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Asana Client Portal: Is it a good client portal for clients?

Asana Client Portal is a secure, web-based platform that provides clients with access to team projects and tasks. Asana’s client portal allows you to see your project progress in real time and provides an email address so they can send feedback or questions directly to their assigned team member.

Asana Client Portal: Is it a good client portal for clients?

Let us start by understanding what Asana actually is.

In short, it is a cloud-based task management software that allows organizations to manage, collaborate, communicate, and arrange their tasks and projects.

It's designed for managing several initiatives at once and works for any size business.

What are the Key Features of the Asana Client Portal?

Asana’s client portal gives organizations complete control over their project data by allowing them to specify which users can see or edit certain projects, tasks, and conversations based on roles within your organization.

It also comes with the ability to disable commenting for any user by simply clicking on their name.

Organizations can also limit access to projects depending on location, time, or other restrictions.

Now, below I have extensively listed the tools which makes Asana so unique and popular in this sector:

1. It manages your team projects and tasks

Asana Client Portal provides project management methods to the team members with the tools they need to help their clients stay on track. It also allows clients to see what is going on in their projects, ask questions, and give feedback.

Asana client view helps managers track their resources with greater accuracy so they know whether any issues need to be resolved.

2. Automated Workflow

Asana discards the time consumed by the tedious manual labor. It’s the perfect tool to manage your projects and stay on top of things.

You can set up automated workflows in Asana with triggers that are triggered by events or actions so you don't have to do them manually anymore.

It provides a way for clients to see what is going on in their project anytime they want just by logging into an Asana account that you have set up for them.

Asana thunderbird plugin has many features that can enhance your team's workflow, and the Asana client portal provides an easy way to keep clients informed while staying on top of all your projects.

3. Streamline Work Requests

Asana is uniquely designed to create a standard work intake process with Forms. Make it easy for others to request work, and get the details your team needs upfront.

It also allows clients to see what is going on in their projects at any time by logging into their Asana account.

4. WorkSpace

Asana Client Portal provides WorkSpaces where each user gets their personalized homepage with everything they need to stay productive, including new tasks, files & conversations right at their fingertips.

The Workspace is a feature that allows you to customize your workspace with only the information and tasks that are relevant to you.

You can create custom views for any of your projects, or collaborate on them as a team from one central location.

Asana Client Management creates a WorkSpace where you see only what is important for you, without needing to go through unnecessary information.

You can collect all your tasks, projects, files, and conversations into one place that is easy for you or others to access when needed.

5. Advance Reporting & Analytics

Asana’s Reports & Analytics is an easy way to track performance and progress in real-time.

You can see what's being worked on, who’s working on it, when tasks are due or overdue, how much work has been completed so far this week/month/quarter etc., which clients have the most open requests at any given moment and more.

Asana Client Portal provides access to different types of reports that are very helpful for your team.

You can see who's doing what, when tasks are due or overdue, how much work has been completed so far this week/month/quarter, etc., which clients have the most open requests at any given moment, and more.

6. Integration

You can integrate Asana with the tools you’re already using to make life easier. You can connect your favorite project management with client portal, collaboration, and communication tools including Slack, Box, Dropbox, and many others.

Asana integrates with several great enterprise software like Jira Software by Atlassian – Bug Tracking & Project Management; Mozilla Thunderbird – Email & Calendar; Google Drive – Cloud Storage and more.

Asana Client Portal provides integrations that will help you connect your favorite project management, collaboration, and communication tools to Asana so you don't have to switch between different apps all the time.

I will now expand more on the GitHub integration to show how you can make the best use of it for your org.

This feature allows you to connect Asana with Github repositories to get notifications right in Asana when a task has been created or commented on.

You can add Github status checks, too, so you know whether your code is good to go before merging.

By integrating your GitHub repo with Asana Client Portal all the tasks that have been created there will show up in your project list and you'll be able to create Github status checks with just one click.

7. Timeline

Timeline is a feature that allows you to customize your workspace with only the information and tasks that are relevant to you. You can create custom views for any of your projects, or collaborate on them as a team from one central location.

Each Team contains a high-level roadmap project. This gives the client a birds-eye view of the path and key dates ahead.

The tasks in this project can be edited by anyone with permission on that team, but only people with access to certain projects will see them listed here.

8. My Tasks

My Tasks allow you to track the status of each task directly from the Asana Client Portal. The progress will appear across all your devices, so you can keep up with what you need to get done anytime, anywhere.

It's a built-in "To-Do" list that allows you to manage all your tasks all together from a central location. You can prioritize, set due dates, and share the task with your colleagues to get it done faster.

9. Notifications

Notifications both in-client and through emails keep you up-to-date on all the latest activity in real-time as soon as it happens from wherever you are.

It's a great way to stay on top of everything that's going on without having to go digging around for it.

Asana Client Portal provides real-time notifications as soon as the task has been created, updated, or commented on by your colleague--that way you can immediately respond and get your projects done faster.

10. Time Tracking

Asana lets you track time on tasks right from the Asana Client Portal. Simply click the clock icon in the taskbar. Once enabled, you can start and stop your timer, add notes, comment on progress or submit your timesheet all within Asana.

By utilizing the time tracking feature you can see how much time you've spent on a specific task, project, or even your whole team's time for a day or month easily.

11. Dashboard

The dashboard is a higher-level view of each project that includes key metrics and progress indicators at a higher level. Each Team also has a high-level roadmap project.

The dashboard provides you with an overview of the recent activity and tasks that need your attention.

It highlights any statuses that have changed or new comments added by your colleagues so you can immediately respond and get things done faster.

12. Commenting

Commenting on tasks allows clients to collaborate more effectively on projects with your team. You can ask questions, provide feedback, or update progress through comments that are threaded for easy reference.

By using this feature you benefit from improved communication and clarity on goals towards success.

13. Project Chat

Project chat makes it easy to communicate more efficiently about projects by targeting specific tasks within each project with persistent chat history across all your devices.

Project chat makes it easy for you and your team to discuss each task without having to constantly switch between different apps. Recognize and promote great suggestions, answer questions and provide status updates with just one click.

14. Projects & Tasks Icons

This feature allows you to see the status of any project or task right from the list view. You can tell what's up at a glance and see your progress across all your projects easily.

It helps you get an instant overview of every project status right from the Projects & Tasks List.

This feature is especially helpful when managing multiple tasks in Asana Client Portal, allowing you to stay on top of things right away without having to dig for it.

15. Transparency and Security

It also has various attestations and certificates to its name which imbibes a feeling of trust and security in their clients. These are:

What are the odds that Asana Client Portal will be a resource for my business?

Asana is a great project management with client portal app that provides many benefits to any company using it.

It’s free for teams with fewer than 15 people, and the paid plans are reasonably priced.

Asana Client Portal is a great tool that will also improve client experience and satisfaction and help you to understand them better.

We believe this is one of those apps that can be very useful regardless of what your business does. Of course, it’s up to you what you choose, but don’t forget it can be a great tool for your business.

A good project management software should allow you to easily communicate with your team and provide input on any subject they're talking about.

Additionally, the app should be able to notify you of any updates or changes that have been made to any team project.

Asana manages to balance both of these functions pretty well and you can even compare software to gauge which one is the best for you.

Now that I have told you everything there is about Asana and how it functions what if there exists a superior alternative which offers more features and better results when it comes to selling productized services?

Introducing Clientvenue!

Clientvenue is one of the most powerful and easy to use Client Management Platforms currently in the market and has been used by a plethora of brands to productize their services to the maximum.

It has an edge over Asana's offerings since it distinguishes itself by:

1.Creates the easiest onboarding experience for your client

The first impression is most of the time the best chance for you to retain your client even before the work on the project starts.

A smooth Client Onboarding Process speaks volumes about your professionalism and surrounds you with an aura of expertise.

Clientvenue's integrated client automated onboarding process will help you focus more on how your organization scales rather than getting stuck doing routine work.

2. Easy to view Services section

Each service is displayed with the payment system being used beside it. So, as you can see you can find all the services your organization is working on under one tab which you can sort by:

a) Name/Type                            

b) Amount                                    

c) Date Created      

d) Offerings

e) Whether they are shown in your catalog

You can easily create preview links for your clients with just a click of a button. The client needs to just click on the link to view the progress you've been making on the project.              

3. Integrates with the best known tools available on the web

Clientvenue does a perfect job and preselects for you the best tools to link your organization ensuring clarity in communication and seamless integration to ensure both you and your client are on the same page at all times.

You just need to signup for any tool (for eg. Slack) and it will seamlessly link to your clientvenue workspace.

All you need to do is to provide Clientvenue with the unique reference code, registered website or your registered licence details and it will automatically take care of the rest.

Also, this list is not exhaustive because as we speak Clientvenue is continuosly integrating more and more essential tools such as Hubspot and LiveChat to name a few.

I will just expand on these integrations and how they will assist you in selling your productized service:

a) Slack: Connect your slack account with Clientvenue to never miss an update in your projects.

b) Stripe: ClientVenue is a Stripe Connect Partner & helps in managing all the payments, invoice, products (services), etc. on user's behalf.

As a Stripe partner they don't charge any fees or commissions, & all the Stripe payments will not be subjected to any additional charges other than that of what Stripe already charges.

c) Intercom: They are a complete customer communications platform with bots, apps, product tours, and more—like email, messages, and a help center—so you are able to build great customer relationships, on every step of the way.

d) Crisp: Similiar to Intercom the Crisp Shared Inbox centralizes all your conversations. From Live Chat, Email to Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, SMS... Collaborate effortlessly inside one inbox, to offer the best customer service to your customers.

e) LiveChat: LiveChat is a complete customer service platform that delights your customers and fuels your sales. It gives you a free 14 day trial, has the option of automation and allows for omnichannel messaging.

f) HubSpot: HubSpot’s CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you will ever need for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

g) Tawk.to: Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website, respond to support tickets and create a help center to empower customers to help themselves. The best part you ask? All of this is 100% free!

h) Facebook Pixel: It is simply a piece of code for your website that lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for all of your advertising campaigns! It is one of the best ways to know your target demograph and increase clicks.

i) Webhook: Use Webhook to connect your portal with other platforms.

4. Personalized Workspaces

Personalized workspaces allow you to neatly arrange all your projects in one place without having to keep multiple tabs open at once.

The neat interface coupled with the simple to use design allows for you to eliminate the need for maintaining extensive records.

You can include both services provided outside the client and from within the client seamlessly along with having a record of archived and completed projects as well.

You will be able to see all your projects which are automatically subdivided into:

a) Internal: To be used within your organization          

b) External: To be done for a client                    

c) Archived: Projects archived by you

d) Completed: Completed projects

While creating a project you can even add teammates and edit all these details as soon as the need arises.

5. Minimalistic and to the point dashboard

Clientvenue’s dashboard is minimalistic and gives clear information on the most important parameters defining your success.

With clear visibility of your number of clients, number of services and revenue; it is the best way to know where you are on one screen itself.

It also includes a reminder if any due tasks are to be submitted soon to make sure you don’t miss any important submissions!

6. Client Handling Portal

Your screen will show all your clients, the number of services, the contact details of their representatives, the due payment status, the name of projects assigned and whether they are active or not.

You will be able to edit all this client information whenever the situation calls for it. You will even be able to check out all of your requests separately under one header!

7. Teams and Teammates

You can give your teammates 3 levels of access;

a) Viewer: Can only view the project        

b) Editor: Can make changes wherever necessary          

c) Manager: Have full access to the project and is able to oversee every member

This allows you to narrow down bottlenecks and make sure each teammate is on the same page.

Projects can be assigned freely to teammates and along with their designation Clientvenue ensures you have all the tools to handle your team as efficiently as possible.

You can also activate/deactivate a teammate’s current status at a flick of a button.

8. Billing and Invoices

Clientvenue has a dedicated section dealing with automating your invoicing and billing through all popularly accepted payment methods like Stripe and PayPal. Once you set it up, all you need to do is periodically check the increase in your income!

You can assign assign multiple services to a client and can automatically access whether they are paid for or overdue.

In the Invoices tab you have complete control over each client and can have access to the following:

a) You can either choose to automatically charge from the payment method registered on file or automatically send an invoice to the customer to pay manually.

b) You can set a due date of payment (for example: within 15 days 30 days, 6 months etc. from when the invoice is sent).

c) This section includes a separate head for overdue payments under one section so that you never miss a client who is not willing to pay!

d) You can also customize your invoices by filling the additional bank and tax details up to a maximum of 5. It's over here you will reap the benefits of Clientvenue's integration with Stripe to ensure easy to conduct payments from the source itself.

9. Share your project board with your client

To ensure transparency and transmit the progress you've been making in real time to your client you can share your board through Clientvenue's new feature.

You can choose which task details to share as shown in the picture below and all you have to do is to check boxes and send the public link.

After getting access through the public link and putting in the required pass code your client will see this:

10. Restrict Project Mode

It is a new toggle button to ensure clarity in communication and to prevent the wrong manager receiving wrong information. It is just a touch of convenience which I very much appreciate.

During this mode if the tasks are not assigned to anyone or are supposed to be assigned to only a select few, you can use this button at ease.

11. Branding

Clientvenue allows you to enable mapping of a custom domain on your portal. One needs to simply add their domain in the field & then use the values in the DNS panel.

This basically means that this feature offers to rebrand an existing email software platform. This allows you to personalize the software platform with the name of your organization.


Even though Asana is currently the most popular cloud based task management software out there, to give yourself an actual edge against competitors you should definitely give Clientvenue a try.

Overall it includes certain vital features overlooked by Asana and is miles ahead in user friendliness providing you with the ideal platform to deliver your productized service.

Clientvenue is always striving to be better, and with a host of integrations on their way your experience will only improve as time goes by.

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