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Top 7 Workamajig Alternatives Currently in the Market

Workamajig is a project management platform that serves both advertising agencies and in-house creative teams. It is multipurpose, adaptable, and completely integrated. Nothing is perfect and therefore I'm here to provide you with its top 7 competitors

Top 7 Workamajig Alternatives Currently in the Market

Before we start listing down all Workmajig alternatives, we must first know what a work management software is.

What is “Work Management Software”?

To comprehend work management software, we must first comprehend work management.

Work management, project management, and programme management are all members of the same family of management techniques.

The practise of controlling a company's overall plan is known as programme management.

The management of company-wide or department-wide tacticing and strategy implementation is more commonly referred to as project management.

Work management is the management of individuals or teams inside an organisation or department, and it is a continuation of the previous two.

"Work management software" is actually project management software that you use to manage work on a one-on-one or small-group basis.

Having a dependable task system in place, where you can use task management resources and task monitoring software, makes your daily workflow a lot easier. Individual employees and contractors, in particular, benefit from an useful image of what they need to do to better prepare each moment of their hectic workday.


Workamajig provides an all-round work management software. Workamajig's work management software provides resources to help internal creative teams and corporations coordinate and track all of their work with these teams.

Client requests, team member control, client authorization, and collaboration are all included in Workamajig's software for creative teams. In Workamajig, communication is an important aspect of teamwork and job management.

Workamajig is a project management platform that serves both advertising agencies and in-house creative teams. It is multipurpose, adaptable, and completely integrated.

Workamajig assists account managers in preparing for clients by allowing them to develop estimates using templated creative briefs and then route them to the client for approval and feedback.

Workamajig allows you to automatically track jobs against the budget and schedule as they proceed, as well as provide reports on productivity and project gaps.

The online proofing process and automated notifications provided by Workamajig assist keep project schedules on track.

With visibility into revenues and expenses, as well as data for time estimates vs. actual project results and productivity targets, you can get the information you need.


  1. Taskworld

On Capterra, Taskworld has a 4.5/5 rating, and the three most prevalent terms used to describe the product are?




Although Taskworld is classified as project management software, it is capable of much more than just company-wide strategies.

Whereas most project management software focuses on processes, Taskworld focuses on people.

What exactly does that imply? It implies we recognise that people don't fit into cookie-cutter solutions; people's preferred workflows are as distinctive as their fingerprints.

I'm not suggesting that we abandon established processes and methodologies; they have their place.

What I mean is that the human element must be taken into account.

Taskworld includes visual project boards that you may customise to your liking.

This makes it simple to establish a kernel of commonality for reporting and collaboration, but it also allows for personalization, allowing you to enter a deep work state.

Do you have any concerns about executive or managerial reporting?

Real-time dashboards and customisable reports are also available in Taskworld.

Instead of constantly asking mid-level managers for updates, they can just open the Overview dashboard, check inside, and exhale a sigh of relief — everything is on track.

2. ProjectManager.com

We'd be remiss if we didn't bring up ProjectManager.com. It's one of the most popular options for businesses that need applications that can be utilised by anybody.

Organizations use the app to "organise and do wonderful stuff." Everyday tasks, mention notes, email notifications, and unrestricted file storage are just a few of the excellent team communication capabilities included in this application.

Its software package is also used for project planning, with three major "views" available: Gantt charts for planning project timelines, Kanban Boards for organising processes and planning agile sprints, and Schedules for planning in a task list or checklist format.

It's simple to get all three perspectives of a project open at the same time to get the job done.

A project manager, for example, can construct a project plan according to Gantt. Team members can then use basic task lists or boards to work on their given tasks.

The ProjectManager.com software suite is built around real-time updates. When a team member completes a mission, task lists are automatically updated, much like the main project timetable. As a result, ProjectManager.com is a flexible option for enterprises collaborating and communicating across divisions and teams.

ProjectManager.com is a good choice if you need a full project management platform for managing teams and planning tasks.

3. Trello

Trello is a popular collaboration platform used by many teams in a variety of industries. Most development teams favour an agile planning methodology, and Trello's programme allows users to complete tasks on a Kanban board, delegate work to others, and categorise their work by "state." Done, Done, and Completed are the default state possibilities.

Trello's visual drag-and-drop display may be a valuable tool for coordinating tasks. The app is well-known for having some of the greatest Kanban apps in the business.

Trello, on the other hand, may not be the best fit for your firm if you require extra task management capabilities such as project timelines, reports, and dashboards. Other work management systems don't have the functionality that this one does.

4. Filestage

For communication and creative work management, design teams use Filestage, a recently updated platform. The software is amazing and was specifically designed with the artistic niche in mind.

Users may communicate, share comments on digital assets, gain consumer approvals, attach photographs and videos, and more using Filestage.

Filestage can help creative teams save money by reducing contact disparities and waiting time during internal and external approvals. Whether you work on a design team or a marketing team, Filestage will be an excellent work management tool for you.

5. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the oldest and most developed online job management software companies, having been created in 1999. After several years in operation, Basecamp has amassed a long number of satisfied clients and continually receives positive feedback for their products.

Basecamp is a simple project management application that organises work using checklists and task lists. Teams should create lists and then assign tasks to one another, streamlining teamwork within the company's structure.

Basecamp also has timetables and file storage in its plans, allowing it to be used for free project planning, although it is not designed for time-based task management.

If you are looking for a small and straightforward tool to organize your tasks in lists, then Basecamp is an excellent option for you.

6.  Mavenlink

Regarded as a “modern collaboration platform,” Mavenlink offers tools to help service companies increase performance and productivity. In this context, “service companies” include agencies working with clients, business consulting companies and professional services teams.

Mavenlink offers a wide range of work management features for its users, including resource management, project accounting, and business intelligence. The platform also helps customers communicate inside and outside the enterprise, making it a reliable resource for service teams looking to improve efficiency and minimize connectivity gaps.

Read more on Mavenlink: HERE

7. Targetprocess

Targetprocess is one of the more sophisticated project management software products on this list, as it is designed for large enterprises and business teams aiming to scale agility across their organisation.

If you are unfamiliar with project portfolio management and application life cycle management, this programme is probably not for you.

Targetprocess, on the other hand, can be a good solution for you if you're part of a company organisation that requires robust dashboards and portfolio reports to gain a thorough understanding of your operations. Targetprocess provides both SaaS and on-premises alternatives, giving businesses greater deployment and installation flexibility.

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