Top Customer Web Portal Software

Top Customer Web Portal Software

We live in an era of digital transformation, where companies are having to rethink how they do business and the Customer Web Portal Software is at the forefront. Customer portals have been around for a while now but with more and more businesses going online there has never been a better time to be looking into this software. In this article, we will explore what Customer Web Portal Software is, who can use it, what makes it so great as well as some popular options that you can choose from.

Top 10 Customer Web Portal Software

Customer web portal software is a system that allows your customers to perform tasks like checking their accounts, order status, and more without calling the company. The customer web portals are usually built into an already established website or added on top of it in a separate section.

Here are ten of the best websites for both small businesses and large corporations alike:

#10: Kahootz

Kahootz is a fun way to learn together. With over 100 million registered students worldwide, Kahootz makes education more engaging than ever before.

We’ve built our product around three core principles:

  • Make Education Fun
  • Create Innovative Learning Experiences
  • Build Community Through Social Media.

We believe that when people play games they become better learners because they enjoy themselves while doing something productive.

Kahootz is a free classroom management system that allows teachers to manage students’ attendance, assignments, grades, quizzes, tests, etc.

This app also helps teachers keep track of student behavior during class time. Teachers can assign homework, grade papers, send messages, and more through Kahootz.

Students can access their teacher's profile, see upcoming lessons, participate in polls, take notes, and much more.

#9: LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a powerful web portal software application. Web portals are often used in business settings to support customer service operations and provide customers with additional information about the company that they did not have access to before.

With LiveAgent, you can create your own custom-branded portal for your organization's members (or even non-members) so that everyone has instant access to all of their important account or membership details from one place.

All users will need an email address on file at their corresponding organizations in order for them to log into the Live Agent Customer Portal.

In addition, you may also require usernames and passwords if security measures are required by your organization’s policies; otherwise, recommend using our default “admin” username and password for the Live Agent Portal.

The LiveAgent Customer Web Portal Software is a flexible, secure customer service tool that offers many benefits to support your organization's operations.

#8 Zendesk

Zendesk Customer Web Portal Software gives you the tools to create a customer service web portal that works for your business.

The customizable features are easy-to-use and have made it one of the most trusted software companies in America.

The great thing about Zendesk is how easily accessible it makes getting support on any device or platform, which means customers will not be limited by what they can do when reaching out to help desk agents.

This includes mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop computers so everyone has their own personal preference regarding devices and tech products but with this system, no user should feel left behind due to lack of availability based on technology used at home or workplaces.

Mobile applications are available via Google Play and iTunes and can be utilized on both Android or Apple devices.

#7 Clinked

The Clinked Customer Web Portal is an easy-to-use, feature-rich system that has been built from the ground up with your needs in mind. There are over 80 features included and a large number of customization options available mean we can make sure it works for you.

No matter what size business you have or how many users need access there will be a cost-effective solution for you. What's more, if we haven't met all of your requirements yet then our team is only ever just one email away so feel free to contact us.

We won't rest until we've provided exactly what you're looking for at the price point that suits your budget.

#6 Onehub

The Onehub Customer Web Portal Software is an online portal designed to manage and control your customer's access to the internet. With a single login, you can give or deny certain user rights of any website that you own.

Your customer will have easy-to-use web tools at their fingertips with all billing/payment information available for them to see what services they are using and how much it costs per month.

The process is simple: We install our software onto the server-side (wherever the websites are hosted), set up some DNS changes if necessary, and then finally we redirect traffic through our servers so that we can keep track of users time logging in, bandwidth used, etc., while also allowing us to apply policies like limiting connections & blocking content.

#5 Huddle

Huddle is a leading supplier of customer web portal software, enabling businesses to communicate and collaborate more effectively with their customers. This enables organizations to provide better service through the use of self-service portals that give access to critical business information.

Our online platform provides secure connectivity and collaboration for our clients’ teams while simultaneously giving them unparalleled control over who has access to their internal systems.

Our client management solutions are designed from the ground up with security in mind, so you never have to worry about protecting your data or complying with regulations.

Huddle takes care of everything for you; no matter what industry you work within, we can help unlock valuable new revenue streams by streamlining key operations.

We also offer unique integration options such as biometric authentication for single sign-on, automated password reset, and context-based access to provide customers with the most secure customer web portal software in our class.

#4 Client Portal

Comprised of a group of dedicated professionals, our Client Portal Customer Web Portal Software team is able to provide you with the most innovative and cutting-edge solutions in web development.

Our software services are tailored for all types of businesses that need advanced functionality while maintaining simplicity. We offer to consult on how your organization can implement some or all aspects as well as long-term hosting support so you don't have to worry about any technical problems along the way.

You will be provided access via an easy-to-use client portal where your documents are stored securely online too.

We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service because we know what it takes to keep operations moving smoothly day in and day out across every sector from entertainment venues at local restaurants down to small retail shops.

#3 Supportbee

Supportbee is a web portal software that creates the best interface for customers to provide feedback and queries. A powerful tool, Supportbee brings together all customer communication channels into one single platform which can be easily customized by your business as per requirements.

The product allows businesses to get real-time information about their customers’ needs through emails, phone calls, or social media messages making them aware of every bit of activity happening with respect to support requests via email or phone calls made from any channel like Twitter DM, Facebook Messenger, etc.

This gives companies an opportunity not only to monitor but also to ensure effective response times in case there are issues and resolve them before they escalate further.

At the same time, it helps management stay on top of things providing them with an opportunity to automate the process of accepting, tracking, and assigning support requests.

With social media being a popular mode for customer communication, Supportbee provides its clients complete control over their Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram messages.

Businesses can keep track of all incoming queries from these channels through automated workflows that are created by them (using workflow rules). This ensures that each message gets replied to in time before it becomes viral or reaches out to influencers who might not be so friendly about your brand/product.

With this platform businesses have the power to answer questions faster than ever helping customers get quick resolutions saving both companies and their customers’ valuable time.

#2 Mendix

The Mendix Customer Web Portal is a cloud-based software solution that provides all the necessary tools for customer service managers to keep their customers happy.

Whether you are an individual, small or large business, this portal has everything you need to manage and track orders from your customers' point of view: it allows them to create new accounts, place orders for products and services, track the status of their order in real-time online and even ask questions.

#1 Lucion

The Lucion Customer Web Portal Software is a program with the capability to handle all of your custom reporting needs.

It’s an online service that has been developed and designed for convenience, ease of use, speed, and reliability. This software allows you to organize information about customers in one central location before sending out reports or emails from this portal.

It will also allow you to update important contact details like address changes or death announcements quickly and easily through the system as well as having access to comprehensive industry-standard document templates which can be adapted as required by adding company logos etc.

The web portal application works seamlessly across most devices including PCs, tablets, smartphones, etc., allowing users multiple platforms instant access 24/365. All data is kept secure and safe using industry-standard security protocols and passwords, with backups made every day for additional peace of mind.


The best top customer web portal software is a great way to improve communication with your customers. It's easy to use and helps you build relationships that make your business more profitable. The right top customer web portal software will help provide valuable insights into what works for you, too. Be sure to ask about other features when choosing one so that it's a fit for your business.

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