trust, stability, and reliability. Clients are likely to take more time in switching providers if they know that it might be more difficult to talk with their current provider.

Monthly Payments are also typically seen as an alternative if clients cannot afford to pay for the entire product or service upfront.

  • Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription involves a one-time payment that gives the customer access to any number of products or services, usually for a year-long time.

Customers are more likely to switch providers if they see it as an opportunity for them to lower their expenses, however, Annual Subscription is often associated with substandard products or services because customers may not be willing to give the provider a second chance due to having paid for the full levels of service upfront.

Annual Subscription can also be associated with stability or reliability because the customer knows they will get the same service for a full year, and if it does not meet their needs, they can switch providers next year.

Annual Subscription Pricing is commonly used to entice customers into purchasing products that would normally be too expensive for them to pay in one go.

Customer Types

  • Small Business

Small Business is a type of business classification for specific types of businesses that are typically based at the owner's home.

These companies usually have few employees, focusing on a core group of specialized workers to produce their products or services.

Small Businesses are designed for independent, locally owned and operated business owners who wish to compete with other larger corporations without sacrificing quality.

  • Medium Business

Medium-sized businesses, or companies with between 50 and 500 employees, generally require a more robust business management solution than their smaller counterparts.

While they may have the same needs as small businesses such as account tracking, invoicing, and payroll medium-sized companies also need solutions to manage their internal operations and human resources.

Medium Businesses are designed to empower medium-sized business owners to turn a vision into a reality by having a solution that helps them manage their daily operations and collaborate with employees to keep the business running smoothly.

  • Freelancers

In this digital age, freelancing has become very popular because it allows professionals to earn as much as they can without having to be tied down to one employer.

Freelancers face many obstacles in the business world, such as managing their finances and client base by themselves.

Freelancer is an ideal platform for those wanting to start up a personal freelance career and need a way of organizing and recording invoices and sales.

Differentiating factor with ClientVenue and Studio Ninja

ClientVenue Key Points:

1. Easy Client Onboarding

Move away from high-touch onboarding to a self-serve & automated checkout onboarding model, so you can focus on scaling your agency work instead of doing the heavy lifting on your own.

Use templates, and standard processes which can be duplicated for all your workflows so you can focus on work that matters the most for your agency.

2. Manage Tasks & Client Requests

Have visibility over all your projects in real-time. Manage your client requests in real-time, and showcase progress in a project manager style. Bring all the teams together to collaborate on projects easily. Get a 360-degree view of your entire project and prevent project delays from happening.

3. Storage

Store all your client-related files & assets in ONE place. So that you don't have to link your drives and shareable links every time. You can just pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one place.

4. Invoicing & Billing

Get all your payment-related worries handled within the Client-workspace. Having a truly integrated experience will allow you to create a self-serve checkout model where you can focus on the important bits of your business instead of chasing for payments, and getting your invoices cleared.

Be it recurring billing or one-time billing, we have all of that handled with native integrations using all top payment platforms and providers.

5. Teammates

Get all the stakeholders involved on the clients' side as well as your agency side as well. You can assign the permission levels to all the teammates on your side as well as the agency side.

6. Branded Experience

Make the portal look as if it's your product, and on your website. Make it look as if it's a native experience to your website, by changing the branding, coloring, and design to suit your brands' styling.

7. Services

You can package up all your services and show them up to your customers, this way you move from chasing payments and sending them manual pricing invoices and get everything done in an automated fashion. Connect with all popular payment platforms, and automate your invoicing and bill collection.

ClientVenue Features

1. Billing & Invoicing

ClientVenue is one of the rarer clients' portals to have a billing & invoicing feature, which makes it all the more powerful. You can create recurring billing for your clients and get everything done in an automated fashion.

You can also create one-time invoices and get it all done, so you don't have to do the hard work yourself.

2. Task Management

Track all the tasks assigned to your team on a single platform, and make sure that everyone gets their job done in time.

You can see who's doing what and get updates on the progress made by them. No more back and forth emails asking for updates of a project, you can get it all in a single place that is easy to use and understand.

3. Dedicated Client Portal

ClientVenue is a portal dedicated to your clients, which means they don't have to sign up for any other portals to get started with you.

They can go to the client venue and start working on their projects right away without going through the hassle of signing up or creating an account somewhere else.

4. Storage

Store all your client-related files & assets in one place which is easy to access. You can quickly pull the files from your drive and attach them in a matter of seconds, without wasting any time or creating tickets for this simple task.

5. Easy Onboarding

You can move away from high-touch onboarding to automation with ClientVenue. With a guided onboarding process, you can get all your clients up and running in a matter of seconds instead of wasting time on creating tickets or getting back and forth for something as trivial as setting up their workspace.

6. File Management

Organize all your files & assets from one place, without having to link drives or shareable links. With a dedicated workspace for your clients, you can easily attach all the files from one place and provide the links to them in a matter of seconds.

With all the above features, you can see how powerful ClientVenue is. It helps in utilizing resources beyond imagination and saves time which can be used to create more value for your company.

The self-serve checkout model also makes it easy for clients to check out without you chasing them. You can get their payment easily and focus on what you do best.


Studio Ninja works the best when it comes to a client portal that provides a better experience for your clients and helps in scheduling, time tracking, file management & much more.

It's easy on the pocket when you compare other options in the market today. You can get started at a lower price, which makes it affordable for everyone.

Studio Ninja is built to integrate with Basecamp, so you can easily connect it with your projects & other tools to enhance your workflow. Work smarter and focus on what you do best! Get Studio Ninja now.

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