How Much Does HoneyBook Cost (And is it Worth it)?

Honeybook is an all-in-one business management solution that helps small businesses and freelancers organize their work activities, connect with their clients, and get paid on time.

How Much Does HoneyBook Cost (And is it Worth it)?

What exactly is HoneyBook?

Honeybook is an all-in-one business management solution that assists small businesses and freelancers in organising their work activities, connecting with clients, and receiving timely payment.

Users such as freelance photographers and consultants can use HoneyBook to keep track of all their business appointments. They can communicate with their clients and schedule meetings, send proposals, receive signed contracts, and much more.

Aside from its user-friendly dashboard, HoneyBook has additional features such as electronic signature, expense tracker, organised calendars, and branded templates, which can display all of the user's accomplishments for future clients to see.

HoneyBook accepts credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, so collecting payments online won't be a problem.

It has an iOS and Android app and can be integrated with third-party applications such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Zapier.

HoneyBook subscribers have the option of paying their subscriptions monthly or annually. HoneyBook provides a 7-day free trial for those who do not have a membership. Honeybook is only available in the United States and Canada.

What is the price of HoneyBook?

1. $9/month Starter Plan

All features are available.

Total transactions are limited to $10,000.

Concierge service for up to 6 months

Trial Period

2. Plan Unlimited


Access to all features, as well as no transaction limit

Constant concierge assistance

Create an unlimited number of teams.

Trial Period

3. Annual Unlimited


Access to all features, as well as no transaction limit

Constant concierge assistance

Create an unlimited number of teams.

17% cost savings

Trial Period

A Summary of HoneyBook's Features

Capture of Leads

HoneyBook is an excellent tool for improving client communication. You can create a contact form using its drag and drop lead capture form, which will allow you to easily sell yourself as a professional service provider to potential clients.

Online Transactions

Accepting payments online is now possible with HoneyBook's flexible payment options if your customer does not have the time to pay you in another way.

With this feature, you don't have to worry about chasing clients down for past-due payments because they can do it themselves.

Client Interaction

HoneyBook users can create separate dashboards that display all of the important information on any business-related topic!

You can invite anyone from your company to a shared folder or inspect everything on your own. You can share files, keep track of projects, send messages, and view the calendar.

Project Administration

HoneyBook enables you to create milestones that serve as actionable goals for your company. This allows you to easily track where you are in the project at any given time. The Gantt chart in HoneyBook makes it easier to estimate how long a task will take.

Invoices and Templates

HoneyBook provides users with an invoice template that they can use to present their offerings or services, making communication more formal and professional.

The template is especially useful when creating proposals because it contains all of the project information needed by clients before signing on the dotted line, such as pricing structure and terms (and paying your dues, of course).


HoneyBook allows users to easily create and send invoices from within the platform. Customers can make payments to you using credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers.

Contracts To avoid misunderstandings in future projects with customers, HoneyBook provides a legally binding contract template between two parties. It also captures the critical information required before beginning a project.

When hiring freelancers or service providers, most clients require contracts as part of their standard terms and conditions.

Tracking Expenses

HoneyBook's expense tracker feature makes it simple to manage expenses. You don't have to worry about being unable to keep track of your expenses with this tool because it can be done smartly and simply.

Business HoneyBook

In addition to the features listed above, HoneyBook allows users to add an unlimited number of team members from all over the world. It also includes a free iOS and Android app that customers can use to manage projects on the go.

Other characteristics

HoneyBook provides free access codes to their networking events and special training sessions, ensuring that freelancers and service providers have a steady stream of new clients in an already collaborative industry.

The system also has a blog where they share ideas, tips, tricks, and advice on how to best manage your business using the platform of the book!

HoneyBook Advantages:

1. Supervise Work Activity

HoneyBook enables users to stay on top of their businesses and monitor the status of all their projects.

In the dashboard, they can see if there is a new client inquiry, if there are upcoming meetings, if their proposal was approved, and if a project has been completed.

Contracts, invoices, and vital documents are also centralised so that users can save time searching for them and quickly access them.

2. Maintain Contact With Customers

Due to the fact that HoneyBook organises all client communications, whether via email, text, or chat, users will never forget what modifications they made to their projects.

A user's communication history can be viewed with a few mouse clicks. This is how they will be kept up to date.

3. Billing, Agreements, and Proposals

HoneyBook enables users to easily send invoices and payment reminders to their clients. This action will ensure that users receive payment for their services on time. HoneyBook also has a secure online payment system, so users do not need to be concerned about fraudulent or incorrect payment transactions.

HoneyBook is also capable of sending a contract and notifying the user when it has been signed.

The same holds true for proposal submissions. The user will be notified once the proposal has been reviewed and approved by the client. All of these are straightforward techniques for managing the user's overall work process.

4. Provide prompt responses

HoneyBook can automate greetings, thank you messages, follow-up questions or updates, and appointment requests, so users don't have to worry about responding to clients right away. This feature will save time for both users and their clients.

5. Increase Your Referral Fees

HoneyBook allows users to offer their services to other freelancers or entrepreneurs looking for business management tools, allowing them to earn more referral fees. This is yet another way for users to make the most of their platform.

6. Keep track of Invoices and Expenses Efficiently

HoneyBook users can keep track of their expenses by simply adding transactions to each category. This action will ensure that clients receive an accurate invoice and are not surprised when it comes time to pay for the project.

7. Collaborative Setting

Users can create teams with people from all over the world using HoneyBook. It has a free iOS and Android app that allows customers to access the system from anywhere! Clients can also use the app to view available calendars and schedule meetings.

8. Access Codes for Free

HoneyBook users don't have to worry about finding new clients because their platform will do it for them.

As previously stated, HoneyBook provides free access codes so that freelancers and service providers can always have a steady flow of new clients in an already collaborative industry.

It also has a blog where they share their thoughts, tips, tricks, and advice on how to manage your business the best way possible using HoneyBook!

9. Smart Invoicing Automation

Users who use HoneyBook do not have to worry about manually sending invoices. Their platform will generate a customised invoice based on the contract terms, which can then be sent via email or text message with a single click.

10. Unrestricted Add-Ons

HoneyBook offers free add-ons that allow users to select additional features that improve their business performance, such as mail merge automation and professional-looking receipts, as well as time tracking and expense approvals, project task collaboration and real-time analytics, and even an open API for developers! Users can also extend their account for as little as $7 per month by upgrading to premium (billed annually).

Technical information

Devices Supported\sWindows



Cloud Hosting

English Pricing Model Language Support

Payments are made monthly.

Subscription for a Year

Customer Profiles

Freelancers for Small Businesses

Key differences between ClientVenue and HoneyBook ClientVenue:

1. Simple Client Onboarding

Shift away from high-touch onboarding and toward self-service and automated checkout onboarding so you can focus on scaling your agency work rather than doing the heavy lifting yourself.

Use templates and standard processes that can be replicated for all of your workflows so you can focus on the work that is most important to your agency.

2. Oversee Tasks and Client Requests

Real-time visibility into all of your projects. Manage client requests in real time and demonstrate progress in a project manager-like manner. Bring all of the teams together to easily collaborate on projects.

Get a 360-degree view of your entire project and avoid project delays.

3. Safekeeping

Keep all of your client-related files and assets in ONE location. So you don't have to constantly link your drives and shareable links. Simply pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one location.

4. Billing and Invoicing

All of your payment-related concerns can be addressed within the Client-workspace. With a truly integrated experience, you will be able to create a self-service checkout model, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your business rather than chasing down payments and getting your invoices cleared.

We handle recurring billing as well as one-time billing through native integrations with all major payment platforms and providers.

5. Colleagues

Get all of the stakeholders on both the client and agency sides involved. You can assign permission levels to all of your teammates as well as those on the agency side.

6. Personalized Experience

Make the portal appear on your website as if it were your product. Make it appear to be a native experience to your website by changing the branding, colouring, and design to match the style of your brand.

7. Providers of services

You can package up all of your services and present them to your customers in this manner, eliminating the need to chase down payments and send them manual pricing invoices.

Connect to all major payment platforms to automate invoicing and bill collection.

8. Cooperation

Make your entire team more productive by centralising all relevant information. Know what's going on with the project, and easily share ideas, documents, and files without missing anything important.

You can see who is performing at what level so you can reward them for their efforts!

9. Security and Compliance

Give your clients' projects security by providing them with a secure space to host all of their data under one roof. Make sure that they are always in compliance with any rules established by the various boards of control around the world. Follow compliance laws, client data protection acts, and so on, and be prepared for audits.

10. Outstanding Client Service

Customers have requested a better experience, from billing and invoice automation to receiving payment due date reminders even after 30 days.

They may not be in your country, in which case you can take advantage of an amazing international experience by speaking to them in their native language.

11. Extras

Don't let your customers decide on features and pricing; instead, provide them with all the features they require by launching their own add-on suite.

Bring in your billing and invoicing proposals, as well as other services that you can bundle together to form valuable packages.

12. Customization Possibilities

When it comes to using HoneyBook, the possibilities are endless. It is designed with customizability in mind, giving each customer the ability to get exactly what they want, when they want it.

You can select from a variety of themes, use your own logo and colour schemes, change the text to suit your needs, add payment gateway integrations, and personalise the system.

13. Customer Feedback

Obtain customer testimonials and reviews so that they can share your enthusiasm for HoneyBook with the rest of the world.

You can include this in your marketing collateral and even offer discounts to encourage referrals. This is how YOUR brand grows!

HoneyBook Highlights:

1. Project Management in Collaboration

The key to successful business collaboration is collaborative project management. You can have complete visibility into your projects with Honeybook, and everyone on your team can easily stay in sync.

Furthermore, the time tracking features ensure that all billable hours are accurately accounted for, so you don't have to worry about wasting time on one project or another.

Our premium version even includes an automated invoicing feature that calculates how much should be billed based on tracked time and automatically sends out professional-looking invoices without your input.

2. Stylish Billing and Payments

The best part about the invoice module is that it is completely customizable — we provide a slew of professionally designed templates that will make your invoices look fantastic.

You can also pay HoneyBook subscribers directly from your HoneyBook invoice page, eliminating the need to update books or clear out invoices.

3. File Sharing and Administration

Every account includes unlimited storage space for all of your files and assets. Whether it's a logo file shared by the CMO or an excel spreadsheet containing data points about each of your clients' projects, the dedicated drives feature makes everything easily accessible whenever you need it.

4. Data Safety

Client information is kept strictly private. We employ stringent security measures to ensure that the highest level of precaution is taken against any unauthorised access attempts, ensuring that every piece of sensitive data remains safe and intact.

5. Simple Organization and Onboarding

HoneyBook also makes it easier to onboard clients by allowing you to add clients, proposals, and transactions all in one place on the dashboard.

To keep things organised and avoid confusion later on, you can tag them with custom labels such as "Pending Payment" or "Billing Soon."

6. Billing Methods and Metrics That Can Be Customized

This is probably one of our favourite features that we only offer on the premium plan: different billing methods for various sized businesses! For example, if a company bills out $1 million per month on average, it may be better to bill them every month, whereas a small business may pay every three months. This allows us to keep track of all of your billing information and ensure that you don't forget to invoice anything.

7. Online Forms, Surveys, and Documentation

HoneyBook provides a comprehensive set of tools to help growing businesses streamline their operations.

You can create custom templates for online forms, surveys, and documents, saving everyone involved a tonne of time on repetitive tasks. This is an excellent way for HoneyBook to focus on what our customers require from us!

8. Payment Collection and Automated Invoicing

The best part about the premium service is that we'll automatically send out professional-looking invoices as soon as you've tracked hours for the day or week. No more wasting time preparing reports or sending out invoices.

In addition, we integrate with a number of online payment systems, allowing you to bill your clients in real-time and have them pay directly from their invoice page.

9. Communication with the Client

In addition, the client can easily keep track of all their projects and tasks in their user portal.

This is where all communications between you and your client will be organised so that everyone can easily stay on top of things. We've found this to be especially useful for businesses that want to centralise data without jeopardising individual client privacy.

10. Document Distribution and Approval

When it comes to effective business management, we know that clear and efficient communication is essential, and we've made sure to provide you with all of the tools you need!

Teams can use our collaboration hub to create custom files, upload photos, and easily share ideas and feedback. This way, no one is left out of the conversation, and everything is completed on time."

11.File Sharing and Management

HoneyBook accounts include unlimited storage for all of your files and assets, whether it's a logo file shared by the CMO or an excel spreadsheet with data points about each of your clients' projects.

Using the dedicated drives feature, everything is easily accessible whenever you need it.

12. Customized Client Portals

HoneyBook does not send out mass emails to your clients or make them read through lengthy reports detailing their work hours. Instead, provide each of your clients with their own portal where you can post all pertinent information about their projects and tasks.

13. Client Information Security
All client information is strictly confidential. We adhere to the same security standards as banks and credit card companies, so you can be confident that your business is secure with us.

What are some other options?

HoneyBook has a plethora of other options that cater to a wide range of price points and clientele. Here are a few we recommend:

• FreshBooks - Integrates with over ten major software platforms, including QuickBooks, Basecamp, and MailChimp, and allows you to send invoices for free.

• Zoho Books - This service allows you to create custom forms and integrate them directly with your bank account, in addition to task management features.

• Harvest - This is a fantastic tool for freelancers who bill clients on an hourly or project basis rather than on a retainer. It manages billing cycles, tracks task time, and provides reporting tools to help you visualise your productivity in real time."


Honeybook appears to be just the ticket for streamlining your business management operations.

This service can help you get organised in a variety of ways, including integrations with major platforms, automated invoicing, and customer-friendly portals.

Finally, this article provides a brief overview of HoneyBook's features and how they compare to other popular time tracking and billing software programmes on the market today.

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