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10 Best Secure Client Access Portal

Secure Client Access refers to a security strategy that allows authorized, controlled access to an enterprise network, mission-critical systems or any confidential data.

10 Best Secure Client Access Portal

A business' data is one of the most valuable things they own. With this in mind, it's important to take steps to protect it from hackers and those who might be looking for personal information that could lead them to financial gain.

That's where Secure Client Access comes into play.

It gives businesses and their partners, remote workers, offshore personnel and outsourced specialists a mutual, shared digital space for projects and workflow optimization, all via a system that is more secure than its predecessor - email.

For your client, logging into your secure access portal couldn't be easier.

When you onboard the client, the platform will send them an email with a link to set up their account which contains instructions on how they can create their password (meaning it's something they create and use, not one that is given to them).

The client clicks on the link in their email and proceeds through a series of steps and creates an account.

What is Secure Client Access?

Secure client access refers to a security strategy that allows authorized, controlled access to an enterprise network, mission-critical systems or any confidential data.

It enables IT teams to provide varying levels of access for employees and third parties based on their roles and job duties.

Secure Client Access methods protect systems and applications ensuring its continual operational efficiency.

Why is securing client access is important?

The current remote work trend has impacted many organizations' overall security strategies, and IT admins are now managing confidential enterprise data from remote locations.

Traditional access security methods are no longer sufficient to cater to the growing remote access needs.

Organizations must adopt safeguards for clients who need secure client access anytime, anywhere by providing them with a virtual space that is accessible via any device and at anytime.

The Top Ten Secure Client Access Portals are

1. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is a the most innovative solution for managing your business from any device, with no limits.

It's like having an army of IT admins working behind-the-scenes to secure your data & keep it safe and protected at all times. You can focus on what matters - running your business!

Don't wait another second.

Visit SuiteDash Website.


  • SuiteDash has all of the features you want in a CRM and client portal with no limits.
  • You also get best-in-class customer service, 24/365 support, & commitment to complete transparency as well as dedication to your business' success.

2. Monday.com

Monday.com provides CRM software to help you with managing customer data, interactions, and processes.

It will allow you to build and customize your dashboards so you can have a clear view of sales, processes, performance, and overall business opportunities.


  • Customizable Dashboard - Create as many customizations as needed for your workflow
  • Real-time Editing - Add, edit and delete fields on the fly so you can keep things up to date.
  • Reports - Run powerful reports with custom filters and customized layouts based on your needs or just export them in any format needed for your projects.

3. Nifty

Nifty is a new-wave project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining collaboration, communication, and automation in one easy to use platform.

The result is milestone-driven progress automation that keeps teams and project stakeholders aligned and organizational goals on schedule.


  • Portfolio dashboard to group projects by team, department, clients, or folders
  • Built-in Automations: Assign users to new tasks automatically, turn task-lists into milestones to automate their progress based on task completion

4. Kahootz

Kahootz' client portal is a Class-A secure access solution for your enterprise data.

It provides the ability to quickly and easily onboard clients while giving them strong security credentials that are independently audited up to world class standards.

You can also use Kahootz seamlessly with existing infrastructure solutions such as SharePoint, Office 365, NetSuite, and SAP.


  • Enterprise Security - Kahootz' credentials are independently audited to the high standards required by governments agencies such as Ministry of Defense.
  • Ease of Use - The client portal is easy to use with custom branding for your company that includes logo uploads, CMS access, and more.
  • Secure Data - Kahootz ensures your data is secure and that it remains confidential at all times with stringent controls to manage content based on clients permissions, roles, job duties and more.

5. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a cloud-based customer service solution. With Live Agent, you will be able to provide your users with multiple knowledge bases and customer portals.

With the company's fully customizable WYSIWYG editor, create stunning FAQs, forums, how-to articles & more! It also offers live chat, ticketing, call center & social media integrations.


  • Live Chat - Answer customer inquiries in real time with a live chat feature and manage chats through the portal.
  • Ticketing - Manage tickets from one central location and assign to team members for quick resolution.
  • Call Center Services - Use our automated outbound dialing, call routing and logging features to reach your customers.
  • Social Media Integration - Connect with followers through social media channels for instant customer service.

6. Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software. With Zendesk, you will be able to provide your customers with more self-service options and all will be included in one solution with the client portal.

Zendesk supports ticketing system as well as live chat and messaging for real time engagement of customers.


  • Guide - Provide your customers with self-service answers to their questions and give them an easy way to solve issues on the go.
  • Live Chat and Messaging - Engage your customer in real time by using this feature right from the client portal.
  • Connect system will help you solve customer's issues.

The system allows you to deliver self-service answers using the Guide feature.

Through live chat and messaging, your customers can be engaged in real time with their issues solved by Connects System.

The Zendesk offers a wide range of features including Ticketing support, Live Chat & Messaging and Guide.

7. Clinked

Clinked will allow you to communicate and share information instantaneously.

It provides collaboration features for your team members as well as customers. It provides many features such as uploading files of any size, permissions for files and folders, and much more.


  • Depending on the plan that you have selected, Clinked may provide storage. It can provide storage from 100 GB to unlimited.
  • It provides many features for teams like Shared calendar, discussions and Group Chat.
  • Clinked also provides the option of having a private cloud on multiple locations with zero latency between them all.

8. Onehub

Onehub is a cloud-based solution for file sharing. It provides businesses cloud storage to securely share files, data, and information.

The system provides all the possible file sharing capabilities plus the features like collaboration & communication, activity tracking, and workspace customization.


  • Workspace customization - Allows you to upload multiple files at the same time.
  • It allows you to set permissions and different levels of it for content - 30 type of files can be previewed from desktop and mobiles.
  • Collaboration & communication features like chat, call, video conference as well as a whiteboard feature is also available in this system.
  • Activity tracking will allow you to monitor all activity within your workspace and can view reports.

9. Huddle

Huddle Huddle is a free client portal. It can be accessed through web browser and it will allow you to share files, data, discuss with clients and track activity. You can also review documents using G-Suite or Microsoft Office Online.


  • The system allows you to upload and download files up to in size.
  • It can be integrated with G-Suite or Microsoft Office Online, mobile devices are also supported by this client portal.
  • It will allow you to request for up to 500 files at a time from the system.

10. Client Portal

Client Portal.io is a WordPress plugin which will help your clients in keeping a track of the projects.

As it is a plugin, it will easily get fit with your website and this portal will work in three simple steps i.e., create the portal, give your client access and keep on updating modules.


  • It provides document collaboration through Google Docs.
  • It offers team communication through Slack.
  • Easy to add or remove the modules.
  • Simple and clean designs for your websites.

How does Secure Client Access Work?

A well-designed client access tool can enable secure connections to target systems and prevent unauthorized access.

The following steps define a general client access process, and are applicable for most of the enterprise client access architectures.

An Access Session starts with authenticating users or other entities including Systems/Application through an organization’s identity and authentication system.

The process of getting privileged access through the use of an authentication token has been compromised over the years by hackers with sophisticated techniques like phishing scams or exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems (especially web browser software).

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