How to Start Writing a Blog For Money: 16 Easy Steps to Follow

Blogging is a space to express yourself and connect with people worldwide! It's also a great opportunity if you want your business or brand to be seen by many others.

How to Start Writing a Blog For Money: 16 Easy Steps to Follow

If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but haven’t taken the leap yet, there are many reasons why it might be time to do so.

Blogging is an excellent way to earn money online and share your thoughts with others in your industry.

It is a time-consuming process to get a blog off the ground and profitable, but once you have built up your site so that it is drawing in fresh traffic every day from organic search engine results or paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, blog marketing agency or else you will begin to see exciting ways of turning your growing readership into actual cash.

In this post, we will talk about one of the best ways to earn money from blogging and make the most out of it.

What is a blog?

A Blog is a platform for sharing your thoughts with an audience. Blogs are usually maintained by individuals or organizations to keep readers informed about news, events, opinions on various topics, and telling stories.

Blogging is a space to express yourself and connect with people worldwide! It's also a great opportunity if you want your business or brand to be seen by many others but before jumping into the deep end, it's good to know that blogging takes time, patience, and dedication every day to grow your audience of raving fans!

Writing a blog post usually involves adding new content to the site on an almost regular basis, in some cases daily. This is why it’s important to have goals for your blog and stick with them when you start writing!

What do I need?

First of all, you'll need to have an extensive vocabulary and great command of the English language.

You will need to be able to write engaging content that flows naturally, so it’s best if you can practice writing regularly even before starting your freelance career.

The second thing you'll need is a good understanding of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques for your blog posts to rank high in Google, which means that you'll have a better chance of being hired.

SEO is not easy and it takes time to practice to learn all the techniques required for your articles to be discovered by people who are looking for them online.

You can also take advantage of free resources such as Moz's beginner guide on SEO or this step-by-step guide to SEO for beginners.

How to Start a Blog?

There is no doubt about it, blogging is an excellent way to make money online today because of all the benefits it offers both you as a writer but also your readers.

The great news about writing blog posts is that several websites are always looking for talented writers to provide content regularly.

Writing blog posts is not only an excellent way to make money blogging, it’s also an opportunity if you want your brand and business to be seen by as many people as possible.

1. Choose Your Niche

When it comes to choosing a niche, you might want to start by thinking about what your interests are and how much time you can dedicate.

People usually prefer to write on topics they like because this makes the process of writing more enjoyable and less strenuous which in turn means that you’ll be able to post content regularly even when life gets in the way.

If you’re passionate about fashion, food, or parenting, for example, this would be a good starting point to help you find your niche and create content that will grow an audience of people who love what you have to say!

After choosing a topic that interests you and creates value for others as well, it's time to start writing. To make your content more interesting, you can choose to write about a problem and offer solutions or give tips like: “How to...”

The key here is to find the right balance between useful information and entertainment because this will keep people coming back for more!

2. Go With a Self-Hosted Blog

If you decide to go with a free blogging platform, you will have many limitations. For example, it might be difficult for you to start making money on your blog because there are ads everywhere and they can get in the way of creating value through content!

The best option is often going with a self-hosted blog where not only do you have full control over your content, but you can also add additional features such as membership or community software.

If you’re a beginner blogger and want to keep things simple so that you don't have too many technical difficulties along the way, WordPress is perhaps one of the best blogging platforms out there!

It's free and comes with all sorts of plugins and themes so you won't need to spend money on other tools.

Writing blog posts should always be fun because this is what drives us to keep going even when we feel like giving up!

If writing about your interests makes it easier for you, then there's no reason why blogging shouldn’t become a source of income that fuels your passion for writing.

3. Domain Name

Domain names can be quite complicated because many of them are already taken by people who have been blogging longer than we might think so take some extra time choosing the right one for your website.

Make sure to use the keywords you want people to associate with your blog but also think about what will describe it best.

For example, if you are passionate about fashion and style then a name like “the fashion gal” or "style" would be perfect for your website!

4. Engaging Content

The best way to keep your readers coming back for more is by creating content that they find interesting and useful.

You can start with the basics like catchy titles, great photos, etc but also think about what you’re not doing well in terms of SEO or why people are leaving your website without clicking on any of the articles!

You can ask your friends and family to read your posts before you publish them on the website so that they give you feedback or anything else related to what could make it better.

This is also a great way of learning about new things and becoming a better writer! When creating content, we often forget some important parts like images but this shouldn't be the case because they are what will help you stand out from others.

There are plenty of free stock photo websites that offer images for commercial use which means that if your blog is monetized, then there's no need to worry about copyright issues!

A picture says a thousand words so make sure to take advantage of this by including them in all of your blog posts.

If you don't have much experience with photos, try hiring a professional to do it for you, or look online for tutorials on how to create beautiful images!

5. Analysis of your Market

When starting your blog, it's important to remember that you should always be analyzing the market and figuring out what people are looking for.

Don't just focus on writing content but also take some time finding out how much competition is in your niche or if there's already someone who has created a lot of value through their website!

One way to do this is by looking at their posts and figuring out what you can do better. Try taking some notes about the things they liked or disliked because these will be great insights to use later on!

If there's a lot of competition in your niche, don't give up too quickly as you could still find something that makes your blog unique from others!

6. Skyrocket Your Viewer Counts

There are plenty of ways to get more viewers by using different techniques that can generate results in a short amount of time.

You don't necessarily need the best website or blog content but some strategies that will help you skyrocket your views and even turn them into money!

One way is through guest blogging on other websites which help reach new audiences while also getting your name out there.

There are plenty of websites that allow guest bloggers to post their content for free but make sure to choose ones with high authority so you don't waste time on another website where no one will see it!

Another strategy is by interacting with readers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram because they can bring a lot of exposure to your website.

Not only can you create a network of people who might be interested in reading about the things that are published on your blog but also gain new followers so you have someone to share them with!

7. Write Amazing Content

A lot of bloggers make the mistake of focusing on something else and forgetting to write amazing content which is what will ultimately make them stand out from others.

When starting a blog, we often focus more on pretty pictures and social media outlets but it's important to remember that content is king!

You want people to see your website and immediately know what kind of information they can get from it because this is ultimately what will make them come back for more!

There are plenty of tips that you can follow when writing such as making sure it's easy to read and doesn't end up sounding like a robot wrote it.

Another way is by including humor in some parts even if this isn't what you do daily because it can help your target audience see your blog differently!

8. Use the Right Keywords

Keywords are very important when starting a blog because they play a vital role in SEO or Search Engine Optimization which determines how high you will rank on search engines like Google.

To use the right keywords, you'll need to do keyword research which is finding out how many people are looking for a specific term.

This can be found by going through Google Keyword Planner or other websites that offer similar functions and checking out how much competition there is in your niche!

You don't want to choose a keyword that no one is looking for because it won't help you achieve your goals and might even make things worse if people can't find anything on Google!

It's important to remember that keywords are just a guideline and not every time you use them has to be the same as what you researched.

9. Make Money Right Away

There are plenty of different ways to make money through a blog right away! You can apply for affiliate or sponsored programs where you get rewarded whenever someone purchases on their website.

This means that every time someone buys the product that was advertised by giving your link, you'll receive some sort of commission which can be anything between 5-20% of what they spent depending on the company!

You can also sell ad space like banner ads but these don't usually pay that much and you might not even get any views because it's really hard to make them noticeable.

Another way is by creating your product which could be anything from an ebook to a premium membership site.

These usually take a lot of time and preparation but can be rewarding when finished!

10. Stay Consistent

Last but not least is staying consistent which means flying straight to the point without any distractions or repetitions.

This means that you need to come up with a regular publication schedule and stick with it because this will allow your viewers to get used to it and know when to expect new content.

So for example, you could write 2-3 times a week or 1 time every other day but don't do anything differently because your readers will get confused if suddenly the frequency changes without any warning!

This is why it's best to plan everything so you can stay consistent and not disappoint your followers!

11. Don't Be Afraid of the Competition!

This is another common mistake that new bloggers make and they tend to avoid blogging because they think there's already someone doing what they want to do.

The truth is, it doesn't matter how many popular blogs are out there because you have something different which will set you aside from everyone else!

This means that you need to focus on doing what your competitors are not including things like humor, interactivity, or even giveaways to make your blog stand out!

12. Don't Try to Be Everything for Everyone

You must set yourself apart from the rest of the bloggers by offering something distinct which is exactly what will make people come back to your blog.

So for example, if you want to start a fashion blog, don't also post about sports because this will make it difficult for people to find the type of content they are looking for!

This doesn't mean that you have to stick with just one topic but just stay focused on doing something really good and bringing out your very best each time you publish a new piece!

13. Don't Be Afraid of Sharing Your Opinion

This is one of the most important things to remember when running a blog because it's the only way that you can stay authentic to yourself!

Don't be afraid of sharing your opinion even if it goes against someone else's because that's what makes you unique and interesting!

Of course, this doesn't mean being mean or saying things just to create drama but you have to have a backbone when it comes down to it if someone crosses the line!

14. Be Interesting and Make People Want More

If no one wants to read your blog then there isn't much point in trying to make it popular because no one will know about it anyway!

This is why you should always strive to be interesting and give people a reason to come back for more.

For example, try running fun competitions or holding giveaways where several people can win instead of just one person!

You could also share different types of content which are all related to the same subject so it can be really helpful for your audience.

15. Don't Forget About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When you're serious about blogging, then you should also put in the extra effort by knowing how Search Engine Optimization works!

This is because if you don't know anything about this, then you will have a really tough time trying to rank your blog even if people are reading it!

This might sound complicated at first but in reality, this is just about learning how to properly use keywords which are important for SEO so search engines can find your content!

16. Don't Give Up on Your Dreams

The last thing I can tell you about how to start writing a blog for money and making it popular is that you shouldn't ever quit!

If this seems too difficult then just take a step back, relax and try again when you are ready.

It's not easy trying to achieve something but if you want it bad enough, then no one can stop you from following your dreams!

Blogging is a great hobby and it's also a way to make money online, which is why you can't give up on it so easily.

In the end, all the hard work you put into blogging will pay off because this is a tough business that requires a lot of dedication and passion!

How can you make Money Using a Blog?

Now that you know how to start a blog for money, it's time to think about the things people are willing to pay for! For example, advertising on your website is an easy way of making some extra cash but also bringing traffic.

You can place ads in places where they won't interfere with users reading posts or just by using widgets that you can find for free online.

If you do this, just keep in mind that they don't interfere with what's on the screen, and also remember to read the terms of use so there are no problems later on!

Another popular method is through affiliate marketing where people buy products after clicking your unique code which gives a percentage of the commission back to you!

The best thing about this is that you don't have to create the product because someone else has already done it and continues to sell it!

This means that you can earn a lot of money by just sending people to their site and after they buy something, you get some of the profit.

This doesn't mean that you won't ever have to create your products because you can do that if you want, but it's nice to know that the option is there for later.

It might be difficult at first but once you get the ball rolling, it will be much easier to make money blogging in the future!

This allows you to promote other people's products and get paid for them without having to worry about any bad reviews or anything else that can affect your blog.

There are unlimited ways of making money through a blog but all you need is creativity and the will to make something out of it even when times get tough because blogging isn't easy despite how it may look like.


Blogging is a great way to express your creative side while also making money but you must take the time to understand how things work.

If you start with this mindset, there won't be anything holding you back from achieving all of your blogging goals!

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