How Much Does Cost ( is it Worth it)?

Bloom is the easiest platform to streamline booking, invoicing and communication with your clientele. It exists to help creatives run an efficient and profitable online business.

How Much Does Cost   ( is it Worth it)? is a CRM that provides the best service ever - it not only makes your life easier, but it also gives you access to services that would otherwise be limited or even impossible for ordinary people.

What is Bloom?

Bloom is the most user-friendly platform for booking, invoicing, and communicating with your customers. It exists to assist creatives in running a profitable and efficient online business.

Bloom determines someone's creditworthiness by tracking data from various sources (for example, social media). It also intends to provide open-source tools that will allow other organizations to build their own version of Bloom, resulting in a decentralized credit scoring system.

BloomID is the name of Bloom's token (BLT). It enables you to join the network and provide a method for your clients to pay you, as well as gain access to other special features.

Bloom, on the other hand, is not required for a business to function properly. If necessary or desired, all transactions can be conducted in fiat currency.

It created a powerful business management and growth toolkit, providing creatives with easy access to cutting-edge technology.

How Much Does Bloom Cost?

Bloom Pricing Structures:

1. STARTER: You have recently begun freelancing and require a method to book one project at a time.


1 Projects/Reservations

Workflows for Asset and Image Delivery of 100 MB


Contract Signing Lead & Questionnaire Forms for Website Portfolio

Calendar Planning

Auto Countersign Client Portal Website Chat Integration

2. STANDARD: You have a steady stream of clients and are ready to organise and grow your company.


1 TB Asset & Image Delivery Workflows Automation Website Portfolio Contract Signing Lead & Questionnaire Forms Unlimited Projects/Bookings

Client Portal Website Chat Integration Auto Countersign Designated Support Agent Instant Booking

Bloom Branding should be removed.

3. STUDIO: You own an agency and/or a studio with a large number of employees and/or brands.


Client Portal Website Chat Integration Auto Countersign Designated Support Agent Instant Booking

Remove Bloom Marketing

Support for multiple brands

Support for multiple users

Bloom Features Overview

Instant Reservations

Bloom enables users to set up their booking system without relying on clogged email inboxes.

You can create your profile with all important information such as prices and availability, just like an Uber for service providers.

Clients receive notifications of upcoming bookings (with time and location) on their app and can accept them with a single click.


Scheduling is critical for service providers. Clients must be aware of when they can expect to hear from you in order to plan ahead and avoid crowding your schedule.

With Bloom, the user will receive notifications on their phone of upcoming bookings (including time and location) and will be able to accept them with a single click, all without relying on email.

Management of Leaders

Sending generic quotes and proposals can be inefficient and impersonal. Bloom enables service providers to quickly find the specific client they need to contact by entering a few criteria such as name, location, and industry.

When the user finds the right person, they can personalize their proposal to increase the chances of closing the deal.

Questions & Quotes Forms

Clients frequently ask the same questions to many service providers before booking their services. It would be much easier if they could quickly jot down these questions and have them answered later so that they could properly structure their conversation.

  • Bloom enables the user to create a simple questionnaire that will be emailed to their clients prior to scheduling a session.
  • The client fills out the form and clicks send, which sends a notification to the user's phone, allowing them to respond right away.

Project Administration

  • Running a project can take a long time, especially if you need to keep track of your employees and assets.
  • Bloom allows employees to submit an invoice for a completed project with a single click, saving the user time when it comes to keeping track of all work done.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) is the most popular and widely used business model right now. Bloom enables service providers to create an online suite for their clients, allowing them to manage all important information in a single location.
  • Bloom is adaptable enough to meet the needs of any user, whether it's a client management system, CRM, or a custom-built shared calendar.


Bloom, as a sales-driven company, requires as much information as possible from their target audience. Bloom is a CRM for creatives that enables service providers to create custom client lists that include information such as name, industry, and location.

Another useful feature is "goal tracking," which allows service providers to keep track of which goals and milestones they have reached and set new goals based on past performance.

This enables service providers to better understand their buyers and market themselves more effectively, significantly increasing conversions.

Image Distribution

Bloom can send thousands of images directly to a client's inbox, allowing them to use them immediately on their website or social media without having to download and upload them one by one.

Once the client approves the Bloom contract, the images will be delivered instantly via email. After you sign your proposal, an invoice will be generated automatically for each new booking.

Notification automation via SMS or Slack will keep your clients informed about upcoming appointments.


Every client-facing company requires an easy way to build custom email workflows that will help them succeed.

Bloom enables users to quickly create automated workflows based on specific events, such as an appointment, quote, or project completion.

Workflows enable service providers to save time when working with complex clients who require special attention, which is especially useful during peak seasons.

Website Portfolio

Bloom currently provides a portfolio feature to showcase your previous work and expertise. This is an excellent way to attract new clients who may not have noticed you previously.

With a few clicks, Bloom enables service providers to display a stylish portfolio of their previous projects. The client can quickly choose from a variety of themes and customise it to match their company's branding.

Bloom allows service providers to quickly create a website to showcase their work in a matter of minutes.

There are no page limits, and users can easily access it through mobile browsers, making it ideal for displaying in your portfolio anywhere.


Automatic email notifications are a powerful tool for service providers to use in keeping their clients informed of upcoming events. Bloom enables users to set up automated messages based on specific events or milestones in the client's experience.

If the contract is approved, for example, an automated message will be sent informing them of everything they need to know before proceeding.

Bloom is a powerful platform that will assist service providers in becoming successful in sales-driven businesses. It enables them to create an online suite for their clients, allowing them to manage all important information in a single location.The platform is also highly customizable, allowing users to feature exactly the tools their clients require - regardless of the industry.

Overview of Bloom Benefits

CRM all-in-one: Organize your money-making methods.

Post-it notes and spreadsheets are disorganized. Give your company a system that gives you complete control.

Lead capture

Lead generation is a critical component of increasing conversions for service providers. Bloom users can design custom forms that their prospects will fill out before requesting your services.

Beautifully designed lead capture forms make it simple and appealing to contact customers and increase your conversion rate.

Make custom forms that focus on specific tasks that users must complete before booking your services. This enables service providers to generate leads even if they do not currently have any business.

Events should be scheduled.

Scheduling is one of the most difficult issues for service providers, and learning how to schedule efficiently can significantly increase productivity and help your business become more organized.

Bloom enables service providers to create and map out custom event schedules by dragging and dropping dates and times. Rather than wasting time calculating when you can take on new projects, simply create a schedule tailored to your company's needs.

The platform also assists users in managing any availability confusion by sending automated reminders prior to appointments. This helps to avoid last-minute cancellations and no-shows by informing your clients when you're unavailable before they contact you.

Bloom will automatically send out invoices whenever you book a new client, saving service providers a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on manual billing processes.

Create workflows

Workflows are essential for any scheduling platform to improve efficiency with your company's most important tasks. Bloom gives you the ability to create custom workflows for your clients based on specific milestones or events.

Every client-facing company requires an easy way to build custom email workflows that will help them succeed. Bloom enables users to quickly set up automated workflows based on specific events, resulting in better projects.

Bloom enables users to quickly upload content related to their current project, allowing them to stay organized without having to juggle multiple email accounts. The platform is fully mobile-friendly, allowing you to manage your work from anywhere with the touch of a button.

Organize all project files in one location for easy access to their effectiveness. Service providers can even attach any file they want, no matter how large, directly from the app.

Project management

Service providers can manage all of their projects in one place with Bloom's beautiful project planner. You no longer need to rely on separate tools because everything is at your fingertips.

Bloom is an excellent project management and tracking tool. The platform will automatically bring in new leads and convert them into clients, whom you can then track via specific milestones, events, or workflows.

Emails should be automated.

Bloom offers powerful email automation, allowing service providers to send a series of emails to their clients based on specific events.

Bloom enables service providers to create customized email templates automatically, allowing you to send personalized messages directly from your inbox. This saves time and ensures that no details are overlooked.

Setting up automatic emails can be a confusing and time-consuming process for business owners, but with Bloom, users can simply select their favorite template and customize whatever they require right in the app.

Contracts must be signed.

Customizing client contracts has never been easier. Bloom allows users to create, manage, and send professional-client contracts with their signature directly from the app.

Bloom enables service providers to securely sign any contract or agreement right from their mobile device, allowing them to easily get paid for their efforts. No more faxing back and forth; everything is handled directly through the app.

Service providers can manage all of their client contract forms and signing processes in one place with Bloom, saving them time and money.

Deliver assets Bloom allows you to upload all of your project files so that they are ready to go when your client needs them.

With the touch of a button, service providers can also quickly deliver any content or files attached to their account. This feature is especially useful for projects that must be completed quickly.

Many schedulers and project management platforms are incapable of delivering critical information to your clients at the right time. Bloom enables users to deliver any content they require with a single tap, making it faster and easier than ever before.

Bloom enables users to deliver any file directly through the platform, allowing service providers to remain within the system rather than relying on external tools.

2. Processes

Keep track of your tasks.

Create as many workflows as you need to get a bird's-eye view of all your projects and tasks.

Bloom includes a powerful workflow planner that allows you to create as many distinct workflows as you need.

Sharing files and organizing tasks is critical whether you're a freelance consultant or a full-service agency. Bloom allows users to track their progress with a few taps on the screen.

Send information from your clients as soon as possible.

Connect your email to Bloom for an instant view of all correspondence between you and your client. You can even add new tasks to your workflows directly from the app by forwarding emails there.

With this feature, service providers can quickly forward important information from their email client into the app, eliminating the need to switch between systems.

Reminders should be scheduled.

With automatic notifications, you'll never have to double book again. Service providers can use the platform to conveniently schedule email notifications so they never miss an important milestone again.

Many schedulers are unable to provide specific milestone or past event reminders, resulting in missed opportunities. Bloom allows service providers to easily schedule email notifications directly from the app, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Easily keep track of time

Track your time easily, whether you work at a set rate or by the hour. Import any activity from other systems to get an accurate picture of how much time you spent on each task.

Never abandon a project.

For your convenience, all project information, contacts, invoices, assets, and notes are centralized. Invoices are organized by project so that you can easily track each client's progress. Payment

3. Link the tools you already have.

Bloom will connect your existing systems in two clicks, giving you total control of your business in one place.

Bloom is designed to integrate with the tools and services you already use, making it incredibly simple for service providers to forward important information directly from their email client into the app so they don't miss a beat - no more switching between systems.

4. Book your clients in one form

Use revolutionary Bloom forms to replace the endless back and forth.

Lead capture

Questionnaires should be sent.

Dates to be scheduled

Contracts must be signed.

Provide packages and add-ons

Accept payments via ACH and credit card.

Differentiating factor with ClientVenue and Bloom

ClientVenue Key Points:

1. Easy Client Onboarding

Shift away from high-touch onboarding and toward self-service and automated checkout onboarding so you can focus on scaling your agency work rather than doing the heavy lifting yourself.

Use templates and standard processes that can be replicated for all of your workflows so you can focus on the work that is most important to your agency.

2. Oversee Tasks and Client Requests

Real-time visibility into all of your projects. Manage client requests in real time and demonstrate progress in a project manager-like manner.

Bring all of the teams together to easily collaborate on projects. Get a 360-degree view of your entire project and avoid project delays.

3. Safekeeping

Keep all of your client-related files and assets in ONE location. So you don't have to constantly link your drives and shareable links. Simply pull your resources from your dedicated drive and attach them in one location.

4. Billing and Invoicing

All of your payment-related concerns can be addressed within the Client-workspace. With a truly integrated experience, you will be able to create a self-service checkout model, allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your business rather than chasing down payments and getting your invoices cleared.

We handle recurring billing as well as one-time billing through native integrations with all major payment platforms and providers.

5. Colleagues

Get all of the stakeholders on both the client and agency sides involved. You can assign permission levels to all of your teammates as well as those on the agency side.

6. Personalized Experience

Make the portal appear on your website as if it were your product. Make it appear to be a native experience to your website by changing the branding, colouring, and design to match the style of your brand.

7. Providers of services

You can package up all of your services and present them to your customers in this manner, eliminating the need to chase down payments and send them manual pricing invoices.

Connect to all major payment platforms to automate invoicing and bill collection.

ClientVenue Features

  • Billing & Invoicing

Billing and invoicing is an important part of running a business, and there are numerous companies that can help you with this.

ClientVenue allows you to manage all of your tasks and client requests in one location, store all of your files for easy access, and consolidate all of your bank accounts to ensure you have accurate numbers. With our invoicing tool, you can automatically generate invoices, create recurring invoices to ensure you get paid on time each month, and track your team's performance in real-time with our reports feature.

Easy Onboarding

ClientVenue's onboarding process is simple and self-service rather than high touch. Everything, from custom forms to automatic payment processing, can be done in a single flow.

File and Storage Management

ClientVenue's file management-centric design allows you to store all of your client-related files in one central location and easily access them from a variety of sources, including Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive.

This means that no matter what file management system you and your team use, you have a single location where all of your files can be accessed.

Task Administration

Organize tasks and manage projects professionally with our Project Manager-Esque task management.

Collaborate on projects in real time with your teammates, assist one another in the event of a snag, and keep track of progress.

Communication within the Team

Communicate with your team and organize all of your tasks and projects in one place. Spend less time responding to emails and chat threads and more time focusing on business growth.

Conclusion is an excellent choice for freelancers and small businesses. Because it can only handle 10 clients, it is most likely not intended for large corporations or agencies.

When compared to other CRM, has the added benefit of a services section, indicating that they are not only interested in being a project management tool but also in invoicing and billing. This is something freelancers and small businesses can look forward to in the future. provides numerous advantages, including invoicing, billing, recurring billing, team management, and so on. You even have an integrated task manager that allows you to collaborate in real time with your team.

The best thing about is its simplicity; you only get what you need and nothing more, so you don't have to worry about features you'll never use.

Running an agency?

Clientvenue is an all-in-one client portal and client requests management software.

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