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The Ultimate Workfront Review: Everything You Need To Know

Workfront is a project management and facilitation tool that takes a grassroots approach to work and project administration. This article aims to find the answer to: What is Workfront about?

The Ultimate Workfront Review: Everything You Need To Know

Workfront, formerly known as AtTask, is a project management software that helps businesses manage their work and projects in a more effective and scalable way.

Workfront's end-to-end view of a company's activities allows them to see flaws and patterns right away. With this knowledge, team members can optimise projects and take the lead. Workfront's unified work environment benefits both individuals and teams.

Team leaders, project managers, and stakeholders get a complete picture of a project, as well as a variety of reporting alternatives.

Workfront is a project management and facilitation tool that takes a grassroots approach to work and project administration. It also allows you to use Waterfall or Agile methodologies, as well as a hybrid of the two.

Workfront also features a number of social collaboration tools that may easily replace many of the apps your company utilises for specific tasks. Because of all of these features, Workfront shines as an advanced project management and collaboration tool.

It's great for groups, it's simple to use and adjust to different techniques, and it gives partners and stakeholders a full view of initiatives.

Overview of the Product

Workfront was created as a project management tool at first. Its roots are still in project management, but it now has extra features that go beyond simply managing projects and the tasks that make them up.

It has a proofing system for uploading, evaluating, and approving papers and media files, for example. These types of tools are only found in a few project management software.

Workfront reflects on various big-picture features of managing very large teams as an enterprise-class project management and task management tool. Its resource management tools, for example, allow project managers and leads to determine whether specific team members are overworked and whether staff have time in their calendars to take on more work.

Since these insights aren't necessary, many project management tools geared for small firms don't supply them.

Although I believe Workfront is best suited to huge businesses, company officials have told me that their smallest customers have only 20 to 30 team members. In other words, small firms can make advantage of the product.

It's also worth noting that there are more adaptable tools available that better suit the demands of small businesses.

Working with Workforce

It's difficult to create a pretend account to test Workfront because it's designed for really large teams managing hundreds of projects. As a result, I requested that Workfront provide me with access to a dummy account that was already pre-populated with data.

I utilised five distinct profiles to log into this dummy account: business partner, project manager, team member, executive, and storey owner (a term used in Scrum work methodology). These positions aren't exactly what you'll see in every Workfront account because they can be changed, but they show what's possible.

As previously stated, every Workfront user must be assigned a role in order to get the appropriate permission levels. Workfront, unlike many other workplace collaboration platforms, gives each user a distinct UI based on his or her permissions.

Because employees occasionally wear multiple hats, Workfront's ability to assign multiple roles to a person is a relatively new function. In Workfront, you can also indicate how much time someone spends in different jobs so that the system (and everyone who uses it) has a clear and accurate picture of who they are as a resource.

This information is useful when using resource and capacity planning software.

I could easily see a Client Dashboard and tools for making and checking in on requests while signed in as a business partner, for example. However, when I logged in as the project manager, I saw a lot more information that the business partner didn't, such as timesheets.

Depending on their role a team member can develop projects, create tasks, assign tasks, amend details, enter budget estimates, and so on, . Workfront is quite adaptable in this regard.


  1. Process Improvement

Workfront is easy to use, with simple, intuitive, and customised project dashboards. It also features real-time reporting and gives firms a complete picture of their activities. These components work together to help a company's portfolio and project management procedures improve.

The ease of use and configurable capabilities of Workfront allow customers to customise project notification, routing, alerting, and reporting.

Your company's workflows can be integrated into the system, and the system's automatic notifications keep users informed about pending requests and other relevant events.

2. Customizability

Its adaptable approach allows customers to tailor the software to their specific needs. It offers over 80 standard reports and continuously and in real-time supplies users with reliable and accurate data for reports.

Capacity planning, project sorting, job management, and collaborative tools are all premium features that allow team members to offer qualitative updates that greatly increase performance and output.

3. Effective Project and Task Management

Workfront is beneficial to both managers and team members. Managers may have a 360-degree perspective of their projects' progress with customisable dashboards and views, real-time data, and an interactive Gantt chart, in addition to allowing their team to schedule and execute projects.

Meanwhile, team members can use workspaces created just for them to manage and comprehend their duties. Work management tools that help with time, resource, and portfolio management round out the package.

4. Data for Smart Decision-making

Teams, managers, and executives have all they need to make informed decisions with over 80 basic reports and an endless number of configurable reports.

5. Time and Resource Management

You may create and manage timesheets for issues, tasks, and projects using Workfront's timesheet management interface. It's a feature that both team members and managers will appreciate.

Managers may simply evaluate and approve member timesheets, allowing both members and managers to make the most of their time and resources.

Managers can simply reallocate resources if they notice that their teams are being overworked or underworked.

6. Integrations

The following Workfront integrations are currently offered:

  • Microsoft Outlook
  • WebDAM
  • Widen
  • ProofHQ
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Jive
  • JIRA


Workfront doesn't disclose its pricing publicly but intead encourages intereted customers to contact them to get prices suited to their needs.

Although I find little fault in this, providing even a rough estimate would not force people to enter the system only to realize that the pricing is too much for them.

Enterprise-Grade Work Management

Workfront is built for large enterprises that require a lot of formal structure in their operations, with features that assist both project management and job management. Permissions levels help meet the demands of a wide range of employees. Smart tools for managing resources and planning work are complimented with permissions levels that help meet the needs of a wide range of employees.


Workfront is THE project management software for large enterprises although Workfront do claim that they have small teams of 20-30 members using it with success.

Although the pricing is unclear, one must always remember the Adobe tag that comes with this product which assures reliability and makes your user experience absolutely delightful.

Here concludes my Workfront review. I hope you found this article insightful.

Until next time!

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