Top 5 Home Based Business Software For Increasing Your Productivity

With the right software programs to aid, you can increase the productivity and professionalism of your home-based business. You can avoid spending money on unnecessary online tools and take some time to determine what your software needs as it can make your life easier.

Top 5 Home Based Business Software For Increasing Your Productivity

With the right software programs to aid, you can increase the productivity and professionalism of your home-based business.

You can avoid spending money on unnecessary online tools and take some time to determine what your software needs as it can make your life easier.

The list below includes some of the most utilized software programs that are proven their worth with the upgraded performance level for businesses.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most popular business software for boosting work productivity. It comprises some excellent features such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

There are other applications available that perform the same functions as this software, but the Office applications provide standard services in the business world.

Microsoft recently released Office with additional features; the latest version of it contains the interface which works on both Windows and Mac office suite, with additional useful new features slotted almost seamlessly into the familiar interface.

You can use the distraction-free mode for Word, better pivot tables for Excel, and better graphics and support for digital pencils for PowerPoint are just a few of the benefits provided by the Office.

While these aren't huge upgrades like the suite, they can be boons to the right users. Office 365 users will be thrilled to point out that they've had many features in the new version. Every version is excellent with its unique features to help your business.

2. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software in the industry. It contains useful features like invoicing, keeping customer records, and tracking your inventory. In addition to it, you can also manage your business’s finances in the same application.

QuickBooks provides elements to handle various business functions such as payroll and card processing. QuickBooks offers users to download and reconcile all the payment transactions and organizes weekly timesheets and track bank deposits.

QuickBooks is a web-based software that provides all aspects of the financial side of the business. The software can be used for multiple platforms such as bookkeeping, payroll, invoice management, bank reconciliation, expense tracking, financial reporting, tax management, and more.

QuickBooks can be accessed from any web browser. There are no complicated installations or downloads necessary to use the software.

It allows users to take photos of bills and submit them as expense proofs and share them with the relevant stakeholders as well as download and reconcile credit card transactions.

QuickBooks can be used by freelancers, small businesses, home-based businesses, and mid-sized businesses in any industry including restaurant, retail, construction, legal, nonprofit, and more.

3. Quicken

Quicken is the ideal financial software for small home-based businesses that do not need the extra functionality of other software tools.

You can track both your personal and business expenses with this software, and it is also helpful for preparing your taxes. Quicken is a personal finance management tool that can be utilized to organize and manage personal budgets.

In the most recent version of Quicken, many new features were added to increase its performance. You’ll discover that it works much better on that platform now, more so than it used to, while all users can enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly interface.

With the budget management tools that date all the way back to a prior decade, it continues to undergo transitions that keep it reassuringly relevant.

That's especially attained attention during the ongoing pandemic. It also has some special benefits of being available as software that will work either on a Windows machine or a Mac too, alongside its android version counterparts.

Also, Quicken has recently given a boost to match the level of Apple’s latest operating system. With its improved interface along with plenty of features that allow users to exploit the power of the new Apple OS.

It also has a unique version that can be used solely on the browser if you are not up to downloading software. While Quicken does have some features like their competitors these days it’s still a super-useful finance management package.

Plus you can add on the other practical features such as the optional ability to synchronize it with your bank accounts, embedded with cyber security plus cloud-based back-ups and there’s a lot to like.

You can begin your financial journey on the Home tab, which delivers a comprehensive outlook of where you are with your finances.

For a user without any technical background, there is also a neat and simple system that will aid you to pick your way through getting set up. After figuring out your data into Quicken the processes involved in managing your money gets easier.

4. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is known for its useful software package if you need to create PDF documents. PDFs are documents that can be read by any computer application with the help of free Adobe Reader.

It makes it the preferred document format for sharing files between colleagues or clients in the business sector. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is flexible for all kinds of users and businesses since it has the feature to view, edit and use document files specifically in pdf format.

It makes the whole process of completing the assigned documents online by the options such as edit files, sign on them, and fills documents.

Using adobe acrobat reader is also a great space to store files in their cloud-storage platform. And its android application makes it readily available for use.

It is designed with a simple interface, plus the dashboard is not complicated with more information.

Whether you need a small work in an accounting program or a full-fledged office suite with many different features there are some software packages available on the market that are triggered towards the success of home business owners.

5. RetailEdge

RetailEdge offers the most efficient way to take care of your inventory and keep track of your customer sales. To add its value, RetailEdge also provides credit card processing for sale functions.

RetailEdge is a retail POS solution specifically designed for the welfare of small and midsize businesses.

It gives many great features such as mobile POS, multi-location support, multiple website integration, credit card processing, gift card, and time management functionalities within a suite. It offers to run on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

RetaiEdge has powerful integration with e-commerce solutions such as Shopify and Modern Retail, so you can synchronize data between RetailEdge and e-commerce platforms, giving you an accurate view of inventory stock and sales data.

RetailEdge also offers gift card management, which helps you to issue and redeem gift cards for customer retention program management, which allows users to roll out rewards programs targeted at customer retention.

The solution also has a reward filter, which aids you to create rules for gift card redemption such as the maximum allowed discount percentage, promotion codes, and different types of payment methods.


The above-mentioned softwares are extremely useful for home-based business owners. It can make your work easy and sophisticated without much hassle.

You don’t have to spend time on trivial tasks and move on to what really matters which is upgrading your quality of work and product.

If you are not clear about the best software program for your business, then try to find a company that offers a free trial period so that you can find your perfect fit before spending your money.

Make use of this softwares and skyrocket your success in your home-based business.

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