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Community Over Competition: 11 Ways to Thrive Together For Success

Community over competition means that you put the well being of the people before commercialising the products and services that you offer.

Community Over Competition: 11 Ways to Thrive Together For Success

What do you want to be? That is the question that many people ask themselves when they are deciding what to do with their lives. If the answer is "successful," then you should be focusing on community over competition.

Many people spend time trying to make money, and fail to improve their professional relationships once they get there. This is a huge mistake.

In this blog post, we will discuss 11 steps that will help increase your quality of life and generate more happiness for your business!

What is Community Over Competition?

Community over competition means that you put the well being of the people before commercialising the products and services that you offer. It is a term used by many business owners and professionals, as it stresses the fact that they are not just out to make money for themselves and they want to enrich their customers' lives too.

Community over competition does not mean that you have to give away all of your products and services for free, or run a charity. It means that if someone feels uncomfortable with the price they are paying, then try offering them an alternative solution.

When it comes down to it community over competition is about building relationships instead of looking at the amount of money you can make. Managing your work relationship will take you a long way towards your success.

How Can Community Over Competition Help My Business?

Community over competition can help your business in many ways. Firstly, it can allow you to build a strong customer base that will be likely to buy from you again and again and they'll become loyal customers!

It also means working with other businesses on projects or initiatives, which is beneficial for both parties. For example, if you are a writer and your client is an interior designer they might ask you to write their next blog post. This means that there will be more exposure for the both of you!

You need to make sure that when working with other businesses or people in general, competition does not affect how well they understand each person's role within the business.

If you and your client/partner do not clearly define each role, it can lead to friction between team members as they both think that their job is more important!

In order for our community over competition movement to work effectively , we must be prepared to share knowledge with one another - this means being open about things such as your strengths, weaknesses and goals.

What's important here is that you let your team know what success looks like for them and make sure to set achievable targets!

This will help motivate employees or colleagues in the business which can lead to an increase in productivity levels. Remember though, everybody’s definition of “success” might be different!

If you follow these 11 easy steps, we guarantee that your business will be able to improve its productivity and generate more happiness for those involved.

1. Communication

This is a vital part of any relationship both in the office and outside it! Talk to everyone around you as much as possible.

This means talk about work but also other topics such as family and pets. It will not only make them feel more valued but it can also help you to avoid misunderstandings which could lead to frustrations within the business.

2. Be yourself

Whether this means wearing a funny t-shirt or taking your glasses off when working on an important project, just be who you are!

This means that you will not feel the need to put on a fake persona around your colleagues and can also help you to enjoy your work more.

3. Be honest

We know this is easier said than done, as it requires you putting yourself out there even if what people say causes pain or discomfort.

But in order for community over competition to work, you must be able to look yourself in the mirror and admit that your company or business has made mistakes.

4. Practice gratitude

This may seem like a simple step but it is very important! When you are grateful for the things around you, they become more meaningful which can lead to happiness.

So next time someone compliments something of yours, don't brush it off! Say thank you and let them know how much you appreciate their kind words.

5. Celebrate accomplishments

This ties in closely with gratitude but is often forgotten about when we are stressed or busy running around like headless chickens (excuse the pun!)

The key to remember here is that all parties involved should be able to celebrate their accomplishments together.

6. Smile

We all know that smiling can improve your mood and help you to feel happier, so why not do it more often? This is a great tip for both yourself and others around you as they will want to keep up the good vibes!

7. Practice mindfulness

This is another one of those easy steps that can have a dramatic impact on your work and home life. So next time you're eating lunch at your desk, take five minutes to put down all devices and just focus on the food in front of you!

8. Take breaks

This may seem like an obvious step but people often forget about this! If you are working long hours and not taking any breaks, your productivity levels will start to drop as well as your mood.

Try setting a timer for 15 minutes every hour and go outside or make yourself some tea during this time.

9. Exercise

We all know that exercise is important but do we actually do it? This step is so important to improving your happiness levels at work, so get up and go for a walk.

This will clear your mind and help you to think of new ideas which could be beneficial for the company!

10. Spend quality time with family

This is one of our favorite steps just because it allows us all to spend more time together! Family is very important and we should not forget this.

So this weekend, try having a family day where everyone can spend some quality time together doing something they enjoy!

11. Trust the process

This step is the final one and it ties in closely with practicing mindfulness. But what does “trust the process” actually mean? This means that you should trust yourself to do your best work without comparing yourself or worrying about anyone else's opinions of you, just focus on how far you have come!

Why you need to Prioritize Community?

Money is important but it should not be everything. It's a competitive world out there and we have to learn to work together instead of beating the competition.

When you build a community together, you get more creative, productive and innovative ideas. It's also important to share your thoughts with colleagues who are in the same position as you!

There are times where we all feel like giving up but instead of doing this, why not give yourself a pat on the back for what you have already achieved?

If we all stopped caring about what others are doing, there'd be no competition which would lead to happier employees.

Integrity is key when building a community. Once you have built trust with your employees, they will not only want to work for you but also recommend others to do the same! Be genuine and honest and your employees will most definitely notice this.

When you try to help others, they start helping themselves too! If we all focused on our own work without worrying about what anyone else is doing, we would be able to accomplish so much more than if we were constantly competing against one another.

This does not only apply at work but in everyday life with family and friends. Remember, competition is about winning and it's not always a positive thing!

Do your best work but also make sure you are encouraging others around you to do the same which will help everyone become more productive in their day-to-day jobs.

This is why it's so important to take time out of your day for mindfulness. When we practice mindfulness, we are less stressed and therefore our minds clear up from all the “noise” going on in them which allows us to focus on what really matters and what we want to achieve.

We all need each other and we need a community without judgement. Let's all work together to make this a reality!


As you can see, it's not always about beating the competition; sometimes we need to work together instead. Community over competition is what will make your business grow and help you (and your employees) become happier in their jobs.

This goes for family life as well! Think of community like a team where everyone needs each other and this way, you will be able to get more done and have a happier life!

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