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You’re landing page reflects the face of your company. So you need to be sure of what you want it to accomplish while structuring it.

Answer the following questions to solidify your purpose to use the landing page. Are you indulged to grow your email list? Market a new product? Or Offer a discount to promote on a subscription service?

Once you have figure out your goal, think about what is the message it needs to convey. How can promote whether that is a subscription for content, an email list, or a product solves someone's problem?

Then you can start to explore your keyword research. What do your target audiences will type in when they're searching for solutions to the problem that is related to your sale, product, or newsletter can solve?

Once you have your clear goal, strong message, and long-tailed keywords, you can start assembling your landing page together. And you should add some elements to it for high conversion.

To create a high conversion landing page there are certain parts you can imbibe. Let's take a look at each of those elements in detail.

1. Design Outlook

The design greatly impacts the conversion rate of your landing page. Using a simple and user-friendly interface can make your landing page a source of conversion.

Any complication with the design of your form and the way clients interact with the form will result in a lower landing page conversion rate.

If a potential customer wants to find out more information, they can then scroll down the page, where critical elements of the sales message are expanded upon.

Constantly engage in the development of your landing page form design will increase the chance visitors fill out the form.

You must review and optimize the design of your form with the feedbacks provided. More importantly, meticulously research the form of analytics can highlight a form field where people are getting confused, a common pain point.

You can refer to regarding best practices of your competitors. Make sure to review some of the case studies and run tests to help increase the number of people who fill out the form.

The design outlook plays a vital role in conversion rate optimization. Everything that appears on the front screen when you first load the page is your webpage

The design is as important as the content for appealing to more customers. It is more effective when you arrange the page content in a certain structure with these elements:

  • Headline
  • Engaging sub-headline
  • Call to action
  • Social proof

The design of the landing page is the one your company can rely on for grabbing the users' attention right from the start.

2. A Catchy Headline

The headline of your page creates an immediate impression on your clients. It should be appealing and captivating to the people to gain more audience. It's only natural for people to select books by looking at their cover at times.

The headline must instigate curiosity and sparks readers' interest by quickly catching their attention. It has the power to hold the visitor to stay and learn more about what you're offering or not.

Don’t create a long headline it will revert your readers to another page. Make it short and simple for visitors to read and comprehend immediately. You can also use a brief statement first as an introduction to capture attention, and then give more details.

Plus, the landing page must have a clean design as it helps to give power to the image and headline. If there aren't a couple of other elements distracting from it with its complexity then readers can easily focus their attention on the copy.

Now that we've established the key fundamentals of an effective headline, let’s move on to the next element.

3. Pictures

Visual elements are an essential component of landing pages that work. In fact, the brain has the capacity to process images faster than text. This means that visitors will be greatly impacted by the images on your landing page instantly.

The pictures should be connected to your product or service. If you are selling a physical product or an intelligence service, it is essential that your landing page contains an image of the product or the nature of the service.

The primary purpose of the image should be to clearly explain your work to the visitors without any hassle for them to do research.

The pictures need to be high-quality to grab the immediate attention of the visitors. Remember that this page is not the place to feature stock photographs or last-minute Photoshop jobs as it is an example of your brand quality.

After all, the images have the potential to shape that visitor's impression of your brand before they even read about your company. These images are super fun and bewitch spectators.

Plus, they give the visitors a demo of what using the platform is like, and highlight its user-friendliness.

You always need to be careful when, how, and what images you use. Images can channel direct attention to elements of the page.

It's also essential to remember that because many customers will base their opinion of your brand on your landing page, you should view it as a shot to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

4. Color Preference

You may think choosing a color is trivial. But in reality, colors play a big role in what we decide to purchase. Consumers tend to connect particularly to colors that are already associated with their respective age or gender.

Broadly speaking, you can even make the following demographic divisions and their color preferences:

  • Men prefer bold and strong-toned colors.
  • Women mostly prefer softer hues.
  • Young consumers prefer bright and playful colors.
  • Older consumers prefer warm and corporate colors.

You can see this research the color selection with some of your favorite brands for getting a piece of detailed knowledge about how it works.

Colors how brands can target different demographics by carefully selecting their color schemes.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is generally in the form of testimonials, reviews, or social engagement. It plays a main part in improving conversion rates. An important issue you need to overcome when dealing with a potential lead is the trust factor.

Often, your landing page is the space where a person can see you as a brand. In this context, social proof in the form of testimonials and trust badges can help generate that trust among potential customers.

Social Proof can be utilized in your landing page in several ways. You should experiment with your conversion rate by placing social proof and testimonials on the page to see the level of impact.

Even small things like adding the number of Facebook likes or tags in Instagram can result in a boost in the conversion rate. There is a massive result considering that social proof is a common ground for all the companies to make their stand.


It's important to note that there are no standard steps on the production of a perfect landing page. Landing is a part of an advertisement to catch the leads that are visited due to many marketing strategies.

Each aspect of it has a different call to action to drive, a different reader in mind, a different product or service to offer, and a different niche to address. The top-performing landing pages in any industry often convert at a rate of double or triple more than their competitors.

Follow these steps mentioned above to create a high conversion landing page and gain more customers for your business to thrive.

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