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Workfront Pricing: Is It Worth Your Money?

Workfront Pricing: Is It Worth Your Money?

Workfront, formerly known as AtTask, is a project management software that provides businesses with not just effective but also scalable work and project management solutions.

Businesses can immediately discover faults and patterns using Workfront's end-to-end perspective of their operations. Team members can optimise projects and take the lead using this information. Individual employees and teams benefit from Workfront's unified work environment.

Team leads, project managers, and stakeholders not only get an end-to-end picture of a project, but they also get comprehensive reporting options.

Workfront not only allows you to manage and facilitate projects, but it also takes a grassroots approach to work and project administration. It also enables you to employ Waterfall or Agile approaches, as well as a combination of the two.

Even better, Workfront has a number of social collaboration tools that can easily replace many apps that your company uses for various tasks.

Workfront shines as an advanced project management and collaboration tool because of all of these features. It's ideal for teams, is easy to use and adapt to diverse approaches, and provides partners and stakeholders with a complete picture of projects.

Workfront Benefits

  1. Process Improvement

Workfront is easy to use, with simple, intuitive, and customised project dashboards. It also features real-time reporting and gives firms a complete picture of their activities.

These components work together to help a company's portfolio and project management procedures improve.

The ease of use and configurable capabilities of Workfront allow customers to customise project notification, routing, alerting, and reporting.

Your company's workflows can be integrated into the system, and the system's automatic notifications keep users informed about pending requests and other relevant events.

2. Multiple Features

When using Workfront, users can take advantage of a number of advantages. Its adaptable approach allows customers to tailor the software to their specific needs.

It offers over 80 standard reports and continuously and in real-time supplies users with reliable and accurate data for reports.

Capacity planning, project sorting, job management, and collaborative tools are all premium features that allow team members to offer qualitative updates that greatly increase performance and output.

3. Effective Project and Task Management

Workfront is beneficial to both managers and team members. Managers may have a 360-degree perspective of their projects' progress with customisable dashboards and views, real-time data, and an interactive Gantt chart, in addition to allowing their team to schedule and execute projects. Meanwhile, team members can use workspaces created just for them to manage and comprehend their duties. Work management tools that help with time, resource, and portfolio management round out the package.

4. Time and Resource Management

You may create and manage timesheets for issues, tasks, and projects using Workfront's timesheet management interface. It's a feature that both team members and managers will appreciate.

Managers may simply evaluate and approve member timesheets, allowing both members and managers to make the most of their time and resources. Managers can simply reallocate resources if they notice that their teams are being overworked or underworked.

Workfront Pricing

Workfront believes in customized pricing and for that reason does not provide with fixed prices anywhere. They have the Enterprise, Business and Pro plans on which I'm going to elaborate below.

Enterprise Plan

Achieve better outcomes across your enterprise:

· Premium APIs and integrations

· Enhanced security

· Advanced support

Business Plan

Connect work between multiple departments:

· Premium integrations

· Unlimited reviewers

· Enhanced analytics

Pro Plan

Drive results for your entire department (along with everything from the other plans):

· Resource management

· Demand management

· Content review/approval

Apps and integrations

Workfront features iPhone and Android apps that allow team members to stay connected regardless of where they are. You may track the progress of your job, as well as time tracking, request submission, and approvals, using the mobile app.

Workfront has an open API that allows businesses to connect to other products they already use. Slack, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other corporate platforms are now easier to connect with thanks to recent changes.


This one really confuses me since some reviewers praise the pricing meanwhile others claim it to be too expensive. But remember, it is a complete solution and do not forget that Workfront is a proven product by Adobe which speaks for itself. You will not be disappointed after trying it out.

Until next time!

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