Asana Client Portal: Is it a good client portal for clients?

Asana Client Portal is a secure, web-based platform that provides clients with access to team projects and tasks. Asana’s client portal allows you to see your project progress in real time and provides an email address so they can send feedback or questions directly to their assigned team member.

Asana Client Portal: Is it a good client portal for clients?

Let's start by defining exactly what Asana is.
It is cloud-based task management software that enables organizations to manage, collaborate, communicate, and organise their projects and tasks.
It is designed for managing multiple projects simultaneously and is applicable to businesses of any size.

What are the principal characteristics of the Asana Client Portal?
Asana's client portal provides organizations with complete control over their project data by enabling them to specify which users can view or edit particular projects, tasks, and conversations based on their organizational roles.
It also includes the capability to disable commenting for a specific user by clicking on their name.

Additionally, organizations can restrict access to projects based on location, time, or other factors.

Now, below is a comprehensive list of the tools that make Asana so popular in this industry:

  1. It manages your team's tasks and projects
    Asana Client Portal equips team members with the project management methods and tools required to keep their clients on track. It also enables clients to monitor the progress of their projects, pose questions, and provide feedback.

Asana's client view enables managers to track their resources with greater precision, allowing them to determine whether any issues require resolution.
Automation of Workflow
Asana eliminates the time spent on tedious manual labor. It is the ideal tool for project management and staying on top of things.

You can automate workflows in Asana with triggers that are triggered by events or actions, eliminating the need to perform these tasks manually.
It enables clients to view the status of their project at any time by simply logging into an Asana account that you have created for them.

The Asana thunderbird plugin has numerous features that can improve your team's workflow, and the Asana client portal makes it simple to keep clients informed while staying on top of your projects.

3. Streamline Requests for Work
With Forms, Asana is uniquely designed to create a standardised work intake process. Make it simple for others to request work, and obtain the necessary details in advance.

Additionally, clients can view the status of their projects at any time by logging into their Asana account.

4. Work Area
Asana Client Portal offers WorkSpaces where each user receives a personalised homepage containing everything they need to remain productive, such as new tasks, files, and conversations.
Workspace is a feature that allows you to personalize your workspace with only the relevant information and tasks.

You can create custom views for each of your projects and collaborate on them from a central location.

Asana Client Management creates a WorkSpace where you only see relevant information without having to wade through irrelevant data.
You can consolidate all of your tasks, projects, files, and conversations into a single, easily accessible location.

5. Superior Reporting and Analytics
The Reports & Analytics feature of Asana makes it simple to monitor performance and progress in real-time.
You can see what is being worked on, who is working on it, when tasks are due or overdue, how much work has already been completed this week/month/quarter etc., which clients have the most open requests at any given time, and more.
Asana's Client Portal provides access to a variety of extremely useful reports for your team.

You can see who is working on what, when tasks are due or overdue, how much work has been completed this week/month/quarter, etc., which clients have the most open requests at any given time, and more.

6. Integration
Asana can be integrated with the tools you already use to simplify your life. You can integrate your preferred project management with Slack, Box, Dropbox, and other collaboration, communication, and client portal tools.
Asana integrates with a variety of enterprise software, including Jira Software by Atlassian - Bug Tracking & Project Management, Mozilla Thunderbird - Email & Calendar, and Google Drive - Cloud Storage, among others.

Asana Client Portal offers integrations that allow you to connect your favourite project management, collaboration, and communication tools to Asana so that you don't have to constantly switch between apps.

I will now elaborate on the GitHub integration to demonstrate how your organisation can make the most of it.
This feature allows you to connect Asana with Github repositories in order to receive notifications in Asana whenever a task is created or commented on.
You can also add Github status checks to determine whether your code is ready for merging.

By integrating your GitHub repository with the Asana Client Portal, all tasks created on GitHub will appear in your project list, and you can create Github status checks with a single click.

7. Timeline
Timeline is a feature that allows you to personalise your workspace with only the relevant information and tasks. You can create custom views for each of your projects and collaborate on them from a central location.

Each Team has a strategic roadmap project. This provides the client with an overview of the path and upcoming milestones.
The tasks in this project can be edited by any team member with the appropriate permissions, but only those with access to the corresponding project will see them listed here.

8. My Tasks

My Tasks enables you to monitor the status of each task from the Asana Client Portal. The progress will be displayed on all of your devices, allowing you to stay on top of your tasks at all times.
It is an integrated "To-Do" list that allows you to manage all of your tasks from a single location. You can assign priorities, set deadlines, and collaborate with coworkers to complete the task more quickly.

9. Communication

Both in-client and email notifications keep you abreast of the most recent activity in real-time, wherever you are.
It's a great way to stay abreast of current events without having to actively seek them out.
Asana Client Portal provides real-time notifications whenever a colleague creates, updates, or comments on a task, allowing you to respond immediately and accelerate project completion.
10. Time Monitoring
Asana enables time tracking for tasks directly within the Asana Client Portal. Click on the clock icon in the taskbar. Once enabled, Asana allows you to start and stop your timer, add notes, comment on progress, and submit your timesheet.

Using the time tracking feature, you can easily determine how much time you've spent on a specific task, project, or even your entire team's time for a given day or month.

11. Dashboard

The dashboard provides a high-level overview of each project, including key metrics and progress indicators. Additionally, each Team has a high-level roadmap project.
The dashboard provides an overview of recent activities and tasks that require your immediate attention.
It highlights any changed statuses or new comments added by your colleagues, allowing you to respond immediately and complete tasks more quickly.

12. Observations
Commenting on tasks enables clients to collaborate with your team more effectively on projects. Through comments that are threaded for easy reference, you can ask questions, provide feedback, or report on progress.

By utilising this feature, your communication and clarity on success-oriented objectives are enhanced.

13. Project Meeting
Project chat makes it simple to communicate more efficiently regarding projects by focusing on specific tasks within each project and maintaining a persistent chat history across all devices.

Project chat makes it easy for you and your team to discuss each task without switching between apps. Recognize and promote excellent ideas, respond to inquiries, and provide status updates with a single click.

14. Icons for Projects and Tasks
This feature enables you to view the status of any project or task directly within the list view. You can see the status of all your projects at a glance and track your progress with relative ease.

It enables you to obtain an immediate overview of the status of each project directly from the Projects & Tasks List.
This feature is particularly useful when managing multiple tasks in the Asana Client Portal, allowing you to stay on top of things without having to dig for them.

15. Openness and Security
In addition, it possesses numerous certifications and authentications, which instil confidence and security in its clients. These include:

How likely is it that Asana Client Portal will serve as a resource for my company?
Asana is an excellent project management app with a client portal that provides numerous benefits to any business that uses it.
Free for teams with fewer than 15 members, and reasonably priced for paid plans.
Asana Client Portal is a fantastic tool that will enhance the client experience and satisfaction while enhancing your understanding of them.

We believe this is one of those applications that can be very useful for any business. Obviously, the decision is up to you, but keep in mind that it can be a useful tool for your business.

A good project management software should make it simple for you to communicate with your team and provide input on any topic they're discussing.
In addition, the application should be able to inform you of any updates or modifications made to any team project.
Asana does a good job of balancing these two functions, and you can even compare software to determine which is best for you.

What if, now that I've told you everything there is to know about Asana and how it works, there exists a superior alternative that offers more features and better results for selling productized services?

Introducing Clientvenue!

Clientvenue is one of the most effective and user-friendly Client Management Platforms on the market and has been utilized by a multitude of companies to productize their services to the fullest extent.
It has an advantage over Asana's offerings due to the fact that:

1. Creates the simplest onboarding experience for your customers.

Most of the time, the first impression is your best opportunity to retain a client before the project even begins.
A streamlined Client Onboarding Process speaks volumes about your professionalism and emanates an aura of authority around you.
Clientvenue's integrated, automated client onboarding process will allow you to focus more on the scalability of your organisation and less on mundane tasks.

2. Accessible Services section

Each service is displayed alongside the corresponding payment system. As you can see, you can find all the services your organisation offers in a single tab that you can sort by:
a) Name/Type
e) If they are listed in your catalogue
Creating preview links for your clients is as simple as clicking a button. The client simply needs to click the link to view the project's status.

3. Integrates with the most well-known web-based tools
Clientvenue does an excellent job and selects the best tools to link your organisation, ensuring clear communication and seamless integration so that you and your client are always on the same page.

Signing up for any tool (e.g., Slack) will automatically link it to your clientvenue workspace.
Simply provide Clientvenue with the unique reference code, your registered website, or your registered licence information, and it will take care of the rest.
Additionally, this list is not exhaustive, as Clientvenue continues to integrate more and more essential tools, such as Hubspot and LiveChat, to name a few.

I'll elaborate on these integrations and how they will help you sell your productized service:
a) Slack:
Integrate your Slack account with Clientvenue so you never miss a project update.
b) Stripe:
ClientVenue is a Stripe Connect Partner and assists the user in managing payments, invoices, products (services), etc.

As a Stripe partner, they do not charge any fees or commissions, and all Stripe payments will not incur any additional fees beyond what Stripe already assesses.
c) Intercom:
Intercom is an all-inclusive customer communications platform with bots, apps, product tours, and more—including email, messages, and a help center—so you can build great customer relationships at every stage.
d) Crisp:
The Crisp Shared Inbox, similar to Intercom, centralises all of your conversations. From Live Chat and Email to Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, and SMS... Collaboration within a single inbox enables you to provide superior customer service.

e) LiveChat:
LiveChat is an all-inclusive customer service platform that satisfies your clients and drives sales. It offers a 14-day free trial, automation, and omnichannel messaging. f) HubSpot: HubSpot's CRM platform has all the tools and integrations you will ever need for marketing, sales, and customer service.


Monitor and chat with your website's visitors, respond to support tickets, and create a self-service help centre for your customers.

h) Facebook Pixel is a simple piece of code for your website that enables you to track, optimise, and build audiences for all of your advertising campaigns! It is one of the most effective methods for identifying your target demographic and increasing clicks.
Use Webhook to connect your portal to additional platforms.
What's the best part, you ask? Everything is entirely free!

4. Individualized Workplaces
Customized workspaces allow you to organise all your projects in one location without having to maintain multiple tabs.
The intuitive interface and straightforward layout allow you to eliminate the need to keep extensive records.

In addition to having a record of archived and completed projects, you can include both services provided externally and internally to the client in a seamless manner.
You will be able to view all of your projects, which will be subdivided automatically into:
a) Internal: To be used within your organisation b) External: To be completed for a client c) Archived: Projects archived by you d) Completed: Projects that have been completed
While creating a project, you can also add collaborators and modify these details as needed.

5. dashboard that is minimalistic and to the point

Clientvenue's dashboard is minimalistic and provides clear data on the most crucial success-defining variables.
With clear visibility of your number of clients, number of services, and revenue on a single screen, it is the best way to know where you stand.
It also includes a reminder for any upcoming submission deadlines, ensuring you don't miss important submissions!

6. Client Handling Portal

Your screen will display all of your clients, the number of services rendered, the contact information of their representatives, the payment status, the names of assigned projects, and whether or not they are active.
You will be able to modify all of this client information whenever necessary. You will also be able to view all of your requests individually under a single header!

7. Groups and Colleagues

You can give your teammates three levels of access: a) Viewer, who can only view the project; b) Editor, who can make changes as needed; and c) Contributor, who can contribute to the project.
c) Manager: Have complete access to the project and be able to monitor every team member
This allows you to eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that all team members are on the same page.
Freely assigning tasks to teammates along with their designation is possible. Clientvenue provides you with the resources necessary to manage your team as efficiently as possible.
You can also toggle the status of a teammate with the click of a button.

8. Invoicing and Billing

Clientvenue has a section dedicated to automating your billing and invoicing via all widely accepted payment methods, such as Stripe and PayPal. Once it's in place, all you need to do is periodically monitor your income growth!
You can assign multiple services to a client and automatically determine whether they have been paid for or remain unpaid.

On the Invoices tab, you have complete control over each client and access to the following features:
a) You have the option to either automatically charge the payment method on file or send an invoice to the customer for manual payment.
b) You can set a due date of payment (for example: within 15 days 30 days, 6 months etc. from when the invoice is sent).
c) This section contains a separate heading for delinquent payments so that you never overlook a client who is unwilling to pay!
d) You may also personalise your invoices by including up to five additional bank and tax details. Here, you will reap the benefits of Clientvenue's integration with Stripe, which facilitates payments directly from the source.

  1. Show your client your project board.
    Using Clientvenue's new feature, you can share your board with your client in order to maintain transparency and communicate your real-time progress.
    You can select which task details to share, as depicted in the image below; all you need to do is check the appropriate boxes and send the public link.

Your client will see this after gaining access through the public link and entering the required pass code:

Restriction on Project Mode
It is a new toggle button designed to increase communication clarity and prevent the wrong manager from receiving incorrect information. This is a small convenience that I greatly appreciate.
During this mode, if no tasks have been assigned or only a few tasks have been assigned, you can use this button with ease.

  1. Branding
    Clientvenue enables the mapping of a custom domain on the portal. Simply enter the domain in the field and then use the values in the DNS panel.
    Essentially, this feature provides the option to rebrand an existing email software platform. This allows you to customise the software platform with your company's name.

Even though Asana is currently the most popular cloud-based task management software, you should definitely give Clientvenue a try if you want to gain a competitive advantage.
It surpasses Asana's user-friendliness by a wide margin, making it the optimal platform for delivering your productized service.
Clientvenue is constantly striving to improve, and with a multitude of integrations on the horizon, your experience will only get better over time.

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