9 Freelancing Tips to Steer you to Success

As a Freelancer, it is easy to catch up on your day-to-day activities and forget to track your performance. However, it is really important to have some guidelines to keep you steady on track.

9 Freelancing Tips to Steer you to Success

As a Freelancer, it is easy to catch up on your day-to-day activities and forget to track your performance. However, it is really important to have some guidelines for yourself to keep you steady on track.

In the period of time, you will become an expert in your freelancing forte and will build your lengthy client list by following all the essential steps but it is hard to hold on to them. You have to know certain tips to keep the spark and thrive in the future.

You have to know all the possible reasons to uplift your business and update your way of working at a regular interval of time. You can protect your freelancing business and save valuable time by following the tips mentioned below.

1. Solid Price Catalogue

A solid price catalogue is essential to figure out the price of your work per project, by the hour, or by the day, and for informing the clients immediately if they ask about estimation.

It also helps you to calculate the taxes by knowing how much you are expected to earn with your work. Your cost should also cover the subscription of your software tools to earn some profits for yourself.

Freelancing just doesn't work under the guessing game you need to be clear about your service and the price that comes with it.

You will end up earning more than your previous works if you have a clear idea about how much payment is required for each and every particular works. You should be a realist when it comes to business.

2. Control Delayed Payments

In any business delayed payments is like an infectious disease that can sabotage your growth. Late payments from the clients are a serious issue as they can affect the cash flow and dry your business revenue.

It is hard to manage all the late payments together, but you can try to be consistent with strict follow-up for any invoices. You should establish proper rules for cash credits at the beginning of the work itself to avoid any misfortune.

You should do a constant follow-up to chase payments that went beyond the deadline. You can call them to know about the details instead of sending emails to find out later they didn’t even check it.

Don’t push it too far to make your clients uncomfortable, you can send out late payment letters and if they didn’t actively respond then you can withdraw your services.

It is important to mention payment as the part and parcel of dealing with companies, but on other occasions, it's simply not worth sticking with clients who are unreliable.

3. Make an account of Software tools

Freelancing is like running a one-man show it can be difficult but with the proper software tools to aid, you can make it a successful one.

You can make use of all kinds of services and subscriptions related to the business platforms to make an effective outcome. And within a short span of time, it will become an indispensable part of your work.

You should make an account of the amount spent on your subscription and check whether the seamless service is provided or not.

This tool allows you to make payments through different gateways and reminds you when the time limit gets exceeded. You can learn to make the most out of these tools for saving time and making more money.

Every small thing matters in a business, you should be aware of the payment dates to avoid paying extra money because of any technical faults.

4. Learn to overcome failure

Failure is a huge and unavoidable step of freelancing. You will be working hard on your pitches but they can be easily ignored or overlooked by some clients.

Rejection and failures hurt deeply in your developing period. But learning and overcoming that failure will drag you towards success.

It's really important to comprehend that this is all just part of the game and that you move on to your next project without any further thoughts.

5. Update your portfolio

When you have a profile or portfolio for your business you should keep updating it with your accomplishments to match the level of competition prevailing in the market. Don’t procrastinate it for some other time as all the tasks can add up and you will miss the opportunity to do it.

While you're dealing with a new client, you can show your portfolio to them for making them understand your worth. As such, all business-related documents need to be up to date you cannot change your vision or mission statement as it is the anchor that holds in the vast sea.

If you have too many profiles and sites for your freelancing business, it is unlikely to keep them all up to date so cut down the unnecessary ones for effective appeal.

6. Know your competition

Freelancing business is a common trend among the youngsters. You will definitely have healthy competition among them. You must know about your competitor's way of work to hone your skills and put forth your best foot.

It's not easy to allocate time for studying your competitors but it is equivalently important like the other aspects to make your mark.

If you are not aware of the competitors you would never know which new promotions, initiatives, or trends are going to hit your business.

For dodging a bullet you need to be on your feet at all times, it is more appealing to the business environment. You can even learn from the flaws of your competitors and avoid doing that to keep your business growth in the loop. You can get inspired by their innovative service and it can motivate you to work better.

7. Enjoy Your Work

The main reason for starting a freelancing business is to have a flexible time limit to do what you love without any restrictions. You should forget that while trying to be more successful. Enjoying the work is more important than signing a new client.

If you start to do work like machines then it doesn’t even have any value to your life. In the long run, you will feel suffocated by the workload and end up not enjoying your career.

To avoid these thoughts from the beginning you should do something to remember that you chose this type of work because you are passionate about it. Every other benefit is listed down from this.

Warm up to work and be open to all the challenges. Take up innovative tasks when things start to get bored.

You should be self-motivated to thrive and move towards victory. Remember that the journey is as important as the destination so do what makes you happy.

8. Balance your personal and professional life

Have a set of times for starting and ending your work. You will become exhausted if your day and night are focused majorly on work. And it will make you an unhappy person in both personal and professional life.

You should have certain boundaries to separate the work from your daily life activities as it is important for your healthy survival.

Your own personal boundary is particularly important to you to keep you sane. It is important that your clients are aware of your time schedule too. If you start to compromise for them once, then they will expect the same from you every time.

Everyone had this issue when they are starting out, with clients phoning you on weekends and pestering you to alter the deadline. You can overcome this only with consistency. You should deny vehemently to work on the holidays and your client will able to respect you more for it after some time.

9. Stay contactable and responsive

In business, the important aspect is to be an easily contactable person with a quick response to queries. It displays your dedication to work and efficiency to handle things in time.

If you're really planning to increase your client list then you have to be at their service when they need it the most. Clients do love a person whom they can call whenever a doubt rise or to follow up on the project status.

If you become quiet after receiving the work and make late replies to the questions of the clients then they will begin to avoid you for their next project. It can limit your success and growth.


Understanding your freelancing business nature and the potential clients will help you with your commitment to work. Follow the tips mentioned above to steer your way to success and became happier with the heights your business reach.

You can start to direct your freelance work in a more productive way and complete your work faster than your usual amount of time.  

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