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Many agencies and consultants operate on a task-oriented model, allowing clients the flexibility to submit new tasks as needed. Implementing a project intake form can streamline this process.

For agency owners, managing project requests without a structured client intake system can be challenging. Clients frequently send requests through emails, social media, or help desk tickets, which complicates task completion, particularly in the absence of a customer relationship management system and clear task assignments within the team.

A common problem is clients not providing sufficient details in their requests, leading to unnecessary back-and-forth communication that could have been avoided initially.

This article will explore the benefits of using intake forms, how to effectively create them, and how to simplify the process for your clients to complete them.

What is a project intake form?

A project intake form is a tool used by clients or employees from other departments to communicate their project requirements to the marketing team. This form gathers essential information such as the project's goals, key stakeholders, budget, and desired completion date. 

After receiving the form, the marketing team evaluates it to determine if they will take on the project. If the project is accepted, the marketing team will reach out to the client to proceed with the initial stages of project organization and planning.

Why is the project intake form a must-have?

Implementing a standardized process for work intake may involve initial effort, but the multitude of advantages it brings justifies the effort. Here are several compelling reasons why project leaders, such as Josie, should think about developing a template for their project intake process.

1. Enhances Organization: Using intake forms to systematically collect project requests makes it easier to choose appropriate projects and forecast resources more accurately.

2. Collects Necessary Information: A marketing intake form is designed to gather all pertinent questions and answers, enabling you to assess the feasibility of investing time in a project while keeping all critical information in one location.

3. Facilitates Workload Management: Incorporating a project request intake form into your workflow helps monitor your team's current and upcoming tasks, allowing for effective planning and resource allocation.

4. Saves Time: A project intake form eliminates the need for repetitive communication by providing all required details upfront, streamlining the process.

5. Improves Communication: Centralizing request details in a project intake form reduces misunderstandings, ensuring that everyone is clear on the project requirements.

6. Boosts Quality of Work: Access to a detailed project intake form and specifications ensures that your team's output aligns with the requester's initial expectations, enhancing the overall quality of the work delivered.

Components of Project Intake Form

Here are essential components to include in your project intake form, ensuring your team has all necessary information for success:

1. Client Contact Details

Request the potential client's contact information, including full name, organization, phone number, email address, and preferred method of communication. You might also ask for their website URL to understand their mission, goals, and brand style, and assess if they're a good match for your team.

2. Project Type

Inquire about the specific project they need. This assists in determining the most suitable service and identifying team members with the right skills and availability. If you offer particular services or packages, consider listing them for easy selection, ensuring alignment with your team's capabilities.

3. Project Objective

Ask the client about their project's goal. Encourage them to detail key performance indicators (KPIs), essential features, or their aspirations for the project. Provide space for them to elaborate on their overall objective, aiding your team in understanding the project's success criteria.

4. Target Audience

Gather information about the intended audience or end-users of the project. Request details such as geographic location, age, gender, income level, interests, and job title or industry. An additional notes section about the audience ensures comprehensive understanding.

5. Budget

Inquire about the client's budget to guide resource allocation and proposal development. Ask for a budget range instead of a fixed amount, giving insight into feasibility and opening negotiation possibilities.

6. Deadline

Ask for the client's desired project completion date. This helps evaluate your team's capacity and time availability and prioritize ongoing projects to meet client deadlines. Remember, deadlines can be negotiated post-submission of the intake form.

How ClientVenue can help you with your Project Intake Form

ClientVenue streamlines operations for agencies, offering an all-in-one integrated project management solution. This tool simplifies the creation of a project request process, enabling you to efficiently move forward with minimal effort.

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1. Efficient Project Intake Forms

The platform allows you to design intake forms tailored to your specific needs. 

You can add various fields, incorporate spec sheets, and set your notification preferences to gather essential information from the outset.

2. Unlimited Client Access

ClientVenue provides client portal which facilitates logins, allowing clients to easily submit project requests and stay updated on the status, including approvals, rejections, and resubmission requests. 

This feature not only simplifies processes for you but also enhances the client experience, creating a mutually beneficial situation.

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3. Rapid Project Setup

Project requests are effortlessly converted into full-fledged projects, maintaining all specifications, notes, and history to ensure no detail is overlooked. This feature empowers your team to begin work immediately, fully informed.

4. Centralized Communication

The tool serves as a unified hub for all project-related communications, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Internal team members can interact, add comments, and manage tasks using the integrated file review and deliverable tools. Additionally, external users can review project files and provide feedback directly within the app, without the need for paid accounts.

6. Automated Reporting

Say farewell to cumbersome manual reporting. ClientVenue offers both standardized and customizable reports that automatically collate data for you.


At the heart of efficient project management lies the project intake form, a pivotal tool that sets the tone for every project's journey. ClientVenue elevates this essential step, turning it into a seamless and meticulously organized process. 

With ClientVenue, the project intake form becomes more than just a document; it transforms into a strategic gateway for capturing comprehensive project details, ensuring clarity and precision from the outset.

 Embrace the power of ClientVenue to revolutionize your project intake form process. 

By doing so, you equip your team with a robust foundation for successful project management, ensuring that every project begins with a clear direction and detailed understanding.

Choose ClientVenue and transform your project intake process into a gateway for success, setting the stage for impeccable project management every time.

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