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Firing a client is an extremely stressful moment, and the person doing it needs to know how to do it in a professional manner.

Here are some suggestions on how you can fire your clients without demanding for an ugly situation:

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Firing A Client:

When you have a client that is not happy with your work, one of the best ways to get rid of them is to fire them.

When you fire somebody, it means you stop being their personal coach and instead shift gears into contract coaching, which can be done from anywhere in the world.

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You should also emphasize how much progress your clients made during the time they were with you and talk about what they learned and how they can continue working with you in the future.

Firing a client is not the same as terminating their membership in one of your programs, which we will go over next.

When should you fire? Should it be the same day if not right after that session or can you wait a few days to do so.

It really depends on your personal relationship with them, but usually feeling good and having had time during our phone call to get everything out there makes firing easier.

Often times clients have issues with one of their friends who just happens at this exact moment to lower him/herself into their life, which further complicates things.

Be very thorough with your explanations, having a signed contract at the meeting and showing them what they did wrong will make firing easier and making your clients feel understood is always good.

Being aware, being clear and explaining to them that you are not quitting but just moving in another direction shows confidence rather than bad behavior or disrespecting their hard work by choosing this point to split when it's still going great would help improve future relationships.

Significance of firing a client :

  • One of the most significant reasons to fire a client is when they are not able to fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • This commonly occurs when the client fails to pay their bills, or they do not make any payments.
  • Most clients can be easily satisfied if they are able to fulfill their obligations but it is not possible to make any promises when the client has no obligation to pay.
  • The main objective of keeping a client happy is to keep them as clients not to lose them.
  • In the event that a client is not able to perform their contractual obligations one can fire them using an immediate termination letter.
  • This is because it is important for the employer to start a chain of communication with the client. In this letter you can state that you are unable to continue working with them because they are no longer able to fulfill their obligations.

How to fire a client nicely:

1) Revisit the contract:

This is an opportunity to bring them up to speed and remind your clients what you did for them

If they worked under the same contract with you before, just review it right there.

Business contract signing. Corporate document. Agreement checking. Data protection. Terms and conditions, privacy policy Business contract signing. Corporate document. Agreement checking. Data protection. Terms and conditions, privacy policy, legal notice metaphors. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustrations contract stock illustrations

It's good give a copy of their pre-written termination letter delivered so that you deliver the message once and completely while discussing sending out their checks (if not yet done).

2) Let them go with a letter stating:

It could be as simple as signing and saying, "I'm so sorry to do this but..." or something along those lines giving it some authenticity.

They will appreciate that you took the time for their situation at hand due to your faith in working together.

Being able to pull off horrible termination of note cards made from newspaper articles is extra credit! This gives all parties dignity while respecting multiple relationships which are important to insure a smooth transition.

3) Plan your exit strategy:

This will occur right after every one of your meetings with clients . Something you can expect when starting out is this, clients might start to ask for more services or pay increases but it's only because they realize their worth and the value of someone who helped them grow as business owners.

It actually makes sense that a client would feel resentful at having done all that work now discharged from another job merely by choice which isn't necessarily bad since people are allowed to make decisions for themselves which will be reflected as more business in the future.

Open doors push or pull simple black icons Open doors push or pull simple black icons vector illustration on white background exit stock illustrations

Despite the fact that they may have been unhappy about not having hired you at once, it's very possible that one of their friends or another client needed extra assistance making the transition a little less dramatic or urgent than expected.

Remember it's always better to accept payment in the form of an increase with simple how can I help you' type questions and not demand anything more.

When they were starting out they would have appreciated this email as in, As a result its best if we improve our services so that what worked before could work again. This way your client has no problems providing feedback on next steps.

4) Submit a professional letter

The letter should be professional and detailed, mentioning specific reasons for the termination of the client.

It is a good idea to include a list of references for the company's services. Some companies have a policy that requires a letter of termination for each client.

When you reach this point, it would be beneficial to research if there are any such agreements in place.

You can also write an open letter stating your understanding of their reasons for the termination as well.

Losing clients is serious and needs to be handled professionally; however, do not forget that all businesses want more business from new prospects so make sure not to rub them off with a harsh note but rather thank them for being great customers thus resulting into their loss.

Upon severing the business you may want to stop accepting payment for months or even years until things sort out and then send a formal letter stating your availability once again.

5) Don't talk yourself out of it:

Sticking to the plan might seem like an impossible task. However, think about this: A client who is still unhappy with your work at the end of the project is likely to be a disgruntled customer who will not refer or recommend you in the future.

You might want to consider locking in a shorter contract term if they are going to continue to be difficult.

By doing so, you will set things right and also save your self the trouble of re-establishing a relationship with them.

Recall that time means money, so every lost hour or day could mean your ongoing business above all.

Conclusion :

A good way to fire a client is to have a plan and then execute your plan. Before all of that, you should have made sure that the person actually wants to be fired.

If not, then you cannot fire them or else they will just drag it out. If they want to be fired, then give them their reasons and tell them you'll call them at certain times when you need updates on what they are doing.

Make sure you have a good reason to fire the client and then execute it.

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