7 Best Construction Suite Online Platforms for You

The construction industry is booming, and it's no wonder. Construction projects are a great way to make money- as long as you know how to do them right! If you're looking for the best Construction Suite Online Platforms around, we've got 6 of the absolute best for your consideration.

7 Best Construction Suite Online Platforms for You

The construction industry is booming, and it's no wonder. Construction projects are a great way to make money- as long as you know how to do them right!

If you're looking for the best Construction Suite Online Platforms around, we've got 6 of the absolute best for your consideration. We'll go over what each one offers and let you decide which suits your needs the most!

1. Procore

Procore is a well known leader in construction management software. It works great for  our General Construction side of our business.

Their cloud-based construction management software allows teams of construction companies, property owners, project managers, contractors, and partners to collaborate on construction projects and share access to documents, planning systems and data.

Data and video can also be streamed into the system via drones. It functions well as a self-performing electrical contractor, however, and find it has shortcomings in that arena, particularly in the slightly unwieldy way that Invoices are handled.


  • Project Management

Procore is easy-to-use and mobile management software that progress by connecting site and office.

It provides real-time visibility with its intuitive Gantt charts, file sharing capabilities, resource management tools, leveling options for more accurate cost estimates, integrated calendars to help teams plan projects efficiently over long periods of time, powerful dashboards that show project status at a glance.

  • Financials

Project Financials are also well-managed using accurate data drawn from the site. See in real time how your spending decisions affect profit at closeout with easy cost comparisons, clear graphs and instant visibility into financial forecasts.

  • Quality & Safety

Procure avoids risks and makes tough decisions with real-time data from the site. It manages inspections, diaries and incidents all in one place for easy access to information that's important now as well as later on down the road.

2. monday.com

monday.com is a Cloud-based platform that allows companies to create their own applications and work management software

Monday.Com's construction suite offers project management, collaboration tools, time tracking for budgeting, communication tools like chat and message boards with integrated file sharing, and reporting for project management.


  • Customized Service

Monday is a customizable web and mobile work management platform. It is designed to help teams and organizations increase operational efficiency by tracking projects and workflows.

It also offers visualizing data, team collaboration tools like chat boards with integrated file sharing capabilities, time tracking or budgeting features to manage projects better, and reporting tools to track project management.

  • Multiple Accounts

Monday offers banking features like multiple accounts for tracking budgets, purchase orders, invoicing clients or sub-contractors with the ability to create customizable documents that standardize your business practices across teams.

It also has cash flow forecasting capabilities which allow users to understand their capital needs, track cash flows and create proactive plans for future.

  • Risk Management

Monday also has integrated safety tools like GHS compliance, which is a global standard for classifying chemicals in terms of their physical hazards and toxicological effects to ensure that they are handled safely during transport and storage.

It combines full risk management support with workflows that help teams work safely, including a Work Authorization System (WAS) which creates work-in-progress lists by automatically checking with site safety officers to make sure each item on the list is allowed and approved before starting.

3. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a cloud based accounting software developed by Intuit. It is used to manage financial data of a business, including sales activities and bills payable.

QuickBooks for construction features are specifically designed for the industry that allows users to follow standard accounting practices while still taking into account the unique aspects of the construction industry.

This includes tracking costs as they relate to individual jobs or projects; work orders; full job costing for project profitability analysis; cash flow forecasting to manage budgets and future cash needs.


  • Integration

QuickBooks integrates with several web-based features like online banking and reconciliation, electronic payment functions, remote access capabilities to allow users or employees work remotely.

It is also integrated calendar options for planning projects over long periods of time and mapping tools through integration with Google Maps.

  • Accessibility

QuickBooks is accessible through several devices and operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone. It also offers online banking, bill pay and electronic payments. You can easily access  your accounting information, send an invoice or pay bills.

QuickBooks also offers several mobile apps like Quickbooks Self Employed to help you keep track of your business on the go.

It has invoicing which allows users access their invoices anywhere anytime and accept electronic payments directly without having to enter payment details manually.

  • Time Tracking Service

QuickBooks also has time tracking capabilities that helps users keep track of hours spent on various projects and tasks for billing purposes.

It also allows you to create budgets by pulling information from your bank accounts, expenses like materials or subcontractors directly into Quickbooks.

You can then use these numbers for creating future forecasts based on current or previous years’ data.

4. BuildSmart

BuildSmart is uniquely designed  for the construction industry to make it easier for businesses, owners and contractors to stay within budget, save time and increase profits.

It manages work orders, job costing, subcontracts management and more with integrated file sharing capabilities.

Users can also easily access their accounting information on any device or operating system through online banking options that are secure as well as mobile apps.


  • Job Costing

BuildSmart offers job costing tools that allow for better management and profitability analysis by allowing you to keep track of all the costs related to a job, including subcontractors; materials; equipment rentals.

  • Budget Control Management

BuildSmart also offers budget control and forecasting capabilities to help you manage costs, improve planning and prevent overspending.

BuildSmart also manages your accounting software through Quickbooks integration which helps users save time and ensure accuracy when it comes to reporting.

  • File Sharing Capabilities

Builds smart allows for file sharing in a secure environment with access controls that can be customized depending on each user’s requirements or preferences.

You can also track changes made by the employees working on the files and version history for each document.

5. Assemble

Assemble is  a construction management software solution that allows you to manage your entire project, from planning and budgeting through execution.

It is also structured with model data management capabilities that help you keep track of project scope, schedule and cost as well as associated documents. It is an affordable and streamlined solution that can save your business time and money.


  • Visual Variance Tools

Assemble features visual variance tools that allow you to analyze, track and progress your project by keeping a close eye on costs.

This can help with spotting issues before they become problems which in turn saves both time and money when it comes to meeting deadlines or designing solutions for unexpected challenges.

  • Schedule Tracking

Assemble also offers schedule tracking capabilities that help you keep track of project milestones and deadlines in real time, so no matter where your employees are they can access the information needed to stay on task.

  • Subcontract Management

Assemble provides subcontract management that helps with streamlining cash flows by ensuring all costs incurred from subcontractors or suppliers are tracked accurately for billing purposes.

It also keeps track of each subcontractor, their associated costs and project tasks they are working on.

6. Remote

Remote is an one stop solution for  managing all your business functions that allows you to onboard, pay and manage remote employees from anywhere. It also manages global teams with local payroll providers, labor law attorneys, HR specialists.

Remote enables users to create unlimited multiple companies within the system which can be used by different businesses or projects for easier management of workforces.

Users are able to manage work orders, job costing with integrated file sharing capabilities. It also enables budget control and forecasting capabilities to help you manage costs, improve planning and prevent overspending.


  • Multiple Company Support

Remote allows for multiple company support, which can be used by different businesses or projects.

This helps with keeping all of your information in one location so you don’t have to manage separate systems for each business or project.

It also offers a simple user interface that makes it easier to navigate between the various companies and projects you are working on.

  • Transparency

Remote offers transparency with accurate time-sheet data that is securely stored within the system.

It also allows for real time monitoring of your projects and work orders using an interactive map that monitors employees’ progress in real time so you can stay on top of all tasks, no matter where they are located.

Additionally, it has customizable rosters to manage the workforces best suited for each project.

  • Manage Costs

Remote also enables users to manage costs by reporting actual expenses against budgets, which can be used as a forecasting tool or set up alerts to notify you of potential overspending so you can respond accordingly before the situation gets out of control.

It is an affordable solution that provides high quality services without the high cost.

7. Buildern

Buildern is a residential construction project management software that helps construction companies to get a flawless management experience with a free CRM, pre-sales lead tracking and managing tool, user management features, and much more! It is ideal for small to medium construction companies and general contractors looking for a one-click project management solution. It simplifies all the complex aspects of management processes and makes the entire experience more efficient, productive, and profitable. And the best part is that Buildern is really easy to use because it comes with an intuitive interface.In short, Buildern is here to help you effortlessly organize your entire construction project, from pre-sales administrative parts of it to daily financial management. Features

  • Free CRM Plan

With Buildern's free CRM feature, you can add clients, potential leads, and already existing opportunities to the platform. It allows users to schedule and log all the pre-sales activities, create estimates, and use the cost catalog for making accurate and customized proposals.

Click HERE to learn more!

  • Construction project management

Buildern offers a complete toolset for ensuring an efficient project management experience. You can use it to schedule and oversee your entire project or share project specifications with your team members. It also has an internal messaging tool that enables everyone to request and acquire information on time. So you can use the software to connect all your office and field teams and gain complete control over the construction project by continuously tracking and following your scheduling or budgetary goals. It also helps you keep all the project-related data in one place and easily sync them to appropriate schedule items.

  • Financial management

The financial management feature has multiple functionalities for keeping track of your finances throughout the project. You can use it to integrate a full bid management cycle that will enable you to send bids to your subcontractors or vendors. It also allows creating budget estimates, getting unified accounting reports, creating end-to-end bills and invoices, and much more.

  • Streamlined administrative processes

This feature comes with user management modules that enable creating system users, assigning roles, and setting role-based access and permissions. It also helps to improve project communication by sending individual or group email notifications.


The above mentioned  are some of the leading construction project management online solutions that can help you stay on top of all tasks and complete projects successfully.

They are user friendly, efficient and affordable which provides a better return on your investment. Try these solutions today to see how they can improve your business.

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