How Lead Magnet Ideas Can Help Your Agency Grow

Lead Magnet is the most efficient way to generate leads. It brings your website visitors to a landing page where you have the chance to capture their information. The visitor gets an asset, such as ebook or whitepaper and they get your contact details in return.

How Lead Magnet Ideas Can Help Your Agency Grow

Are you feeling like your agency is stagnant? Or that you're not generating enough new leads? Lead magnets are a great way to generate more email subscribers and turn them into potential sales opportunities.

In this short guide we've gathered the best ideas of lead magnets for agencies, so check it out!

What is a lead magnet?

Lead Magnet is the most efficient way to  generate leads. It is a piece of content that you offer for free in exchange for someone's contact information, such as email address and first name (and sometimes more).

It brings your website visitors to a landing page where you have the chance to capture their information. The visitor gets an asset, such as ebook or whitepaper and they get your contact details in return.

How effective is lead magnet?

Lead Magnet can prosper your business and help you grow your agency. A report by Hubspot showed that 68% of marketers who blog daily generate leads at twice the rate of those who don't. Another research shows that companies using content marketing as a lead generation tactic increased their sales by an average of more than 30%.

What are the types of lead magnets?

Lead Magnets have a lot of different formats, which you can use for different purposes.

1. Ebook

Probably the most popular format of content lead magnet. You make a digital book with information about your agency and offer it in exchange to someone's contact details (usually email).

The beauty is that there are no limitations as it doesn't have to be an ebook! It can be a report, a resource guide or even short video!

2. Guides

Create a guide to solve your customers' difficulties. For example you could write an ebook about how to choose the right agency for you, ebooks on how SEO affects user experience, etc

If there are relevant problems that people might have and you can offer them solutions via lead magnets.

3. Checklist

Another format that is very popular among agencies and also other kinds of companies (e.g. whitepapers). Checklists are useful for everyone and we all want to know how you can check if your agency has certain qualities, right?

Write a short checklist guide about what makes an outstanding digital marketing agency or blog post marketing agency and offer it to your visitors.

4. Templates

A great way of attracting more email subscribers is by offering templates for them to use on their own clients' websites, design presentations or even social media posts (e.g. Twitter).

You can also include some best practices that you follow in the template like: how many times should we tweet about our company, what's the best frequency of Facebook posts, etc.

5. Webinars

A webinar is an online presentation where you share valuable information with your customers or prospects that can be attended by anyone who has internet connection (and most important it should be useful advice).

It lasts around one hour and everyone gets to ask you questions! What's not to love? It is a bliss for information seekers.

6. Report, research & statistics

Determine what kind of reports clients might find useful and write one for them (e.g. agency performance report). You can also create case studies about the success your previous customers had with their websites or social media campaigns - they are always great value adders!

A collection of the best materials on the topic. If you have a lot of blog posts, infographics or other material put it together in one place and share with your visitors!

A series of emails, audio or video lessons. This format is very useful if you provide consulting services (e.g. social media marketing training). People will sign up for your newsletter and you can start sharing valuable advice with them.

How to Create a lead magnet?

It's very easy to create a lead magnet, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Figure out the topic of your lead magnet - Make sure it is useful for someone else (not only for yourself). Remember, if you want people to subscribe, they should get something in return! Otherwise what's stopping them? People don't like giving away their email address for free!
  • Make it short - lead magnets shouldn't be longer than a blog post or an article. People have very little time and attention span, so make sure your offer is concise and useful .
  • Create a compelling headline that makes people want to visit the page where they can subscribe (e.g. " The secrets of converting visitors into customers ").
  • Come up with a value proposition - what are you offering? What's in for your readers/visitors (e.g. get the best practices on how to convert visitors into loyal customers ?). You can also provide an image or video that illustrates one of your points!
  • Add Social Proof - people are more likely to subscribe if they see that a lot of other people have already subscribed. It's an old trick, but it works!
  • Design your lead magnet in such a way that when someone is reading/viewing it - they will understand the value you provide and want to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Don't make them think - everything should be easy-to-understand. The words you use should be conversational and simple. Use bullet points, short sentences, lists - whatever works best for you!
  • Make it look good! You can also offer an advanced version that is more in-depth or premium (e.g. white paper). Make sure to include a call-to-action button somewhere on the page . The button color should stand out and be eye-catching.
  • Test your lead magnet! You can do it by sharing a link with family, friends or colleagues to get their feedback on how they think the page looks like (remember - what's good for you might not match the needs of other people). Also don't forget about Google Analytics where you can see how many people are visiting the page (e.g. which parts of your lead magnet they like most).
  • Create it with value - an effective lead magnet is something that has value for others and provides them with great content in return! The easiest way to create one is by writing a blog post about your agency or company, but you can also use other formats (e.g. checklist, template).
  • Remember - if you want people to subscribe for your newsletter or sign up for a webinar - make sure they get something in return! You shouldn't rely on people's good will only because most of them don't have it that much anyway! Keep this point in mind and your lead magnet will do wonders for you!

Now, let people know all about it! Put it on your website, share with people through social media and email marketing.

How to use lead magnets?

It's very easy! The first thing is that they should be clearly visible on the landing pages of all your websites, so a lot of people see them.

You can also link from blog posts or include in email signatures "Get the ebook on X topic" or "Download our whitepaper about Y". You can have pop ups that will ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter in exchange of a free lead magnet.

You should also be generous with sharing them as ebooks are usually shared via social media, email newsletters and blogs posts (where you link back). The more free advice you share and the more people will see your name, so they'll know who to turn to if they need professional help.

And last but not least! Don't be afraid of doing it right away (if possible) because lead magnets are an incredible source for getting new clients and strengthening the relationships with existing ones.

Benefits of Lead Magnet Ideas

People love free stuff, so it's a great way to attract visitors and subscribers. Lead magnet is mainly about giving away your best content for free and in exchange people subscribe to your newsletter.

1. It helps you establish authority on the market

If people trust you, they will turn to you when they need professional help (e.g. social media marketing training). It's much easier to sell a product or service when there is already some kind of connection with the client.

2. You can use lead magnets for inbound marketing

This is one of the best ways to generate traffic. It will increase your visibility , which means people who have never heard about you before will be able to learn more about what your business does.

It's a great way to build trust with your target audience because you are offering valuable content for free!

3. You can use lead magnets in email marketing

What's better than getting people who have already expressed their interest in your business? If they have subscribed, it means they want to be the first ones available when you release new products.

And there is no better way to announce something than sending an email. You can make the most out of the email marketing.

4. You can use lead magnets in social media marketing

When you make great content, it's easy to attract people who might become your followers (because they like what you do) and potential clients (when you share more free advice). It will also help with SEO because Google loves valuable contents!

5. You can use lead magnets in link building

The most difficult part of it is that you should find people who are willing to share your free content. But once they do, it will bring a lot of traffic and increase your domain authority!

Where Can You Get Great Lead Magnet Ideas?

Think about what kind of advice or information would be valuable to your audience. The information you provide should attract your target audience and be useful for them. You can get the relevant informations from your client meetings and conversations.

For example, if you have a blog on software development - offer a webinar on best practices and tips when working with WordPress. Or write an ebook about using Scrum in Agile methodology.


In the current digital world, lead magnets are the best way to attract new clients and strengthen relationships with existing ones.

It's an incredible source for generating traffic, so it will help you increase your visibility on the market! So make sure to utilize the lead magnet ideas and pave the way to success!

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