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An Honest Mavenlink Review: Everything You Need To Know

Mavenlink is one of the bigger names when you think about project management tools. Here is a review of me dissecting the product and reaching a verdict.

An Honest Mavenlink Review: Everything You Need To Know

Mavenlink is a business process automation solution. It's a programme developed for small firms with fewer employees to manage operations like invoices, scheduling, and meetings without relying too heavily on paper.

Mavenlink takes Professional Services Automation to the next level. Providing you with cutting-edge skills that will revolutionise your business.

The only project management software designed specifically for professional services organisations is Mavenlink. Use resources that are suited to your individual needs to provide a firm foundation for success.

Noteworthy Features

  1. Intuitive Tools

You've put together the perfect team and concept. To pull it all together, leverage strong tools and a next-level project management solution. It's the distinction between achieving and exceeding your goals.

2. Get a Full Picture of What's Going On

You have the option of evaluating your complete project portfolio at once or focusing on certain assignments.

When you have all of the facts in one location, you can make better decisions:

· The status of any task or deliverable can be checked.

· Gantt charts show information in real time.

· Prioritize your requirements and double-check that your resources are in sync.

· All of your deadlines and financial goals will be reached.

3. Make Success Formulas Repititive

Double-check that you can do it again if something works. Take advantage of sophisticated process automation to assure consistency and ensure success over time:

· Make reusable templates and workflows;

· phase out manual processes and workarounds;

· break down silos to acquire a deeper knowledge;

· work smarter to save time and money

Pricing and Plans

Mavenlink offers four tiers of paid service, plus a free level that's slightly hard to find. You can sample any of the paid account options for ten days without having to use your credit card.

You can manage an unlimited number of projects with an unlimited number of peers with the free Mavenlink plan, but you only receive 500 megabytes (MB) of storage.

Mavenlink Teams, Professional, Premier, and Enterprise are premium Mavenlink accounts. Outside collaborators can be granted restricted access to your Mavenlink account for any account type, allowing you to share project progress with clients, for example.

With a few exceptions, a Teams membership comes with 10 GB of storage and all of the fundamental collaboration and project management capabilities.

However, there are no facilities for managing portfolios or change requests. Accounting, resource planning, and business analytics technologies are also not included.

When paid annually, a Teams plan costs $19 per month for up to five people, for a total of $228. Keep in mind that this is the price for five persons.

If you want to add more users beyond the first five, you'll have to pay an extra $4 per user every month, or $48 per person if you buy for a year's worth of service in advance.

Mavenlink Professional comes with 50 GB of storage and a few extra functions, but it's a lot more expensive. This tier includes project accounting capabilities, such as time and expense monitoring and project budgeting, as well as change request management tools.

With an annual contract and no month-to-month alternative, the Professional plan costs $39 per user per month. So, for the year, you're looking at $348 per person. This can quickly become prohibitively expensive.

Premier, according to Mavenlink, is the most popular service tier, with plenty of storage (100 GB) and extra features like time and expense tracking, invoicing, rate cards, project budgets and margin tracking, resource planning, analytics, and utilization- and resource-related reports within Mavenlink's business intelligence tool, Insights, which includes 40 pre-built reports and custom reporting.

The Enterprise plan adds 1 TB of storage to the mix, as well as sophisticated features like real-time analytics and bespoke reporting tools. There are no pricing listed for either of those tiers of service; you must contact the provider for a quote.

Premier and Enterprise plans range from $59 to $79 per month per user, depending on whether or not customers opt for the Insights and Proofing tool, which allows you to annotate and provide feedback on projects.

The pricing in this range is affected by the Insights and Proofing functionalities, according to Mavenlink.

Teamwork Projects and Zoho Projects, for example, both cost around $600 per year for an unlimited number of users. The annual cost of a Mavenlink Professional plan for ten users is $3,480.

Those figures are based on the $49-per-month Teamwork Projects plan, which includes up to 40 projects and 20 GB of storage, and the $50-per-month Zoho Projects plan, which includes 50 projects and 15 GB of storage. Zoho Projects and Teamwork Projects may provide the best value depending on the size and needs of a small business.

We like that Mavenlink provides a completely free account that you can use for an indefinite period of time to familiarise yourself with the fundamental service and UI.

There are a few other online PM services that still provide free accounts. Volerro (Get a 14-day free trial at Liquid Planner), Teamwork Projects, Zoho Projects, ProofHub, and Wrike are among them.

They're all limited in some way. You can only manage three projects or 100 MB of stored files with Volerro, whichever comes first. Teamwork Projects only allows you to work on two projects for free, whilst Zoho Projects and ProofHub only allow you to work on one.

Some Niche Features

Because individuals can have multiple roles with different permissions, Mavenlink appears to be an excellent fit for larger organisations and enterprises. In relatively small firms, such specialised licences are rarely required.

Project rights include Admin, Project Lead, Project Creator, and Collaborator (we won't go over all of the permissions in depth here).

The permissions levels are one of our favourites since they enable a company monitor access without going overboard. Permissions are set up in a simple manner. When you pick roles like Admin or Project Lead, Xs and checkmarks appear next to features to indicate which are enabled for that person.

Smart Snips is one of the highlight features in Mavenlink. This allows you to add highlighted comments to uploaded files directly from your browser.

Drawing a box around a portion you want to discuss and adding a comment is an easy method to mark up any file attached to a task or project. Mavenlink's Smart Snips is indeed a priceless feature if your team routinely discusses artwork or presentations.

Mavenlink proofing is also a useful tool. It has all of the advantages of Smart Snips, but it also allows you to review assets in the console. You can annotate file types, view a complete editing archive, and collaborate with peers for better control.

Some Issues

Despite the fact that Mavenlink keeps team members connected and interacting while working on a project, it lacks a built-in chat interface, which is something we like to see in any project management system.

Mavenlink also does not have a dedicated mobile app, but as a consolation it does have a mobile-friendly website that can be seen on most mobile browsers. From anywhere, you can check project activity feeds, access your task list, track your time, and even log expenses using the mobile site.


And that's it folks! Here is an honest and upfront Mavenlink review to help you decide whether to go for it. Overall for me, it does a really good job of what is promised but you do still feel the pinch of the extremely high price tag weighing down on your pockets.

Until next time!

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