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List Of Questions To Ask Clients To Enhance Productivity

It can be difficult to approach clients who are difficult to communicate with, but making the time to educate yourself will help your agency gain more business and happier clients in the long run. Some of these questions may look to be obvious, but it's important to ask them.

List Of Questions To Ask Clients To Enhance Productivity

It can be difficult to approach clients who are difficult to work with, but taking the time to educate yourself on how to handle these situations will help your agency get more business and happier clients in the long run.

Some of these questions might seem like they’d be obvious, but it’s important to ask them, nonetheless!

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Why do you need to ask questions to clients?

There are several reasons why you would want to ask questions to your clients. One reason is because asking questions may help you develop a stronger connection with them.

Getting information like their personal goals and what they're looking for in a company will allow you to tailor your presenting style and content appropriately.

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Additionally, asking questions can help a client get on the same page as you about business processes and overall goals, which can make both of you feel more open about the work you'll be doing together.

The other reason you'd want to ask questions is because it's a very common sales tactic and works on the same principle as presenting.

As king questions and listening carefully to the answers will likely lead to a deeper understanding of your prospect's needs, which will make you more credible when it comes to closing the deal.

Lastly, a great way to ask questions is in response to your prospect's answers. This can help you take the conversation in a new direction and elicit more information about the business, even if you don't think it's relevant.

List of questions to ask clients :

Here are a few questions that can work as a great starting point for questions to ask your clients.

1) What are your objectives?

By asking your prospect what their objectives are, you'll give them the chance to talk about who they're looking for and why.

It could also help you discern where more of this type of service might be needed in order to keep the conversation going on a productive level.

A great example of this is if your prospect starts talking about a specific business or industry on which he'd like to get some advice.

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By asking what their objectives are, you'll be able to quickly identify whether you're in the right field for them and how much improving that particular area would mean for their bottom line.

At the same time, it will give deeper insights into areas where they could grow along with your own expertise as a consultant or trusted advisor. 2) How do you work with clientele at present? What can we help you with?

By asking this question, your prospect will be able to talk about the way they currently handle clients in most cases.

On some occasions however it could mean completely avoiding a specific issue and having an open discussion about how he'd like something tailored for his business without alienating or offending him as wel

2) What's your budget?

Starting by asking your prospect what the budget is, you can dive right into possible contract milestones or specific deliverables.

While this may not be a question that will lead to much more than an agreement on price, it's still something which gets plenty of attention and keeps this first stage of conversations ticking over nicely.

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It could also help you to determine whether or not your prospect's budget matches with the scope of work that they've described, which may be where a hassling factor might surface.

You can then calculate if it'd make more sense for either party to have an extra meeting down the line.

But remember that trying to cut on either party's costs during this early stage will just cause problems.

3) What can my company do better to serve your needs?

This question can lead you in to a whole host of areas and it's one which really opens the doors when trying to build rapport.

Many people won't think about how their company can offer additional value for these factors, but there are times where this situation comes up again and again.

You could even help your prospect by answering some of the ones that they may have thought of on themselves instead.

This might have led them off onto the topic of being more understanding with employees or office politics among other things which will ultimately benefit your company's bottom line too.

Similarly asking whether there are any challenges that they've faced with existing vendors or whether you can provide any extra guidance, advice and support will be enormous value for your benefit.

4) What are your expectations?

This can seem a strange question at first but when getting your prospect to open up and share, this can be an incredibly effective way of cementing good rapport.

It's much more than just assessing what they've said so far though - it also helps you to determine how serious the situation is, their style and level of confidence tool.

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Closed ends will generally reflect this anxiety which could mean that you make sure that those areas are still handled well before signing onto the contract as things could develop quickly without notice.

Another great way of finding out what they expect is by asking them: "What are your goals?", which really will help paint a clearer picture of their thoughts overall, especially if there have been any mistakes made along the way.

5) What are your biggest challenges?

As with the previous question, this will help you to suss out their true motives and level of willingness.

Lots of prospects struggle to put what they're going through into words as it is painful, but if your customer can explain more about how they've found themselves having these problems then you'll have even better insight into things that could be improving spots for you too.

To find out what the customer is going through perhaps ask yourself how they ended up with their current problems:

Have there been any set backs along the way? If so this could indicate other areas of potential improvements for your company to make.

6) Why choose us over other competitors ?

Even if they have already expressed their choice to do business with you, asking this question will help you gauge whether or not they are being sincere and it's a great way of getting them comfortable.

Something they might use to work out this question is a real-time budget or schedule, but make sure you don't jump right in - wait for them to bring it up first.

Alternatively ask what their biggest problems are as well whether there's been anything that has hindered the project from occurring nicely.

Another useful way of evaluating details such as this would be by asking how many times do clients have run into a problem like these before .

Then you can turn around and go on the expected amount of times that they have been using your services.


The questions above are a great starting point to help you evaluate their business, but I would like to encourage looking at it in the wider context of what they do before getting stuck into trying and answer these difficult ones.

Once you've got an understanding of who may or may not be suitable as your client then come back to this rigorously next time so that when creating our proposals we can give more definite answers based on something solid.

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