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Best 11 Customer Portal Solutions For You

A great customer portal will help you scale your business as it grows and also deliver high-quality services to customers. You should consider this when looking for the right software solution.

Best 11 Customer Portal Solutions For You

Most businesses know that customer service is crucial, but they often overlook the customer portal. This can be a major mistake.

A great customer portal will help you scale your business as it grows and also deliver high-quality services to customers. You should consider this when looking for the right software solution.

In this post, we are going to see some of the best Customer Portal Solutions.

What is Customer Portal Software?

A Customer Portal Software solution is the combination of customer communication and knowledge base for self-resolution, an IT ticketing system for quick response and community forums for knowledge sharing.

It helps to address issues quickly, gain full visibility into the status of critical interactions and deliver valuable IT services.

The common features of a Customer Portal Solution include: Tracking & filtering of IT tickets Custom branding Centralized dashboards

  • Tracking and filtering of IT tickets
  • Customized Branding
  • Centralized Dashboards

Why do you need a customer portal?

Customer portal software can help you achieve a lot of benefits.

• Improve customer satisfaction by providing fast and accurate resolution to their queries

• Keep the customers engaged with your brand through knowledge base articles, FAQs, forums etc.

• Increase productivity & efficiency in managing support tickets from various channels such as chat, phone or email requests.

• Get a quick overview of all the support tickets with centralized dashboards.

There is no dearth to options when it comes to choosing a perfect Customer Portal Solution for your business needs, here we have listed down top few in the below

1. MSP Manager

MSP Manager is the advanced Customer Portal Software solution specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the clients.

MSP Manager enables support teams to provide high-quality services using features such as batch invoice generation, knowledge management, powerful reporting etc.

It allows end users to generate new tickets directly from the customer portal. The tool helps end users track the current status of tickets, thereby providing full transparency.

MSP Manager integrates well with other MSP tools, like N-able RMM, to create a single unified cloud-based IT management platform for clients' network & devices along with customizable portal functionality and powerful knowledge base for self-resolution.

MSP Manager is a complete IT service portal solution for Managed Service Providers.

It offers quick and efficient ticketing, while enabling support teams to provide high-quality services using features like batch invoice generation, knowledge management and powerful reporting.

2. SuiteDash

SuiteDash is an one stop solution for all your client communication and knowledge sharing needs. The portal software is a complete toolkit and helps to manage their clients in multiple ways.

It offers secure client portals, CRM/client management, advanced file exchange, time tracking, billing, real-time chat (including native Slack integration), estimates and invoicing to help businesses become more efficient and organized.

3. Zendesk

Zendesk is the most  popular customer service software available. It integrates well with other Zendesk solutions to offer seamless, omnichannel customer service.

The tool automates the entire ticketing system and enables enterprises to track, prioritize, and solve support tickets as quickly as possible.

The portal helps team establish a personal connection with end users through fast and effective live chat and messaging. Its skill-based routing feature assigns tickets to team members with the right expertise to help get issues resolved quickly.  

With its customized, pre built dashboards, MSPs can easily bring business data and systems together to measure and boost their team’s productivity.

4. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is known for its flexible collaboration portal software. It provides a low-code platform for developing all kinds of applications, not just portals.

The tool helps you create personalized websites and web apps quickly without having to write any code yourself - this makes it both easy enough for beginners yet powerful enough to suit the needs of businesses at every level.

In addition to a client help desk or support portal, Zoho Creator is flexible enough to create portals for project management, HR, order fulfillment and more.

It enables businesses of all sizes to build a secure customer community with pre-built features like live chat & messaging apps as well as knowledge base articles and forums.

It also offers an extensive library of templates which can be used to create a website or app within minutes.

5. Clinked

Clinked is uniquely designed for a variety of industries, and provides an easy way for customers to communicate with internal teams in a secure mobile portal.

While it doesn’t natively provide ticket tracking, knowledge base or forum access, users can make requests through Clinked. And since it's white-label client portal software, that means its fully customizable.

Clinked is a great fit which is focused on project  collaboration. Through real-time chat and document collaboration tools, it’s a great option for centralized task management.

It is a customer engagement tool that helps businesses deliver personalized messages across all channels, from social media to email and beyond.

The platform provides an easy-to-use web portal which enables team members to send out automated campaigns in just minutes and measure the results of each campaign with real time analytics.

It also offers a full suite of tools to help businesses craft the perfect message.


MOXTRA is all in one client portal solution designed to help MSPs serve their clients better.

It provides an all-in-one suite of collaborative services such as secure chat, video messaging and meetings document collaboration task management screen sharing integrations etc

Use MOXTRA to create your own client portal and benefit from features like easy-to-use ticketing system with real time updates.

MOXTRA helps IT companies deliver high quality support through features like real time ticketing system with client portal, knowledge base for self-resolution, video chat and screen sharing capabilities.

7. Monday.com

Monday.com is a CRM platform that simplifies customer support tasks and allows companies to efficiently handle sales pipelines, client projects, and customer onboarding.

monday.com easily integrates with the tools used to perform regular tasks to accelerate response times. The advanced scheduling and project management capabilities make it a reliable and distinctive platform.

It offers easy collaboration and allows teams to add comments, ask questions, trigger discussions, and communicate via forums.

It enables support teams to leave notes, upload multiple files, and receive notifications/updates about the ongoing processes of their tickets.

The platform is a complete CRM solution for Managed Service Providers that offers quick & efficient ticketing, while enabling support teams to provide high-quality services.

8. Huddle

Huddle is build with futuristic features like automatic updates, real-time discussion & chats, and more. It enables support teams to manage every aspect of customer engagement with easy ticketing system.

With its transparency features like customizable portals for clients along with knowledge base and powerful reporting feature provides a better experience for the users as well.

Using Huddle you can focus on providing high quality services and maximize their productivity. It safeguards data and tracks user activities to ensure not facing issues, checks outstanding tasks & approvals to keep projects on track.

9. AzureDesk

AzureDesk is a self service helpdesk software that provides a powerful communication platform to engage your customers, increase profits and reduce costs.

It offers an extensive knowledge base library with over 15,000 articles to create and manage self-service portals.

It also gives email integration as well as a simple ticketing system that is designed for fast issue resolution with saved responses and canned replies.

AzureDesk provides an efficient customer engagement platform which helps businesses communicate across all channels including social media while delivering personalized messages in real time.

Using AzureDesk, your customers can easily search the knowledge base and submit new requests. The self-service portal also helps to deliver customer support with ease through features like FAQs, knowledge base articles etc.

10. Portal

Portal is an intuitive customer portal software that provides modules for messaging, billing, files, eSignatures, forms, and knowledge bases.

There’s also a module for embedded dashboards, which allows you to connect analytics software to your portal. It’s simple to set up and easy to use but it doesn’t have native support for some vital customer support functions like ticket routing.

11. HappyFox

HappyFox is a complete customer portal solution. It offers modules that suit every stage of the customer journey - from onboarding to billing, live chat and community management.

The platform provides comprehensive tools such as ticket tracking with automatic CRM integration, email automation, user feedback surveys & forms etc along with other features like knowledge base articles, community forums and more.


Although choosing the right solution depends on business requirements, organizations looking for effective customer portal solutions.

Customer portal  is an all in one solution that helps boost efficiency and productivity with its quick and efficient ticketing system. It is the hub for  every communication with customers.

The Customer portal integration helps provide real-time customer engagement and high quality support services at all times to the clients in a quick & reliable manner.

This article clearly mentioned the best customer portal software options available in the market.

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