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An Honest Workamajig Review: Is it Worth the Hype

Workamajig is a comprehensive work management system. This is an article aiming to help you "the organization" to decide whether to take that big leap of faith for your business.

An Honest Workamajig Review: Is it Worth the Hype

Workamajig is a web-based project management software for creative agencies, design firms, in-house creative departments, and public relations firms.

The programme is developed and marketed by Creative Manager, Inc., based in Anthem, Arizona.

Workamajig is a creative management software that integrates project, agency, client, sales, and resource management into a single dashboard.

It's intended to assist creative agencies and in-house creative teams in managing a variety of facets of their operations.

Wrike, Basecamp, and Workfront, to mention a few, are competitors. It also competes tangentially with QuickBooks accounting software and ClientVenue client relationship management software.

Workamajig is a comprehensive work management system. Internal creative teams and organisations can use Workamajig's work management software to coordinate and track all of their work with these teams.

Workamajig's software for creative teams includes client requests, team member control, client authorisation, and collaboration. Communication is a crucial part of teamwork and job management in Workamajig.

Workamajig is a project management software for advertising agencies as well as in-house creative teams. It's multifunctional, versatile, and well-integrated.

Workamajig helps account managers prepare for clients by allowing them to create estimates using templated creative briefs and then send them to the client for approval.

Workamajig lets you to keep track of jobs as they progress against the budget and schedule, as well as generate reports on productivity and project gaps.

Workamajig's online proofing process and automated notifications help keep project schedules on track.

You can acquire the information you need with visibility into revenues and expenses, as well as statistics on time estimates vs. actual project results and productivity targets.

Main Features

  • Workamajig is a software suite that combines enterprise resource planning with agency management. Multiple dashboards are displayed to users based on their defined responsibilities in the software. Creative resources can see a list of assigned jobs and to-do lists.
  • Project managers use a variety of project management tools, such as Gantt charts, task breakdown structures, and reporting systems.
  • Templates can be used by project managers to plan projects and assign duties to different persons. They can gather information about the project's development and prepare reports using pre-existing templates.
  • Users can share files and initiate project and assignment discussions. They can track the amount of time they spend on each activity, make status reports, trade draughts with clients, and receive comments.

Complete List of Features

Workamajig is a single platform that combines your creative project work with agency financials:

  • A robust project management software
  • Project management from start to finish
  • Tasks, schedules, budgets, and other important information
  • Resourcing and traffic management
  • Shared calendars and timesheets
  • Digital proofreading and revisions
  • A thorough awareness of the industry
  • Real-time financial transparency
  • Invoicing and billing
  • The whole accounting package
  • Keep an eye out for wealthy clients and projects.
  • Custom dashboards and reporting

Why Do I Call It The "Complete Package"?

Workamajig is a strong, integrated platform that replaces your combination of ill-fitting tools that aren't compatible with each other.

  1. Sales CRM
    With their CRM marketing platform being designed exclusively for creative businesses, you can capture new opportunities, schedule follow-ups, and produce jobs in an instant.
  2. Project Management
    With world class marketing project management tools, you can create, estimate, schedule, and deliver better-organized projects faster.
  3. Resourcing and Traffic
    You can plan, schedule and assign work across teams, departments, and offices using their all encompassing marketing resource management application.
  4. Time Tracking
    With integrated time monitoring and task management, you can keep projects profitable and on pace.
  5. Finance and Accounting
    Improve margins substancially with their marketing agency accounting software feature, which includes superior reporting, accurate invoicing, and detailed spending tracking.

Customer Reviews

Here are the pros and cons I could collate after going through a plethora of reviews on different sites.


  • Works for small companies
  • Very flexible in handling different types of businesses
  • Seamless communication tools
  • Integrations are extremely efficient and make work extremely convenient
  • UI is very appealing
  • It is straightforward and does not offer any bloat when it comes to managing your business
  • Documentation is extremely well done


  • A bit on the complicated side especially the new user experience which has a steep learning curve
  • There is a lack of focus and this product tries to be everything for everyone which as expected does not work
  • Updating projects can be time consuming
  • The interface is extremely text heavy so prepared to do some major reading when you sign up for this
  • Stills runs on flash, which is an outdated platform for years now


Workamajig has one of the best pricing options I have ever come across in this space.

It offers all features at every tier at a fixed price. So it really just depends on the team size on which tier you will be paying for.

Apart from the Enterprise Plan which offers more business analytic tools, you will get the full experience of Workamajig at any plan.

Common features across all plans

  • Project management: From first contact to sign off
  • Resourcing & scheduling: Maximize team productivity
  • Finance & accounting: Tie projects to profitability
  • Time tracking: Improve utilization & forecasting
  • Sales CRM: Turn leads into clients
  • Invoicing & expenses: Integrated, accurate billing
  • One month free: For annual payments
  • Unlimited support: Via email, phone & chat
  • Training & onboarding: Included for all users
  • Unlimited free logins: For clients & vendors


  1. 5-9 members: $50/user/mo
  2. 10-19 members: $38/user/mo
  3. 20-49 members: $36/user/mo
  4. 50-99 members: $34/user/mo
  5. Enterprise Plan (100-1000+ members)

With a single subscription, you get the following benefits:

  • Tools for businesses: Project management, resourcing, time tracking, finance & accounting, sales CRM, and more are all in one location.
  • The size of a business: Hundreds of thousands of users all across the world? Is it impossible to maintain track of all the ongoing projects? Workamajig was designed specifically for you.
  • Business-related resources: Regardless of department, office, or location, see and assign resources throughout the whole organisation.
  • Reporting in the workplace: Financial reports that detail each project's client, location, and budget. Do you wish to work with a variety of currencies? Is your company VAT-registered? It's not a problem at all.


To conclude this Workamajig review I will give my own impressions on the product and where do I think it places in this ever-competitive space today.

Now don't get me wrong; the steep learning curve along with the text heavy interface may put you off, you must remember than when you learn how to use this beast of a software your business won't require the help of any other service.

With their complete Sales CRM and Project Management tools along with their superb pricing model (seriously, cannot gush about it enough) Workamajig's complete set of features will amaze you as they did me.

And we've reached the end. I hope all your questions and doubts on this software have been answered in this honest Workamajig review.

Until next time.

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